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planetzopebotAnother Film and a Catalog Reindexing Bug (ch-athens)
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CIA-82ccomb * r118543 zopetoolkit/ (ztk-versions.cfg zopeapp-versions.cfg): updated all packages02:49
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cutgovspendingthose who fail to study zope are doomed to repeat it!!05:08
cutgovspendingzope stuff ignored and reinvented by other python people asif if zope has not been doing x for years05:09
cutgovspendinghigh hilarity05:09
kosheventually those other places will learn about security05:11
cutgovspendingwhat is link to that essay?05:20
cutgovspendingits comedy05:20
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koshdon't know what you are talking about?05:40
cutgovspendingthe essay ive been quoting05:46
koshI haev read it at some point but have no idea where it is but I am sur eyou can put those phrases into google to find it05:48
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mcdoncwow, was that a driveby zope trolling?06:59
koshI think he liked zope07:01
koshbut he is weird so it was not very interesting07:01
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mcdoncno, i think he might have been calling it a comedy routine07:12
mcdoncbut maybe not07:12
koshcould be also07:17
koshoverall it doesn't matter much07:17
mcdoncyeah.. better he disappear07:19
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CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118544 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ ( Set injector config. Add len to neededinclusions class. Set neededinclusions for every request.09:50
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CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118545 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ Small but significant differences for Python 3.10:47
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CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118546 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ ( README.txt intermediate checkin, tests still fail11:32
CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118547 hurry.zoperesource/src/hurry/zoperesource/ ( intermediate checking, tests still fail11:32
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CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118548 hurry.zoperesource/src/hurry/zoperesource/ ( configure.zcml do not register resources for the libraries, ++resource++ URLs however still work by registering a traversable HurryResource component inestead.13:51
CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118549 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ ( generated URLs do never end in a slash to make concating paths more uniform13:51
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CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-hurry.resource * r118550 grokproject/grokproject/template/etc/ (debug.ini.in_tmpl deploy.ini.in_tmpl): Re-order filters in order to have them in the same order as the pipeline. Don't set publisher prefix for hurry.resource. Add accesslogging in deploy configuration.14:33
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CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118551 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ (README.txt get some of the test pass again...15:03
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-hurry.resource * r118552 grokproject/grokproject/template/etc/debug.ini.in_tmpl: In development, run hurry.resource in devmode.15:03
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-hurry.resource * r118553 grokproject/grokproject/template/ (buildout.cfg_tmpl etc/zope.conf.in_tmpl): Move the devmode setting to buildout.cfg15:03
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CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118554 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ (6 files): All except one (which installed Distribute 0.6.14, which has Python 3 bugs) now pass.15:18
CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118555 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ (4 files): dependencylinks.txt and upgrading_distribute.txt passes.15:18
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CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118556 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ ( download.txt): download.txt passes15:34
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hariomHi, I want to understand what happens when a python script says  ... request.RESPONSE.redirect('index.html')  a=10; b=30; c=a*b ...15:52
hariomDoes the control returns immediately after request.RESPONSE.redirect? when the code after that will get executed?15:52
mgedminwhat happens is that request.RESPONSE gets a few attributes set -- the HTTP status code and the Location header15:55
mgedminotherwise, code continues executing15:55
mgedminwait, this is zope 215:55
mgedminI don't know what happens in zope 215:55
betabugI think it's the same in zope 2 land15:56
betabugif you want to redirect immediately you do return REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(url)15:57
betabugpersonally I think it's not so clean style to do other stuff after the redirect() call15:57
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hariombetabug, mgedmin: when will the code written after that gets executed? I have seen scripts where code is written after request.RESPONSE.redirect(url). And the url to which it is getting redirected, again accessing the same python script.15:58
mgedminthe code gets executed immediatelly15:59
mgedminand after that, zope returns the response (which says to redirect) to the browser15:59
mgedminand after that the browser performs a new request15:59
neo|4Dyou should not execute code after a redirect15:59
mgedminredirecting back to the same url you've just visited is nifty after form submission15:59
mgedminbecause if you just return a response, the user can't refresh the page without resubmitting the form16:00
betabughariom: do: return REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(url) # note the "return"16:00
betabugto make things clear16:00
mgedmin(unless the script is badly written and _relies_ on the side effects of the code being executed after the redirect() call)16:01
mgedmin(hopefully nobody would write a script like that)16:01
betabugin which case it needs fixing16:01
betabug"throwing away" is a valid interpretation of "fixing" IMHO16:02
* mgedmin fights temptation to suggest throwing away any zope2-based sites16:02
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betabugts ts ts16:02
hariommegedmin: so if there is any code after the "request.RESPONSE.redirect(url)", it will get executed before the actual "return" happens. Right!16:02
mgedminhariom, correct16:03
CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118557 zc.buildout/ (5 files in 2 dirs): z3c.recipe.scripts tests pass16:03
CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118558 hurry.zoperesource/src/hurry/zoperesource/ ( Register a factory for every library.16:03
hariommgedmin: what does it actually do when we say request.RESPONSE.redirect(url)? Will it set the cookies (if any in the "url" page) etc? can I use those values set by request.RESPONSE.redirect(url) in the code below it?16:06
betabughariom: please, don't go there16:06
betabugit's not good practice16:07
hariombetabug: I also belive that but I just want to know if that what can be done. If it is possible then it means "redirect" asynchronously sending the "url" to the browser and continuing the remider of the code with new "request" variables. I am trying to debug a script I have with me.16:08
betabugno, it's not doing anything asynchronous16:08
hariombetabug: May be synchronously. So it will wait for the redirect to complete and execute the reminder of the code.16:10
betabugit just sets the request up to become a redirect16:10
hariomThen what does redirect do?16:10
betabugonce the processing of the request ends, it sends the redirect respone to the browser16:11
betabugjust look at the code that you write: request.RESPONSE.redirect() <- you're setting a "redirect" method on the RESPONSE object of your request16:11
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betabugwell, s/setting/calling/16:12
hariombetabug: It means that I can set the redirect multiple times in my script. One when the form is called, another when the form values are set. If(form values) redirect(url1)  Else redirect(url2)16:13
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betabugbut as I said, it's much clearer not to do that16:14
hariomprobably? why16:14
betabugjust do a "return request.RESPONSE.redirect(url)" at the end16:15
betabugnotice the "return"16:15
CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118559 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ (windows.txt virtualenv.txt buildout.txt The tests in and windows.txt run now, as well as most in virtualenv.txt.16:18
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CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118560 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ (README.txt continue on the tests, do not cache signature when computed in devmode.16:33
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CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118561 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ (README.txt hashing is optional, but "on" by default, more tests pass16:49
* mgedmin becomes interested in hurry.resource16:51
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CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118562 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ (README.txt fix more tests, make library lookup-by-name17:56
CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118563 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ ( README.txt quick test for library lookup by name17:56
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CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118565 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ (README.txt fix more tests18:39
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CIA-82janjaapdriessen janjaapdriessen-resource-publisher * r118566 hurry.resource/src/hurry/resource/ Configure rollup and bottom from paster.19:06
CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118567 zope.hookable/src/zope/hookable/_zope_hookable.c: This definition of PyVarObject_HEAD_INIT is the one used in Python 2.6, and seems much more sane than the old one, that I got from 2to3c.19:06
CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118568 zope.i18nmessageid/src/zope/i18nmessageid/_zope_i18nmessageid_message.c: Used a more sensible definition of PyVarObject_HEAD_INIT19:06
CIA-82regebro regebro-python3 * r118569 zope.proxy/src/zope/proxy/_zope_proxy_proxy.c: Used a more sensible definition of PyVarObject_HEAD_INIT19:06
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CIA-82janwijbrand janjaapdriessen-wsgi * r118570 hurry.zoperesource/ (4 files in 3 dirs): minimal test fixes19:22
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CIA-82fdrake * r118571 zc.zope3recipes/ (3 files in 2 dirs): add support for script initialization code19:40
CIA-82fdrake * r118572 /zc.zope3recipes/tags/ (5 files in 3 dirs): tag release 0.13.019:40
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CIA-82ldr * r118573 Products.GenericSetup/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Toolset import: Support replacement of subclassed tools.20:50
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CIA-82ldr * r118573 Products.GenericSetup/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Toolset import: Support replacement of subclassed tools.21:05
CIA-82ldr 1.4 * r118574 Products.GenericSetup/Products/GenericSetup/ ( tests/ CHANGES.txt): Backport [118573]21:05
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