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CIA-7charlie_x * r116959 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/portal/ (tests/portal_config.txt Check for valid charset added and test for it.00:00
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CIA-7icemac * r116960 /z3c.recipe.staticlxml/ (tags/0.2 tags/0.4 branches/0.2 branches/0.4): these branches are actually release tags09:34
saju_mhave any method to print values in datatype blob , for debug09:35
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CIA-7icemac * r116961 /z3c.recipe.staticlxml/branches/ (0.1 0.2.1 0.3 0.5): these brannches were equal to the tags with the same name (no difference), they can be recreated from the tags when needed09:48
CIA-7icemac * r116962 z3c.recipe.staticlxml/ (COPYRIGHT.txt LICENSE.txt Conform to repository policy.09:48
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CIA-7icemac * r116963 z3c.recipe.subprocess/ (3 files in 2 dirs):10:03
CIA-7- fixed namespace declaration10:03
CIA-7- fixed buildout.cfg to not use a not existing extra10:03
CIA-7- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted ``zope.testing.doctest``.10:03
CIA-7icemac * r116964 z3c.recipe.subprocess/ ( COPYRIGHT.txt LICENSE.txt): Conform to repository policy.10:03
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saju_mwhat are the useful debugging functions like print and print in python?10:43
yvlimport pdb; pdb.set_trace()10:44
yvlthe allmighty interactive debugger10:44
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saju_mhow use pprint.pprint for debugging, is it useful11:25
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CIA-7gotcha * r116965 /Sandbox/gotcha/five.taskqueue/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Preparing release 0.1-alpha-112:20
CIA-7gotcha * r116966 /Sandbox/gotcha/ (five.taskqueue five.taskqueue_trunk): prepare12:20
CIA-7gotcha * r116967 /Sandbox/gotcha/ (five.taskqueue/tags five.taskqueue): prepare12:20
CIA-7gotcha * r116968 /Sandbox/gotcha/ (five.taskqueue/trunk five.taskqueue_trunk): prepare12:20
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CIA-7gotcha * r116969 /Sandbox/gotcha/ (z3c.taskqueue z3c.taskqueue_trunk): prepare12:37
CIA-7gotcha * r116970 /Sandbox/gotcha/ (z3c.taskqueue/tags z3c.taskqueue): prepare12:37
CIA-7gotcha * r116971 /Sandbox/gotcha/ (z3c.taskqueue/trunk z3c.taskqueue_trunk): prepareprepareprepareprepareprepareprepareprepareprepare12:37
CIA-7gotcha * r116972 /Sandbox/gotcha/five.taskqueue/tags/0.1-alpha-1: Tagging 0.1-alpha-112:37
CIA-7gotcha * r116973 /Sandbox/gotcha/five.taskqueue/trunk/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Back to development: 0.1-alpha-212:37
CIA-7gotcha * r116974 /Sandbox/gotcha/z3c.taskqueue/trunk/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Preparing release 0.1-alpha-112:37
CIA-7gotcha * r116975 /Sandbox/gotcha/z3c.taskqueue/tags/0.1-alpha-1: Tagging 0.1-alpha-112:37
CIA-7gotcha * r116976 /Sandbox/gotcha/z3c.taskqueue/trunk/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Back to development: 0.1-alpha-212:37
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CIA-7tlotze * r116977 gocept.zeoraid/ (versions.cfg base.cfg): pinned last package versions known to work12:50
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CIA-7tlotze * r116978 gocept.zeoraid/versions.cfg: updated to newest ZODB 3.913:47
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saju_mfunc_defaults return default values in function calls.have any article or doc describing about this kinds of tricks in python??. have any book for python tricks?13:55
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betabugsaju_m: try asking in #python14:06
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CIA-7tlotze * r116979 gocept.zeoraid/src/gocept/zeoraid/
CIA-7- made starting storage recovery atomic14:51
CIA-7- keep tests from printing exceptions by solving thread ordering problems14:51
CIA-7tlotze * r116980 gocept.zeoraid/CHANGES.txt: updated changelog14:51
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CIA-7andig * r116981 /Zope/branches/andig-compositeindex: Making a Zope branch for CompositeIndex implementation15:09
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CIA-7adamg * r116982 zodbupdate/src/zodbupdate/ os.close needed to avoid windows failures15:46
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CIA-7adamg * r116983 zodbupdate/ (src/zodbupdate/ CHANGES.txt src): More debug logging shows now the currently processed OID16:02
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CIA-7tlotze * r116984 gocept.zeoraid/src/gocept/zeoraid/ ( tests/ tests/ improved thread synchronisation to make tests more stable16:33
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Scooterhey, I have a question about zodb transactions17:12
ScooterI know that if one transaction commits, others in processing will start over17:13
Scooterbut if I use subtransactions, will they start over from the beginning or just from the last subtransaction?17:13
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betabugstart over? I wouldn't say that17:18
betabugif there is a conflict, there will be replays17:18
betabugbut only if there are conflicts17:18
betabugand they will not replay when the other one commits, but when they want to commit themselves and notice that there is a conflict IIRC17:19
Scooterwell, I'm working with Plone, and dealing with files there it's basically every time17:20
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MatthewWilkesScooter: If you're getting write conflict errors on every request you're doing something wrong17:24
MatthewWilkeswhat exactly are you doing to cause them?17:25
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Scootersee #plone17:25
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cr3buildout question: is there a way to leverage buildout someone to build against package versions available in a particular OS release to make sure the code will work on that release?17:38
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d2mcr3: if you pin the versions needed the packages will be installed on the particular OS17:40
cr3d2m: will buildout know where to get those versions? I've tried pin'ing and I recall getting somekind of error that the version doesn't match17:41
d2mcr3: buildout will download and install the exact version, if another version is already loaded by another package you will get an mismatch error17:42
cr3d2m: I don't understand the second part, "if another version is already..."17:43
d2minstalling packages installs all their needed packages too17:43
d2mif a package depends on a certain version you can not install a different release with another package later17:44
d2m(in the same buildout run)17:45
cr3d2m: when you say "packages", do you mean OS packages (debian packages for example), or do you mean Python packages (eggs for example)?17:48
cr3d2m: gotcha, makes sense17:49
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d2mcr3, most conflicts can be solved by pinning the correct versions in your buildout17:50
cr3d2m: exactly, it's a painful process but shouldn't take that long :)17:51
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vangheemI'm setting up public facing plone site as read-only and occasionally come across times where plone will try to write to the database and cause the page to completely error. Is there anyway to make it not throw errors and just not write to the zodb silently?18:38
vangheemthanks for any tips18:38
d2mvangheem: what is a read-only site?18:39
vangheemsorry, read-only database18:40
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d2mvangheem: how do you make the db read-only?18:40
vangheemby setting the zope.conf and zeo.conf to make the db read-only18:41
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d2mlike a demo-storage?18:41
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vangheemno, just zodb in read-only mode'18:43
d2mthink again18:43
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d2mvangheem: maybe this helps:
vangheemI have it in read-only mode already18:49
vangheemthe problem is that I don't want the site to completely error if for some reason it tries to write to the database yet18:50
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vangheemwe're using zrs to replicate our read-write database to these read-only database servers which will actually serve the content--we can't have it erroring because plone still tries to write to the database in some odd cases18:51
d2mcould be this is a question for support?18:52
vangheemperhaps I'll give that a try18:52
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CIA-7ldr adapterize-wfstatus-wfhistory * r116985 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/ ( tests/ Workflow storage adapters adapt IWorkflowAware19:51
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CIA-7ldr adapterize-wfstatus-wfhistory * r116986 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/CHANGES.txt: add changelog entry20:42
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CIA-7fdrake * r116987 ZConfig/ (4 files in 4 dirs): support for IPv6 addresses, contributed by Martin von L?wis21:03
CIA-7ldr adapterize-wfstatus-wfhistory * r116988 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/ (CHANGES.txt notifyWorkflowCreated only to IWorkflowAware, possibly following adaption on IObjectAddedEvent.21:03
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mgedminhow do you render widget errors with z3c.form?21:29
CIA-7fafhrd * r116989 /Zope/ (4 files in 4 dirs):21:36
CIA-7It's not possible to use xrange inside __getslice__ in 64bit python on21:36
CIA-7Windows, because xrange uses 32bit integers and __getslice__ gets 64bit integers21:36
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CIA-7fafhrd * r116990 Acquisition/ (CHANGES.txt src/Acquisition/ The problem is sys.maxint on 32bit and 64bit python on windows are same.21:50
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pwerneckI'm on zope 2, I'd like to make an adapter available for all interfaces but one... how can I exclude that one when using for="*" on the zcml?21:54
mgedminwell, you can register a different adapter for that particular interface21:57
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mgedminor in your adapter's constructor you can check if the context provides your forbidden interface and then return None instead of the adapter21:57
mgedminthe latter technique works better if you register a function rather than a class21:58
mgedminbut having to type-check that way is inelegant21:58
mgedminwhat problem are you solving?21:58
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pwerneckI'm using archetypes schema extender to add geolocation for all content types but one, the content type location which already implements it its own way22:02
mgedminok, I'm not familiar with archetypes22:03
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mgedmintypically in this sort of problem there would be an interface for geolocation22:03
mgedminand you'd provide an adapter for * providing that22:03
mgedminbut that one particular content type would implement this interface directly22:03
mgedminso when you do IGeolocation(obj), no adapter lookup would be done for that content type22:03
mgedminthat's how the zope component architecture works, at least using InterfaceName(obj) syntax22:04
mgedminI think zope.component.getAdapter(obj) ignores interfaces provided by obj, but I may be wrong22:04
pwerneckok, thanks22:05
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