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planetzopebotPython and Django job in Utrecht (Reinout van Rees' weblog)
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CIA-7ctheune * r115903 /Sandbox/ctheune/ (testsummarizer testsummarizer/ Add test summarizer code as send to me by Stefan Holek.09:28
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CIA-7wosc * r115904 gocept.selenium/src/gocept/selenium/ typo10:03
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CIA-7ctheune * r115905 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/zope-dev/ (zope-dev-20100824.rst index.rst): add agenda for today10:43
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do3ccTheuni1: You have the code for the test summarizer? The one for mails?11:34
Theuni1do3cc: yeah. i checked it in this morning11:37
Theuni1its in the sandbox/ctheune11:37
do3ccI did a "mashup" with the buildbots page:
Theuni1where is the live version of that?11:43
do3ccI have a grease monkey script for that, its a bit ugly, cause I have to parse the target pages with stock dom api11:46
do3ccyou can't do it with normal javascript because you request the information with cross site xmlhttprequests, that works only from greasemonkey11:46
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CIA-7do3cc * r115906 /Sandbox/do3cc: My own sandbox13:10
CIA-7do3cc * r115907 /Sandbox/do3cc/greasemonkey_buildbot: greasemonkey script13:10
CIA-7do3cc * r115908 /Sandbox/do3cc/greasemonkey_buildbot/checkbuildbots.user.js: The greasemonkey script, handle with care13:10
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mlechnerhi, i'm storing python dictionaries in a pyton-skript to make them available for various zope modules by calling the first script. how can I edit this skript using another skript? I want to run the second skript manually to update my first skript holding dictionaries14:03
mlechner-> zop2!14:03
d2mmlechner:  model=context.scriptid; x=model.ZPythonScript_edit(params, body)14:07
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zambai'm looking for some help for the ldapuserfolder plugin.. it seems that it generates invalid ldap searches.. who can i talk to about this?15:04
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ricky__Hi there. Anyone using ZSQLMethods with zope-mysqlda? I would like to do an insert and be returned the primary key of the inserted row, but that doesn't seem possible. If I use a separate method for a select to get the id the results object is zero length, although the insert works. It's as if the connection is reused and both methods see the database as a snapshot from before zope connected. If I try to do a flush or begin15:27
ricky__/commit then I get transaction errors. I've tried stopping the zsqlmethod from caching, using a different ZSQL DB connection for each method but that's not working either. I'm about to learn about stored procedures but is there something I'm missing?15:27
betabugI don't use SQL with zope really, but AFAIK you can execute two SQL statements in one ZSQL methods15:29
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ignasis there a way to set the extensions directory for a zope2 buildout?15:51
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ricky__betabug, thanks for that. I tried that but wasn't aware of the need for sql-delimiter. IIRC you were very helpful a few years ago when I was on here as well, thanks a lot!15:59
betabugno problem, glad to be of help!15:59
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CIA-7hannosch * r115909 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/meeting-20100817.rst: Correct date16:33
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hannoschj-w, ccomb: hi16:59
j-whi hannosch, ccomb16:59
j-wyou made it :)17:00
ccombhello !17:00
ccomb00 ?17:00
ccombwhat are we missing for the new beta?17:00
hannoschpassing tests17:01
j-wuhm, shall we do the regular order? like minutes of last meeting, tasks etc.?17:01
j-wand then do the beta?17:01
hannoschj-w: sure. I'm German, I love process and order :)17:01
ccombI'm french, I love disorder and complaining :D17:01
j-wless typos in the minutes this time?17:01
j-wso, ok?17:02
hannoschj-w: only the date, which I fixed17:02
hannosch+1 on the notes17:02
j-wi'm dutch - i like whatever suits me best ;)17:02
j-wok, tasks: i have access to (thank you Jens!!)17:02
j-whannosch did the deprecation17:02
CIA-7hannosch * r115910 zopetoolkit/ztk-versions.cfg: Upgrade a bunch of support tools and dependencies17:03
j-wwe did not yet do the alpha though17:03
hannoschaha, I did that before we started :)17:03
j-wthat was planned for yesterday17:03
hannoschj-w: we can do the alpha today17:03
j-wwe have the idea to do that just after this meeting17:03
hannoschlooks like the docs are "good enough"17:03
ccombI'll postpone my task to the next meeting because the autorelease buildbot is not yet readable17:04
hannoschccomb: ok17:04
ccombI need to export the version list in a usable way17:04
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hannoschI searched for "# was" to find anything17:04
ccombthe only upgrade it found latetely was lxml 2.2.717:04
agroszerhi guys17:05
hannoschagroszer: hi! our Windows tests hero17:05
agroszerbtw: I'm trying now to get zc.recipe.testrunner working17:05
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hannoschj-w: did you have a look at what test failures we actually have and compile a list?17:05
* hannosch remembers we talked about that last week17:05
j-wno :(17:06
j-wyes we did17:06
j-wI wanted to but didn't17:06
hannoschno worries17:06
hannoschI'm just interested how much work is left before we actually get close to passing tests17:06
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j-wme too17:06
j-wI do know that janjaap has some what more time now to help on the buildbots-stuff17:07
hannoschaha, that's good. I talked briefly to Patrick Gerken, who started taking his role as buildbot coordinator more seriously again17:07
j-wthat might help there, but our windows test hero did a lot of work too of course17:07
j-whe's in contact with janjaap as well17:08
j-wso, that task still stands, the windows test failures17:08
ccombPatrick also contacted me about the buildbot17:08
ccombhe at least made me rename the kgs3.4.1 to kgs3.417:08
hannoschis there anything we can do as the release team on the test front? or should we defer to the zope-dev IRC meetings and general community?17:09
ccombOne thing that came on the bb list17:09
ccombagain about community packages17:09
*** dayne has joined #zope17:09
ccombI propose to add many community packages to the bb list17:09
ccombsome grok people wanted to share this list17:10
*** elro has joined #zope17:10
ccombis there something we should care of?17:10
j-wccomb: collaboration sounds usefull17:10
j-wbut that collaboration is outside of the ztk(release-team)-scope, right?17:11
hannoschI think the two of you can talk about that. until we cannot even get the tests passing for the stuff we already have, I don't want to add any more to it17:11
ccombok that was my question17:11
ccombif, as ztk release team, we should bother with that17:11
j-wI don't think so at this moment17:11
j-wbut we're mostly the same guys anyway ;)17:11
hannoschj-w: +117:11
j-wI wonder if there're zopedevelopers that work on Windows on a day to day basis17:12
j-wthat could (should?) help with the test failures17:12
hannoschthere are. but not many contribute back17:12
wiggyj-w the enfold people17:12
hannoschI only know one person in Plone that actually does use Windows and contributes on a regular basis17:13
agroszerj-w: there are17:13
*** jim_SFU has joined #zope17:13
j-wcan be kinda ask for these types of contributions on zope-dev?17:13
j-w*can we17:13
ccombhere at alterway we have many clients under windows17:13
j-wfixing tests  mean17:13
j-wah, ok17:13
ccombbut on plone 2.5 or 317:13
j-wanyway, I said I would look at it, so I will but help is always appreciated ;)17:14
agroszerfirst problem is (was) missing buildbots17:14
agroszernext thing to tackle: win buildbots community packages17:14
agroszerand some core packages too17:14
agroszerlike zc.buildout17:15
j-wow, that's kinda a core package indeed...17:15
agroszeryah, and breaks the winbot like hell17:15
hannoschj-w: ok. so you take a look at what is failing and maybe talk to agroszer about it, then we can see where we are at next week?17:15
j-wso, alpha release then?17:16
hannoschj-w: one other meta question: what's Grok status re ZTK right now. is there a Grok release planned anytime soon?17:16
j-wnot really17:16
hannoschso everyone is still waking up after summer vacation :)17:17
wiggygrok already had a release this year ;)17:17
j-wgrok development needs a push to get moving again17:17
*** MJ has joined #zope17:17
hannoschj-w: ok. that's what I thought :)17:17
*** MJ has quit IRC17:17
*** allisterb has joined #zope17:17
hannoschso, next alpha?17:17
hannoschfor ZTK17:17
ccombjust now ! :)17:18
betabughannosch: yeah, now that temperatures dropped to 32c ;-)17:18
j-whannosch: yes, let's make the release17:18
hannoschmmh. we had the first snow flakes mixed into the rain today :)17:18
ccombwho did the last alpha, hannosch?17:18
hannoschccomb: yes17:19
*** digitalmortician has quit IRC17:19
j-wwhat if I try to follow the procedure?17:19
hannoschj-w: please do17:19
ccombso I suggest j-w do it this time, then me, so that we all know the procedure17:19
hannoschit's not really verbose, but there's not much to it17:19
* j-w starts right now17:20
*** shastry has joined #zope17:20
hannoschsvn tag, login to, call one script, done17:20
j-wthe doc says "check index.rst". What index.rst?17:21
hannoschin ztk/trunk17:21
j-wcheck for what? if it needs additional notes due to upgraded packages?17:21
hannoschit doesn't contain a version history, so there's not really anything to change17:21
do3ccaehm, I mist the discussion here17:22
hannoschit's more important for 1.0 -> 1.1 release changes. should be fine for any 1.0.x17:22
do3ccthis might be interesting for the buildbotters:
do3cca greasemonkey script did that17:22
agroszerdo3cc, no worries, the zope meeting is in 40 mins17:23
hannoschdo3cc: this is just the ZTK release gang :)17:23
do3ccsame interest rate in the buildbots17:23
hannoschj-w: if you have any questions just ask :)17:29
j-whannosch: I should not run the checkversions script right now, right?17:29
j-wI mean, what ever it is right now we will release17:30
hannoschj-w: you don't have to17:30
hannoschI updated some stuff today already. I think it's the latest of all now17:30
ccomb \o/17:32
j-wI ran the script on too17:33
hannoschand we have
j-wanything I neeed to update the docs17:34
*** LeoRochael has joined #zope17:34
j-won to pick up the release?17:34
hannoschthat will be build automatically17:34
j-wow, ok17:34
LeoRochaelhow do I define, in zope.conf, a logger for a specific subsystem?17:34
hannoschj-w: it's really that easy :) remember we wanted to automate this as much as possible17:35
ccombwe need to add "send an announcement" to the release-procedure page17:35
*** cna has quit IRC17:35
hannoschccomb: good point17:35
j-wbut I need to update the docs in zopetoolkit/doc/source/releases, right?17:35
hannoschj-w: with what?17:35
hannoschj-w: it's an empty folder that gets populated by a script17:36
hannoschpart of the Sphinx build17:36
hannoschit's the in ztk/docs/scripts17:37
*** mahiti_skt has quit IRC17:37
ccombwhat does "Launchpad tasks (none yet)"  mean?17:37
hannoschccomb: we might at some point get BluePrints for the ZTK17:37
hannoschat that point we might need to change their status to "releases" or some such17:37
hannoschyou can remove the line and we add stuff when there's actually something to do17:38
*** eperez has joined #zope17:38
*** sm has quit IRC17:39
CIA-7janwijbrand * r115911 /zopetoolkit/tags/1.0a3: Tag 1.0a3 release.17:40
CIA-7adamg 1.2.1 * r115912 zc.recipe.testrunner/ (5 files in 2 dirs): this passes now on windoze17:40
CIA-7adamg 1.2.1 * r115913 zc.recipe.testrunner/CHANGES.txt: passes on linux too, get ready for release17:40
CIA-7adamg 1.2.1 * r115914 zc.recipe.testrunner/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.2.117:40
hannoschj-w: can you remove the launchpad line in the docs, add a line to say "sent announcement" and actually sent one to the zope-dev list?17:40
ccombI just did it17:41
hannoschccomb: all of it?17:41
ccombboth yes17:41
hannoschteamwork :)17:41
j-wow, ok!17:41
*** dunny has quit IRC17:41
j-wccomb: both? there's three things to do :)17:42
ccombah the actual announcement should be done by j-w17:42
j-wlike sending the annoucement as well :-)17:42
hannoschj-w: you did the work, you'll have the pleasure of taking the praise for it ;)17:43
agroszerdran, 5 minutes too late with zc.recipe.testrunner...17:43
hannoschagroszer: we can do another one. I'm sure there's more test failures left anyways ;)17:44
j-wwe didn't do an announcement for the second alpha...17:45
j-wbut anyway I'll create one for this third alpha17:45
hannoschuhm. we should have :)17:45
j-whopefully the next is a beta17:45
hannoschlazy me17:45
agroszerfingers crossed17:46
hannoschok, Zope2 trunk runs on the third alpha, all tests pass17:46
agroszerccomb, btw, how's that list of community packages, or was that for bluebream?17:48
ccombI suggested it on the bb list17:49
*** MrWu has joined #zope17:49
ccombI would just like to have a buildbot for all the community packages17:49
agroszer+1 here17:50
agroszerfor windoze too17:50
agroszerit's just crazy that any package I touch breaks on win17:50
ccombIf someone explain me how to setup a windows slave, I could try to do it on the afpy server17:50
ccombbut I first want to setup 32bit linux slaves17:51
ccombin virtual machines17:51
agroszerno worries about setting up one, we have the winbot17:51
agroszerjust get a list of packages together17:51
ccombso we just need the bot conf17:51
agroszerI guess a list of packages in a file, then use a script to add that many tasks17:52
do3ccI have code that parses a repository and CAN create a test for each package17:52
j-whannosch, ccomb I'll make note of the help we need for fixing Windows-test-failures in the announcement? As part of the roadmap to 1.017:52
agroszerwe should go with a handpicked list17:52
do3ccit understands white and blacklists17:52
hannoschj-w: please do17:52
ccombdo3cc: it would be nice to create a bib test matrix17:52
*** Charlie_X has joined #zope17:53
hannoschuh, Charlie_X is here, we need to free up the room soon :)17:53
* Theuni1 yawns17:53
do3ccmy script parsers the svn for each package and checks wether a buildout.cfg is in there17:53
agroszerLOL, I'll stay17:53
ccombhannosch: ok, what are the next tasks17:53
ccombjust focus on windows?17:54
hannoschccomb: you work on the update versions bot, j-w looks at test failures and I do nothing :))17:54
agroszerdo3cc, better just a file, parsing the whole zope svn takes a while17:54
hannoschccomb, j-w: next meeting, next week same time?17:55
ccombhannosch: ok :D17:55
j-whannosch, ccomb ok17:55
do3ccagroszer: I parse something like this:
do3ccbut yes, its slow17:55
ccombj-w hannosch thanks!17:55
agroszera buildbot restart can't take half an hour17:55
hannoschawesome, /me eats all the remaining chocolate in the room17:56
do3ccyou can do a reconfig, then the server stays awake, adn continues to work17:56
agroszernot on stupid windoze17:56
do3ccalso, in 0.8.1  the slaves continue to work on started projects17:56
agroszernice, gotta update winbot17:57
do3ccwait a bit, I am just testing my stuff, maybe I am wrong ;-)17:58
j-whannosch, ccomb  see you next week17:58
* Theuni1 pokes hannosch17:58
hannoschj-w: cya17:59
Theuni1get me back ma chocolate!17:59
* hannosch cannot speak, muffles something like soooorry17:59
* j-w wipes cookie crumbles from mouth17:59
j-wcoffee is cold by now - bye ;)17:59
agroszerbugger, buildout lets me s..k18:00
Theuni1ding ding18:00
* Theuni1 waits for the ground crew to pick up the garbage18:00
* agroszer hits buildout18:00
Charlie_XBloody typical: the ZTKers eat and drink everything in site and leave a mess...18:00
benjiTheuni1 needs a puppy named "ground crew"18:01
LeoRochaelAnyones know how can I define, in zope.conf, a logger for a specific subsystem?18:01
CIA-7adamg * r115915 /zc.recipe.testrunner/tags/1.2.1: Tagging 1.2.118:01
CIA-7ccomb * r115916 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/release-procedure.rst: update the release procedure (announcement)18:01
CIA-7adamg 1.2.1 * r115917 zc.recipe.testrunner/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.2.218:01
CIA-7adamg * r115918 zopetoolkit/ztk-versions.cfg: bump zc.recipe.testrunner version18:01
CIA-7hannosch * r115919 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Update to Zope Toolkit 1.0a318:01
Theuni1first topic today: bug day review18:01
hannoschLeoRochael: I think I've seen a feature request about that at some point but it hasn't been implemented18:02
Theuni1Unfortunately my long term plans were killed so I had no chance to participate. I know that one of our guys, (michael howitz), joined, though.18:02
LeoRochaelhannosch: thanks18:02
Theuni1Who else was there? What happened?18:02
*** fredvd|shop is now known as fredvd18:03
hannoschI think Michael fixed the zope.dublincore 3.6.3 crap, which broke lots of other tests18:03
*** daMaestro has joined #zope18:04
Theuni1those were permission and backwards-compatibility issues, right?18:05
hannoschI saw Jens spent time on Zope2 stuff, some ZSQLMethods things got resolved18:06
hannoschotherwise not much happened I think18:07
Theuni1michael is working on extracting into a zope.generations package18:07
*** davisagli|away is now known as davisagli18:07
Theuni1there was and is still discussion aroudn that18:07
Charlie_Xhannosch: what kind of things on ZSQLMethods did you work on or should I check the tickets?18:07
Theuni1Charlie_X: i think he meant that jens worked on those18:08
hannoschCharlie_X: check the SVN or the bug tracker for it18:08
Theuni1hannosch: did you notice how many people showed up on irc?18:08
hannoschTheuni1: I wasn't there18:08
Charlie_XOh yeah. I should learn to read. The internet is wrecking everything?18:08
Theuni1we did have quite a good amount of people subscribe for the bug day18:08
Theuni1hannosch: ah, sorry.18:08
Charlie_XMaybe we can just request feedback on the ML.18:08
Theuni1we probably should18:08
Theuni1I'll send a mail18:08
* hannosch had a customer showing up and got a big site live on Plone 4 that day :)18:09
Theuni1nevertheless, it seems like we had many people were able to schedule for the long term, but short term didn't work out.18:09
Theuni1not sure what to do against that, probably we need to check how it turns out the next time.18:09
Charlie_XI really couldn't join in this time.18:09
do3ccagroszer: I was wrong, my buildbot is hanging18:10
agroszerthen I won't update ;-)18:10
Charlie_XWe need to keep at it and hand out some virtual "stars" for those who take part.18:10
Theuni1Charlie_X: or beer.18:11
Theuni1I'd like beer.18:11
agroszerand to others please, who still s..c with the bugs18:11
hannoschTheuni1: not much can be done about that. the Plone TuneUp days (bug days) are just scheduled at a fixed date every three weeks and some different people show up each time18:11
Theuni1hannosch: does that mean there's more stable throughput with that approach or is it just different?18:11
hannoschI think we use Fridays and so far it works ok-ish18:11
Charlie_XYeah, slow and steady is the key. I enjoy reading the feedback, though.18:12
hannoschTheuni1: I'm not convinced scheduling a real date gets us more people18:12
Theuni1i asked for feedback on the list18:12
Theuni1i'll do another doodle then for september18:12
*** davisagli is now known as davisagli|away18:13
Charlie_XHow close will a bug day be to the conference?18:13
Theuni14 weeks in between would be the week of the summit and conference18:13
Charlie_XWe could maybe just set tutorial day?18:13
Theuni1thats the follow-up day for the summit18:13
Charlie_XA lot of us are going to be together anyway.18:14
Theuni1not sure whether you wanna do bugs there ;)18:14
Theuni1monday/tuesday will be at the offices in halle and then there's the migration with busses to dresden18:14
*** hannosch_ has joined #zope18:14
*** hannosch has quit IRC18:14
*** hannosch_ is now known as hannosch18:14
Theuni1the week after, or maybe two?18:15
Charlie_XSo what's wrong with Wednesday being bug day. It's about 2 hours from Halle to Dresden, isn't it?18:15
Theuni1wednesday is the first conference day18:15
Charlie_Xoh, I'm so confused.18:15
Charlie_XGive it two weeks then18:16
*** j-w has quit IRC18:17
Charlie_X28th or 29th September look okay.18:17
Theuni1i'll doodle that week then18:17
Theuni1next topic is buildbot organizatino18:17
Theuni1do3cc, agroszer you two asked for it, right?18:17
do3ccwho me?18:17
Charlie_XI should have the improvements to my nagging script done by then! ;-) Hopefully much sooner now that my major travelling has stopped.18:17
*** hannosch_ has joined #zope18:17
*** hannosch has quit IRC18:17
*** hannosch_ is now known as hannosch18:18
agroszermy thinking was that if we want a nice summary, we should have some "central" settings for the bots18:18
agroszerbut anyway, we should test the same18:18
do3ccagroszer: did you see the link I sent an hour?18:18
agroszerbb in 2 mins18:19
do3ccI started checking what people are actually testing18:19
* hannosch pestered do3cc a bit and he tries to coordinate that stuff again :)18:19
do3ccwho is this hannosch guy?18:19
Theuni1hooray for pestering18:19
do3ccWhat would be nice, if we would have common ground on wording18:19
do3ccsome people call the dev dev, others trunk18:19
Charlie_Xhannosch is the guy who eats all the chocolate18:20
Charlie_X+1 for calling trunk, trunk18:20
do3ccwould it be a sensible idea to postprecess the spinx docs and add the last known buildbot status?18:20
do3cc-1 for trunk, i prefer dev trunk is so svn only18:20
Theuni1is that an issue?18:21
* hannosch doesn't care as long as everyone uses the same18:21
do3ccwe dont name it the same right now18:22
Charlie_Xyou're right hannosch, consistency is the key.18:22
hannoschwe use .dev in version numbers. so it's an established pattern18:22
do3ccso I suggest everybody to name their trunk dev18:22
Theuni1i'm for making it the same name.18:22
hannosch1.0.1 vs. 1.0dev18:22
do3ccwhat about postprocessing?18:22
Theuni1hannosch: good reason.18:22
do3ccI've done this locally with greasemonkey now:
do3ccthe ugly script for that is here:
agroszerdo3cc, anything that gives some nice overview (and is not overcomplicated)18:23
do3ccmaybe it makes sense to do this server side once in a while, with a better highlighting ;-)18:23
agroszerbzw easy to maintain18:23
Theuni1do3cc: probably. i don't think relying on people having extensions installed is a good idea18:24
do3ccwriting these tables is a pita18:24
Charlie_Xlooks great do3cc18:24
Charlie_XI'll take that up.18:24
do3ccI check how to embed this into the make file18:24
hannoschdo3cc: we already have a script there. the update-releaseinfo.py18:25
do3ccdo we have a link checker running over the docs?18:25
mgedminincidentally, parsing buildbot status with jquery is a breeze18:25
do3cchannosch: thanks, I check that18:25
Charlie_Xdo3cc: why are some results half-red and half-green?18:25
do3ccread the text ;-)18:25
hannoschdo3cc: should be easy to do the same. just add something to the Makefile and say the "all" step runs it18:25
*** astoon has joined #zope18:25
do3ccAFPY green, POV red18:25
*** touff has joined #zope18:25
do3ccmgedmin: I got the buildbot page with xmlhttprequest, then jquery cant parse the full page, thats why I didn't use jquery there18:26
*** zagy has quit IRC18:26
mgedmindo3cc, look here:
do3ccmgedmin the problem is, that you cant parse a full html page you got via xmlhttprequest18:27
mgedminyes you can, look where I pasted18:27
hannoschso there's progress on this. anything else on the test front we need to discuss now?18:27
do3ccI will suggest tha to send mails for some of their grok tests18:27
Theuni1i've got the aggregator code yesterday18:27
mgedminvar jqueryable_object = $(string_with_html_data_you_got_via_xmlhttprequest)18:27
do3ccwe will soonishly add tests for zodb under linux18:28
Theuni1that means we can move towards a better daily summary18:28
hannoschTheuni1: cool. I saw. I was about to pester Stefan in the office this week otherwise :)18:28
do3ccI'd love to see, how long some things are broken already18:28
do3ccgreat that you got the scripts, Theuni118:28
do3ccmgedmin I tried that in and out yesterday18:29
mgedminoh, hey, has similar (working) code18:30
mgedminwhat I pasted is from an intranet site (also working just fine)18:30
do3ccoh nice, I didn't know about the -1 trick18:31
*** __mac__ has joined #zope18:31
Theuni1(keep talking if you want to)18:31
do3ccwhat improvements are wanted for the daily summary?18:31
Theuni1- stable sorting18:31
Charlie_Xhannosch: I briefly wanted to check with you about when to drop Python 2.518:31
Theuni1- show only the broken ones18:32
Theuni1- less noise18:32
Theuni1- provide an online summary with everything on it to get a quick overview18:32
do3ccmeh, only the broken onces means, I don't know who is still testing18:32
hannoschI'd like them to be grouped (so I can more easily see Zope2 in there)18:32
do3ccOnline overview I am going to embed in buildbots.rst18:32
agroszerhannosch, that speaks for some consistent naming18:32
CIA-7adamg * r115920 zc.recipe.testrunner/ (4 files in 2 dirs):18:32
CIA-7- Merge fixes from 1.2.1 (svn://
CIA-7Excluding nailing zope.testing version. That fixes a bunch of windows issues18:32
do3ccmy next steps18:32
Theuni1do3cc: it's not just about the buildouts18:32
Theuni1there's tests that aren't buildbots18:33
do3cconly epy right now18:33
Theuni1thats why we have the test list and the aggregator18:33
Theuni1anything that can produce mails can get into it18:33
hannoschCharlie_X: we are dropping Python 2.4 with ZTK 1.1. There's no plan to retire Python 2.5 anytime soon18:33
hannoschCharlie_X: for example it's a pain to get Python 2.6 installed on Debian 5.0. As long as that's the case and Debian 6.0 isn't out yet, I'm leaning towards supporting 2.518:34
agroszerhannosch, good, py24 has some weird problem on the winbot18:34
Charlie_Xhannosch: that is essentially different to what we discussed months ago. But it is a ZTK decision.18:34
* Charlie_X mumbles something unflattering about Debia18:34
hannoschCharlie_X: the only thing I remember we discussed was recorded at
hannoschI think once we get a clearer picture on the Python 3 move, we might want to consider the fate of Python 2.5 - that's the only real reason I can see to stop supporting it18:36
Charlie_XPersonally I'm worried that maintaining support for 2.5 will make it harder to manage the 2/3 gap. Syntactically there is little between 2.4 and 2.5 and neither are supported by Python any more.18:36
Charlie_XIn IRC, way back when, we did actually agree that ZTK 1.1 could be >= 2.6 only.18:37
hannoschCharlie_X: so far it seems we did well on the 2/3 move even with 2.4 being supported18:37
hannoschI don't see any compelling reason to stop supporting it right now. but we should take that up once we get ZTK 1.0 out and start talking about ZTK 1.1 features and timeline18:38
do3ccthere is a risk that we continue support python versions that arent maintained by python18:38
Charlie_Xhannosch: so far we were lucky. But I agree, get ZTK 1.0 out the door first.18:39
Charlie_Xfredvd: what version of Python will you be moving to?18:39
agroszerdo3cc, what about the svn mode "copy"?18:41
*** davisagli|away is now known as davisagli18:41
do3cci think it hides, when something gets deleted in svn, no?18:41
agroszer(for the buildbots)18:41
agroszerI don't think so18:42
agroszerit maintains a separate folder, svn up's it all the time and does a copy before build, builds on the copy18:42
agroszercopy is erased all the time18:42
agroszerthat means bin, parts, whatever is erased18:42
agroszerif something is removed from svn, on the next svn up it will be removed locally too18:43
Charlie_XRight, see you all next week.18:43
agroszerI'll take copy18:45
*** Charlie_X has left #zope18:45
*** hannosch has quit IRC18:45
*** alvaro has joined #zope18:49
* mgedmin tweaks buildbot summary on front page a bit18:50
mgedminnow it doesn't make me want to poke my eyes out any more18:50
Theuni1what do you want to poke out now?18:50
do3ccmore green18:50
mgedminit's an interesting zope3recipes failure:
mgedminextra "    install_dir /sample-buildout/develop-eggs/tmpVSnZbcbuild" being printed out in a test18:51
*** jcsackett has joined #zope18:52
*** jcsackett has left #zope18:52
agroszermgedmin, that sounds distribute'ish:18:53
agroszerhide_distribute_additions = (re.compile('install_dir .+\n'), '')18:53
agroszertaken from buildout18:53
mgedminthank you18:53
mgedminI did upgrade virtualenv on that box (1.3.3 -> 1.4.5), I believe the new one uses distribute instead of setuptools18:53
do3cchey, buildout, that reminds me, anybody who can make a buildout guru merge a branch of mine?18:54
do3ccIt will make buildbot work better18:54
mgedmindo3cc, I think contacting Gary Poster is your best route18:55
mgedminmaybe an email to distutils-sig@18:55
do3ccbuildout is on distutils-sig?18:55
koshhail freaks!18:55
agroszerdo3cc, yup18:55
*** JaRoel|4D has quit IRC18:56
*** yuvilio has joined #zope18:57
do3ccoh really18:58
do3ccand I am not the only one with loong and old branches wanting to merge18:59
agroszera littlebit problematic, yup18:59
*** yuvilio has quit IRC19:00
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CIA-7srichter * r115921 zope.server/ (5 files in 4 dirs): (log message trimmed)22:18
CIA-7- When the result of a WSGI application was received, ``task.write()`` was22:18
CIA-7only called once to transmit the data. This prohibited the transmission of22:18
CIA-7partial results. Now the WSGI server iterates through the result itself22:18
CIA-7making multiple ``task.write()`` calls, which will cause partial data to be22:18
CIA-7- Created a second test case instance for the post-mortem WSGI server, so it22:18
CIA-7srichter * r115922 /zope.server/tags/3.8.1: Create release tag.22:18
CIA-7srichter * r115923 zope.server/ (CHANGES.txt vb22:18
*** redir has joined #zope22:37
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CIA-7ccomb * r115924 bluebream/src/bluebream/bluebream_base/ comments23:33
*** aaronv has quit IRC23:33
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