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xitriumCan anyone tell me how people normally do db migrations with zodb?  is using __setstate__ a bad idea?01:05
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nitrogenycsxitrium: I think some people use
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xitriumhmmm thank you01:26
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CIA-82icemac * r118419 z3c.widget/ (8 files in 7 dirs):09:50
CIA-82- Added doctests to ``long_description`` to be visible on PyPI.09:50
CIA-82- Fixed REST to be consistent.09:50
CIA-82icemac * r118420 z3c.widget/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.3.009:50
CIA-82icemac * r118421 /z3c.widget/tags/0.3.0: Tagging 0.3.009:50
CIA-82icemac * r118422 z3c.widget/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.3.109:50
CIA-82icemac * r118423 z3c.zodbbrowser/ (12 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.09:50
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CIA-82icemac * r118424 z3c.zodbtracing/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.10:06
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CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118425 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ Refactor test setup10:49
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planetzopebotAuthentication and authorization in Grok (New Cows)
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Theuni_-win 317:00
Theuni_so, who's here?17:01
Theuni_is it 3pm UTC?17:01
Theuni_k, so it's not me :)17:03
Theuni_anyone who was at plone conference or the recent grok sprint?17:03
j-wi attended the grok forest sprint17:04
goschtlme too :)17:04
Theuni_hooray, we have a candidate :)17:04
Theuni_you two wanna say something about what happened?17:04
j-wa nice forest indeed17:04
j-wyes, let me try:17:04
j-wwe started on a middleware that would offload serving resources from zope17:05
j-was transparently as possible17:05
j-wits on a hurry.resource branch still17:05
* j-w looks for summary post to the grok-dev list...17:05
Theuni_ah, interesting, another case that i'd hope would integrate with a common resource-handling codebase :)17:05
j-wlots of launchpad cleanups17:06
j-wturned out lots of bug reports could be closed17:06
goschtlwe splitted grok further into, grokcore.xmlrpc, grokcore.json17:06
j-wlong-standing branches merged17:06
Theuni_j-w: for grok or in general?17:06
j-wupdated to latest martian17:07
j-woh, for grok17:07
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j-wdiscussion on what a new publisher might look like17:07
j-wand how feasible it is to create a new one from scratch17:07
j-wcommunity documentation improvements17:08
j-wand much more :)17:08
j-wit was a very nice sprint, too bad I could only attend three out of five days17:08
Theuni_j-w: ah, i think new publisher is one of the potential topics for a dedicated sprint next year17:08
Theuni_do you think the interest in that is large?17:08
goschtlTheuni_: grok runs without zodb17:08
Theuni_j-w: i wanted to make it, too, but didn't :(17:08
goschtlthere is a megrok.nozodb17:08
Theuni_goschtl: nice, even without having the dependency installed?17:08
j-wTheuni_:  yes, I heard, too bad, would've been nice17:09
j-wnot sure about publisher-interest17:09
Theuni_j-w: how many people were at the sprint?17:09
goschtlno not without the dependency...17:09
j-was for the resource handling stuff, at some point people should really have a look at hurry.resource17:09
j-wTheuni_: ehm, about.. 12 I think17:10
Theuni_j-w: yeah and i think we need a statement from the .. hmm "community" that some package is the canonical one17:10
Theuni_and then start pushing it together17:10
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Theuni_goschtl: but without the publisher hooking into it?17:11
Theuni_goschtl: so, what is the running without ZODB about? not having to configure it?17:11
j-wthere's vague plans too, to rename it and "market it" as a stand alone "project"17:11
Theuni_j-w: would that be within the Zope community or outside or what? :)17:11
goschtlTheuni_: it's not injected in the wsgi stuff17:12
Theuni_goschtl: ic17:12
j-wTheuni_: dunno17:12
janjaapdriessenTheuni_: We are discussing hurry.resource on the #grok channel.17:13
Theuni_janjaapdriessen: good to know, although I don't have time for that personally currently :/17:14
Theuni_Charlie_X: you there?17:14
Theuni_so, anything else from the sprints?17:14
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janjaapdriessenTheuni_: I showed gocept.selenium and added grok support to gocept.selenium.17:15
Theuni_that hopefully hasn't been too hard :)17:15
* Charlie_X waves17:15
Charlie_XGood job I logged on early. Brain is still very much in 17:00 mode.17:16
Charlie_XNo Plonies here?17:16
Theuni_looks so17:18
Theuni_i'll drop that topic17:18
Charlie_XOur local DZUG is at least going to get some feedback from the Plone conference17:18
Theuni_Ah. if you get some feedback you deem interesting for this round, I'd be happy to hear that once you get it.17:19
Theuni_Charlie_X: in other news: how's the repository nagging script coming along?17:20
Charlie_XNo news. My brain is only now starting to function properly again and I've had to deal with a hacked server - ProFTPd exploit + rootkit.17:22
Theuni_got an ETA?17:22
Theuni_We've been stalling for a while and I wonder whether we can do anything to speed it up.17:22
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Charlie_XKicking my up the arse is a good way to speed it up. I suppose I could schedule it for the next bug day at the latest.17:23
Charlie_XAnd maybe the specification could be a little more verbose.17:23
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Theuni_Charlie_X: ah17:27
Theuni_ok, so last thing then would be checking for the next bug day17:27
Theuni_would that be november or december?17:27
Charlie_XSpeaking of bug day - we don't have one for this month.17:27
Theuni_I guess November is done with scheduling anyway.17:28
Theuni_I'm on holiday in December. How about the first week? Like December 2?17:28
Charlie_XBTW no one has released my changes to zope.publisher after the last bug day. This means that post bugday package management isn't happening.17:28
Charlie_XThursdays are generally not so good for me as I often have to be on site.17:29
Theuni_how about that week in general?17:30
Theuni_want me to doodle that?17:30
Theuni_yeah, i'm afraid *everybody* is pretty bogged down with work17:30
Theuni_so all the management and maintenance stuff seems to stack up17:30
Charlie_XIndeed. We still need to work on the process for this.17:31
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Charlie_XIt seems all the Zope-fed applications are okay but top-level package management is a bottleneck17:31
Theuni_ok, so time's up for today.17:32
Theuni_i'll send a doodle for a bug day in two weeks17:32
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Theuni_ok, so over and out :)17:37
Theuni_doodle for bug day is out17:37
Charlie_Xsigned up17:42
Theuni_yeah, thanks17:44
Charlie_XIf you get time you could always flesh out the e-mail you sent me.17:44
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118426 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ Publisher only sets cache control header on successful responses. Hidden files are not served.17:45
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118427 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ (9 files in 6 dirs): Package to be used in tests17:45
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118428 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ Setup a package in the test setup in order to use the entry_points.17:45
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118429 hurry.resource/ Install test dependencies17:45
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118430 hurry.resource/ (src/hurry/resource/README.txt CHANGES.txt): Add tests for publisher, explain hashes in URLs. Update changelog17:45
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waldiis there a reason, why the zodb blob stuff makes every file only readable by the owner?22:18
moo_waldi: probably some kind of security concern?22:18
moo_waldi: but I was wondering the same few days ago22:18
moo_waldi: had to problems to copy those files22:18
moo_couldn't assign another UNIX user to the same group22:18
waldiusing the top directory to restrict access works fine. and everything else uses the umask22:19
waldiit even _check_ if the top directory is only readable by the owner. wtf?22:24
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koshseems like a pretty valid security setting to me22:37
koshblobs are internal server details, exactly how they are represented is internal data22:38
koshwhy should an outside process be reading them?22:38
benjiI can imagine a few reasons for wanting to read blobs, DB replication/backups being one; that being said, I think there was a reason for the file permissions being the way they are, but I can't remember what it is at the moment22:47
koshdb replication and backups should be running with a user that has access, normally the user that zope runs as if you want to replicate zope or root22:47
benjiI don't disagree.  Perhaps I read "why should an outside process be reading them?" more narrowly than intended.22:50
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waldikosh: it is up to the admin to setup the security settings. why must zeo and zope run as the same uid?23:19
waldikosh: (for shared blob dirs)23:20
koshmy understanding is they are not supposed to share23:20
koshsince that can lead to conflicts23:21
koshzope uses a blob storage dir until it can push stuff to zeo23:21
waldithere is a explicit setting for this23:21
waldi(however it did not really work in my tests, some race condition with nfs)23:22
koshhmm from what I read they should not really be shared but I would have to look at that very carefully23:23
waldii only say that there is the option to share it (and the code to do this is available)23:25
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koshreport a bug or ask on the list about it23:34
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