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makkalothi icreated my project with zopeproject, and want to override my skin and put mine as default, i created in src/myproject/etc/myproject-overrides.zcml and put in it my overrides file's place. I have in overrides.zcml : <browser:defaultSkin name="WorldCookery"/> but when i open site dont see any changes any ideas ?00:22
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CIA-38shane * r117780 relstorage/ (16 files in 4 dirs): Checkpoint: optionally put blobs in the database. Some tests pass. :-)01:01
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CIA-38shane * r117781 relstorage/relstorage/ (8 files in 4 dirs): Now all but 3 tests pass.03:18
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CIA-38shane * r117781 relstorage/relstorage/ (8 files in 4 dirs): Now all but 3 tests pass.03:31
CIA-38shane * r117782 relstorage/relstorage/tests/blob/blob_transaction.txt: stray pdb03:31
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CIA-38shane * r117783 /relstorage/branches/1.4: Used the 1.4.0 tag to make the 1.4 branch05:11
CIA-38shane * r117784 relstorage/relstorage/ (4 files in 2 dirs): The tests of the new blob storage and cache now pass on Postgres and MySQL05:11
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CIA-38icemac * r117785 z3c.securitytool/ (8 files in 3 dirs): - Updated tests, test setup and demo app to run with ZTK 1.0 on Python 2.4 and Python 2.6.10:11
CIA-38icemac * r117786 z3c.securitytool/ (CHANGES.txt - Updated to `z3c.layer.minimal` instead of deprecated `z3c.layer`.10:11
CIA-38icemac * r117787 z3c.securitytool/src/z3c/securitytool/ removed not needed imports10:11
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CIA-38icemac * r117788 z3c.securitytool/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.10:40
CIA-38shane * r117789 relstorage/relstorage/adapters/ fixed Oracle syntax10:40
CIA-38shane * r117790 relstorage/relstorage/adapters/ Corrected Oracle data type10:40
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CIA-38shane * r117791 relstorage/relstorage/adapters/ fixed more Oracle syntax11:01
CIA-38gotcha * r117792 gocept.selenium/ (8 files in 6 dirs): use plone.testing as it allows to run zope2 and plone tests together11:01
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janolap1Hi, we have acquired a software which relies on Zope and ZoDB. We want to access ZoDB database from external tools like access or php for example. Is it possible ? Is it possible to make a dump from ZoDB to import into mysql ?11:09
bigkevmcdno, and yes11:09
betabugyes and no11:09
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agroszerjanolap1, it won't be easy ZODB is an object database, while mysql is RDB11:24
agroszerI'd say you definitely will need some custom script/app11:24
CIA-38shane * r117793 relstorage/relstorage/adapters/ use Oracle-specific blob operations11:25
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CIA-38shane * r117794 relstorage/relstorage/adapters/ ( The tests pass. Oracle can now store blobs in the database.12:17
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janolap1agroszer : Thanx for your answer.12:53
janolap1agroszer : Is it more simple to migrate the database from ZoDB to mysql and make Zope access to mysql via connector ?12:54
janolap1Is it more simple to migrate the database from ZoDB to mysql and make Zope access to mysql via connector ?12:57
betabugjanolap1: ZODB is an object database, there is no "simple" way to translate its contents to an SQL database12:58
janolap1betabug : I know that it is not simple, but for our need, how can we access data inside ZoDB from outside Zope ?12:59
betabugall access has to go through python12:59
betabugsince ZODB is written in python13:00
d2mjanolap1: consider using XMLRPC for access13:00
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bigkevmcdor plain old web requests13:00
betabugthe simplest option is to have zope running and (as d2m said) have it expose the data in the way you need it13:00
d2mbtw, i did export zodb contents to mysql nativ dump format, should be no no problem13:01
bigkevmcdit's fairly easy to do a one-time dump13:01
janolap1betabug : The company gives us some reports but we can't ask a new report for every need...13:02
bigkevmcdjanolap1: they charge you for reports?13:02
janolap1bigkevmcd : yes13:02
bigkevmcdit's your data tho', right?13:02
janolap1bigkevmcd : yes it's our data, but we don't have any skill in zope.13:04
bigkevmcdyou would essentially need to write something to walk the object tree, dump out some representation of the data (CSV, SQL etc), and then have that read into the database of your choice13:05
janolap1So I would like to transfert the structure of the database (tables, fileds) and data for example in a sql dump format to import it in a database that we can use (oracle, mssql, mysql, access, ...)13:05
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bigkevmcdthere are no tables13:05
janolap1bigkevmcd : and this don't exists in zope ?13:05
bigkevmcdjanolap1: what "don't exists in zope" ?13:05
bigkevmcdjanolap1: tables?13:06
janolap1bigkevmcd : the script to walk the object tree, ...13:06
bigkevmcdjanolap1: it's specialised13:06
bigkevmcdjanolap1: different for each use13:06
bigkevmcdjanolap1: without knowing your objects, it's hard to estimate what the SQL/CSV representation of them would be13:06
janolap1bigkevmcd : and if we want to add some data, the script will need to be updated ?13:06
bigkevmcdjanolap1: where do you want to add it?13:07
bigkevmcdjanolap1: to your local copy of the database, or the ZODB ?13:07
algajanolap1: look at findObjectsProviding13:07
janolap1bigkevmcd : (sorry some structure to add new data type)13:07
bigkevmcdjanolap1: you'd need to update the dump script to express your new data type in the same output format13:09
janolap1alga : I don't know much about zope, I just want to access the data (from the database) from outside zope. Do you think the copany could make us something we can run in a cron for example and which would dump data .13:09
bigkevmcdjanolap1: They should be able to, it's just a case of mapping objects to CSV/SQL13:09
bigkevmcdI've done it to Python scripts before, it's fairly easy13:10
algajanolap1: which company?13:10
janolap1bigkevmcd : So to be more simple, I suggest to transfert the relationnal data inside mysql and ask the company to point to mysql instead of zodb...13:10
janolap1alga : a french company.13:10
algait certainly is doable13:10
bigkevmcdjanolap1: what relational data?13:10
bigkevmcdjanolap1: you have external data that you want to view in Zope?13:11
janolap1bigkevmcd : no we have data that we would like to view from outside zope.13:11
bigkevmcdjanolap1: there is _no_ relational data in Zope13:11
bigkevmcdjanolap1: Zope is not a relational database13:11
algajanolap1: more likely you would get an XML export of an agreed format and insert it into an RDBMS youself13:11
janolap1bigkevmcd : ok, but our datas are relataionnals datas, but they are not stored in a relationnal way in zodb (which is an object database).13:12
bigkevmcdjanolap1: are you sure they're not just pulling data from an external SQL database?13:13
janolap1alga : Yes, we have suggest it.13:13
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janolap1bigkevmcd : I don't actually know...13:13
janolap1Oh, it's lunch time.13:13
janolap1I have to go. I'll discuss with you if you want to after a good lunch...13:14
janolap1thank you for all your answer !13:14
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makkalothi i'm using broswer:viewletManager in my configuration file but got  ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'', u'viewletManager')14:55
makkalotis it deprecated ?14:55
janolap1I'm back !14:55
janolap1bigkevmcd : can you tell me how I can see if they use a sql database ?14:56
mgedminmakkalot, have you got the right meta.zcml included?14:57
makkalotmgedmin: i dont know how can i check it ?14:59
makkalotit doesnt mention about it in the book15:00
janolap1I'm really knew to zope, so my question is a newbie one : in the Zope directories, where are the sources of applications : bin, include, lib, plone, zope ?15:00
janolap1I've found it : plone !15:01
mgedminmakkalot, welcome to the wonderful world of Zope15:02
mgedminmakkalot, what version of zope are you using?15:02
makkalotmgedmin: i guess i'm using the latest checked with buildout and zopeproject15:03
mgedminok, zopeproject15:03
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mgedminbasically, you need to include zope.viewlet's zcml15:04
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mgedminwheee, zopeproject fails for me --- version conflict, we already have zc.buildout 1.5.2, it doesn't say which version it wants15:05
mgedminwhy am I still involved with this?15:05
mgedminso, I have no time to waste on zopeproject15:05
mgedminwhat you need is: mention zope.viewlet in your, among install_requires15:06
mgedminhave your site zcml <include package="zope.viewlet" />15:06
mgedminmaybe also have your site zcml <include package="zope.viewlet" file="meta.zcml" />; I'm not sure15:06
makkalotmgedmin: ok wil give a try15:07
mgedmindo you know where your site.zcml is?  probably defined in buildout.cfg15:07
makkalotmgedmin: i included <include package="zope.viewlet" file="meta.zcml" /> into site.zcml and didnt work15:09
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mgedminlet me check what zope.viewlet defines15:10
mgedmindid you re-run bin/buildout?15:11
makkalotrerruninng now15:11
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makkalotadded to zope.viewlet and included into site.zcml <include package="zope.viewlet" /> and <include package="zope.viewlet" file="meta.zcml" />15:14
makkalotdoest order matter in site.zcml ?15:15
mgedminorder matters15:18
mgedmingenerally all meta's come first15:18
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makkalotmgedmin: worked put the meta at the top of the config15:32
makkalotmgedmin: thanks15:33
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makkaloti'm trying to put my own viewletmanagers but i got that error when use them in my macros : <class 'zope.tal.taldefs.TALError'>: Unrecognized expression type "provider". in expression u'provider:worldcookery.Toolbar'16:12
makkalotany ideas ?16:12
sylvaininclude zope.contentprovider zcml16:14
makkalotsylvain: ok trying16:15
makkalotsylvain: thanks worked16:17
makkalotit is very nice to get answers form that channel, it was a dead place before 2,3 years ago :)16:19
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makkalothow can i enable ftp server on zope3, in book it says i should add a <server ftp> to zope.conf i  added but got : Error: unknown type name: 'server'16:59
d2mwhich book?17:00
makkalotweb component development with z317:00
agroszermakkalot, that does not work with paster17:00
makkalotagroszer: so what are my options ?17:01
agroszergetting zserver to work is not so easy... do you really need to serve FTP?17:01
makkalotagroszer: no i want to test adapters in book from ftp17:03
agroszerlemme open my book17:05
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agroszermakkalot, file representation?17:07
makkalotagroszer: yes17:07
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agroszerI think the best would be now really to get an older Z3 for this17:09
agroszerunless you're good with buildout and recipes17:10
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makkalotagroszer: i'm at chapter 13 and all stuff worked good with little touches17:11
agroszerI got that17:12
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agroszerthe problem is that I think zopeproject uses paster17:13
agroszerbecause nowadays people are happy with HTTP only requests17:13
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makkaloti see17:15
agroszermakkalot, basically you need to switch the paster recipe in buildout for e.g. an z3c.recipe.dev17:15
mgedminwhat about zc.zope3recipes?17:15
agroszerthat might work too17:16
mgedminhow do they compare?17:16
agroszerzc.zope3recipes seem to wipe the logs on re-buildout17:16
agroszerand it uses zdaemon17:16
agroszerbit more complex-ish than z3c.recipe.dev17:16
mgedminbut then again zdaemon might be something that you want17:17
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agroszerspec. on windows I did NOT want that ;-)17:18
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agroszerbtw mgedmin do you know why std list's lost permission declarations for me with ZTK 1.0?17:19
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agroszerI get ForbiddenAttribute: ('__iter__', ['...', '...'])17:20
agroszerwhen the list gets proxied17:20
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agroszerhow to declare security for builtin classes?17:23 has a list of those, I think ...17:23
mgedminare you sure that's a real list?17:23
mgedminreprs can be deceiving sometimes17:24
agroszerno, I'm not sure17:24
agroszerlemme check17:24
agroszerbugger it's a PersistentList17:26
agroszersorry for the noise17:27
mgedminstill, no __iter__ for PersistentList?17:27
mgedminlooks like an oversight17:27
agroszerit's in
agroszerbut it's like a skeleton of lots of BBB imports17:27
agroszermgedmin, including helps, thx for the lead17:30
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