IRC log of #zope for Monday, 2010-08-23

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CIA-7do3cc * r115860 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/buildbots.rst: More tables for the buildbots00:58
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CIA-7janwijbrand * r115861 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/ (index.rst meeting-20100817.rst): add meeting notes for 2010081709:08
CIA-7icemac * r115862 zope.server/ (src/zope/server/tests/ CHANGES.txt): Using python's ``doctest`` module instead of deprecated ``zope.testing.doctest``.09:08
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CIA-7icemac * r115863 z3c.testing/CHANGES.txt: fixed rest09:32
CIA-7icemac * r115864 z3c.testing/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.3.209:33
CIA-7icemac * r115865 /z3c.testing/tags/0.3.2: Tagging 0.3.209:33
CIA-7icemac * r115866 z3c.testing/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.3.309:33
CIA-7icemac * r115867 z3c.proxy/ (8 files in 2 dirs):09:33
CIA-7- Replaced ```` by ``zope.container``.09:33
CIA-7- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of deprecated ``zope.testing.doctestunit``.09:33
CIA-7icemac * r115868 z3c.proxy/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.6.009:33
CIA-7icemac * r115869 /z3c.proxy/tags/0.6.0: Tagging 0.6.009:33
CIA-7icemac * r115870 z3c.proxy/ (src/z3c/proxy/README.txt CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.6.109:33
CIA-7icemac * r115871 z3c.proxy/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.6.109:33
CIA-7icemac * r115872 /z3c.proxy/tags/0.6.1: Tagging 0.6.109:33
CIA-7icemac * r115873 z3c.proxy/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.6.209:33
CIA-7icemac * r115874 fixed develop packages list09:33
CIA-7icemac * r115875 z3c.ptcompat/ (CHANGES.txt Added not yet declared test dependency on ``zope.testing``.09:33
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CIA-7icemac * r115876 z3c.pypimirror/ (7 files): deleted contents as project moved to launchpad long time ago and tests were broken here10:03
CIA-7icemac * r115877 z3c.quickentry/ (8 files in 4 dirs):10:03
CIA-7- added buildout10:03
CIA-7- made python package10:03
CIA-7- fixed tests10:03
CIA-7- replaces zope.testing.doctest[unit] by python's doctest module10:03
CIA-7icemac * r115878 z3c.quickentry/ (CHANGES.txt fixed rest added toc10:03
CIA-7icemac * r115879 z3c.quickentry/ (COPYRIGHT.txt LICENSE.txt): Conform to repository policy.10:03
CIA-7icemac * r115880 z3c.quickentry/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.110:03
CIA-7icemac * r115881 /z3c.quickentry/tags/0.1: Tagging 0.110:03
CIA-7icemac * r115882 z3c.quickentry/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.210:03
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CIA-7do3cc * r115884 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/buildbots.rst: Added notes about the differences between winbot and tha13:25
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CIA-7ccomb * r115885 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/buildbots.rst: afpy buildbots are now in 64bit16:38
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MrJonescan someone explain "LocationError" to meß16:51
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betabugMrJones: I'd suggest to put a full traceback on a pastebin somewhere17:10
betabughmmm, it's grok? is there a grok channel? if so it would be more suitable to ask there17:13
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betabugI'm a Z2 guy, so sorry, can't help you here17:14
mgedminthere's a #grok channel, and #zope3-dev too17:17
betabugyeah, it sounds pretty z3ish too17:17
betabughey mgedmin btw :-)17:17
mgedminyou seem to have used "some_db_settings_object/host_address", which failed17:17
mgedminin a page template17:17
mgedminpossible reasons: there's no such attribute, or security wrappers don't allow you to access it (but grok doesn't use security wrappers, afair)17:18
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MrJonesmgedmin: the attribute is defined like this: host_address = property(get_host_address, set_host_address)17:20
MrJonesso I tried to use getters and setters for that attribute17:20
MrJonesseems like it doesn't work :/17:21
MrJones(it's an attribute of the model)17:21
Moo^_^MrJones: does other attributes work?17:22
Moo^_^MrJones: does other methods work?17:22
Moo^_^it might be that somehow attributes are not automatically exposed as traversable17:22
MrJonesMoo^_^: yea other attributes work fine17:23
MrJonesjust that one which I try to use a custom getter/setter for is broken now17:23
MrJones(and worked fine before I attempted to do that)17:23
MrJoneswould be really interesting to know _why_ that doesn't work though :|17:23
MrJoneswait a second, I'll paste an excerpt of the model code17:23
mgedminMrJones, bugs in your property getter's implementation are often hidden under AttributeError, which then often get converted to LocationError17:23
mgedminimport pdb inside get_host_address or pastebin it here so we can eyeball iyt17:24
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mgedminPage Not Found: Sorry, the paste you are trying to view no longer exists or you have the URL wrong.17:25
MrJonessorry, *  :)17:25
MrJonesI am 'manually' copying that link from another computer's screen and misread it :D17:25
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mgedminself._host_address if self._hostaddress != None17:26
mgedminI doubt the differences in the spelling of _host_address/_hostaddress are intentional17:27
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mgedmin(in an unrelated note, "is not None" is usually considered more Pythonic than "!= None")17:27
MrJonesohh no they aren't17:27
MrJonesI'm originally coming from C :D17:27
betabug"is not None" is also faster (noticeably if executed a lot of times)17:28
MrJonesworks :)17:28
MrJoneswhy is it faster?17:28
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betabugbecause it checks if it "is" the special "None object", it doesn't have to go at the value.... or something like that is the explanation17:29
MrJonesok, I'll take your word for it :) *changes*17:29
MrJonesthanks for helping folks, works now :)17:29
betabugchange comment: "a guy on irc told me to"17:29
MrJoneswell I'm fairly new to python, so any source is more valuable than my own knowledge :D17:30
betabugthere are explanations on some web sites17:30
mgedminMrJones, if you're curious, is good advice17:30
mgedminfor all kinds of stylistic issues17:30
betabugthe funny thing is that I read them a few years ago, totally misunderstood and changed it everywhere in my code to != None17:30
betabugthen a few months ago noticed my mistake and changed back :-)17:31
mgedmin(which usually take up more discussion time than serious issues)17:31
MrJones"Limit all lines to a maximum of 79 characters." is fun :D17:31
mgedmin(this probably has a name, like Law of Bikeshedding or something)17:31
MrJonesespecially in C I like to make very long lines >:D17:31
betabugyeah, but "is not None" can be a real difference in a loop that is run a lot of times comparing objects17:32
MatthewWilkesI'd have to make very long lines if I was using C17:32
betabug"the shorter the name of the language, the longer the lines"17:32
MrJonesI can understand some people hate C, but I like it :) (I do like python aswell)17:33
betabugI was just to lazy to really learn C17:33
MrJonesbetabug: I came to it from VB.Net and Windows17:35
MrJonesI was still young and had too much time I guess :)17:35
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ignas<tal:block replace="python:sum(ml['value'] for ml in mls)" /> throws You are not allowed to access 'a particular float' in this context! unless i surround the ml['value'] for ml in mls with []17:48
ignasany explanation? :)17:48
mgedmingenerator expressions are fun17:49
betabugI'd be hard pressed to do such a calculation in the ZPT, I'd do it in the python method that calls the PT17:49
ignasstill you haven't explained the error ;)17:50
ignasoh and you are assuming there is a python method calling this template17:51
betabugofcoz I'm assuming that!17:51
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betabuganything else would assume that you're either a.) just playing around or b.) making a mistake - and I'd be too polite to point that out17:51
ignasor it's legacy code17:52
betabugthen it can be replaced17:52
ignaswhich by the way I think *most* of Zope2 and Plone code is ;)17:52
*** astoon has joined #zope17:52
ignasit's always about who is paying for that ;)17:52
betabughmmm, looking at it from the point of view of python17:53
betabugsum(ml['value'] for ml in mls)17:53
betabugI think "ml['value'] for ml in mls" only makes sense as "[ml['value'] for ml in mls]", because it's list comprehension17:54
betabugI don't know about that error message you mentioned though17:54
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betabugbut it works without the [] in a python shell17:55
ignasI know17:55
ignasif it was sane - i wouldn't have posted it here ;)17:55
betabugmaybe some ZPT python restriction f*up17:55
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planetzopebotMailTemplates 2.0.0 Released! (gmane.comp.web.zope.announce)
CIA-7adamg * r115886 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/buildbots.rst: some winbot spec fixing18:04
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CIA-7gary * r115887 zc.buildout/ (33 files in 8 dirs): merge of svn+ssh:// r11588518:18
CIA-7gary * r115888 zc.buildout/ (3 files in 3 dirs): update CHANGES with release date18:18
CIA-7gary * r115889 /zc.buildout/tags/1.5.0: tag 1.5.0 release18:18
CIA-7gary * r115890 zc.buildout/ (6 files in 3 dirs): prep for return to development18:18
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CIA-7adamg * r115891 /zc.recipe.testrunner/branches/1.2.1: trying to fix ztk tests19:32
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agroszersomeone setuptools/buildout expert here?19:38
agroszersomehow this spec does not work: 'zope.testing >=3.6.0,<3.10.0',19:38
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CIA-7adamg 1.2.1 * r115892 zc.recipe.testrunner/ (buildout.cfg this should work, but does not19:47
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CIA-7adamg * r115893 bluebream/src/bluebream/bluebream_base/tests/ fix windows backslash issue20:02
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CIA-7gary * r115894 zc.buildout/zc.recipe.egg_/ (5 files in 2 dirs): support dicts passed as options to zc.recipe.egg, with a test.21:47
CIA-7gary * r115895 /zc.buildout/tags/zc.recipe.egg-1.3.1: make tag for release that officially supports dict as options, for backwards compatibility with other recipes21:47
CIA-7gary * r115896 zc.buildout/zc.recipe.egg_/ (CHANGES.txt open for dev21:47
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CIA-7do3cc * r115897 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/buildbots.rst: Now the buildbots link to the buildbot runner itself22:02
CIA-7gary * r115898 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/virtualenv.txt: An extra newline has suddenly appeared. Normalize it away.22:02
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CIA-7do3cc * r115899 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/buildbots.rst: Fixed all the warnings in buildbots22:48
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CIA-7gary * r115900 zc.buildout/zc.recipe.egg_/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Bugfix for the change introduced in zc.recipe.egg
CIA-7gary * r115901 /zc.buildout/tags/zc.recipe.egg-1.3.2: make tag for release23:32
CIA-7gary * r115902 zc.buildout/zc.recipe.egg_/ (CHANGES.txt open for dev23:32
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