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CIA-7andig andig-compositeindex * r117072 Zope/src/Products/ (3 files in 3 dirs): transpose query integration into the catalog00:25
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CIA-7charlie_x * r117073 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/admin/ ( tests/ configure.zcml): Format and whitespace cleanup.00:50
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CIA-7srichter * r117074 keas.kmi/ (CHANGES.txt Get ready for release.04:11
CIA-7srichter * r117075 keas.kmi/ Remove framework classifier.04:11
CIA-7srichter * r117076 /keas.kmi/tags/2.0.0: Create release tag.04:11
CIA-7srichter * r117077 keas.kmi/ (CHANGES.txt vb04:11
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prinzdezibelHi. Which encoding does zope3 serve and how can I control it?09:18
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zagyusually it serves utf809:20
zagyyou can set a content-type header with a different encoding09:20
zagywhen your views return unicode that's encoded automatically09:21
prinzdezibelzagy: Seems like it is determined through a combination of content-type (which is not always contained in the response) and default-zpublisher-encoding from zope.conf. Does this sound familar to you?09:25
zagythe auto-encoding only applies to text/*09:26
zagyfor other content-types that doesn't make sense09:26
zagythat is you can set text/html; charset=latin1 and get your unicode response encoded to latin109:26
zagybut that only works if it is representable in latin109:26
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CIA-7icemac * r117078 z3c.reload/ (5 files in 3 dirs):10:00
CIA-7- Updated to run with Python 2.6.10:00
CIA-7- Added missing test depenencies.10:00
CIA-7- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted ``zope.testing.doctest``.10:00
CIA-7icemac * r117079 z3c.reload/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Conform to repository policy.10:00
CIA-7icemac * r117080 z3c.relationfield/ (5 files in 2 dirs):10:00
CIA-7* Updated test setup and test to run with current versions of dependent10:00
CIA-7packages, thus running with Python 2.6, too.10:00
CIA-7* Added missing (test) dependencies.10:00
CIA-7icemac * r117081 z3c.relationfield/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Conform to repository policy.10:00
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CIA-7shane * r117082 relstorage/ (7 files in 4 dirs):13:19
CIA-7Prep for 1.4.0:13:19
CIA-7- Enabled ketama and compression in pylibmc_wrapper. Both options13:19
CIA-7are better for clusters.13:19
CIA-7- Oracle: Use a more optimal query for POSKeyError logging.13:19
CIA-7- Fixed a NameError that occurred when getting the history of an13:20
CIA-7object where transaction extended info was set.13:20
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CIA-7yuppie * r117083 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/ (CHANGES.txt tests/
CIA-7- added FakeExecutableObject14:04
CIA-7(Charlie wants to use this in CMF; taken from
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CIA-7shane * r117084 relstorage/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Made compatible with ZODB 3.10.0b7.15:18
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CIA-7shane * r117085 relstorage/CHANGES.txt: Credit for Helge.15:48
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CIA-7mgedmin * r117086 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/zope-dev/index.rst: Fix reference to archive.rst.16:24
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planetzopebotPlone Conference Talks Announced (Plone News)
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CIA-7wichert * r117087 (CHANGES.txt src/five/pt/ Apply patches at import time instead of product initialisation.17:22
CIA-7wichert * r117088 / (4 files in 3 dirs): Tag 1.3.317:22
CIA-7ctheune * r117089 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/zope-dev/zope-dev-20100928.rst: Extract summary from meeting record.17:22
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CIA-7jim * r117090 ZODB/src/ (ZEO/zrpc/ ZEO/tests/ CHANGES.txt):17:55
CIA-7Bug fixed17:55
CIA-7- On some systems, using an empty string in a server address of a ZEO17:55
CIA-7client led to a socket error. Now, ZEO clients treat '' as an alias17:55
CIA-7for 'localhost'.17:55
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CIA-7jim * r117091 ZODB/src/ (4 files in 3 dirs): (log message trimmed)18:49
CIA-7Bugs fixed18:49
CIA-7- When a pool timeout was specified for a database and old connections18:49
CIA-7were removed due to timing out, an error occured due to a bug in the18:49
CIA-7connection cleanup logic.18:49
CIA-7- When mulri-database connections were no longer used and cleaned up,18:49
CIA-7jim * r117092 ZODB/src/ZEO/tests/ Try to avoid spurious failure due to test race18:49
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xitriumHey guys, persistent.dict.PersistentDict objects are taking > 6 seconds to look up keys in them... Should I be using another datastructure (I have tens of thousands of keys)?19:13
Theuni1use btrees19:13
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benjixitrium: what are the keys and values?19:15
xitriumkeys are strings and values are persistent objects (with subobjects etc)19:16
mgedminis there any reason to use a PersistentDict, ever?19:17
mcdoncbecause every tutorial shows it, so that the tutorial author doesn't need to explain why you need to do self._p_changed = True19:18
xitriumI only started with them because I read they're constant time lookup and I wanted fast lookups :(19:18
mgedminmcdonc, no, I mean why not use an OOBTree?19:18
mcdoncmgedmin: because the tutorial author doesnt want to explain what a btree is19:18
mcdonc(no good reason, iow)19:18
mcdoncunless space is a premium19:19
mgedmindoes it take less space?19:19
mcdoncan empty dict is like 282 bytes19:19
mcdoncnot sure what an empty btree is19:19
mcdoncbut likely more, and more overhead per key19:20
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mgedminlen(pickle.dumps(PersistentDict())) == 9219:20
mgedminlen(pickle.dumps(OOBTree())) == 6119:20
mgedminlen(pickle.dumps(PersistentDict([(x, x) for x in range(1000)]))) = 1087219:21
mgedminlen(pickle.dumps(OOBTree([(x, x) for x in range(1000)]))) = 1264019:21
mcdonc getsizeof({})19:22
* mgedmin now wants to microbenchmark access speed for various sizes, but he should get back to work19:22
xitriumOh awesome, it's down from 6.1 seconds to 0.0087 seconds!19:26
xitriumThanks guys :D19:26
mgedminyou'll also be happy to see slower data.fs growth as you modify that structure19:33
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CIA-7jim * r117093 ZODB/src/ (ZEO/zrpc/ CHANGES.txt):21:03
CIA-7Bug fixed21:03
CIA-7- Changes to suppprt IPv6 broke a fix for a problem on Mac OS X that21:03
CIA-7could cause a server to stop accepting connections.21:03
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CIA-7icemac * r117094 /hurry.zoperesource/branches: branches21:21
CIA-7icemac * r117095 /hurry.zoperesource/branches/icemac-IBrowserRequest: branch to make package compatible with layers which do not extend IDefaultBrowserLayer21:21
CIA-7icemac icemac-IBrowserRequest * r117096 hurry.zoperesource/ (src/hurry/zoperesource/ CHANGES.txt):21:21
CIA-7Created `ResourceDirectories` now are registered for ``IBrowserRequest`` the21:21
CIA-7base class of the previously used ``IDefaultBrowserLayer``. So this package can21:21
CIA-7be used when the layer used by the application does not extend21:21
CIA-7``IDefaultBrowserLayer``, as e. g. `z3c.layer.pagelet` does.21:21
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CIA-7jim * r117097 /ZODB/tags/3.10.0b8: tag22:30
CIA-7jim 3.10.0b8 * r117098 ZODB/ *** empty log message ***22:30
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CIA-7shane * r117099 /relstorage/tags/1.4.0: Tagged
CIA-7shane * r117100 /relstorage/ (tags/1.4.0/README.txt trunk/README.txt): Updated the multi-master comment in README23:01
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webar7how do I rename an object (a plone site) from the zopectl debug console?23:10
webar7I'm at >>> prompt ... do I need to import a bunch of things?23:10
webar7do I need to use zeoctl if I'm using zeo?!23:13
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smsomething like >>>'oldsiteid','newsiteid') . But why ?23:24
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webar7it won't rename in the ZMI23:24
webar7figured maybe it was timing out23:25
smno traceback ?23:25
webar7says the oject is being used or refers to url etc etc23:25
smit might be timing out, everything will be recataloged23:25
webar7sounds like part of the folder is getting renamed an then timing out23:26
smI imagine you'd see activity in event.log if log verbosity is high enough23:26
webar7so ....   app.plone_folder.manage_renameObject('plone_folder','plone_folder2')23:27
webar7it's a plone site installed as a folder called plone_folder23:27
webar7probably  app.plone_folder.manage_renameObject('plone_folder','Site') is what we want23:28
webar7or  app.plone_folder.manage_renameObject('plone_folder','
CIA-7shane * r117101 relstorage/ (CHANGES.txt Back to dev.23:29
webar7oops ... how do I authenticate in the debug console ...argh!23:30
smand after the rename, you probably have to import transaction; transaction.commit()23:30
smwon't you avoid the timeout if you connect directly to zope's http port ?23:30
webar7let's try that :-D23:31
smand tail -f event.log .. so you can see if this is a minutes, hours, or days kind of deal :)23:31
* sm thinks: actually, the web timeout won't stop zope's rename operation23:49

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