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_mup_Bug #675424 was filed: verifyObject doesn't correctly work on classes with classProvides <zope.interface:New> <>09:55
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CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r118406 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: Add hurry.resource and hurry.zoperesource11:18
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CIA-82janwijbrand * r118407 grokproject/grokproject/template/buildout.cfg_tmpl: remove version pin for package that now is in the groktoolkit11:33
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waldiokay, zodb 3.9 with zope 2.11 works as long as noone wants to use the management interface13:25
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giampaolohi, I have a problem when rendering a page: if my page template contains an error the page is rendered blank, as if no error occurred. I'd like that the error gets raised instead. Maybe I have to enable some "debug" mode somewhere?13:33
giampaoloI'm using zope 2.9.1013:34
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betabugdebug mode is enabled in the INSTANCE_HOME/etc/zope.conf13:34
betabugbut if you run zopectl in "fg" mode, you get debug mode by default13:34
giampaolobetabug: I'm using "fg" mode but... :(13:34
betabughmmm, you should at least get a short version of the error13:35
betabug Error Type: ValueError13:35
betabugError Value: need more than 1 value to unpack13:35
betabugsomething like that, but not the full traceback13:35
betabugthe full traceback you will see in zopectl13:35
giampaoloby "error" I mean anything, even if I do this: <a tal:content="dffds">download whole pdf</a>13:36
giampaolono error is raised13:36
betabughmm, either a.) 2.9.10 had a bug there and a later version will work better13:36
betabugor, b.) maybe you have a standard_error_message that is blank?13:37
giampaolomm not sure what you mean by b13:37
betabugin zope with an object called "standard_error_message" in the ZMI, you define how errors are presented13:37
betabughmm, also maybe you have a tal:on-error in your ZPT?13:40
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giampaolobetabug: good suggestion; no I don't have it13:41
giampaoloI'm gonna try to update my zope version, hoping everything will keep working13:41
betabugwell, you can go to the latest 2.9 release, should be no problem13:41
giampaolowhat's latest 2.x version? 2.11?13:42
betabugI think 2.12 or 2.1313:42
giampaolommm it's not listed there13:44
giampaoloI'll try 2.1013:44
betabugthe installation procedure has changed, no more .tgz13:45
betabuglast with .tgz was 2.11 IIRC13:45
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betabugnp, good luck13:47
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hariomHi, I am writing zsql script to fetch data from db. In db I have column that is of type Boolean. How to define that column in my zsql arguments with default value as True?14:41
hariomShould I write something like:      arguments: flag=True?14:41
hariomAlso, how to define boolean type variable in <dtml-sqlvar flag type=?>14:44
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CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118408 hurry.zoperesource/src/hurry/zoperesource/tests/ (foo_dir foo_dir/evencaveman.jpg foo_dir/a.js foo_dir/b.js): Add resources for tests18:37
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CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118409 hurry.zoperesource/src/hurry/zoperesource/tests/ Add pt for testing rendering of in-template resources18:55
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118410 hurry.zoperesource/src/hurry/zoperesource/ Register a custom DirectoryResource and DirectoryResourceFactory in order to mark resources with a marker interface and render URLs that know about hurry.resource.publisher.18:55
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118411 hurry.zoperesource/src/hurry/zoperesource/configure.zcml: Register the adapter for hurry.resource aware resources18:55
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118412 hurry.zoperesource/src/hurry/zoperesource/ ( meta.zcml): Move interfaces to separate file.18:55
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118413 hurry.zoperesource/src/hurry/zoperesource/ Register a hurry.resource aware directory resource factory for every resource library18:55
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118414 hurry.zoperesource/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Tests, update changes18:55
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CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118415 hurry.zoperesource/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Drop the grokcore.component requirement by doing the one remaining registration by hand.19:16
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118416 hurry.zoperesource/src/hurry/zoperesource/ (5 files in 4 dirs): Add test for sub-directories of DirectoryResource objects. Ignore the hash in tests, as the result differs between machines.19:16
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CIA-82tseaver * r118417 zope.interface/CHANGES.txt: Wrap long line.21:19
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CIA-82tseaver * r118418 zope.interface/ (2 files in 2 dirs):21:34
CIA-82Specify return value type for C optimizations module init under Python 3.21:34
CIA-82Undeclared value caused warnings, and segfaults on some 64 bit architectures.21:34
CIA-82Also, remove redundant conditional define of PyMODINIT_FUNC: it is present21:34
CIA-82in 'pyport.h' on all Python versions we care about, and the conditional21:34
CIA-82version here was wrong for Python 3.21:34
CIA-82Fixes LP # 675064.21:34
shodan45is there a diagram somewhere of how all the zope parts (zodb, zeo, etc.) fit together?21:35
moo_shodan45: hardly21:36
moo_shodan45: I need to make such a picture for plone development manual21:36
shodan45moo_: well that's somewhat depressing21:36
moo_shodan45: mostly sad21:36
moo_shodan45: there are maps of dependencies between different python modules, but they mostly useless to anyone except core developers21:37
shodan45zope has been around for quite a number of years, right? and there's no image somewhere showing what talks to what? >_>21:37
moo_shodan45: there probably is in some book21:37
moo_but I don't read books >_<21:38
moo_let me dig up something21:38
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shodan45ok how about this: what does ZEO do? is it a kind of proxy between different zope storages?21:39
shodan45or am I really far off? ;p21:39
moo_ZEO is a clustering solution21:39
moo_ZEO multiplexes one ZODB to several ZEO front-end clients21:39
moo_so you could think it as "database like MySQL"21:39
moo_several clients can connect21:39
shodan45err ok, that's opposite of what I thought it was21:39
moo_the another option is "plain ZOPE221:40
moo_where ZODB is open in process for one process only21:40
shodan45w/o ZEO, ZODB can only talk to one client at a time?21:40
moo_which is more like sqlite21:40
moo_shodan45: yes21:40
moo_I will draw a picture21:40
moo_let see if I still have visual paradigm installed21:40
shodan45hrm... does ZODB "do" anything other than storage? can it execute logic on objects, etc.?21:41
moo_shodan45: no21:41
moo_shodan45: it does even less than MySQL21:42
moo_shodan45: it does not even have indexes and queries and stuff21:42
shodan45ahhhh ok wow21:42
moo_you can read object by reference21:42
moo_or store object by reference21:42
moo_and each store is transaction21:42
moo_and appended to the end of the file21:42
moo_which is quite smart21:42
moo_as if you want to go back in time you can just chop of the tail of the data.fs file21:42
shodan45interesting, I'm finally getting a clear(er) picture of zope now21:43
moo_I am just downloading Visual Paradigm comminity edition21:44
moo_as this is important question this must be noted down21:44
* shodan45 googles Visual Paradigm21:44
moo_UML modeling tool21:44
moo_very good21:44
moo_100x better than ArgoUML21:44
* shodan45 doesn't care for UML21:44
moo_shodan45: it is good for making pictures as "what ZEO is" :)21:45
shodan45moo_: that I can see... just please don't generate code from it ;)21:45
moo_shodan45: you can use ArchegenXML for Plone >_<21:45
moo_but if you need code generators for python, you are doing it wrong21:46
* shodan45 has horror stories of people using UML to generate PHP21:46
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d2mthere is a ZODB book into the works, first 3 chapters are available at
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shodan45so... ZODB is like sqlite. ZEO is almost like a proxy that allows more than one connection to the DB.21:52
shodan45the "zope" is the app server that reads/writes to the zodb/zeo and runs object's logic?21:53
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