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CIA-7jim 3.9.7 * r117036 ZODB/ *** empty log message ***00:04
CIA-7andig andig-compositeindex * r117037 Zope/src/Products/PluginIndexes/ (10 files in 4 dirs): initial commit of CompositeIndex00:05
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CIA-7srichter * r117038 keas.kmi/ (21 files in 2 dirs):07:53
CIA-7- Refactored REST server to be a simple repoze.bfg application.07:53
CIA-7- The encrypted data encrypting keys (DEKs) are now stored in a directory07:53
CIA-7instead of the ZODB. This increases transparency in the data store and makes07:53
CIA-7backups easier.07:53
CIA-7srichter * r117039 keas.kmi/src/keas/kmi/ (6 files): Some cleanup.07:53
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CIA-7srichter * r117040 keas.kmi/ (src/keas/kmi/ src/keas/kmi/ CHANGES.txt):08:14
CIA-7Added caching to directory-based facility, so we do not need to read08:14
CIA-7files all the time.08:14
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CIA-7icemac * r117041 zopetoolkit/ztk-versions.cfg: removed double specification of zope.testrunner09:51
CIA-7icemac * r117042 z3c.recipe.winservice/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.09:51
CIA-7icemac * r117043 z3c.reference/ (7 files in 5 dirs):09:51
CIA-7- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted09:51
CIA-7- Updated to run with ZTK 1.0.09:51
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CIA-7icemac * r117044 z3c.referercredentials/bin: this dir should not be in svn11:58
CIA-7icemac * r117045 z3c.referercredentials/ (src/z3c/referercredentials/ CHANGES.txt): - Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted ``zope.testing.doctest``.11:58
CIA-7icemac * r117046 z3c.referercredentials/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.11:58
CIA-7adamg * r117047 zope.wineggbuilder/rackspace.ini: enable ZODB 3.9 line python 2.711:58
CIA-7adamg adamg-faster * r117048 zodbupdate/CHANGES.txt: yup, ALAP unpickling made it almost 40% faster11:58
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CIA-7adamg * r117049 /zodbupdate/branches/adamg-faster: naah, was a bad idea12:26
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CIA-7hannosch * r117050 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/release-procedure.rst: Adjust release procedure notes, so I won't foul myself again12:48
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CIA-7hannosch * r117051 /zopetoolkit/tags/1.0c3: Tagged 1.0c3 - this time from the correct branch12:48
CIA-7hannosch * r117052 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Update to the real ZTK 1.0c312:48
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CIA-7hannosch * r117053 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Update to ZODB3 = 3.10.0b715:04
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CIA-7yuppie * r117054 CMF/buildout.cfg:15:20
CIA-7- synced ztk version with Zope trunk15:20
CIA-7- fixed 'extends' order15:20
d2mquick question: where do people download 2.12 releases ?15:23
d2mfrom here ?15:24
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CIA-7yuppie * r117054 CMF/buildout.cfg:15:34
CIA-7- synced ztk version with Zope trunk15:34
CIA-7- fixed 'extends' order15:34
CIA-7hannosch * r117055 tempstorage/ (CHANGES.txt src/tempstorage/tests/ Disabled ``check_tid_ordering_w_commit`` test from BasicStorage, as it uses invalid test data.15:34
CIA-7hannosch * r117056 tempstorage/ (CHANGES.txt Prepare tempstorage
CIA-7hannosch * r117057 /tempstorage/tags/2.12.1: Tagged tempstorage
CIA-7hannosch * r117058 tempstorage/ (CHANGES.txt Bump version15:34
CIA-7hannosch * r117059 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Update to tempstorage = 2.12.115:34
CIA-7hannosch * r117060 Zope/doc/CHANGES.rst: Whitespace15:34
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CIA-7charlie_x * r117061 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/admin/ ( tests/ configure.zcml): Portal syndication form.16:18
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CIA-7wichert * r117062 (src/five/pt/ CHANGES.txt): Add same_type17:16
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CIA-7wichert * r117063 / (4 files in 3 dirs): Tag 1.3.217:33
CIA-7hannosch * r117064 Acquisition/ (CHANGES.txt Prepare Acquisition
CIA-7hannosch * r117065 /Acquisition/tags/2.13.5: Tagged Acquisition
CIA-7hannosch * r117066 Acquisition/ (CHANGES.txt Bump version17:33
CIA-7hannosch * r117067 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Updated to Acquisition = 2.13.5 to fix Windows test failures on 64bit17:33
CIA-7hannosch 2.12 * r117068 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Update to Acquisition = 2.13.517:33
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CIA-7charlie_x * r117069 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ ( www/siteAddForm.zpt):18:04
CIA-7Site profiles now sorted by title. Description also added to form.18:04
CIA-7Fix for
_mup_Bug #373102: Add Site: list of extension profiles unsorted <Zope CMF:Fix Committed by charlie> <>18:04
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planetzopebotIntroducing's New "Downloads" Section: Comments, Ratings, Screenshots and More! (Plone News)
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CIA-7charlie_x * r117070 Products.DCWorkflow/Products/DCWorkflow/dtml/states.dtml: States cannot be renamed. As per
_mup_Bug #625722: workflow states cannot be renamed <Zope CMF:Fix Committed> <>20:34
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poorboywillyI just read get_transaction().note() "adds a note to the transaction log regarding the current transaction."  Where is this transaction log?20:51
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mgedminpoorboywilly, in the Data.fs20:54
mgedminzodbbrowser shows it20:54
mgedminI'm not sure if any other tools do20:54
mgedminmaybe the undo tab in the (deprecated)
mgedminmaybe Zope 2's history tab20:54
poorboywillymgedmin: thanks!20:55
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CIA-7icemac * r117071 zopetoolkit/ztk.cfg: we should use trunk here22:02
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