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CIA-7charlie_x * r117309 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/ (8 files in 2 dirs): Skeleton search form.02:51
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saju_ma = [(3,obj1),(4,8)], b = deepcopy(a) is it equal to b = [x for x in a] ????08:36
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saju_mNow, what i need to know is how check weather an object is deepcopyable or not OR how privent an object from taking deepcopy.08:59
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CIA-7icemac * r117310 z3c.rotterdam/ (setup.cfg docs/HISTORY.txt z3c.rotterdam.egg-info README.txt):09:19
CIA-7- fixed mark up09:19
CIA-7- removed not necessary files and folders09:19
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CIA-7icemac * r117311 z3c.rotterdam/ (7 files in 4 dirs):09:48
CIA-7- Updated tests to run with ZTK 1.0.09:48
CIA-7- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted09:48
CIA-7- Using ``z3c.layer.pagelet`` instead of deprecated ``z3c.layer``.09:48
CIA-7icemac * r117312 z3c.rotterdam/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.09:48
CIA-7icemac * r117313 z3c.saconfig/ (COPYRIGHT.txt LICENSE.txt Conform to repository policy.09:48
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CIA-7ctheune * r117314 gocept.zeoraid/CHANGES.txt: document last changes11:02
CIA-7ctheune * r117315 gocept.zeoraid/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.0b811:02
CIA-7ctheune * r117316 /gocept.zeoraid/tags/1.0b8: Tagging 1.0b811:02
CIA-7ctheune * r117317 gocept.zeoraid/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.0b911:02
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CIA-7thefunny42 * r117318 zodbupdate/ (CHANGES.txt Prepare to release.11:49
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117319 z3c.recipe.i18n/ (CHANGES.txt make note of the zc.buildout version requirements and define the requirements in the setup.py11:49
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CIA-7thefunny42 * r117320 zodbupdate/src/zodbupdate/ Improve yesterday code.12:03
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CIA-7janwijbrand * r117321 z3c.recipe.i18n/CHANGES.txt: emphasis12:19
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117322 z3c.recipe.i18n/ put history closer to the top for readibility12:19
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117323 z3c.recipe.i18n/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.8.012:19
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117324 /z3c.recipe.i18n/tags/0.8.0: Tagging 0.8.012:19
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CIA-7janwijbrand * r117325 z3c.recipe.i18n/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.8.112:34
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CIA-7janwijbrand * r117326 z3c.recipe.compattest/ specify version requirements and improve pypi page readibility12:48
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117327 z3c.recipe.compattest/CHANGES.txt: update changelog12:48
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CIA-7charlie_x * r117328 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/search/ ( Copyrights and docstrings added.13:19
CIA-7charlie_x * r117329 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/admin/TODO.txt: Todo list updated.13:19
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evilbunglehi folks, I have a zope 2.7 instance, any time I try and create an object in a particular folder it raises a conflicterror (I'm running it in debug mode so I'm the only one using the db).  Relevant bit of the error: oid 0x0197b0, serial this txn started with 0x0389643bc0b03eaa 2010-10-07 08:59:45.161357, serial currently committed 0x0389643d6cf6df33 2010-10-07 09:01:25.538518.  For some reason even between restarts the two dates liste14:18
MatthewWilkesevilbungle: Haha.14:19
evilbungledamn you14:20
betabugit was cut off... what was the funny part?14:20
MatthewWilkesbetabug: We used to work together, I can imagine what kind of a day he's having and he's left me in this situation before, was just me being a dick14:21
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betabugwell, 2.7 is unfortunate, as it still produces read conflicterrors IIRC, 2.8 would be a big improvement14:22
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evilbungledealing with this is like archaeology14:24
betabugsure, except it's not *that* outdated14:24
mgedminevilbungle, your original message was truncated at "the two dates liste"14:25
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mgedmincare to resume?14:25
evilbunglehmm, i think the fact that you can't just 'import transaction' has scared me :)14:25
betabugor put it on a pastebin :-)14:25
evilbungle the two dates listed are always the same, I'd have expected that after a restart (or just a new transaction) the 'serial this txn started with' would have become the second serial and everything would be fine.  Any thoughts?14:25
betabugevilbungle: transactions were handled slightly different in <= 2.8, no importing needed14:26
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betabugIIRC, you just did a get_transaction().commit()14:26
MatthewWilkesevilbungle: Personally I'd try starting a new transaction explicitly just before doing your first write, in case you've accidentally caused a commit somewhere14:27
MatthewWilkesProducts like QC1-5 relied entirely on accidents for making sure the data was committed properly14:27
evilbungleMatthewWilkes: this is the management_systems folder, so no qc or anything (lots of horrors like kubes though)14:28
MatthewWilkesevilbungle: mmm, folder of Kubes and Plones, tasty.14:29
evilbungleI can't see what would have caused a commit, the dates are stuck at 8:59 and 9:01 (i've just run it again and the dates are always the same) - it's 12:29 local time here14:29
betabugmaybe the Data.fs has become corrupted?14:29
MatthewWilkesevilbungle: Ah, does it have a timetravel mode patch in
evilbunglei've no idea, might be a job for repozo this time14:30
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evilbunglethere's no time like a panic to test your backups :)14:31
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evilbungleupdate - rolling back a particular transaction appears to have fixed it, must have been some weird corruption or something14:43
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CIA-7janwijbrand * r117330 grokui.admin/src/grokui/admin/tests/ftesting.zcml: make sure zope.session is configurred too14:55
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117331 grokui.admin/CHANGES.txt: update changelog14:55
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CIA-7janwijbrand * r117332 grokui.admin/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.7.115:16
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117333 /grokui.admin/tags/0.7.1: Tagging 0.7.115:16
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117334 grokui.admin/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.7.215:17
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webar7clock badness15:20
betabugcontent added to websites is overrated anyway15:20
webar7betabug, so true15:20
webar7whats worse is when "Communications Departments" (of say each and every large gov't bureaucracy)15:21
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webar7get involved in needless annual website "refresh" activities15:22
webar7then the IT dept (which never has anything to do since after 20 years Windows finally say 50% is as easy to admin as Unix ... less viruses ... use of linux/unix/appliances/firewalls has reduced need for constant stream of service pack consultants) decides to get involved15:24
webar7and "upgrade" the website and intranet to Sharepoint15:24
webar7I say type the damn news releases on a typewriter scan to a PDF and put in ftp directory point googledocs widgets at them and blah15:26
webar7comms dept = 2 people ; entire IT dept = laid off :)15:26
mgedminwho'll scan for viruses if you lay off IT?15:29
mgedminswitch all users to Ubuntu first15:29
webar7let the news media (running zope and django) and giant media firms (google) who know what they are doing handle the internet web etc.  half the firms out there would be better off hiring their own in house cook and catering staff (to make inexpensive and healthy food in the building) and outsourcing all IT to firms that compete on merit and *who know what they are doing*15:29
webar7mgedmin, heheh15:30
webar7I've had this advice about FTP: "it's insecure since it runs on the C:\ drive"15:30
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webar7how could someone 30+ years of age who works in IT say such a thing?  ... they work for government15:31
webar7when they f*&k up and pull a cable in their physically cramped and badly designed "cabinet" (closet) full of cisco gear and the network crashes  they announce it was due to a "packet storm cause by unauthorized equipment connected to the network" ( a macintosh )15:33
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webar7fire fire fire fire and repossess their homes15:33
webar7:) sorry15:33
mgedminwell, exporting the root directory of c: over FTP would be insecure15:35
mgedminespecially if you enable write access15:35
* mgedmin hates FTP and think it should've died years ago -- just use SFTP, people!15:35
webar7clock badness has me mad ... XP machine running a vm with unix and zope rebooted and clock was reset to 09202012 ... which has meant a bunch of changes to the zodb are wrong dated :=|15:36
giampaolohi, in a view in which I have a form defined I need to use http POST method instead of GET. How do I tell Zope to do that?15:36
webar7mgedmin, it's tru waht you say about C:\ but that is not an inherent property of ftp and in that case it was just a passive download site for files :) running on openbsd ...15:37
webar7with the clock reset to the correct time zope is going a little nuts15:37
webar7can I use the zopectl debug interface to change the date of transactions?15:38
mgedmingiampaolo, in the template that generates the <form> tag make sure you do <form method="post">15:38
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117332 grokui.admin/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.7.115:40
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117333 /grokui.admin/tags/0.7.1: Tagging 0.7.115:40
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117334 grokui.admin/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.7.215:40
CIA-7thefunny42 * r117335 /zodbupdate/tags/0.5: Tag 0.5.15:40
CIA-7thefunny42 * r117336 zodbupdate/ (CHANGES.txt bump version15:40
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117337 groktoolkit/ (buildout.cfg grok.cfg): update gtk to ztk 1.0c3, update to zc.buildout 1.5.1, correct source URLs for martian and megrok.layout15:40
CIA-7thefunny42 * r117338 zodbupdate/CHANGES.txt: fix some mistakes15:40
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117339 grok/CHANGES.txt: update changelog15:40
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117340 z3c.recipe.compattest/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.1315:40
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117341 /z3c.recipe.compattest/tags/0.13: Tagging 0.1315:40
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117342 z3c.recipe.compattest/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.1415:40
CIA-7janwijbrand 0.11 * r117343 martian/CHANGES.txt: update changelog15:40
CIA-7janwijbrand 0.11 * r117344 martian/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.11.315:40
webar7mgedmin, whoa thanks :)15:40
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mgedminsee also, where I found the link to the first thread15:42
mgedminapparently there's a second thread too15:42
mgedminand someone claims that patch failed to work for them15:42
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webar7I cannot see if the patch was included  or not into ... in any case my Zope is very old so it wouldn't be in there15:57
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117345 /martian/tags/0.11.3: Tagging 0.11.316:00
CIA-7janwijbrand 0.11 * r117346 martian/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.11.416:00
CIA-7mgedmin * r117347 /zopetoolkit/doc/src/ If a buildbot cannot be contacted via xmlrpc, show the error in a tooltip.16:00
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giampaolomgedmin: thanks16:01
webar7I guess I understand now that if I modify the "metadata" date for some document object the ZODB transaction date is still whacked out :)16:01
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planetzopebotProduce & Publish Lite - PDF for the poor Plone soul (Site - Blog of Andreas Jung)
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mgedminlooks like thehealthagency changed buildbot builder names recently17:47
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CIA-7cklinger * r117348 hurry.jquerytools/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Preparing release 1.2.517:50
CIA-7cklinger * r117349 /hurry.jquerytools/tags/1.2.5: Tagging 1.2.517:50
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117350 groktoolkit/ (buildout.cfg ecosystem.cfg grok.cfg): separate out the ecosystem config from the core toolkit17:50
CIA-7cklinger * r117351 hurry.jquerytools/ (src/hurry/jquerytools/ CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.2.617:50
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planetzopebotDemo Site Lets Users Preview Plone 4 Features online (Plone News)
CIA-7cklinger * r117352 hurry.jquerytools/ (CHANGES.txt src/hurry/jquerytools/ Preparing release
CIA-7cklinger * r117353 /hurry.jquerytools/tags/ Tagging
CIA-7cklinger * r117354 hurry.jquerytools/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.2.618:04
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CIA-7janwijbrand * r117355 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: include various bugfix releases18:18
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117356 groktoolkit/version.txt: record the version number in a file that zest.releaser knows about18:18
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117357 groktoolkit/ (buildout.cfg grok.cfg): move z3c.compattest version to grok.cfg18:18
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CIA-7janwijbrand * r117358 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: o, no, it really is an ZTK override18:32
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117359 grok/buildout.cfg: use z3c.recipe.scripts as a replacement for zc.recipe.egg where scripts are installed18:32
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117360 grok/CHANGES.txt: update changelog18:32
CIA-7patricks * r117361 zc.reloadmonitor/ (src/zc/reloadmonitor/ README.txt): Make zc.reloadmonitor compatible with zope.interface 3.518:32
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CIA-7ctheune * r117362 gocept.zeoraid/ add ZODB classifier19:23
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CIA-7patricks * r117363 /zc.reloadmonitor/tags/0.2.0: Tag 0.2.021:04
CIA-7patricks 0.2.0 * r117364 zc.reloadmonitor/ Update version21:04
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CIA-7mgedmin * r117365 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/buildbots.rst: Hoping to start a tradition.21:33
CIA-7mgedmin * r117366 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/buildbots.rst: Fiddling with formatting.21:33
CIA-7patricks * r117367 zc.reloadmonitor/ Make sure zcml files get included21:33
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CIA-7patricks * r117368 zc.reloadmonitor/ ( README.txt): Update changelog22:01
CIA-7patricks * r117369 /zc.reloadmonitor/tags/0.3.0: Tag 0.3.022:01
CIA-7patricks 0.3.0 * r117370 zc.reloadmonitor/ Update version22:01
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117371 grok/CHANGES.txt: cosmetics22:01
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CIA-7mgedmin * r117372 /zopetoolkit/doc/src/
CIA-7Query buildbots in parallel.22:29
CIA-7Helps somewhat (28s -> 17s), but not too much: takes 17s22:29
CIA-7to process all XML-RPC requests. It doesn't matter if they're sequential or22:29
CIA-7concurrent; looks like Twisted serializes them all on the server side.22:29
CIA-7 returns all build status in 0.6 seconds,22:29
CIA-7so switching to screen-scraping HTML would be a win, latency-wise.22:29
CIA-7mgedmin * r117373 /zopetoolkit/doc/src/ Oops, remove debugging timing prints.22:29
CIA-7mgedmin * r117374 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/buildbots.rst:22:29
CIA-7Fix The Health Agency buildbot URLs.22:29
CIA-7Some guesswork was applied ("zopetoolkit slave-ubuntu32" uses which Python22:29
CIA-7version? Is it ZTK trunk or what?).22:29
CIA-7The buildbot itself is pretty much dead (Errno 24 Too many open files), so22:30
CIA-7the value of these links is questionable.22:30
CIA-7janwijbrand * r117375 grok/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.2a22:30
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CIA-7srichter * r117381 keas.kmi/ (4 files in 2 dirs):23:20
CIA-7- Added a cache for unencrypted DEKs in the key management facility, like it23:20
CIA-7was already done for the local key management facility. This increases23:20
CIA-7encryption and decryption performance by an order of magnitude from23:20
CIA-7roughly 2ms to 0.2ms.23:20
CIA-7- Get ready for release.23:20
CIA-7srichter * r117382 /keas.kmi/tags/2.1.0: Create release tag.23:20
CIA-7srichter * r117383 keas.kmi/ (CHANGES.txt vb23:20
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