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danielblackburnanyone know a way to determine which version of zope is installed in a zcml:condition?03:12
danielblackburnI am mainly concerned about zope2 vs. zope3 for a package that can be available for both03:13
daMaestroarn't they different namespaces?03:14
danielblackburnmy problem is registering views with permissions, default permission naming is different in zope2 vs zope303:15
danielblackburnI am creating a memory introspection and graphing tool using objgraph and guppy03:15
danielblackburnI guess if I could register a permission that would be recognizable by both I could use one zcml file...?03:17
danielblackburnsay cmf.ManagePortal, and zope.ManageContent or something of the sort03:17
danielblackburnI would hate to create two packages to make this useful to both audiences03:18
danielblackburnhm, I could create my own namespace to be executed at zcml read time, and do the calculation there03:21
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hariom Hi, I am trying to create an anchore tag in a string variable. But as soon as I add </a> in the string, I get error: do not match close tag </a>. This is what I am doing. var someText = '<a href="/index.html">Home</a>';13:55
hariomI am using jquery and dynamically trying to add anchor tag but I am getting parsing error "do not match close tag </a>". To me everything looks fine.13:56
bigkevmcdhariom: what are you doing that in?13:57
hariomA friend of mine told me that there could be an issue with parser and I need to add <!-- //> in my javascript.13:57
bigkevmcdcan you paste the traceback?13:58
bigkevmcdare you actually using Zope?13:58
hariombigkevcd: html has tal conditions etc and I am using jquery to add an anchor tag in <td>...</td>13:58
hariomyea, using zope13:58
bigkevmcdoh, Javascript in TAL is a PITA13:59
bigkevmcdAm sure if you search for it, you'll find some advice13:59
bigkevmcdyou have to escape it a lot more13:59
betabugif there is more than 3 lines of javascript, put it in a different file14:00
betabugwhich is not ZPT, so you won't have the escape problems14:00
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hariomhow to escape that? I get error only if I add </a>14:00
hariomThere is no error for <a href="">SomeLink14:01
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betabughariom: put the javascript into a different file, load it with a <script> tag14:02
hariomWarning:Compilation failed Warning: zope.tal.htmltalparser.NestingError: Open tags<html>,<span>,<script> do not match close tag </a> at line 5714:03
* betabug needs an automatic repetition bot, to automatically repost 10-20 times the same stuff14:03
hariombetabug: but that will creat an extra http request. My js is small, so I thought I will include it in html itself.14:04
bigkevmcdhariom: you can escape the Javascript, or, you can place it in a DTML method, and use a tal:content=struct <call DTML method here> type construct14:05
betabugyeah, the 2nd option will save you the http request14:05
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hariombigkevmcd, betabug: Solved!. I just did '<' + '/a>' and it worked.14:12
hariomThanks guys for offerin help.14:12
betabughahaha, cool :-)14:12
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CIA-77ulif * r118125 megrok.layout/ (. /src): Add ignores.14:22
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Theuni1lets see how many people show up after DST17:00
* Theuni1 sits down comfortably17:00
mgedminDST? what DST?17:02
* mgedmin wouldn't have noticed if his car didn't have a silly outdated ancient digital clock that needs manual DST adjustments aargh17:03
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Theuni1Well, the meeting is scheduled for 3pm UTC, which was now17:06
Theuni1so, who made it?17:06
Theuni1that means for the people who had DST it's at 4pm local time instead of 5 as before17:07
Theuni1(DST in CET/CEST)17:07
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Theuni1First topic would be: any reports from PloneConf?17:07
Theuni1hmm. sounds like people actually may have dst-adjustment issues :)17:10
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Theuni1I wonder whether everyone will show up in 30 minutes then ...17:25
Theuni1I probably won't be online at that point ... :/17:25
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rwatBit left field, but I've been asked to look at a Zope 2.5.1 / CMF 1.3 site which ran out of disk space. AFter freeing up some space it now seems to be more or less working, aside from the CMF skins are not appearing in the ZMI and thereby lots of functions are generating 404s. They all exist on the filesystem - any ideas why they might not correlate?18:03
rwat(obviously I've already recommended that the owner upgrade the site, but in the interim any ideas?)18:04
planetzopebotVincent Pretre (Zest Software): jquery.pyproxy (Weblog)
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rwatahh it seems you have to start it with /full/path/to/zope/start not just ./start inside the zope instance18:14
rwatwell you live and learn18:14
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CIA-77tlotze * r118126 gocept.selenium/src/gocept/selenium/README.txt: advise against using collective.recipe.seleniumrc18:49
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