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CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118519 zc.buildout/ (24 files in 3 dirs): Remade loads of prints in doctests.00:03
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koshbetabug: wake up!03:54
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betabugkosh: sup?09:42
betabugI'll be at the office in 20 minutes09:43
koshoh you are awake09:44
koshI am currently making a patch for OFS.Image for Files and Images to save as blobs and I am planning to do sendfile support for it next09:45
koshdo you think that would be an interesting product for me to make available?09:45
koshI already have it so I added a new method for Images and Files to have them resave their existing data to a blob09:45
koshon my initial tests it is much faster then serving from the zodb and much less memory usage09:46
koshseems to be about 4x faster or more then serving the same data from the zodb but no added memory usage09:48
koshI just took one system from 1.5G to 430M zodb with the rest as blob :)09:49
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betabugkosh: cool stuff!10:04
betabugis it something that could be done with a product or should it be integrated into zope source?10:04
koshit could be done as a monkey patch just fine10:05
koshintegrated in would probably be better but that is probably a LOT more work10:05
betabugah, yeah10:05
betabugalso with a product that does a monkey patch, it would work with older zope versions too10:05
koshbut if I can get a fully working monkey patch done at least then I could have people look at it and see if they have ideas to make it better10:05
betabugwell, I think it would be really interesting10:05
koshshould work for 2.11 - 2.13 I think10:06
betabugyeah, that too10:06
koshprior to that there was no blob support10:06
betabugI have one DB that could profit a lot from this :-)10:06
betabugand you're taking it one step further by integrating standard image objects and blogs10:06
koshwell I will have to put up a preliminary version in the next few days that you could test then and see how it works for you10:06
koshno sendfile by then though10:07
betabugehm, what's the "sendfile" thing?10:07
koshwell what I did with my own product is when I needed to store files and images I used the builtin zope ones instead of making my own10:07
koshso to hit all my objects fixing the base types makes the msot sense10:07
koshsendfile is something that linux and other unixes have to allow you to stream from a file to a socket10:07
betabugah, right10:08
betabugI remember that now from some code that TheJester did10:08
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koshyeah that is where I got the idea for it10:08
koshwith blobs though his code idea becomes VERY simple to make it work10:08
koshthe complex part is doing http range support with it also but it looks like it is all workable at least I think it is10:08
betabugyeah, his was before the blob support IIRC10:09
koshyeah it was so his only worked with files you had on the filesystem10:09
koshbecause we have blobs now I can make that work with any file or image as long as it is turned into a blob first10:09
betabugand blogs are stored in some central directory, so backups can just take that directory too, I guess10:10
koshwhat I did was add a method called resave_to_blob  for File and Image objects  so you can do a very simple ZopeFind query and call obj.resave_to_blob() on each one10:10
koshI have mine setup so that all my zope servers and zeo share the same blob directory10:10
koshand that also means that when a zope client has to send a blob it wont' be sent over zeo, it can grab it directly10:11
koshso it removes blobs from hitting zeo10:11
betabugand you can use whatever standard backup tools for that10:11
koshwell right now the backup tool I use is have rackspace backup the entire server :)10:11
koshif i need to restore from backup I can make a new server with that backup image10:11
koshokay well I will work on turning it into a product and then find you so I can give it to you and you can play with it also10:13
koshprobably just fine someplace public to put it and give out some links to it10:13
betabugyeah, that works well :-)10:13
koshso far though I am loving the results10:13
koshwell I will see you later I need to head out10:14
betabugok, cya!10:14
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moo_is it possible to temporarily disable event dispatch?12:16
betabugwouldn't that mess up e.g. adding objects in a big way?12:16
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moo_betabug: "temporarily" :)12:33
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moo_i.e just for one function call12:33
betabughow would you know that nobody adds an object right that moment in another thread?12:34
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giampaolohi, is there something which is recommended for doing template batching (I mean, display a lot of results in different pages)? I noticed there's z3c.batching but wondered if there's something else as well18:11
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mgedminz3c.table supports batching18:14
mgedmin(it's built on top of z3c.batching, or, rather, z3c.batching was split off z3c.table)18:15
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CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118520 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ ( buildout.txt): Various fixes. Encountered a bug in distribute, solved in
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CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118521 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ ( README.txt move generating a library URL to the library class19:49
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CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118522 zc.buildout/ (5 files in 2 dirs): easy_install.txt passes under Python 3.1.21:18
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giampaoloI'm searching for a method do get the current url including request arguments. Something like http://localhost/something?foo=123:03
smgiampaolo: should be all in the request object. The syntax for getting that depends on where you are23:15
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giampaolook, I found out23:18
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