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planetzopebotTrying out Chameleon (Ross Patterson)
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tralalaI get this error ValueError: "unsupported format character '(' (0x28) at index 3" from this format string '%15(refundid)s %20(contractid)d %40(account)s % 75.2(amount)f'10:31
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betabughey tralala!10:31
betabugyou were looking for me?10:31
tralalathe code is running from an external method10:32
tralalabetabug: hey there. It's been quite a while.10:32
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betabugyeah! how's life?10:33
betabugstill so busy?10:33
tralalazope 2.12 and python 2.410:33
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tralalathe same code works from inside the python (zopectl debug) but not from the external method10:34
betabugif you simplify it, does it work?10:35
tralalais there a way to fix it or it has to do with security restrictions?10:35
betabugin an external method there should be no security restrictions10:35
d2mi have never seen anything between % and () in formatting strings before10:37
tralalad2m:  do you reffer to the blank after the last %? It works fine in python10:39
d2mno, i think %15(...)s should be %(..)s1510:39
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tralalad2m: you mean %(...)15s? 15 in justification, not literal10:43
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tralalad2m: okay, thanks. I'm changing the string now10:47
tralalad2m: yes, this was it. Thanks a lot! I wonder how I got the string messed up, given that I have it the right way in my unit tests...10:53
bigkevmcdare your tests actually passing?10:55
tralalaYes, but they had the correct format string10:56
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tralalain an external method than creates a persistant object, do I need explicit commit or zodb will take care of it?11:05
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betabugzope should take care of it11:06
betabugbut you really should make it into a zope product at this point11:06
betabugexternal methods are just for small hacks11:06
tralalabetabug: I'm not introducing a new persistent object, just generating an ZReST report11:07
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betabugyou won't need a commit11:07
betabugbut I'd use external methods only for the smallest of tasks11:07
tralalaalthough I can benefit from a product I can't afford the effort at this point. And the task in really small and easily done with an external method11:09
koshbetabug: I tend to use external methods for single functions or sometimes 2 to 3 functions that won't exist in the database11:09
koshbetabug: like I have one for parsing a csv file so I did not have to expose the csv module, just had it a string and it hands a list of lists back that kind of thing11:09
koshtralala: don't run zope 2.12 on python 2.4, use zope 2.12 with python 2.611:10
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betabugyeah, for really small stuff an external method might be acceptable11:11
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kosha csv parsing function or csv creation function is only about 3 lines of code so trivial as an external method11:12
tralalakosh: my sad story is that I run it on windows and I have to interface sql server through ado11:12
koshI don't think that zope 2.12 has really been tested for python 2.411:13
koshI thought the min python required version was 2.5 and that was not suggested11:13
koshif you want to use python 2.4 you should use zope 2.11 max11:13
tralalaops sorry11:13
tralalaI have 2.1111:13
tralalaanyway I got what the installer delivered11:13
* kosh sets tralala on fire and hands out marshmallows11:14
* tralala blushes11:14
koshbetabug: so what evil are you up to?11:15
betabugisn't being in the office evil enough?11:15
tralalaI would love to swich it to linux, but I'm affraid I can't excuse the efford for the time being11:15
Theuni1betabug: if your office is with the salvation army then there's definitely room for improving the evilness11:16
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gypsymaurosuppose I've a webservice in my lan, there is a way from zope to access to this webservice? or I've to write an external method?11:19
bigkevmcd<tralala> Yes, but they had the correct format string <- that means you don't have test coverage11:19
betabuggypsymauro: "external methods" are "from zope" too11:19
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gypsymaurobetabug: I didn't understand, I need to connec to a webservice (not zope) from zope using soap or xmlrpc, there is a builtin way to connect or I need to write myself?11:24
betabugthere are python xmlrpc client modules that you can use11:26
betabugit's quite easy11:26
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koshbetabug: RewriteRule \.(asp|aspx|php|jsp)$ - [F,L]   that rule seems to work fairly well so far11:28
betabuggypsymauro: look for the python xmlrpclib module11:28
koshbetabug: I will add other stuff to it later11:28
koshbut it does block out a LOT of garbage11:28
betabugwhat's "F"?11:28
betabugah, cool11:28
koshmaybe you could put that on the witch11:31
betabuggypsymauro: I have some sample code, but in my setup on both "sides" there is zope running11:32
koshthat will block a LOT of attacks against zope and really clean up the error log11:32
betabugso I don't know how well it would adapt11:32
betabugkosh: it sure will stop a lot of crap before it even reaches zope11:32
gypsymaurobetabug: and you create a product to use that webservices? I mean there is not a zope type for webservice11:34
betabugno, there is no built in zope type11:34
betabugI have all my code in zope products anyway11:35
betabugsince I have a life too11:35
tralalabigkevmcd: yes, it does. I only have unit tests and the report formatting is decoupled from zope so I test it with a mock object. I lack functional tests to cover the intergation part.11:36
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gypsymaurobetabug: it's better to use soap or xmlrpc?11:39
betabugI use xmlrpc, because I use zope both as client and server... and zope "includes" the xmlrpc server automatically11:40
betabugin my poasted example, "timers_time_daterange" is a method on the server11:41
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betabugserver_url is obviously the base URL of the server, where all the interesting methods are11:42
betabugso you see it's easy11:42
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betabugI'm logging any errors, to make finding problems easier11:42
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betabugthe password for the server is encoded in the URL... it's safer than it sounds, since python "intercepts" that and transmits them slighty more safe11:44
betabugso somewhere I have a line like that: server_url = protocol+'://'+user+':'+passw+'@'+ server+':'+port+'/'+url11:45
gypsymaurobetabug: it's possible to use https too?11:45
betabugyes, that's what I'm using11:46
gypsymaurotanx betabug11:53
koshbetabug: I wonder what other extensions I should add to that list later guess I will find out11:53
betabugno problem11:53
betabugkosh: yeah, just look through the logs from time to time11:54
kosheasiest is check the error_log11:54
koshbecause that will be stuff that made it through11:54
koshbetabug: it really is a pretty good idea as a default rewriterule to use with zope since that will block a lot of garbage11:58
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gypsymaurobetabug: sorry, I'm stressing you but tell me if it's a good design: I've a website, and I've a db on the lan, I want to make some query on the internal db from the website, but 'cause there will be some "sensible" data on the db, I want to add a secure layer between, so I'm considering to implement a xmlrpc webservice that does 'secure queries' and then call methods from website, it's a good design or I'm just shooting to my ...? :)12:00
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betabugit all depends on how much better you can secure the xmlrpc webservice than you can secure zope12:01
gypsymaurobetabug: well for example if someone can enter in my ZMI can see the user and password of the db connections, with an xmlrpc layer the cracker eventually can see the username and  password of the webservice12:05
betabugbut how much chance is it with a well secured zope that they will enter the ZMI?12:05
tralalahow do I redirect from external method?12:05
betabugzope has quite a good security track record [knocks on wood]12:05
betabugtralala: you have passed "context" to your method as an argument?12:06
betabugso you return context.REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(url)12:06
tralalathe method is defined as def m(self). I use self as a folder object. Is it a context?12:07
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betabughmmm, it's been some time since using external methods :-)12:08
tralalaalso I want to redirect to another zope object in the same folder, will do as a url@12:08
betabugmaybe you have to put './' in front12:09
betabugbut it might do12:09
tralalaI'm going to give it a try12:09
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tralalabetabug: works great, thanks!12:14
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CIA-7janjaapdriessen * r117384 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: the --distribute option is not available in all versions of, so stick with setuptools.14:01
CIA-7janjaapdriessen * r117385 / (1.2 1.2/ inlined zc.buildout 1.4.1 bootstrap.py14:01
janjaapdriessenagroszer: Are we going to support the ZTK on python2.7 on windows? If so, could you tweak the winbot to release 2.7 bdists of the packages with c-extensions? If not, I will remove them from the buildbot.14:08
agroszerhi janjaapdriessen14:08
agroszerI think ZTK after 1.0 should support python 2.714:09
agroszerso I got to tweak winbot14:09
janjaapdriessenOk cool. I will not adjust the buildbot then.14:10
agroszergonna do that soonish14:10
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mugwort13Hi all, I have been reading about zope and considering it as a framework for a few sites I am building.   I have read some mixed opinions about zope's default security.    Compared to other frameworks, how secure is zope?   (I realize that standard server setups are not flaws in zope, -  php.ini, httpd.conf, firewall,etc. are the admin's task to setup)17:27
betabugmugwort13: what "mixed opinions" have you read? I've never seen any bad review of zope security17:28
betabugcan you give me a link?17:28
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betabugalso, since this is 2010, which kind of zope are you considering? Zope 2? Grok? BlueBream (formerly Zope 3)? Repoze.BFG?17:29
betabug(yeah, it's been a sport to make new stuff it seems)17:30
MrWudid I miss something?17:30
betabughey MrWu17:30
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mugwort13The version I was looking is 2.10.5 (only because that is the latest version in the openbsd repo, and as far as site, I will have find them again.   .... so let me look17:36
betabugok, that is Zope 217:36
betabugnow what security concerns did you talk about?17:36
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betabugthe newest of the Zope 2 series is 2.1217:37
MrWuand the latest version of the 2.10.x branch is 2.10.11 (IIRC)17:42
* mgedmin would not start a new project based on Zope these days17:44
mugwort13...funny, my google search now is only showing security fixes in zope, that's reassuring.17:44
betabugmugwort13: pretty old ones probably too17:44
betabugmgedmin: few people do, especially few newcomers it seems17:45
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mugwort13mgedmin:   Could you please explain why not?   I was researching secure cms systems and stumble on zope + plone, it sounds very promising to me.   I need something as close to un-hackable as I can get.17:47
mgedminplone is probably worth a look, I assumed you were talking pure Zope 217:48
mugwort13oh, I see17:49
betabugwell, I consider pure Zope 2 pretty good17:49
betabugbut newcomers consider it old fashioned and therefore cumbersome to build stuff17:50
betabugnew frameworks tend to have stuff that does more work for the programmer "out of the box"17:50
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MrWuwell, if mugwort13 needs something "as close to un-hackable as I can get"17:52
* mgedmin also tends to think about web applications and forget about CMSes17:52
MrWuI would recommend you to write plain html files17:52
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MrWuand serve them using openbsd's chroot apache17:52
MrWuand beware of the javascript!17:52
MatthewWilkesmugwort13: Plone and Zope's security records are very good.  Of course we do get the occasional problem reported, but we take it seriously and release fixes fast.17:54
MatthewWilkesmugwort13: We always register CVEs too, so you can just search through to see how many we've had in comparison to other systems17:54
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MrWuplone is much better in that aspect than the well-known ones (drupal, joomla, mambo, etc)17:55
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mgedminthe biggest security issue I've encountered with Zope was an unprotected web form for sending email18:00
mgedmin(it had the recipient address hardcoded, so all the spam went directly to me)18:01
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runyagahow do you get svn credentials again?18:02
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mugwort13well, on, doing a search for zope or plone brings up almost no results.  That is very good.     A search on, only gives about 8 result over the past 3 years.   That's very good too.18:02
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mugwort13Thanks all18:06
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CIA-7adamg * r117386 zope.wineggbuilder/rackspace.ini: do eggs for py2.718:34
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janjaapdriessenagroszer: cool!19:07
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mgedminoh, buildbot, ...19:12
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CIA-7janjaapdriessen * r117387 grokproject/ (/ .): Inlining bootstrap.py19:19
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CIA-7jim * r117388 ZODB/ (HISTORY.txt src/CHANGES.txt):20:33
CIA-7Updated change logs in preparation for 3.10.0 release:20:33
CIA-7- Moved 3.9 changes to HISTORY.txt.20:33
CIA-7- Consolidated 3.10 pre-release entries.20:33
CIA-7- Removed 3.10 (bug fix) entries for fixes that were in 3.9, so the20:33
CIA-73.10 changes are from 3.9.20:33
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CIA-7jim * r117389 ZODB/ Added missing framework for ZODB.21:38
CIA-7jim * r117390 /ZODB/branches/3.10: release branch21:38
CIA-7jim * r117391 ZODB/ Now that there's a 3.10 release branch...21:38
CIA-7jim * r117392 /ZODB/tags/3.10.0: tag21:38
CIA-7jim 3.10.0 * r117393 ZODB/ *** empty log message ***21:38
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