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CIA-81icemac * r118040 z3c.traverser/ clean up, added table of contents, moved change log up for readability09:33
CIA-81icemac * r118041 z3c.traverser/ (6 files in 4 dirs):09:33
CIA-81- Updated test set up to run with ZTK 1.0.09:33
CIA-81- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted09:33
CIA-81icemac * r118042 z3c.traverser/ ( COPYRIGHT.txt LICENSE.txt): Conform to repository policy.09:33
CIA-81icemac * r118043 z3c.traverser/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.3.009:33
CIA-81icemac * r118044 /z3c.traverser/tags/0.3.0: Tagging 0.3.009:33
CIA-81icemac * r118045 z3c.traverser/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.3.109:33
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CIA-81icemac * r118046 z3c.unconfigure/ (7 files in 3 dirs): Conform to repository policy.09:49
CIA-81icemac * r118047 z3c.vcsync/ (6 files in 2 dirs): * Depend on ``zope.container`` instead of ```` by depending on Grok 1.1 package versions.09:49
CIA-81icemac * r118048 z3c.vcsync/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Conform to repository policy.09:49
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hariomHi, I am getting TraversalError and my python script is not able to catch it even I have put the server access in try except block13:27
hariomwhat could be the reason?13:27
betabughariom: put the full traceback on a pastebin and let us have a look13:27
hariomI just get a script in return when a server is down and that is a Error Type: TraversalError .... ErrorValue: ({'error':'Server communication failed'})13:32
betabugcheck the error_log13:32
betabugeither in the ZMI or in the zope instance directory /logs/event_log13:33
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d2mcould be your ZEO server is not started?13:33
betabugd2m: that looks different IIRC13:33
betabugthose stupid "traversal errors" mask a lot of more useful error messages that were in older zope versions13:34
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hariombetabug: Error is that connection refused bcoz server (httpd) is sending request to zopectl which is down. But I want to catch this error and inform the user that zopectl is down. How can I catch this from python script?13:43
hariomI did stop the server to catch this error13:44
betabugif zopectl is not running, then it's not Zope that generates this error13:45
hariomIn HTML with tal I can prevent appearing erro white screen and safely render remaining HTML but how to catch this in Python13:45
hariomI have an HTML page (with tal), and it executes an XML RPC call. If the server is down, I can safely skip the error message and user won't see white screen. But now I want to execute XML RPC from Python and html (with tal) gets its input from Python script.13:47
betabugyou should have said so from the start13:47
betabugdo you think we can read your mind?13:47
betabugso you have 2 servers13:47
betabugand you want to catch on the xmlrpc client the case that the xmlrpc server is down13:48
betabugexcept (socket_error, xmlrpclib.Fault, xmlrpclib.ProtocolError, xmlrpclib.ResponseError), error_code:13:48
betabugyou will need some imports for those13:49
hariombetabug: Why can't I use to catch any type of error.13:49
betabugI don't know, *this* works for me13:49
betabuga "bare" except: clause is considered not good any way13:50
hariombetabug: true, but before I import any other modules, I just want to see any that an error can be caught. Logically it should, isn't it?13:51
betabugwell, I don't know what goes wrong, I don't see your code, I don't see the full traceback13:52
hariomtrackback: Error Type: TraversalError .... ErrorValue: ({'error':'Server communication failed'})13:52
betabugthat is not the full traceback13:53
hariomlogs: (111) Server refused connection.
hariomThats what I get when I run my script.13:53
hariombetabug: can you tell which import I will need to try the except you have mentioned?13:54
betabugsure, let me do your work for you, hahahaha13:54
hariomha ha ha ha... <betabug> you will need some imports for those13:55
hariomI don't know what makes you laugh/annoyed?13:55
betabugwhy don't you give that "google" thing a try? or the python docs?13:56
hariomSure. will do that. THANKS.13:56
betabugno problem, you're welcome13:56
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hjvetterdear zope users ... my question: "What is the best way to disable webdav in zope?"14:47
betabuguhm, just disable it in INSTANCE_HOME/etc/zope.conf ?14:48
d2mis it on by default?14:49
betabugby default only HTTP is on I think14:49
d2mthats what i thought14:49
betabugthe zope world is way too sober and mature14:50
hjvetterwell ... I use a standard plone4 configuration ... and use webdav from a windows client. As soon as I have a login I can see and modify all zope objects in the plone instance ...14:51
d2mhjvetter: could be plone webdav is open by default14:52
hjvetterah ... ok. So webdav in plone is not the zope webdav ...14:53
d2mlooking at google i get as the first result for "plone disable webdav" - did you try that too?14:54
hjvetteryeap. But it does not describe how to disable webdav ... in plone.14:55
betabugwell, the plone unified installer obviously tries to make your life more interesting :-)14:55
betabugI guess you have to find the instance and then disable webdav in etc/zope.conf anyway14:56
betabugplone or no plohn14:56
hjvettermay be ... but it is completely buildout based since plone3 ...14:56
betabugI guess there will still be a zope.conf14:57
hjvetteryes. but no webdav entries so far ...14:57
betabugit's usually quite far to the bottom, just grep for webdav14:58
betabugor webdav-source-server to be exact14:58
d2mhjvetter:, search for 'webdav'14:58
d2myou need to check your buildout for the webdav options14:59
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hjvetterI cheched my buildout.cfg ... no entry about webdav or its default port 1980 ... so it seems that plone activates webdav by default ...15:09
hjvetterin fact in my windows webdav client I see all plone folder objects ... but not the zope root folder ...15:10
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neo|4Dhjvetter: I think should should disable webdav access using the zmi --> permissions tab, as I don't think you can disable the webdav protocol completely.15:12
hjvetterthat sounds good ... I found in the zope root folder under the TAB 'security' the permission 'WebDAV access' ...15:17
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hjvetterYEAP! I removed the permission 'WebDAV access' for the role 'Authenticated' and WebDAV access is not available anymore. Thank you to all of you for this helpful discussion!15:27
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betabugthis is totally crazy15:32
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neo|4Dbetabug: Zope also listens to Webdav commands at it's normal http port. I don't think there is any possibility to turn it off. The webdav source port which you can separately is used so you can actually edit objects.15:40
betabugsure, but the rest is just HTTP15:41
betabugif you want to exclude certain HTTP commands, feel free to do that in your web server (that is in front of zope)15:41
neo|4Dyes offcourse you do that it a production setup. But it suprises me that you actually cannot turn it off in zope itself15:42
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betabugzope is not a web server15:42
metalfan_how do you "import" a interface into a python class that implements the interface?15:43
metalfan_if i do "from iserver import IServer" it faisl. is the file and IServer the interface15:43
d2mmetalfan_: why does it fail? file not found?15:44
d2myou should close the parens15:48
metalfan_ah crap15:48
metalfan_did write that part yesterday15:49
d2mpychecker or pylint helps a bit15:49
betabugor do some javascript/per/java/C for 2 weeks, that will teach you to watch your parenthesis!15:49
betabugand make you happy to be using python again!15:50
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smg'day betabug, all15:57
betabughey sm16:01
metalfan_if i want to create a instance like this:   data['bla']()        with data being a dict, why cant bla point to a string?16:03
metalfan_ups. wrong channel16:03
metalfan_it was late yesterday, i was just to sleepy16:04
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CIA-81janjaapdriessen * r118049 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: Add megrok.login project16:11
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CIA-81thefunny42 * r118050 / (2 files in 2 dirs): More order tests from viewlet to component.17:18
CIA-81thefunny42 * r118051 grokcore.viewlet/ (6 files in 3 dirs): Move the order directive to grokcore.component.17:18
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CIA-81thefunny42 1.x * r118052 grokcore.component/ (13 files in 4 dirs): Integrate the order directive from grokcore.viewlet.17:33
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CIA-81trollfot * r118053 grokcore.component/src/grokcore/component/ (tests/order tests/ Backported the changes of the 1.x branch, moving the 'order' directive from grokcore.viewlet17:47
CIA-81thefunny42 * r118054 grokcore.viewlet/ (6 files in 4 dirs): Move the view directive to grokcore.view.17:47
CIA-81thefunny42 1.13 * r118055 grokcore.view/src/grokcore/view/ ( Move the view directive from grokcore.view.17:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118056 grokcore.view/src/grokcore/view/ (configure.zcml ftesting.zcml meta/ do include the configuration of zope.browserresource on grokcore.view17:47
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CIA-81thefunny42 * r118057 /five.grok/branches/regebro-grokcore.view: Remove outdated branch18:03
CIA-81cklinger * r118058 grok/doc/grok_overview.rst: fix launchpad bug 48469918:03
CIA-81trollfot * r118059 grokcore.view/src/grokcore/view/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Merged the branch 1.13, that moved the directive 'view' from grokcore.viewlet to here.18:03
_mup_Bug #484699: typo i grok_overview.html about expireCookie <grok:Fix Committed> <>18:03
CIA-81trollfot * r118060 grokcore.component/src/grokcore/component/ Corrected the import to include the new 'order' directive18:03
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CIA-81janjaapdriessen * r118061 grokproject/ (grokproject/template/buildout.cfg_tmpl CHANGES.txt): default behavior in buildout.cfg: 'unzip = true'18:27
CIA-81thefunny42 * r118062 /five.grok/branches/sylvain-zope213: Make a branch to integrate zope 2.13.18:27
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CIA-81trollfot * r118063 /grokcore.json: Creating grokcore.json to extract Grok JSON capabilities.18:44
CIA-81trollfot * r118064 /grokcore.json: Oops. Only the trunk is needed.18:44
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CIA-81janjaapdriessen * r118065 grokproject/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Added daemon part to resulting buildout.cfg18:44
CIA-81trollfot * r118066 /grokcore.json: Now creating a clean JSON extraction from Grok.18:44
CIA-81trollfot * r118067 grokcore.json/: Starting from grok trunk.18:45
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CIA-81trollfot * r118068 grokcore.json/ (8 files in 3 dirs): Removing unused bits. Renaming to fit the namespace name.19:02
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CIA-81janjaapdriessen * r118069 /groktoolkit/ (trunk/grok.cfg branches/1.2/grok.cfg): pin collective.recipe.scriptgen19:19
CIA-81janjaapdriessen * r118070 grokproject/grokproject/template/buildout.cfg_tmpl: Pin dependency19:19
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_mup_Bug #419305 was filed: The implementation of applyData returns lists that aren't automatically persistent. <grok:New> <zope.formlib:New> <>19:23
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CIA-81janjaapdriessen * r118071 grokproject/tests_paste.txt: Fix tests after adding daemon19:48
CIA-81trollfot * r118072 grokcore.view/src/grokcore/view/ Moved the interface IGrokSecurityView from grok to here.19:48
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CIA-81janwijbrand * r118073 grok/ (5 files in 5 dirs): fix getting default values for context directive20:03
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118074 grok/CHANGES.txt: update changelog20:03
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118075 grokcore.component/src/grokcore/component/tests/adapter/ cosmetics20:03
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118076 grokcore.content/ use newer grokcore.component20:03
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118077 grokcore.formlib/src/grokcore/formlib/ ( ftests/form/ fix getting the default value for the context directive20:03
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118078 we cannot anymore use directives inside directive implementations20:03
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CIA-81trollfot * r118079 grokcore.view/ (src/grokcore/view/ CHANGES.txt): Added CHANGES text and missing import20:19
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CIA-81janwijbrand * r118080 grokcore.viewlet/src/grokcore/viewlet/ ( similar to getting the default value for the context directive, we needed to fix getting the default value for viewletmanagers20:33
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118081 grokcore.content/CHANGES.txt: update changelog20:33
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CIA-81janwijbrand * r118082 martian/CHANGES.txt: update changelog21:33
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118083 martian/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.1321:33
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118084 /martian/tags/0.13: Tagging 0.1321:33
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118085 martian/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.1421:33
CIA-81trollfot * r118086 grok/src/grok/ ( Using the interface 'IGrokSecurityView' now placed in grokcore.view21:33
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118087 grokcore.component/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 2.121:33
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118088 /grokcore.component/tags/2.1: Tagging 2.121:33
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118089 grokcore.component/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 2.221:33
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CIA-81janwijbrand * r118090 grokcore.content/ (buildout.cfg declare minimum grokcore.component version21:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118091 grokcore.content/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.121:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118092 /grokcore.content/tags/1.1: Tagging 1.121:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118093 grokcore.content/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.221:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118094 (CHANGES.txt update grokcore.component and martian requirement21:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118095 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.521:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118096 / Tagging 1.521:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118097 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.621:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118098 (CHANGES.txt newer martian and grokcore.component21:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118099 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.421:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118100 / Tagging 1.421:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118101 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.521:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118102 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt update version requirements and update changelog21:47
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118103 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 2.021:47
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CIA-81janwijbrand * r118104 /grokcore.view/tags/2.0: Tagging 2.022:02
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118105 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 2.122:02
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118106 grokcore.formlib/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.722:02
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118107 /grokcore.formlib/tags/1.7: Tagging 1.722:02
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CIA-81janjaapdriessen * r118108 /groktoolkit/ (trunk/grok.cfg branches/1.2/grok.cfg): pick up fixes, especially the errorreportingutility22:02
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118109 grokcore.formlib/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.822:02
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CIA-81janwijbrand * r118110 grokcore.viewlet/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.622:19
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118111 /grokcore.viewlet/tags/1.6: Tagging 1.622:19
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118112 grokcore.viewlet/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.722:19
CIA-81trollfot * r118113 grokcore.view/ (4 files in 2 dirs):22:19
CIA-81Fixed the buildout versions.22:19
CIA-81Moved the 'make_checker' from ``grok`` to ``grokcore.view``22:19
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118114 groktoolkit/ (buildout.cfg development.cfg grok.cfg): update to newer martian and grokcore.component and friends. pheww, the branches finally merged...22:19
CIA-81trollfot * r118115 grokcore.view/CHANGES.txt: Added the CHANGES notes22:19
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CIA-81janwijbrand * r118116 grok/ (3 files in 3 dirs): we can now import IGrokSecurityView from grokcore.view!22:41
CIA-81trollfot * r118117 grok/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Moved the ``make_checker`` util function to grokcore.view.22:41
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CIA-81thefunny42 sylvain-zope213 * r118118 five.grok/ (38 files in 8 dirs): Cleanup code for Zope 2.13. Update funky test setup.22:59
CIA-81janwijbrand * r118119 grok/src/grok/ remove import that was supposed have gone already22:59
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