IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2010-11-09

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sfulmergreeting zopistas :)00:09
sfulmeris the correct place to report a bug in Zope documentation (eg in
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kwuxalothm, having some issues with ZODB. I'm opening two connections and experimenting with appending an element to a PersistentList with both connections03:00
kwuxalotwhen I commit both, I only see one appended element03:00
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RichardBarrellYou're aliasing the same object via both connections on purpose?03:11
RichardBarrellShouldn't you get ConflictErrors when you try to commit the second transaction?03:12
RichardBarrellOh, also, FileStorage isn't designed for multiple concurrent usage. Use Zeo if you want multiple threads or processes to be able to connect to a single FileStorage backend.03:12
heverHow can I add "expires" headers to the plone/zope http response?03:13
RichardBarrellOh, I was thinking of multiple DB objects, not multiple Connection objects. Sorry.03:13
RichardBarrellhever: request.RESPONSE.setHeader("Expires","")03:14
heveryes I read that, but where? (And it depends on the type, where should I set this for binary files?)03:15
RichardBarrellYou can set that any time you like before the BrowserView returns.03:16
RichardBarrellOh hang on, are you just running a Plone site rather than actually writing custom code for it? In that case, the easiest way that I know of to munge headers is in Apache, ProxyPass'ing or RewriteRule [P]'ing to Zope. I wouldn't be surprised if there were code in Plone itself for setting Max-Age and Expires in some sane fashion, but I don't know of it if there is any.03:18
heverYes I'm just running plone03:19
kwuxalotRichardBarrell: isn't it fine as long as you have one connection per thread, and just one process?03:19
heverI'm using a reverse proxy before it03:19
RichardBarrellhever: Behind Apache? That's the easiest place to munge headers - <LocationMatch> and ExpiresByType are moderately wonderful.03:20
heverNo squid.03:20
RichardBarrellkwuxalot: I believe that that's the way Zope itself does it. But didn't you get a ConflictError when you tried to commit the second transaction? o_O03:21
heverI think setting this headers in zope/plone is the best way.03:21
kwuxalotRichardBarrell: no conflict error, probably wasn't doing things correctly03:22
hever(aah there was a "global_cache_settings" file I could customize, very helpful!)03:24
RichardBarrellkwuxalot: or did you append the same element to both lists? I'm not sure whether PersistentList has a ConflictResolver, or how it behaves.03:31
RichardBarrellhever: oh, good. Sorry for giving an insane answer; I have a crazy perspective because I use Zope entirely as an application server rather than a CMS.03:32
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xitriumAnyone have any idea how ZODB works without asyncore?  like the whole connection.sync()05:39
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CIA-77mauritsvanrees * r118292 z3c.recipe.usercrontab/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.110:35
CIA-77mauritsvanrees * r118293 /z3c.recipe.usercrontab/tags/1.1: Tagging 1.110:35
CIA-77mauritsvanrees * r118294 z3c.recipe.usercrontab/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.210:35
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planetzopebotrepoze.bfg is now Pyramid (plope)
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planetzopebotPylons and BFG, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g (Chatterbox, Reloaded)
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markvandenborreI'm looking for a public repository for Products.ZMySQLDA15:12
markvandenborrebut the only thing I can find so far is (referenced from the pypi page), and that code is 4 years and a major version older than what I need access to15:13
markvandenborreany hints?15:13
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CIA-77jinty jinty-mem * r118295 zope.interface/src/zope/interface/ Improve CPU performance of previous memory optimization15:33
CIA-77jinty jinty-mem * r118296 zope.interface/src/zope/interface/ oops15:33
betabug4 years old isn't too bad :-)15:37
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planetzopebotI like jQuery UI (Chatterbox, Reloaded)
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* Charlie_X coughs17:00
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Charlie_XAnyone around to report on the Plone conference?17:07
betabugwouldn't that be in #plone?17:07
Charlie_XNot necessarily. Scheduled for today's Zope dev meeting.17:08
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CIA-77janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118297 gocept.selenium/ztk.cfg: update to latest ztk release17:47
CIA-77janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118298 gocept.selenium/src/gocept/selenium/static/ Add comment about giving up the socket17:47
CIA-77janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118299 gocept.selenium/src/gocept/selenium/ Pick up environment variables in order to locate the selenium server, local application, browser and speed17:47
CIA-77janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118300 gocept.selenium/ (5 files in 3 dirs): gocept.selenium.wsgi allows you to plug in a wsgi app for testing17:47
CIA-77janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118301 gocept.selenium/ (6 files in 3 dirs): gocept.selenium.grok builds on gocept.selenium.wsgi to add support for testing grok apps17:47
CIA-77janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118302 gocept.selenium/static.cfg: ignore wsgi and grok when looking for tests17:47
CIA-77janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118303 gocept.selenium/ Add gocept.selenium.grok dependencies to setup.py17:47
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CIA-77jinty jinty-mem * r118304 zope.interface/src/zope/interface/ Slightly faster, thanks Wichert18:02
CIA-77janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118305 gocept.selenium/src/gocept/selenium/ (4 files in 3 dirs): pyflakes18:02
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CIA-77janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118306 gocept.selenium/src/gocept/selenium/ (8 files in 4 dirs): pep819:05
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hariomHow to assign default value to a variable in zsql file? I want to make sure that if a variable value is not passed in zsql script, it takes default value. How to do that?19:40
hariomI am using <dtml-comment> arguments: ... </dtml-comment>19:40
Charlie_Xas the arguments are passed just as in python you just user arg=default19:42
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hariomCharlie_X: is it something like <dtml-comment> arguments: firstname='My Name' surname middlename</dtml-comment>19:43
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hariomok, trying this out19:44
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hannoschccomb, j-w_: good evening :)21:54
j-w_hi hannosch, ccomb21:54
hannoschj-w_: congrats on the Grok 1.2 release and a fun sprint ;)21:54
j-w_hannosch: thanks!21:55
* hannosch is still trying to catch up a bit21:55
j-w_1.2 took quite some polishing work21:55
j-w_but it was a relief getting it out the door21:55
ccombhannosch: j-w_ hi21:55
j-w_we're now virtually free! :-)21:55
hannoschj-w_: I read some mails about install problems? is that zc.buildout 1.5?21:56
j-w_hannosch: you settled a bit in your new home?21:56
j-w_hannosch: yes, well, it is not completely clear21:56
j-w_it's also to do somehow with setuptools and how it got installed21:56
hannoschj-w_: I did. and now I'm actually staying a bit more in Berlin. Plone conference is over and not all too much travel for the rest of the year21:56
j-w_when people tried the grokproject tool with the --use-distribute=true option, all reported succes, so....21:57
hannoschaha. so distribute weirdness in addition to buildout. that's no fun21:58
j-w_no, I mean *with* distribute all seemed OK21:58
j-w_I asked people on the ml to try with distribute and then there were not issues apparently21:58
j-w_so, maybe grok should somehow switch completely to distribute, dunno yet21:59
* ccomb thinks so21:59
ccombuntil we switch to disutils2 ... :-P21:59
hannoschwe did that for Plone. setuptools is just not maintained enough21:59
j-w_and there're some issues where some components that used to be configured thru for example z.a.zcmlfiles now are not configured21:59
j-w_and have to be included somehow explicitely21:59
j-w_but actually, all things considered, not a bad release for such a rather big change22:00
hannoschccomb: what happened to bluebream?22:00
j-w_and now we did so much during the sprint, we can almost go for a 1.2 ;)22:00
hannoschI've seen some beta4 in August and nothing since22:00
j-w_1.3 that is22:00
ccombhannosch: not a lot of things22:01
ccombwe just have to release 1.022:01
ccombbut no one seems to have the time22:01
hannoschah, the dreaded 1.0 - took Grok three years to do it ;)22:01
* j-w_ puts fingers in ears - *la la la la la*22:02
ccombbut I've successfully ported a z3 app to bluebream 1.0 with ZTK 1.022:02
*** j-w_ is now known as j-w22:02
ccombwhat z.a package currently remain?22:03
j-wfor grok you mean?22:03
j-wof for the ztk?22:03
hannoschnone for Zope2 :)22:03
* j-w checks zopetoolkit files22:03
RichardBarrellhannosch: Grok are still racing ahead of, say, OpenSSL. :)22:03
ccombI have j-w concrete questions here22:05
ccomb1) deprecate and update to zope.pluggable 1.1.0?22:05
j-wthat was one of the "now need to explicitely cofigure things" packages22:05
hannoschdo whatever you like on that one. Zope2 uses neither of those22:05
j-wbut it is not that problematic22:05
j-wgrok is over to zope.pluggableauth22:06
j-wso, it can be deprecated if you ask me22:06
j-wand BB?22:06
ccombdeprecating is no pb for bb22:06
hannoschj-w: is there *any* package left in Grok?22:06
j-wyes, a few22:06
ccombzope.pluggable is in the ztk?22:07
hannoschzope.pluggableauth is22:07
ccomb2) how's the python-2.7 support?22:07
hannoschwe only have some zope.proxy failing tests IIRC22:07
j-wand I updated it to the latests release that obsoletes
j-whannosch: janjaap talked to you about that right?22:07
hannoschyes. and I refused to debug them ;)22:08
hannoschit's some scary weakref stuff22:08
ccombso ztk 1.1 is supposed to work on py2.7?22:08
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j-wI hope so22:08
hannoschccomb: it is22:08
ccombok, so I'm pulling the last concrete question22:09
ccomb6) we're about to drop python 2.4 support, right? So we can update ZODB?22:09
hannoschccomb: yes22:09
hannoschwe should update ztk trunk to the latest of most packages22:09
hannoschlike zope.testing 3.10 / zope.testrunner 4.022:09
ccombback to 3) update to buildout-1.5.2 + recipes?22:10
hannoschI think we can update to buildout 1.5 on trunk22:10
j-wi hope so22:10
ccombthat looks like a checkversions -l 0  :)22:11
hannoschthere's enough time for everyone to update recipes before the next ztk release22:11
hannoschccomb: indeed22:11
ccomb4) how about using distribute by default? can we? should we?22:11
ccombI'm +122:11
j-wme too22:11
ccombwe already use it by default in bb22:11
ccomb5) a lot of ZTK packages do themselves not extend from the ZTK. should they?22:11
j-wi can start doing that for grok(project)22:12
j-w(using distribute I mean)22:12
j-w(point 4)22:12
hannoschre: 5) that's their individual buildout.cfg files, right?22:12
ccombThis is an important question, when we want to launch the tests of an old package, depending on other packages22:12
j-wsometimes the buildout just fail22:12
j-wand then what?22:12
j-wI then just let them extend from the ztk22:13
j-wand try from there to get them fixed22:13
j-wto have at least some baseline22:13
hannoschI'd say once we create a branch, they should use a specific ztk release22:13
hannoschtrunk could be open and try to work with "latest of all"22:13
hannoschor it could extend ztk trunk22:13
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ccombThat means we should link in the 2 directions : ZTK -> packages, and packages -> ZTK22:13
j-wfor grok we have the grokcore.* packages extends from the groktoolkit's grok.cfg from the groktoolkit trunk22:13
j-wccomb: but the link is not that hard from packages -> ZTK22:14
j-wI mean, the package can easily oiverride versions22:14
ccombno, ok, just for tests22:14
j-wand then later these overrides can be consolidated in the ztk when needed22:14
j-wyes, for the tests22:14
ccombjust in individual package buildouts, not used as a dep22:15
j-wat least that's what I do for grok22:15
ccombok nice22:15
hannosch+1 :)22:15
ccombthere was no 7)22:15
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hannoschccomb: you had two more issues22:16
j-wwho is going to up all versions on the ztk trunk?22:16
ccombI can do that22:16
* hannosch has a dark lonely winter coming up ... but is busy this week + weekend. after that I'll have time22:16
ccombhannosch: which ones?22:16
hannosch8) See if we can define a path or status for Python 3 ?22:17
ccombah yes22:17
j-whmm, right22:17
hannoschI think there's not much we can do here. maybe ask Lennart to get us a status overview of where we are today?22:17
j-wand I guess he cannot do it by himself, alone22:18
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j-whow much commitment is there to see this thru?22:18
j-wfrom the community I mean22:18
hannoschquestion is: are the tools all ready, so we could start porting packages one-by-one. or do we still need to do the basic work22:18
j-w2-->3 tools you mean?22:19
hannoschbuildout, zope.testing22:19
ccombbuildout works on py3?22:19
hannoschbasic building blocks22:19
ccombdistribute does22:19
hannoschccomb: I doubt it22:19
j-waha, right, to bootstrap the proces basically...22:19
hannoschI think distribute, zope.interface, zope.event, zope.testing work22:19
hannoschnot sure if there's more22:20
ccombvirtualenv didn't work (I don't know the current status) but we won't need it if buildout 1.5 works22:20
hannoschhhm. I can ask Lennart to tell us where we are. than we can decide on how to move forward?22:21
hannoschand we had a final "Wonder if we can still be available in the future ?"22:22
hannoschfrom ccomb22:22
hannoschI think bi-weekly could work again22:22
j-wthe members of the release team?22:22
hannoschj-w: yes22:22
j-wbi-weekly works for me22:22
ccombI'm more and more busy, but I can afford a bi-weekly meeting22:23
j-wevenings as well22:23
ccombevening is better too for me22:23
hannoschwe started to do a lot of pair programming at work. so evenings work better for me now22:23
*** __mac__ has quit IRC22:23
j-wuhm, how do we go about deprecating more from the ztk?22:24
j-wI can mail you guys the list of package that grok still depends on (5 or 6)22:24
hannoschj-w: could you get us a list of what Grok still uses? than we can deprecate everything else22:24
j-wthe rest could be deprecated from the perspective of gtok22:24
j-wok, cool22:24
j-wthat'll be easy ;)22:24
j-wmaybe I shoud do that before you up all the versions, ccomb ?22:25
hannoschif we get most deprecated, latest versions of all packages, Python 2.7 support, drop Python 2.4 support - that sounds like a good release in itself22:25
ccombj-w: ok, just tell22:25
hannoschis there already a need for a 1.0.1 bug fix release?22:26
*** menesis has quit IRC22:26
hannoschI think we have some new releases not yet in 1.022:27
j-wGrok's* dependecies: (and that's ok), (and that's ok), (hmmm), (I guess that's fine) and (maybe we can remove it)22:27
j-wdon't know about anything in particular warranting a 1.0.122:27
j-wmaybe if we check the package versions for bugfix releases?22:28
hannoschj-w: ok. I'll look into the current 1.0 branch status22:28
*** d2m has left #zope22:28
hannoschand if there's new stuff, I'll just make a 1.0.1 release22:28
j-wi'll do the deprecating and the minutes22:28
j-wok, cool22:28
j-wwhen the trunk is updated we might need to review the buildbot coverage22:29
j-wand the try to get everything green again22:29
*** AnneGilles has joined #zope22:29
hannoschagain? or for the first time ;)22:30
hannoschor well. get it green for ZTK trunk22:30
ccombssh buildbot.afpy.org22:30
ccombls /tmp/|wc -l22:30
*** _MrTango_ has joined #zope22:31
hannoschok. we have some good tasks for everyone. anything else we should cover today?22:31
ccombI should find a way to automatically detect which tests spit some tmp files22:31
j-whannosch: nothing on my agenda for now22:32
ccomb10) that's all folks! :)22:32
hannoschcool. does tuesday evenings work in general for you?22:32
j-wthanks guys!22:32
j-wfor it does22:32
j-w*for me22:33
ccombin general yes22:33
* hannosch can do 19:00 to 23:0022:33
j-waround 20:30 is fine for me22:33
ccombso next is 23 nov22:33
hannoschyes, 20:30 or 21:00?22:34
ccombsame for me22:34
j-w20:30 then! :-)22:34
j-whave a nice evening22:34
hannoschthis was fun! we should do it more often :))22:34
ccombthanks, bye!22:34
hannoschbye :)22:35
*** hannosch has left #zope22:35
*** j-w has quit IRC22:36
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CIA-77janjaapdriessen * r118307 /hurry.resource/branches: create branches dir23:07
CIA-77janjaapdriessen * r118308 /hurry.resource/branches/janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher: Create feature branch for hurry.resource.publisher work.23:07
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