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wildintellectI'm looking for information/specs on the zexp file format, I need try and recover site content from it - and yes I've tried importing it into another zope instance (my goal is to get the content, not a working site)03:16
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CIA-7benji * r116069 zope.schema/buildout.cfg: make the tests run03:35
CIA-7benji * r116070 zope.schema/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Improve error messages when term tokens or values are duplicates.03:35
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zlinuxhi all12:04
zlinuxwhy zope is no longer very popular?12:05
zlinuxnot popular as django, web2py and ohter python frameworks12:05
zlinuxeven though it has existed much before them all.12:05
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CIA-7do3cc * r116071 /Products.PluggableAuthService/branches/ (2 files in 2 dirs): My little branch12:57
CIA-7do3cc do3cc_defensive * r116072 Products.PluggableAuthService/Products/PluggableAuthService/plugins/ I was too clever in avoiding an IndexError12:57
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CIA-7menesis * r116073 (4 files in 2 dirs): Remove undeclared dependency on ``zope.deferredimport``13:50
CIA-7do3cc * r116074 /Zope/branches/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Catching more errors13:50
CIA-7menesis * r116075 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.9.113:50
CIA-7menesis * r116076 / Tagging 3.9.113:50
CIA-7menesis * r116077 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.9.213:50
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CIA-7menesis * r116078 Use doctest from standard library14:31
CIA-7menesis * r116079 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.7.414:31
CIA-7menesis * r116080 / Tagging 3.7.414:31
CIA-7menesis * r116081 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.7.514:31
CIA-7cklinger * r116082 megrok.rdb/src/megrok/rdb/ Fix bug
_mup_Bug #616127: typo in megrok.rdb <grok:New> <>14:31
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CIA-7menesis * r116083 (CHANGES.txt src/zope/app/i18n/xmlrpc/ Use zope.publisher >= 3.9 instead of
CIA-7menesis * r116084 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.6.315:20
CIA-7menesis * r116085 / Tagging 3.6.315:20
CIA-7menesis * r116086 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.6.415:20
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ignashow do I retrieve a value from an index for some object?15:29
ignasI have a FieldIndex for a method getBarBaz15:29
ignasI get the catalog brains object15:29
ignasbut they do not have the attribute15:29
ignasI can get all the index data using the RID (i want to avoid loading the object itself)15:30
ignasbut it still retrieves way too much data from the database15:30
ignasi'd like to just get the indexed value of 'getBarBaz' for this object15:31
ignasi'd try to just get the index I need, but portal_catalog only gives me access to *all* the indexes it has as a list15:31
MatthewWilkesignas: You need to add a metadata column15:31
ignaswhere? :)15:31
MatthewWilkesin the catalog's metadata tab15:32
ignas(not a plone person :/ )15:32
ignasahh, I see, will try that15:33
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ignasMatthewWilkes, thanks, that solved it15:41
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DWarriorI have a linux device whose manual says it has Zope DB 3.3.1 installed, I've never worked with Zope but I need to store data16:01
DWarrioris there a tutorial/manual on how to administrate Zope from the command line? I want to create a table or something16:02
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ignasis there something like archetypes.schematuning but for plone2.5?16:05
mgedminDWarrior, there are no command-line tools for managing ZODB16:09
mgedminit's more of an object persistence solution than a standalone database16:10
mgedminyou manipulate it by writing code16:10
mgedminthere are no tables -- it's an object database16:10
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mgedmin is a tool that can let you look at the objects and their attributes in the DB16:11
mgedminbut currently it only works with databases that are used with zope 3/bluebream16:11
mgedmin(I intend to fix that eventually)16:11
DWarriorso if I wanted to make a table, I'd have to write a program that does it and run it once?16:12
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mgedminthere are no tables16:12
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mgedmintypically every object has its own list of (attribute name, value) pairs16:13
DWarriorwhat would an object be in this context?16:13
mgedmindo you know any Python16:14
DWarriorI'm doing everything else in C++16:15
MatthewWilkesDWarrior: An object is a class instance16:15
MatthewWilkesZODB transparently persists data structures from a running app to the filesystem so they are available next time it starts16:15
DWarriorMatthewWilkes: I know, so would I create a class Employee? and for each person initialize their name and ID?16:15
DWarriorah ok16:15
mgedminyou say you have "a linux device whose manual says it has Zope DB 3.3.1 installed"16:16
mgedminwhat device is that?16:16
mgedminwhat does it currently store in the db?16:16
DWarriorit's one of those hand-recognition devices16:16
mgedmin(incidentally, there's no "Zope DB" -- ZODB stands for "Z Object Database"16:16
DWarriorto put in warehouses to track employees clocking in and out for work16:16
DWarriorthe idea is to store their badge number and the integer values modeling their hand16:17
mgedminyou may find useful16:17
DWarriormgedmin: so what is "Zope 3.3.1"16:17
mgedminit's a web application framework16:18
mgedminit uses ZODB by default16:18
ignasit uses ZODB ;)16:18
mgedminbut it's also possible to use relational databases with it16:18
ignasit's not a default, it can use relational database too though16:19
DWarriorwould I have to install said databases from somewhere?16:19
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ignasnot sure. What are you trying to accomplish?16:20
DWarriorwell, the device needs to store employee IDs and their hand print info16:21
ignasand at the moment it is not?16:22
mgedminare you trying to develop new software from scratch, or modify existing one, or what?16:22
DWarriorand then for each employee there would be a database of times they clocked in and out16:22
DWarriorignas: no, at the moment the device just has a bunch of libraries to control the hardware16:22
ignaswhat is "the device" ?16:22
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DWarriorinsert hand, it recognizes you16:23
DWarrior(if I make it work)16:23
ignashmm, so you are trying to add features to the device16:23
ignasand as it has Zope stuff installed, you were thinking of using that somehow?16:23
DWarrioras of now, the device is just buttons, and OS with different libraries16:23
DWarrioryeah, exactly16:23
ignasor do you want to add features to some existing web-ui of the device16:24
DWarriorI need a way to store data16:24
DWarriornope, no web-ui, just store employees somehow16:24
ignaswell, if you are doing it with C++16:24
ignasdon't use ZODB16:24
ignasmost probably16:24
DWarrioroh, ok16:24
ignasjust install sqlite or something16:24
ignasand use that, will be way easier16:24
DWarriori see, ok thanks16:24
ignasunless you already have some data that you want to extract out of ZODB16:24
DWarriornope, no data16:24
ignasin that case - don't use ZODB, it will be easier to install sqlite than to use C++ to access ZODB16:25
* mgedmin agrees16:25
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mgedminZODB is a good fit for things like content management systems, where you've got all kinds of different objects and it's hard to squeeze them into tables16:26
mgedminand trying to interface with ZODB in C++ would be extremely difficult16:26
mgedminit's very Python-specific16:27
ignashmm, would be a *fun* project, embedded python (libpython or something) and using it from C++ to open ZODB and load some objects :D16:28
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ignasdwarven fortress definition of fun kind of fun :)16:29
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menesismgedmin: please, add menesis to owners of and two more modules that used zope.deferredimport but did not have them in dependencies16:35
mgedminmenesis, done16:37
mgedminit would be simpler if you grabbed srichter and asked him to run his magic "grant pypi rights to all zope packages" script for you16:37
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TresEquisanybody remember where ajung's docs on making old Z2 releases reside?16:40
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TresEquisah, found it:
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CIA-7tseaver 2.10 * r116087 Zope/ (2 files in 2 dirs):16:47
CIA-7Prevent uncaught exceptions from killing ZServer worker threads.16:47
CIA-7tseaver 2.11 * r116088 Zope/ (2 files in 2 dirs):16:47
CIA-7Prevent uncaught exceptions from killing ZServer worker threads.16:47
CIA-7menesis * r116089 (4 files in 2 dirs): Replaced the use of zope.deferredimport with direct imports.16:47
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CIA-7menesis * r116090 Use doctest from standard library17:02
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planetzopebotPlone 4 CMS Unveiled: Advancing Power, Performance & User Experience (Plone News)
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CIA-7patricks * r116091 zc.async/src/zc/async/ (CHANGES.txt fix undefined variables too insidious for pyflakes to detect17:19
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CIA-7menesis * r116092 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.5.317:47
CIA-7menesis * r116093 / Tagging 3.5.317:47
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CIA-7menesis * r116094 (src/zope/app/pagetemplate/ CHANGES.txt): Add metaconfigure.registerType BBB import because some packages use it.18:03
CIA-7menesis * r116095 (3 files in 2 dirs): Use doctest from standard library instead of zope.testing.doctest.18:03
CIA-7menesis * r116096 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.5.418:03
CIA-7menesis * r116097 (README.txt CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.11.118:03
CIA-7menesis * r116098 (src/zope/app/session/ CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.6.218:03
CIA-7menesis * r116099 / Tagging 3.6.218:03
CIA-7menesis * r116100 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.6.318:03
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menesismgedmin: also, need rights for that fixes tests of z3c.formui18:06
mgedminmenesis, done18:07
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CIA-7menesis * r116101 / Tagging 3.11.118:18
CIA-7menesis * r116102 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.11.218:18
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CIA-7tseaver 2.10 * r116103 Zope/ (inst/WinBuilders/mk/ doc/CHANGES.txt inst/ Prepare 2.10.12 release.18:32
CIA-7tseaver * r116104 /Zope/tags/2.10.12: Tag 2.10.12 release.18:32
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cwarner_gentlemen.. whatever happened to the zodb documentation rally thing?19:07
cwarner_was enough money raised or whatever?19:07
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CIA-7tseaver 2.11 * r116105 Zope/ (inst/WinBuilders/mk/ doc/CHANGES.txt inst/ Prepare 2.11.7 release.19:32
CIA-7tseaver * r116106 /Zope/tags/2.11.7: Tag 2.11.7 release.19:32
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CIA-7menesis * r116107 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: Packages updated to not use zope.deferredimport and have correct dependencies19:48
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TresEquisanybody around who has access to kick
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planetzopebotZope (2.10.12-final) ( Product Updates)
planetzopebotAnnoucement: Zope 2.10.12 Released (
planetzopebotAnnoucement: Zope 2.11.7 Released (
planetzopebotZope (2.11.7-final) ( Product Updates)
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_mup_Bug #628300 was filed: repeating doctest runs breaks with stdlib doctest <zope.testrunner:New> <>22:18
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planetzopebotAnnoucement: Zope 2.10.12 and 2.11.7 Released (gmane.comp.web.zope.announce)
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paul_wilsonHi there, I've working on a framework that allows resources to be configured by inheriting information from their containers. This patterns appears to be a nice way of reducing configuration. However, I'm aware that it looks a lot like acquisition. Can anyway briefly explain what was wrong with the acquisition idea? (I know it's much maligned these days :-))23:38
Theuni1too implicit23:42
Theuni1too confusing23:42
paul_wilsonJust simply the fact that you never knew what the final state of your application was going to be...23:43
paul_wilsonThe pattern appears to be similar to CSS though... That seems okay, perhaps there something subtly different here that I'm not seeing. CSS is more explicit I guess.23:45
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benjihaving forgotten most of the little I knew about Zope 2, I think most problems with acquisition were caused when acquisition went "back down"; I'll have to come up with an example to explain that better23:54
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