IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2010-09-28

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CIA-7jim * r116991 ZODB/src/ (6 files in 4 dirs):00:48
CIA-7Bug fixed00:48
CIA-7- A file storage bug could cause ZEO clients to have incorrect00:48
CIA-7information about current object revisions after reconnecting to a00:48
CIA-7database server.00:48
CIA-7Also added a locking/transaction ordering test.00:48
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CIA-7jim * r116992 ZODB/ (7 files in 4 dirs):01:19
CIA-7Bug fixed01:19
CIA-7- ZEO didn't work with IPv6 addrsses.01:19
CIA-7Added IPv6 support contributed by Martin v. Lowis.01:19
CIA-7jim * r116993 ZODB/doc/zeo.txt: Removed mention of the deprecared monitor server.01:19
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CIA-7jim * r116994 ZODB/src/ZEO/tests/
CIA-7Commented out some debugging logging calls to increase the likelyhood01:33
CIA-7of provoking the buildbot test failure that I hope I just fixed. :)01:33
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CIA-7davisagli * r116995 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst src/OFS/ copy the list of packages to initialize. install_package calls package_initialized which removes from the list06:31
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CIA-7dobe * r116996 lovely.buildouthttp/ (CHANGES.txt version bump08:25
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CIA-7icemac * r116997 zopetoolkit/ztk-versions.cfg: using the new version which is compatible with zope.testing 3.1009:18
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CIA-7icemac * r116998 z3c.recipe.tag/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.09:35
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CIA-7icemac * r116999 z3c.recipe.winservice/src/z3c/recipe/winservice/ ( README.txt):10:02
CIA-7- Updated tests to be more tolerant to different Python versions.10:02
CIA-7- Using Python's doctest module instead of depreacted zope.testing.doctest10:02
CIA-7icemac * r117000 z3c.recipe.winservice/CHANGES.txt: change log entry for previous commit10:02
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planetzopebotPlone Conference 2010 Registration Open (Zea Partners News)
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CIA-7adamg * r117001 /zodbupdate/branches/adamg-faster: lets see if ALAP unpickling speeds it up14:02
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CIA-7adamg adamg-faster * r117002 zodbupdate/src/zodbupdate/ ( lets see if ALAP unpickling speeds it up14:19
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CIA-7janwijbrand * r117003 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/ (meeting-20100921.rst index.rst): add minutes of ztk releaseteam meeting 2010092115:48
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planetzopebotMinimal Plone4 Buildout (BlueDynamics Alliance - Zope Related)
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CIA-7tlotze * r117004 gocept.zeoraid/ (8 files in 4 dirs): checkpoint: refactoring to introduce cluster modes17:04
webar7hi ... have an old zope site sitting behind a proxy that does beastly things with ProxyPass and ...VirtualHostRoot/_vhTheSite ....  etc17:06
webar7the proxy will soon be gone17:06
betabugdo you have a question there or you're just telling us a nice story? :-)17:07
webar7is their some way I can "symlink"  a folder on the zope server so that http://zopeserver:8080/file_store_portal/  can be http://zopeserver/files17:08
webar7I have changed the port17:08
bigkevmcdis there a reason you can't rename the object?17:08
betabugyou want to run Zope directly, without apache or something in front?17:08
webar7and just want http://zopeserver/files to be the same as http://zopeserver/file_store_portal :)17:08
webar7I think theirs links to /file_store_portal/  in there somewhere17:09
betabugare you aware that zope is an application server, so that running it behind a web server is indeed the recommended way of doing things?17:09
webar7betabug, yes ... without apache now ... it's out of "production"17:09
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betabughmmm, there was a crummy product that worked like a symlink17:10
webar7we could put another simple proxy on there I guess (nginx pound)17:10
betabugnever used it though, let me look17:10
webar7but I'm not allowed to add apache or commandeer another machine17:11
betabugwhat server machine is out there that doesn't have apache already?17:11
betabugwell, use nginx or any other webserver in front I'd say17:11
webar7betabug, oh ok good I will look around ... but it if it is not typical install then I will try the copy and/or rename ... to get all the fancy VHM rewriting etc I kind of need apache because pound is too simple really17:12
betabugwhat's the problem with getting apache?17:13
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* hannosch is terrible late17:13
betabugif it's "out of production", it should be a "setup and forget" kind of setup17:13
webar7admins won't support it and I am not allowed :)17:13
hannoschj-w, ccomb: you are having a meeting?17:13
j-whannosch: np - fairly busy too here..17:13
j-wno, not yet17:13
webar7well I can just install it and say it's "part of zope"17:13
hannoschaha, /me feels less bad17:13
betabughmm, it's meeting time here17:14
webar7no one knows anything about zope at this shop since it was cool to some devs 4 years ago and then was abandoned17:14
ccombhere but busy too17:14
webar7but it ran *perfectly*17:15
j-wccomb: hannosch do we have much of an agenda today?17:15
j-wi just checked inthe minutes of last week17:15
betabugwebar7: otherwise just add a python script that does a redirect there and call it a day17:15
j-wthere were not many tasks17:15
hannoschj-w, ccomb: I'd only like to make a new release candidate17:15
webar7betabug, ah ha !17:15
j-whannosch: great!!17:15
webar7yay python17:15
betabugit won't show the "nice" URL though17:15
ccombthere was a pending task on
hannoschj-w, ccomb: if you don't protest, I'll just do that and we can rescheduele the meeting17:16
ccombhannosch: ok17:16
* j-w not protesting17:16
hannoschccomb: the stuff is fixed17:16
j-wat all ;)17:16
betabugwebar7: context.REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(newurl)17:16
betabugwebar7: all you need :-)17:16
j-whannosch: great work, thanks17:16
agroszersee wonders, ztk_10 py_244_win32 is green today17:16
j-wagroszer: :-)17:16
webar7there's a reason there's so many sharepoint experts ... you need exerts to get the thing to work whereas zope just runs on its own17:16
* agroszer lurking17:16
hannoschagroszer: have you changed the CSS to have #red = #green ;)17:17
agroszeras Jim pointed out... timing issues17:17
mgedminwebar7, if it's out of production, why is it still running?17:17
betabug"museum mode" :-)17:17
webar7it's going to be on a virtual machine I think17:18
mgedminwget -R ? ;)17:18
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webar7museum mode is right17:18
ccombhannosch j-w I've tried working on the giant buildbot idea, but I've calculated for example that testing z3c.form against all combinations of its dependencies, it would require 1248610657247618531328000 tests. So I'll need some hint on how to reduce the number of tests17:18
mgedmin(it's actually what I ended up doing when we switched from zwiki to moinmoin)17:18
webar7zwiki is gone?!?! nooo!!!!!!17:19
betabugno way, zwiki is still there :-)17:19
j-wccomb: right, that won't work...17:19
ccombbut ok, z3c.form is one of the worst regarding dependencies17:20
webar7"The Portable Hole Product"  Portable Hole is a way to place a Hole in your ZODB from one point to another17:20
webar7a wormhole or something17:20
mgedminhope it's not a black hole17:21
mgedmin"slowly eats your ZODB from inside out"17:21
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xitriumI have a question about zodb...  I have a lot of related objects, for example Reports that have a Date they happened on, and Date objects in turn have a reference to Reports that happened on that date17:49
xitriumshould the reference be some kind of ID instead of the object itself?17:49
xitriumfor performance reasons?17:49
fdrakexitrium: No.17:50
xitriumthank you!17:50
mgedminthere are downsides in having direct references17:52
mgedmine.g. you remove a Report, you have to make sure the Date drops the reference too17:52
mgedminor the report will remain dangling in the ZODB17:52
mgedminand -- speaking of zope3/bluebream apps specifically -- Report will no longer have a valid __parent__ and __name__, which may break applications17:53
agroszeryup that breaks17:53
agroszerbut if it's a plain zodb app...17:53
cwarnerxitrium: you should probably put that stuff in an index17:53
xitriumwhat does that mean exactly?  Sorry, I'm still new to databases17:54
cwarnerxitrium: well if you simply reference the index or point to the index you aren't loading the full on object or any information related to the object17:55
CIA-7charlie_x * r117005 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ Properties tab removed from Site object.17:55
CIA-7charlie_x * r117006 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ Removed debug logging line.17:55
* agroszer looks for the ZODB tutorial17:56
cwarnerxitrium: performance and memory wise checking references to the object means having to load the object.. all for a tiny bit of information.. using an index would be much simpler17:56
fdrakeUsing a separate id just means that the breakage is indirect, though; it still has to be handled.17:56
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cwarnerwell it's not broken..17:57
xitrium_Sorry, I got disconnected17:57
fdrakeAnd references to persistent objects don't cause the object state to be loaded.17:57
agroszerfor plain ZODB (no zope in sight) tutorial see:
xitrium_yeah, all off these references are to persistent objects17:57
agroszerbe careful, it's rather old, so concepts match, actual command might be outdated17:58
cwarneris the zodb book coming along?17:59
agroszera book about ZODB:
agroszerbut it's in **really** early stages17:59
* Charlie_X coughs18:00
cwarneryeah.. really we need to get that manual..18:00
Charlie_XFWIW Carlos de la Guardia is writing a book on the ZODB18:01
Charlie_XGood afternoon, everyone.18:01
cwarneryeah we are aware.. that's a link to the book :)18:01
cwarnerwhat time is the zope meeting today?18:01
agroszerxitrium_, if you run into problems drop a mail to Carlos18:01
Charlie_Xcwarner: now18:01
agroszerafternoon Charlie_X18:01
cwarnergreat :)18:01
mgedminaaugh why can't zope's request.response.redirect() absolutize the URL?18:01
Charlie_XHiya agroszer18:01
xitrium_ok, thanks again18:02
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agroszerxitrium_, so that he can at least add the solution to the book18:02
Charlie_Xmgedmin I smell a patch opportunity18:02
* agroszer smells the patch of the patch18:02
agroszerCharlie_X, agenda?18:02
Charlie_XTheuni set it to questions and feedback on the summit outcome.18:03
fdrakemgedmin: J1m didn't know relative URLs weren't allowed in the Location: header at the time.18:03
fdrakemgedmin: He's since been educated.  :-)18:03
J1mI have?18:04
agroszerCharlie_X, and followup of goals18:04
fdrakeJ1m: Well, we discussed it at one point, and I told you about that.18:04
fdrakeDoesn't mean you remember.18:04
J1mI think we recorded it in a tracker18:04
mgedminoh cool18:04
* mgedmin searches18:05
* J1m was kidding18:05
fdrakeMight have; don't recall that.18:05
fdrakeTrackers are an inefficient way to forget things.18:05
mgedminI've a very good usecase for this: wsgi middleware that helpfully tries to absolutize relative Location: headers, without understanding zope's ++vh++ syntax18:05
* J1m hates recording things in trackers. Trackers are similar to waste baskets for long term storage18:05
fdrakeLow efficiency, though, since you have to type at them.18:06
mgedminsometimes they work, and sometimes they don't18:06
Charlie_XIt's not the tracker but the reminder and scheduler that are the problem.18:06
Charlie_XAnyway, back to our meeting. Any progress on post-summit tasks?18:07
* mgedmin fails to find anything after searching all of launchpad for "zope redirect" and "response.redirect"18:07
* Charlie_X reminds everyone that there's a bug day tomorrow.18:07
mgedminfrom my side the progress was sending out one email about obscure errors and receiving three replies18:07
J1mmgedmin, I was kidding18:07
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mgedminI should forward that email to the bluebream list too18:08
agroszerCharlie_X, as I remember we've set some deadlines18:08
agroszerdidn't we?18:08
Charlie_Xmgedmin: Poor response? Unfortunately I haven't seen anything really weird since I got back. You could always try a campaign on Facebook!18:08
Charlie_Xagroszer: summary is here
agroszerCharlie_X, yah I know but there are no deadlines (or I just don't see them?)18:09
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Charlie_XI saved my notes on the developer guide and after a current blitz on CMF work I'm going to start work on it.18:10
Charlie_XApart from J1m's promise to move to webob there weren't too many deadlines.18:11
*** davisagli|away is now known as davisagli18:11
Charlie_XIn the spirit of today's tracker mood we could set one up!18:11
agroszerI remember at least one more, like for "Define ZTK functional areas", until ...18:11
mgedminincidentally it was the webob's response object that broke my location header18:12
do3ccI remember everybody providing deadlines18:12
do3cclong ones usually18:12
*** nitrogenycs has joined #zope18:12
agroszerthere you go18:12
Charlie_Xagroszer: I think you're right about deadlines being a good idea.18:12
Charlie_XHiya do3cc18:12
*** hever has joined #zope18:13
Charlie_XOf course, enforcing them will be more difficult. Anyway it's a wiki so editable. I hope to have a developer's guide by the end of the year.18:14
Charlie_Xagroszer: did you sign up for any particular task?18:14
mgedminiirc "end of the year" was a popular deadline; I think that's what I signed up for too18:14
*** davisagli is now known as davisagli|away18:14
agroszernope, but looks like next time I'm going to be the secretary ;-)18:14
Charlie_XI think there were some shorter ones like the mailing list consolidation18:15
* Charlie_X tries not to picture agroszer in a skirt!18:15
agroszerIRC/mailinglist rationalisation18:15
Charlie_XAny progress on that?18:16
agroszerWolfgang Schnerring is the one who signed up18:16
Charlie_XOh, I thought you were offering to help him.18:17
Charlie_XWe should add some deadlines to the wiki where known and also whether those who offered are prepared to be nagged.18:17
agroszersorry, I can't fiddle with those, Jens might be the one18:18
Charlie_XThought you might have been in touch with Wolfgang but obviously a misunderstanding on my part.18:18
algaproposal -> discussion -> action ?18:18
agroszeralga sounds good18:19
Charlie_Xalga the idea was that all those tasks should be directly doable without further discussion.18:19
*** j-w has quit IRC18:19
algaIt's hard to rationalise IRC without involving everyone...18:20
agroszerI won't mind helping out with goals where I can18:20
Charlie_Xagroszer: best thing is to contact the task owner directly with an offer.18:20
nitrogenycszope publisher question: Suppose I have some kind of time parameter in my http request. I want to use this time parameter to open the database at that time in I.e. use a historical connection. How can I achieve this?18:21
agroszerCharlie_X, let's start with adding deadlines to the goals18:22
Charlie_Xnitrogenycs: I think you might need a time machine.18:22
nitrogenycsCharlie_X: :) I'm trying to build one.18:22
TheJesterI'm keeping a reference to another (large, with many children) zope object in my product, but, I want to block events for deleting, renaming etc to that object when they happen... previously I'd use manaage_beforeFoo to do this, how do I do it in a "subscriber" environment?18:23
agroszerCharlie_X, you want to crack the whip or leave that to Theuni ;-)18:23
cwarnernitrogenycs: can you just use a system call?18:23
Charlie_Xagroszer: that is the responsibility of the task owner. I think Theuni1 may have left deadlines out deliberately. I'll ask him to clarify.18:23
nitrogenycscwarner: a system call?18:24
*** hannosch has left #zope18:24
Charlie_XTheJester: look at zope.lifecycle18:24
agroszerthe summary is rather conflicting with itself, it speaks of SMART, but the goals are just headlines18:25
cwarnernitrogenycs: yeah whatever the time param just use datetime or cron..18:25
Charlie_Xagroszer: it's a summary and maybe all Christian had time for. But point taken - it's needs expansion. I've added my deadline.18:25
TheJesterwell that tells me how to notify, but not how to get rid of the other subscribers18:26
agroszergood start18:26
algaTheJester: can't you veto by blowing up?18:26
nitrogenycscwarner: I want to open the zodb at a certain point in time. You can do this by feeding the "at" or "before" parameter into the call in getApplication(). I'd like to override this somehow. I think a system call can't help me with that.18:27
TheJesterWell i want myself to be deleted, I just want to not have 50,000 notifications occur for a subobject that won't get deleted anyway18:27
cwarnernitrogenycs: ahhhh I didn't get the question.. nm18:27
nitrogenycscwarner: np, thanks for helping18:28
*** wiggy has left #zope18:28
Charlie_XTheJester: I think you want to do something that isn't supposed to happen. Even though subscribers are synchronous I think they are supposed to independent of each other. You will need to silence the notification.18:28
*** MadRobot has quit IRC18:28
Charlie_XAny questions on the summit from those who weren't there?18:28
TheJesterWell I can't because the delete happens on the container of my object not on me18:28
TheJesterwhich seems to be a slightly retarded delete methodology18:29
*** MadRobot has joined #zope18:29
TheJester(but understandable)18:29
Charlie_XTheJester: is this a zope2 or ZTK world?18:29
Charlie_XThere is a special event for objects about to be deleted.18:30
Charlie_XBut I think you want to prevent the notification from happening in the first place, right?18:30
TheJesterOnly for one of my children18:30
*** MatthewWilkes has joined #zope18:31
TheJesterI was thinking theree would be some entry point into "me" where I could do something18:31
TheJesterBut sadly this doesn't seem to be the case18:31
TheJester(any more)18:31
Charlie_XTheJester: I'm not an expert on this but I think you will have to hack this. Look at zope.event to see how notifications are handled.18:31
TheJesteryeah I don't want to do that18:31
TheJesterI can just not stick it into self._objects18:32
TheJesterBut that reduces the functionality i need18:32
TheJesterWell want18:32
algaThe events are evil exactly because it's hard to silence them.18:32
TheJesterAnd the fact that there doesnt' seem to be a hook into the object actually being deleted d8)18:32
Charlie_Xalga: that doesn't make them evil. I dislike them being synchronous.18:33
TheJesterThey're still synchronous18:33
Charlie_XTheJester: there is for that18:33
TheJesterThey'r ejust not recursive18:33
*** __mac__ has quit IRC18:33
TheJesterSo how in my object do I find out I'm being deleted and "do something" about it?18:34
Charlie_XThat's what you subscribe to.18:34
TheJesterI assume since me and my children are notifying up a storm, that I'm laready subscribed what with sub-classing Folder d8)18:35
* benji enjoys seeing people's reactions the first time they behold the beauty that is zope.event's implementation.18:36
TheJesterThis isn't the first time18:36
TheJesterThis is just the first time it's fucked me18:36
cwarnerheh zope.event changed my life18:36
*** redir has quit IRC18:37
Charlie_Xbenji: I've never looked at the implementation. Was it another code challenge?18:37
* Charlie_X looks at the time and, since no one has raised any further questions, calls the meeting to a close.18:38
algaCharlie_X: it's 4 lines18:38
benjicwarner: it has that effect on people18:38
benjithe "real" event dispatching is done by zope.component, IIRC18:39
J1mThere's real dispatching in zope.event. :)18:39
TheJesterIt's not really events18:39
TheJesterIt's more like downwards spamming18:40
J1mApplication-level dispatching is layered on top of that.18:40
J1mztk typically uses at least 2 layers.18:40
benjiJ1m: true, true; oddly enough I was experiencing a rare non-sarcastic moment when I called zope.event beautiful :)18:41
algaBut that's confusing, as a person that has read those 4 lines has learned nothing about how to deal with events in practice18:41
algaAnd doesn't have much pointers on where to look further18:42
*** menesis has quit IRC18:43
cwarneralga, there some good information on the subscriber event model let me see18:43
benjialga: it might be confusing, but it works out very well in practice; this way you can do all sorts of event handling without knowing anything about Zope, the component architechture, interfaces, etc.  It's very nice for connecting up non-zope things to events18:43
cwarneri wrote something up a while ago that may help and the zope3 handbook isn't that bad18:43
J1mThere are sphinx docs for it.18:45
benjioh, and there *are* pointers in zope.event's README to zope.component's event dispatching for the happless bystander18:45
*** JaRoel|4D has quit IRC18:45
algabenji: hmm, I retract my comment then18:45
* J1m wishes the sphinx docs were published to the standard place.18:45
TheJesterSo basically you guys are saying it's awesome, but, can't tell me how to do what i want succinctly d8)18:45
algaTheJester: the awesomeness is on a different level of abstraction, does not help you much ;)18:46
benjiTheJester: it's nice for many things, but I haven't been paying attention, so it may well not work for what you want it to do18:46
*** goschtl has quit IRC18:47
Charlie_XTheJester: I think you're use case is unsuitable for it. But it might make more sense for a longer description of the problem on the ML.18:47
J1mTheJester, your question is stated in the context of a higher-level application framework that many of us aren't familiar with.18:48
TheJesterThe higher level application framework that is Zope2?18:48
TheJesterYour'e in the zope channel and yoiu don't know zope...18:48
*** alexpilz has quit IRC18:48
TheJesterAnd you're Jim Fulton18:48
J1mI haven't touched Zope 2 in years.18:48
*** MadRobot has quit IRC18:49
J1mAnd I think it has changed a bit since then.18:49
CIA-7jim * r117007 ZODB/src/ (ZODB/ CHANGES.txt ZODB/tests/
CIA-7Bug fixed:18:50
CIA-7- When using multi-databases, cache-management operations on a18:50
CIA-7connection, cacheMinimize and cacheGC, weren't applied to18:50
CIA-7hannosch 1.0 * r117008 zopetoolkit/ (ztk-versions.cfg zopeapp-versions.cfg): Update to new bugfix releases18:50
CIA-7hannosch * r117009 /zopetoolkit/tags/1.0c2: Tag new release candidate18:50
J1mGenerally speaking. the event framwork was designed exactly for the situations that manageBeforeDelete was designed to address.18:50
J1mIt's a low-level framework though and there's are in how you apply it at a higher level.18:51
J1mIt's a low-level framework though and there's art in how you apply it at a higher level.18:51
TheJesterWell in manageBeforeDelete I simply remove the objec t from _objects so that the object wouldn't be deleted18:52
TheJestermore importantly not traversed18:52
Charlie_XTheJester: I think you can do that with events by catching and handling a dedicated exception.18:54
mgedminassuming there's an event being sent before deletion occurs18:55
TheJesterThere is one18:55
cwarneralga, you should read the subscriber information on zope18:55
TheJesterAnd then there are a lot18:55
*** davisagli|away is now known as davisagli18:58
*** jakke has quit IRC18:59
*** fredvd is now known as fredvd|away19:00
cwarneri'll be back later19:03
*** cwarner has quit IRC19:03
mgedminhm, looks like calling traceback.format_stack()  500 times is a bit expensive19:06
*** Hypergraphe has joined #zope19:07
*** hever has quit IRC19:08
CIA-7faassen * r117010 z3c.saconfig/buildout.cfg: Make sure the test dependencies are installed.19:09
CIA-7faassen * r117011 z3c.saconfig/ (4 files in 2 dirs):19:09
CIA-7EngineCreatedEvent also gets ``engine_args`` and ``engine_kw`` as19:09
CIA-7attributes, so that event handlers can potentially differentiate19:09
CIA-7between engines.19:09
CIA-7faassen * r117012 z3c.saconfig/buildout.cfg: Include releaser.19:09
CIA-7faassen * r117013 z3c.saconfig/ Preparing release 0.1219:09
CIA-7faassen * r117014 /z3c.saconfig/tags/0.12: Tagging 0.1219:09
CIA-7faassen * r117015 z3c.saconfig/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.1319:09
nitrogenycsJ1m: Do I have to create a new historical connection for every point in time that I want to access or is it ok to just change the .before attribute of the connection? I'd expect to have to create multiple connections, because of caching and such, but I am not sure.19:10
*** fredvd2 has quit IRC19:18
mgedminnitrogenycs, I doubt changing .before would be enough; but don't treat my word as final19:19
nitrogenycsmgedmin: ok, thank you19:22
*** sm has quit IRC19:23
*** sm has joined #zope19:24
CIA-7hannosch * r117016 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Update to ZTK 1.0c219:27
J1mnitrogenycs, you'd have to open a new connection.19:30
*** thetet has quit IRC19:31
nitrogenycsJ1m: thanks for the clarification19:33
*** huajie has joined #zope19:33
mgedminit is safe to have two unrelated connections to the same database in one thread, right?  they'll use separate caches?19:37
*** Theuni1 has quit IRC19:37
TheJesterbah it dispatches the delete events THEN calls manage_beforeDelete19:38
TheJesterwhich would seem to be manage_afterAllYourChildrenWereDeleted19:39
J1mmgedmin, yes, but they will use the same transaction manager unless you pass transaction managers to open.19:39
mgedmina connection opened with a time limit is read-only, isn't it?  which means it has no business registering itself with the transaction manager, no?19:40
*** MatthewWilkes has quit IRC19:42
*** digitalmortician has joined #zope19:42
J1mmgedmin, it must be read-only.  It *should* allow making and then aborting change.  I don't know if it does.19:46
mgedminah, makes sense19:46
*** redir has joined #zope19:52
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CIA-7jim * r117017 ZODB/src/CHANGES.txt: Ready to make the release -- finally!20:23
CIA-7jim * r117018 /ZODB/tags/3.10.0b7: tag20:23
CIA-7jim 3.10.0b7 * r117019 ZODB/ *** empty log message ***20:23
Charlie_Xcongratulations J1m!20:34
*** kleist has quit IRC20:37
*** ccomb has quit IRC20:38
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CIA-7jim 3.10.0b7 * r117020 ZODB/ Support latin-1 in long description.20:41
CIA-7charlie_x * r117021 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/skins/zpt_generic/ ( Add support for handling permalinks if installed.20:41
CIA-7charlie_x * r117022 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/skins/ ( tests/ Add support for detecting portal_calendar and portal_uidhandler with tests20:41
CIA-7charlie_x * r117023 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Handle permalinks but warn if CMFUId is not installed.20:41
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CIA-7charlie_x * r117024 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/ (portal admin): Folder renamed to be more general use.21:02
*** dayne has quit IRC21:04
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CIA-7jim 3.10.0b7 * r117025 ZODB/ Distutils 1 doesn't do unicode. Whimpler.21:21
*** __mac__ has joined #zope21:22
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mgedminunicode in long_description?  been there, felt the pain21:32
*** zagy1 has joined #zope21:33
*** zagy has quit IRC21:33
CIA-7jim 3.10.0b7 * r117026 ZODB/ Debugged working around distutils unicode issues.21:35
*** neo|4D has quit IRC21:41
CIA-7charlie_x * r117027 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/configure.zcml: Configuration updated for folder name change.21:49
CIA-7jim 3.10.0b7 * r117028 ZODB/ Debugged working around distutils unicode issues.21:49
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CIA-7jim * r117029 ZODB/ Copied unicode flails from 10.0.0b7 tag.22:18
*** huajie has quit IRC22:33
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*** dixond has joined #zope22:41
dixondfolks, under what circumstances will Zope open a new connection to the database? eg, I have 2 zserver threads configured, but three connections.22:41
*** mcdonc_ has joined #zope22:41
*** mcdonc_ is now known as mcdonc22:41
dixondso all three are caching objects, and it's messing up my memory configuration22:42
smdixond: it wouldn't be a debug client ?22:52
smor a cron job running that zodb backup script22:52
*** __mac__ has quit IRC23:03
*** minskmaz has joined #zope23:05
*** alexpilz has joined #zope23:13
dixondhrm, no to both of those unfortunately23:15
CIA-7jim * r117030 ZODB/src/CHANGES.txt: typo23:15
CIA-7jim 3.9 * r117031 ZODB/src/ (persistent/cPickleCache.c CHANGES.txt):23:15
CIA-7Bug Fixed23:15
CIA-7- Changes in way that garbage collection treats dictionaries in Python23:15
CIA-72.7 broke the object/connection cache implementation.23:15
_mup_Bug #641481: ZODB 3.10b6 fails to run tests with Python 2.7 on Fedora 14 Branched <ZODB:Fix Committed by jim-zope> <>23:15
*** daMaestro has joined #zope23:23
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CIA-7jim 3.9 * r117032 ZODB/src/ (ZEO/tests/ CHANGES.txt ZEO/
CIA-7Bug Fixed23:33
CIA-7- Logrotation/repoening via a SIGUSR2 signal wasn't implemented.23:33
_mup_Bug #143600: Enable ZEO log rotation <database> <feature+solution> <ZODB:Fix Committed by hannosch> <>23:33
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CIA-7jim 3.9 * r117032 ZODB/src/ (ZEO/tests/ CHANGES.txt ZEO/
CIA-7Bug Fixed23:49
CIA-7- Logrotation/repoening via a SIGUSR2 signal wasn't implemented.23:49
CIA-7jim 3.9 * r117033 ZODB/src/ (ZODB/ CHANGES.txt ZODB/tests/
CIA-7Bug Fixed23:49
CIA-7- When using multi-databases, cache-management operations on a23:49
CIA-7connection, cacheMinimize and cacheGC, weren't applied to23:49
_mup_Bug #143600: Enable ZEO log rotation <database> <feature+solution> <ZODB:Fix Committed by hannosch> <>23:49
CIA-7andig andig-compositeindex * r117034 Zope/src/Products/PluginIndexes/ initialize CompositeIndex23:49
*** sunew has joined #zope23:49
CIA-7jim * r117035 /ZODB/tags/3.9.7: tag23:49
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