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mlechnerhi, i have two nested dtml-in in a dtml-document. one dtml-var has an identical identifier and therefore the one from the inner dtml-in overwrites the one from the outer dtml-in. how to solve this without changing the zsql-methods serving the dtml-ins? I sthere some kind of namespace or however solution for that to keep the dtml-var separated? Zope 2.9.610:27
betabugthere is something, but not using dtml I have forgotten it10:27
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betabugit's something like "with xy" or "in xy" when accessing the loop10:28
betabugmlechner: find peterbe's dtml-to-zpt comparison on the web, I think he lists most idioms very clear10:28
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koshabout the only dtml I use is <dtml-var some.python.script()">  and dtml works very well for that10:38
koshavoid using with, in, if, etc10:39
koshput the stuff in a python script10:39
betabugkosh: well, it's zsql from the description10:39
koshhave the dtml call a python script which calls the zsql and does what you need with it10:39
koshbetabug: so what problems have you been causing?10:41
koshI got all my stuff moved to 2.12 and I am working on replacing apache with nginx and then switching to 2.1310:41
d2msounds interesting10:42
mlechnerkosh: why putting a python script inbetween dtml-doc and zsql if i (normally) can acces the zsql directly?10:42
koshthe apache cluster stuff is broken10:42
koshin very very very rare cases it will serve content from another trhead10:42
koshit has been reported, fix, closed, reopened, closed a fair number of times10:42
koshbut something is just wrong with apache10:43
koshmlechner: because then you don't have to deal with any dtml weirdness for iteration, if  etc10:43
koshit is part of the BalancerMember apache directive, something is just broken with proxy balancing10:44
mlechnerkosh: i have to do further development on a "historically grown" zope-installation. I'd have to rewrite the whole stuff to "eliminate" dtml-docs.10:44
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betabugmlechner: I googled for [nested "dtml-in"] and came up with this:
koshmlechner: I used to have a lot of dtml stuff, I just replaced it as I had to work with it10:50
koshno reason to rewrite the whole thing10:50
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koshbut for any given piece you have to touch if dealing with dtml takes longer then dealing with a python script use a python script and call it with dtml10:50
koshthe work gets down faster, easier to fix later and less stuff is in dtml10:51
mlechnerbetabug, kosh: o.k. i put a dtml-let around my inner dtml-in cpoying the dtml-var tht will be overwritten into another one which i can use then - dirty but o.k. for me now.10:51
d2myou could use a dtml-let shortcut too10:52
d2m(if you just renaming vars)10:52
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mlechnerd2m: dtml-shortcut? i did <dtml-let myoutervar=myvar> ... dtml-in ... </dtml-let>10:53
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CIA-77blackburnd * r118309 /z3c.memhunt.objgraph: Creating directory for z3c.memhunt.objgraph12:33
CIA-77blackburnd * r118310 z3c.memhunt.objgraph/ (43 files in 10 dirs): Importing rough z3c.memhunt.objgraph12:33
CIA-77blackburnd * r118311 z3c.memhunt.objgraph/z3c/memhunt/objgraph/ (6 files): Removed garbage from package12:33
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CIA-77blackburnd * r118312 z3c.memhunt.objgraph/z3c.memhunt.objgraph.egg-info: Removing egg-info from svn13:18
CIA-77blackburnd * r118313 z3c.memhunt.objgraph/README.txt: Updated README.txt13:18
CIA-77blackburnd * r118314 z3c.memhunt.objgraph/ (13 files in 3 dirs): Another round of cleanup13:18
CIA-77blackburnd * r118315 z3c.memhunt.objgraph/z3c/memhunt/objgraph/browser/ (9 files in 4 dirs): Adding resources and zpt13:18
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CIA-77blackburnd * r118316 z3c.memhunt.objgraph/z3c/memhunt/objgraph/browser/zpt/ ( debug.css): Modified description on start page, and updated css13:34
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ploufploufhi. when trying to create a zope instance: dzhandle -z2.9 make-instance myinstance -m manual I have an error: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory   full traceback here :
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ploufploufI'm not new to zope, but last time i installed it, it was not using dzhandle14:22
betabugwell, Zope 2.9 and python 2.6 is the first mismatch I see14:23
ploufploufso help is welcome ;-)14:23
betabugbut maybe python 2.6 is used only by dzhandle14:23
betabugploufplouf: what *is* dzhandle?14:24
ploufploufwhen installing zope package in ubuntu, this command create instance, for any version of zope 214:24
betabugseems to be some debian/ubuntu thing14:24
betabugwell, maybe ask them?14:24
betabugit doesn't say what file/directory it's not finding :-/14:25
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ploufploufbetabug: what is a best distribution to install a zope29 instance ?14:31
ploufploufI'll wiil set up a dedicated server for this zope instance14:31
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betabugI use openbsd, I don't know what "best" would be for you :-)14:43
ploufploufdon't know either, easier, good python version for zope2914:46
bigkevmcdis Zope 2.9 still supported?14:46
ploufploufwhy not14:47
bigkevmcdI'm not sure that it is, there's 2.10, 2.11 and 2.12 now14:48
betabugisn't there 2.13 already?14:50
betabugploufplouf: depending what you want to do, I'd go at minimum for 2.1014:50
betabugthe changes in the handling of unicode data does not make me want to do the transition 2.9 -> 2.10 again14:51
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ploufploufwell, i'm re-setting online a site I created ~5 years ago with zope29. Since I do not practice zope anymore, nor follow it's developement, I'd like to find the easier way to get things done15:16
betabugsure, try it with 2.9 first15:18
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rbanffyHi folks. I tried to contact anyone at Zope corp to talk about Zope on FLOSS Weekly, but the contact e-mail was, apparently, ignored. Any volunteer here?16:14
rbanffyI would love to see a Zope-themed program (Plone was covered a couple weeks ago)16:14
betabughmmm, maybe the zope foundation would be the better contact?16:14
rbanffybetabug, that's a great idea16:15
betabug - dunno if there is some contact data16:15
rbanffybetabug, I must confess I did not invest much effort on this16:15
betabugme neither :-)16:15
rbanffybetabug, but it would be nice, wouldn't it?16:15
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betabugno idea, I don't know FLOSS weekly16:16
betabug"If you want to contact the Zope Foundation board, please mail us at"16:16
rbanffybetabug, it's on my podcast feed. I listen to it on my commute16:16
betabugI walk 5 minutes to work16:17
rbanffybetabug, I also listen to it on the gym16:17
betabugbut maybe you could produce some 30 second specials :-)16:17
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macaguahi guys16:26
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macagua have support for i18n ?16:27
d2mmacagua: what does that mean?16:29
macaguad2m: the software that use based on zope have support for i18n16:30
macaguad2m: beacuse i would like to use this software with spanish location16:31
CIA-77fdrake * r118317 /zc.signalhandler: placeholder for package being open-sourced by Zope Corporation16:33
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CIA-77patricks * r118318 /zc.recipe.cmmi/branches/ (7 files in 3 dirs): remove temporary build directory21:39
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CIA-77icemac * r118319 zope.mimetype/ (src/zope/mimetype/configure.zcml CHANGES.txt):22:07
CIA-77- No longer depending on `` in `configure.zcml` by using22:07
CIA-77`zope.formlib` instead, where the needed interfaces are living now.22:07
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hariomHi, I have a statement like tal:attribute="test/name; selected python:test(test['test_name'] == test_name, 'selected')" but I get error test_name not defined22:18
mgedminand your question is?22:22
* mgedmin also remarks that tal:attribute="text/name; ..." is a syntax error; it should be ="something text/name; ..."22:22
hariomWhen I have test_name getting its value from database, why i am getting this error22:22
mgedminwhere do you have test_name getting its value from a database?22:23
CIA-77icemac * r118319 zope.mimetype/ (src/zope/mimetype/configure.zcml CHANGES.txt):22:23
CIA-77- No longer depending on `` in `configure.zcml` by using22:23
CIA-77`zope.formlib` instead, where the needed interfaces are living now.22:23
CIA-77icemac * r118320 zope.mimetype/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.3.122:23
CIA-77icemac * r118321 /zope.mimetype/tags/1.3.1: Tagging 1.3.122:23
CIA-77icemac * r118322 zope.mimetype/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.3.222:23
hariommgedmin: inside <select name="test_name" tal:define="test context....">22:24
mgedminyou're defining 'test' there22:24
mgedminnothing about defining 'test_name' in the TALES namespace22:25
mgedminperhaps you want tal:define="test_name request/test_name|nothing" ?22:25
_mup_Bug #673718 was filed: Remove dependency on zope.formlib <zope.mimetype:New> <>22:29
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CIA-77icemac * r118323 zopetoolkit/ztk-versions.cfg: using version which no longer depends on
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CIA-77patricks patricks-remove-tmpdir * r118324 zc.recipe.cmmi/src/zc/recipe/cmmi/README.txt: slight change23:19
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