IRC log of #zope for Thursday, 2010-11-11

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CIA-77patricks patricks-remove-tmpdir * r118325 zc.recipe.cmmi/src/zc/recipe/cmmi/README.txt: just use glob..00:36
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CIA-77patricks * r118326 zc.recipe.cmmi/ (6 files in 2 dirs):01:18
CIA-77Merge branch that cleans up temporary directories.01:18
CIA-77svn merge -r118317:HEAD svn+ssh:// .01:18
CIA-77patricks * r118327 zc.recipe.cmmi/ ( CHANGES.txt): Update change log, prepare for release01:18
CIA-77patricks * r118328 /zc.recipe.cmmi/tags/1.3.3: Tag 1.3.301:18
CIA-77patricks * r118329 zc.recipe.cmmi/ back to dev01:18
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CIA-77patricks 1.2 * r118330 zc.recipe.cmmi/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Backport fixes from 1.3.301:36
CIA-77patricks * r118331 /zc.recipe.cmmi/tags/1.2.2: Tag 1.2.201:36
CIA-77patricks 1.2.2 * r118332 zc.recipe.cmmi/ remove dev marker01:36
CIA-77patricks 1.2 * r118333 zc.recipe.cmmi/ (CHANGES.txt Back to dev01:36
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shodan45I'm not very familiar with zope, so forgive me if this is obvious: why can't I upload a zexp file to import via an html form in the ZMI?05:59
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CIA-77icemac * r118334 z3c.wfmcpersistent/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.09:18
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CIA-77icemac * r118335 z3c.widget/ (26 files in 14 dirs):09:52
CIA-77- Updated tests to run with `zope.formlib` 4.0 and `zope.schema` 3.6.09:52
CIA-77- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted ``zope.testing.doctest[unit]``.09:52
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CIA-77icemac * r118336 z3c.wizard/ (src/z3c/wizard/ CHANGES.txt):10:04
CIA-77- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted10:04
CIA-77icemac * r118337 z3c.wizard/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Conform to repository policy.10:04
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CIA-77jinty jinty-mem * r118338 zope.interface/src/zope/interface/ Apply slots to Element, Attribute and Method classes. This causes breakage in zope.schema which can be fixed by a trivial patch.10:34
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CIA-77jinty jinty-mem * r118339 zope.interface/src/zope/interface/ Fix threading issue in Specification.subscribe brought up by Laurence Rowe. Document that there is a threading issue in setTaggedValue, but we should be safe ignoring it (thanks Tres).10:49
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CIA-77janjaapdriessen * r118340 /grokproject/branches/janjaapdriessen-hurry.resource: Create feature branch for hurry.resource integration13:33
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CIA-77jens 2.2 * r118341 Products.DCWorkflow/Products/DCWorkflow/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - release prep for version 2.2.217:53
CIA-77jens * r118342 /Products.DCWorkflow/tags/2.2.2: - tagging version 2.2.217:53
CIA-77jens 2.2 * r118343 Products.DCWorkflow/Products/DCWorkflow/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - vb17:53
CIA-77jens * r118344 Products.PluggableAuthService/CHANGES.txt: - release prep for version 1.7.217:53
CIA-77jens * r118345 /Products.PluggableAuthService/tags/1.7.2: - tagging version 1.7.217:53
CIA-77jens * r118346 Products.PluggableAuthService/ (CHANGES.txt Products/PluggableAuthService/version.txt): - vb17:53
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pfrogI'm interested in using ZCA for a project of mine, I have a few questions I guess though, like do I have to use zope.interface to register factories to types?19:50
mgedminalthough I'm not sure I understand the question19:52
mgedminfactories to types?19:52
mgedmingenerally you can register adapters on interfaces or types19:52
mgedminon the other side, adapters and utilities must provide interfaces, they can't "provide" types19:53
mgedminfactories don't exist as a separate kind of component19:53
mgedminwhen you need registerable factories, you usually use utilities providing IFactory or something like that19:54
mgedminand distinguish them by name19:54
mgedminor you could have different interfaces -- IPieFactory, ICakeFactory, etc.19:54
pfrogwell so what I want is something where I give it say, get_factory(type(someobj)) which returns a registered callable19:57
pfrogthat take specific arguments19:57
pfrogI don't know if ZCA is really a solution to that, I mean I could just a global dict...19:57
mgedminuse an adapter19:57
pfrogbut I'm using something that already has ZCA19:57
mgedmin@adapter(StrangeObject) @provides(IFactory) def make_StrangeObject(specific, arguments): return StrangeObject(specific, arguments + 2)19:58
mgedminyou could even have a default19:58
pfrogmgedmin: yeah thats what I'm looking for19:58
mgedminit's a sketch that doesn't work19:59
mgedminlet me try a better one19:59
pfrogso to me, an outsider of zope, it looks like ZCA really is a global dict?19:59
pfrogor well, with some added features19:59
mgedminit's a way to have type-based multiple dispatch, is one way of looking at it20:01
mgedminit's hierarchy-aware, which makes it more powerful than a dict20:01
mgedmin <- better mockup, maybe20:02
pfrogI've done similiar things in other languages, just never python... I guess I hadn't really needed to with the dynamic nature of it being so flexible... but I mean, the larger the program gets I could see where a global registry like that would be really handy20:02
mgedminI probably don't understand what problem you're trying to solve20:03
pfrogobtaining a factory based on type20:04
pfrogwhich zca seemed suited to20:04
mgedminone slightly annoying thing is that you cannot pass a type directly to zca lookup functions20:05
mgedminyou have to pass an instance of a type20:05
pfrogthat seems like a pretty annoying thing20:06
mgedminsometimes, not always20:06
mgedminif you've got a type already, why the_type() isn't a suitable factory?20:06
mgedmincan you mandate that for the types you're dealing with they must have a class attribute a_type.create() or something?20:07
pfrognot especially20:07
mgedminwhat problem are you solving by looking up factories based on types?20:07
pfrogone is an object that represents some data in a database20:07
pfrogthe other is an object that uses that information to perform some work20:07
pfrogI want to be able to iterate through a list of varying database "objects" and get ones that do work20:08
mgedmina classic example of an adapter pattern20:08
pfrogthats why I'm here20:08
pfrogso I guess I asked my question poorly20:08
mgedminfor obj in list_of_objects_of_various_types: IWorkerOfSomeKindOfWork(obj).doSomeWork()20:08
pfrogwhat can zca do to help me here :-)20:09
mgedmin"factory" to me is a callable that returns a new instance of an object20:09
pfrogwell IWorkerOfSomeKind(obj, someotherobj, someotherstuff).do_work()20:09
pfrogis more like what I have20:09
pfrogso I figured a factory for obj that creates the worker might be better suited20:10
pfrogbut if the zca can deal with what I need to do there then I can skip the factories altogether, which would save me time and effort for sure20:10
mgedmindo you need dynamic dispatch based on one object, or on several?20:11
mgedminif one, IWorker(obj).doWork(arg, arg) is best20:12
mgedminif you need multi-dispatch, it'll be getMultiAdapter((obj1, obj2, obj3), IWorker).doWork(arg1, arg2)20:12
pfrogone object20:12
pfrogand that does seem saner, though see, do_work ends up becoming a factory function for sanity then20:13
pfrogbecause IWorker is long lived, its a greenlet20:13
pfrogreally I want to pass all the parameters to the constructor20:14
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mgedminwell, you could, I suppose20:16
mgedminalways declare that your workers adapt(ISpecificType, None, None, None)20:16
mgedminand worker = getMultiAdapter((...), IWorker); worker.start_working_in_background_or_whatever()20:17
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lducasHello, got a strange error: I can't log on /manage because on a python script in the login that use mysql db. And it seems that when I resterted zope, mysql is not connected. How can I reconnect without beeing loged in Zope ?20:58
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smlducas: are you logging in to the zope root folder ? virtual hosts may prevent this21:01
smthat would help unless your mysql authentication is installed in the root folder. You should also be able to create/login with the zope super user, see installation docs21:03
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lducascan't acess to the zmi21:04
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lducashad a hacker visit last week : same issue as and I am still wondering how he/she did it cause can't find the file yet and this zope hack might be a consequence of the hack - having put a virtual host on the root !21:08
lducasI got zooop much development... will have to restor before the backup before the hack if can't find a solution21:11
neo|4Dnot really good that it's open for the world :)21:12
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lducasThanks Neo, I need anyway to login to hide it ;-)21:16
mgedminthat was a PHP exploit21:18
mgedminin that blog post21:19
mgedminzope does not use PHP21:19
lducasby the way, I am doing an introduction to Plone 4 and need to talk also about Zope for the Seems few people knows Zope or Plone in the Middle-East where I live now and will be glade if someone have a nice presentation to help me to rise the Zope/Plone reputation..21:19
neo|4Dlducas: mabeyou can try running bin/instance debug and try to checkout the connection string of the database connection. I think zope does not connect to mysql because there is something wrong with the credentials or connection string21:21
lducasit might comes from Joomla "open extension for hacker" or "open realty" Really don't know21:22
neo|4Dlducas: maybe there is something useful for you here : the presentations of the last plone conference21:23
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lducasNeo: Thank you ! Will help me. I really look for basic demo, presentation too21:28
lducasNeo: in my instance I have only ./bin/runzope or zopectl21:32
neo|4Dlducas: bin/zopectl debug21:33
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lducasneo: it is pages of errors!21:36
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neo|4Dthat's not good, you don't get a debug prompt at the end?21:41
lducasyes I do21:43
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neo|4Dlducas: try the following  db = getattr(app, "MySQL_database_connection")21:45
lducasneo: app is not defined21:48
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smlducas: does not help, then ?21:52
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neo|4Dsm: probably it won't as he has the loginform using a python script which is calling the zmysql method when trying to access zope21:57
smI see21:57
neo|4Dlducas: if you run bin/zopectl debug, you don't see something like "Starting debugger (the name "app" is bound to the top-level Zope object)"21:59
smI guess  /select_IPs is using the db connection at /MySQL_database_connection . Maybe one of the other 3 db connections listed will work ?22:00
neo|4D(you should first stop the instance first before doing that)22:00
neo|4Dsm: it's tempting just to try that right :)22:00
smyes it is :)22:00
lducassm: correct but I need to login in order to change the db or open/close mysql connexion22:02
neo|4Dlducas: did you run bin/zopectl debug when the instance was stopped?22:02
neo|4Dotherwise zope cannot get a connection to the zodb22:02
lducasneo: yes22:03
lducasneo: nothing came out..22:04
smfeel free to the zopectl debug output22:05
smack, lisppaste no longer knows #zope22:06
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lducasneo: how do I  copy:past the output ? where is it locate ??22:07
neo|4Djust select it :)22:08
smlducas: the stuff that appears on your console when you run the bin/zopectl debug command22:08
neo|4Dwhen you type in : bin/zopectl debug, copy it from your console22:08
neo|4Dwhat printed there22:08
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lducas;-) past too large on the website when I submit the past !22:11
neo|4Djust the last 40 lines then22:11
smjust the first screenful then22:12
smbah neo|4D22:12
neo|4Dsorry :)22:12
smit's all your pastebin's fault :)22:12
lducasI know ! ;-)))22:13
smlducas: what changed since this last worked for you ? zope or plone version perhaps ?22:18
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mgedminthose are all irrelevant, lducas22:19
mgedminpaste the first 40 lines maybe?22:19
neo|4Dmgedmin: but he should have a debug prompt at the right22:20
lducasI notice zope2.11 but i run 2.1022:20
* sm would probably rename /var/lib/zope2.10/instance/plone-site/Products to something else temporarily 22:20
mgedminthe deprecation warnings?22:20
lducasthe 1st pages I don't get them..22:20
mgedminooh, scrollback too short22:20
mgedminand what's at the bottom?  no debug prompt?22:21
smmgedmin: no app object22:21
mgedminhow big is the data.fs?22:21
lducasnothing is return - empty22:21
smbecause of the TypeErrors, I assume22:21
mgedminor maybe it hasn't finished initializing yet?22:22
mgedminwait, there's more than one chunk of errors22:22
mgedminI don't grok lisppaste's UI22:22
mgedminthe last chunk had just PTS warnings22:23
smhe said he gets a prompt, and >>> app says "app not defined"22:23
lducasHow do I print the size od data.fs ? and where is it ?22:23
mgedminNameError: global name 'get_transaction' is not defined22:23
smso I propose to disable all plone products as a quick way to get (closer to) a working debug prompt, to fix the login issue22:23
lducassm: when I stop it, it runs and just print a new prompt22:24
* sm does not understand22:24
lducaswhen zope was running I get the error of app not defined. Now that I stoped zope, no more error and a new prompt is display with no errors22:25
neo|4Dpaste this at if you like? (or
mgedminremote debugging is fun22:26
smlducas: aha. So does >>> app show something now ?22:27
smand >>> app.MySQL_database_connection ?22:28
*** agroszer has quit IRC22:29
lducasseams it does lik ethe >>> "invalid syntax"22:30
lducasseems not to like >>>22:31
smdon't type the >>> yourself22:31
smjust app22:31
lducasApplicatio at22:31
smnow to repair/change your db connection at the debug prompt, um I think neo|4D has a plan22:31
lducasIt is not my falt !22:31
neo|4Dsm :)22:32
neo|4Dlducas: well, now you have the app22:32
neo|4Dtry : >>> app.MySQL_database_connection.connection_string22:32
lducasstill >>> invalid syntax22:33
neo|4D(so no >>>, just "app.MySQL_database_connection.connection_string")22:33
neo|4Djust :22:33
lducas;-) it prints my db name and password and login22:34
lducasso it is working perfectly22:34
neo|4Dno it's not22:34
neo|4Dtry to log in with mysql with that username and password22:34
lducasI did22:34
neo|4Dand that works?22:35
neo|4Dtry the following as well :22:37
*** nitrogenycs has left #zope22:37
lducasI can browse the data on the BD mysql22:37
lducasaccess denied !22:38
neo|4Dso your zope cannot acces the database connection22:39
neo|4Dso something is wrong with the database settings22:39
neo|4Dcan you paste the connection string (without the username and password)22:39
*** davisagli is now known as davisagli|away22:39
* sm sings the remote debugging song22:41
* neo|4D is listening very carefully22:42
lducasyes, the database has been drop - one of the star DB of the schemas is empty22:42
smaha.. "surely nobody's using this old thing, I'll just clean that up"22:44
*** smita has joined #zope22:44
neo|4Dso get the database back and your fine to go then I think?22:45
*** J1m has joined #zope22:45
lducasThank you NEO 4D, SM & mgedmin22:46
* mgedmin didn't do anything!22:46
smyou're welcome22:46
*** mr_jolly has left #zope22:53
*** AnneGilles has quit IRC22:53
*** daMaestro|isBack is now known as daMaestro22:55
neo|4Dlducas: can you login now again?22:56
lducasThank you, I am so happy ;-) it is a great pleasure to see back Zope up and running !!! Thank you all !22:56
neo|4Dsm: we can start singing the remote debugging victory song now I think :)22:59
*** d2m has left #zope23:02
*** davisagli|away is now known as davisagli23:06
koshhail freaks23:24
*** AnneGilles has joined #zope23:28
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