IRC log of #zope for Thursday, 2010-12-02

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nitrogenycswhat do you guys use to run your server? zdaemon or supervisord or something else?00:15
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planetzopebotMigrating a blobstorage (Ross Patterson)
smnitrogenycs: supervisord, love it01:07
smwell, let's say I like it a great deal01:07
nitrogenycssm: ok thank you01:09
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dixondfolks, I have an unusual ZODB corruption problem.06:04
dixondZEO is complaining about a transaction length check for the FS file failing when starting up, but the fsdump log doesn't show any transactions past a slightly earlier offset06:04
dixondhow big is the header information for each transaction? I assume I need to truncate the ZODB to get rid of the last cruft, but I don't know where to chop06:04
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percioushow do i run multiple zope instances on the same machine?08:59
perciouscan i just modify my zope.conf and then start it?08:59
perciousseems like zope prevents me from running two instances08:59
davisaglipercious: should be fine as long as they are using different HTTP ports09:05
percioushow do i tell zopectl to use the different configs?09:05
davisaglipercious: sorry, not sure...I'm usually dealing with the startup scripts generated by plone.recipe.zope2instance09:05
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d2mpercious: there should be a bin/zopectl script in every instance you install09:08
perciousyeah, i see it09:08
perciousive tried to mod it, but it only starts one instance09:08
d2myou just need to start them09:08
d2mdo you use buildout?09:09
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perciousthis is a throw-away zope09:09
d2mok, there is a file etc/zope.conf09:09
perciouswe are replacing with TG09:09
perciousyeah, i coppied that09:09
perciousmade port changes09:09
d2medit it and change the port address09:09
perciousdid that09:09
d2mwhen you just copy/pas all paths stay the same09:10
d2myou need to run bin/mkzopeinstance ...09:10
d2mor hand edit the paths in zope.conf and site.zcml to your needs09:10
d2mhow did you install the zope distribution?09:11
d2malso if you copied, remove the .pyc files in your copy09:12
perciousi dont see why i need two whole copies of zope09:13
perciouswhy cant i just copy the .conf file and make port changes09:13
perciousand then use zopectl?09:13
d2musually you install the zope distribution, from there create instances with mkzopeinstance09:14
d2mfor example
perciousbut i want the instances to be identical09:15
d2mdon't know which release you are installing right now ...09:16
d2mthe instances are identical, except for the different port addresses09:16
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d2myou can make them into ZEO clients and serve the ZODB from a single ZEO server09:17
perciousyes, i have a zeo going09:17
perciousi want multiple clients09:17
d2myes, run mkzopeinstance and edit the port address and database settings in zope.conf09:17
perciousand move the products over?09:18
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perciousand find -name "*.pyc" | xargs rm ?09:18
d2myou can do that if you like09:19
perciouswill a symbolic link work>?09:19
d2myou can put the products folder anywhere and symlink it into the client instances09:19
perciouswhat about the static dir?09:20
perciousi guess that is best as a symbolic link09:20
d2mi don't know of a static dir09:21
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perciousokay, it seems to work with symbolic links wazoo'd09:27
perciouswhen I start the 3rd instance, zope tells me it's already running with pid from the first instance09:32
perciousdaemon process already running; pid=768109:35
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planetzopebotRich text on a property sheet (Mock It!)
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CIA-82thefunny42 sylvain-zope213 * r118664 five.grok/ (README.txt buildout.cfg src/five/grok/configure.zcml): Fix configure.zcml for zope.contentprovider ZCML who is broken under Zope 2.13.12:08
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gorakhargoshI'm getting an annoying error that doesn't let me run doctests with nosetests.  "Usage: This is a custom version of the zc.buildout nosetests script. It is intended to meet a temporary need if you encounter problems with the zc.buildout 1.5 release. nosetests: error: no such option: --with-doctest"  Why does this happen?12:28
gorakhargoshI hope I'm asking in the right place.12:28
Charlie_Xgorakhargosh: Not really the right place.12:29
gorakhargoshCharlie_X: Where should I ask then?12:29
Charlie_XI think there is a mailing list for buildout.12:29
woscbuildout is discussed on the distutils-sig mailinglist12:30
woscbut since I read "nose" in there, this might concern not the buildout people but the nose people12:30
woscthen again, I don't know, really12:30
gorakhargoshwell since zc.buildout is somehow forcing me to use it own custom version of nosetests, I'd think the zc.buildout mailing list would be right place. =)12:31
woscgorakhargosh: true that :)12:32
CIA-82janjaapdriessen * r118665 zope.fanstatic/ (buildout.cfg src/zope/fanstatic/tests/ Moved fanstatic to <fanstatic> bitbucket account. Update imports.12:33
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tulgawhich version of zope can I use on python 2.6?12:43
tulgais there any page saying python and zope's compatability?12:45
betabugthe latest Zope 2 (2.12, 2.13) will work with python 2.612:45
betabugthis one is not fully up-to-date (zope 2.13 missing):
betabugand ofcoz that "Zope 3" entry is by now probably totally useless12:47
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Charlie_Xtulga Zope 2.12 and Zope 2.13 both support Python 2.612:48
tulgathank you all :D12:48
tulgawhen I run "mkzopeinstance" it was throwing an error DistributionNotFound: zope.traversing12:49
tulgait seems I need to link zope directory to something in PYTHON_PATH12:49
Charlie_XNo, you don't12:50
Charlie_XIt could just be an infrastructure error.12:50
tulga"make install" command just installed in /usr/local/Zope12:51
tulgathen how to install it correct? :)12:51
Charlie_Xtulga I'm just running a test install12:53
Charlie_XWhich users on your machine need to access Zope? Are you planning more than one install?12:55
tulgano, just one is enough.12:56
tulgai wanted to play with it :)12:56
Charlie_XI'd suggest you do it in a "virtual environment" then.12:57
Charlie_XInstall "virtualenv" for your Python then the following12:58
Charlie_Xvirtualenv-2-6 --no-site-packages zope21312:58
Charlie_Xcd zope21312:58
Charlie_Xeasy_install zope212:58
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Charlie_XI installed my instance into "my_zope"12:59
Charlie_Xcd my_zope12:59
Charlie_Xbin/zopectl fg12:59
Charlie_XWorked fine for me.13:00
Charlie_XNote you do not need to be root to do this. Actually you *shouldn't* be root to do it.13:00
betabugespecially when just playing around13:00
tulgaah, yes.13:00
betabugin that case root is always never a good idea on *nix13:00
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Charlie_XIf you hit any problems or get fed up you can just rm -rf the zope213 folder13:01
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tulgaok, i am doing steps13:02
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tulgawhat about zope3 ?13:08
tulgacan I install it using easy_install?13:08
tulgawhat is the package name of Zope313:09
tulgathanks charlie_x, i am in virtualenv13:09
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Charlie_XZope3 doesn't exist any more. BlueBream is probably what you're after,13:13
Charlie_XAlthough I've no experience with it.13:13
Charlie_XAre you a BSD system?13:14
tulgano, i am on edubuntu13:14
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tulgais that mean Zope3 is not good? I attracted to the zope because people are saying that "zope leads, python follows", "it is component based"13:16
Charlie_XZope3 doesn't exist any more.13:16
Charlie_XZope is great.13:16
Charlie_XWhether you want to use it depends on your needs.13:17
tulgajust changed the name?13:17
tulgaZope3 to BlueBream? or Zope3 is dead?13:17
Charlie_XThere was unavoidable confusion between Zope2 and Zope3. So Zope3 was renamed to BlueBream. But it's a different beast.13:17
Charlie_XI personally do a lot of component based development with Zope213:18
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tulgaah, yes. i came from django13:18
tulgafound out django is not extensible.13:18
tulgaone function with many arguments, lol13:19
Charlie_XIf you came from Django you might be more at home with BFG/Pyramid13:19
betabugyeah, I was going to suggest that too13:19
Charlie_XBut Zope2 + CMF is a great basis for content management.13:19
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Charlie_XAlternatively you might want to try Grok - a sort of simplified approach to the pure component architecture.13:21
betabugchoices, choices!13:21
tulgathank you for recommending :)13:21
betabugboth grok + bfg/pyramid have good docs I think13:21
tulgai am installing zope 2.1313:21
Charlie_XCurrently I think BFG/Pyramid has the best documentation and I'd recommend it for anyone wanting to play around with the programming side of things.13:21
betabugthey have a free *book* out :-)13:22
Charlie_XOkay. zope2.13 is good for looking at stuff in the browser. You install it, start it and can look at stuff straight away. That should help introduce you to the Zope world.13:22
Charlie_Xbetabug: you can also buy a hard copy of it.13:23
betabugyupp, saw that13:23
betabugbut free online is good to get you started13:23
Charlie_XAlways worth having hard copy of reference books.13:23
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tulgait maybe silly question, which version of zope is twisted using?13:27
Charlie_XAFAIK twisted doesn't use Zope13:27
Charlie_XIt might use zope.component and zope.interface, ie. libraries from Zope but it is a completely independent project.13:28
tulgayep, independent. but these independent projects are part zope, right? then which version13:29
tulgayes, i saw that twisted imports these component libraries13:30
betabugthey probably pick up some components (libraries) from zope13:30
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tulgathank you. then all zope2 versions uses interface and components. am i right?13:30
tulgai am doing baby steps, i am sorry.13:31
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tulgai will not bother again, when i have strong background.13:31
assassinsppadicmorning all13:31
betabughaha, keep on asking :-)13:31
tulgaokay, is that right?13:32
betabugolder Zope 2 versions don't use interfaces and components, not exactly I'd say13:32
betabugbut starting from 2.12 things got a lot more "modern"13:32
betabugzope 2 used to be a "block install", where you just got a .tgz with everything inside13:33
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Charlie_Xbetabug: zope2.12 was largely a change in packaging. Zope2 has been using components for a while.13:53
betabugit's just that nobody noticed13:53
Charlie_Xtulga: zope libraries are used by lots of different projects because they are useful. The library approach is what makes it extensible.13:53
Charlie_Xbetabug: not true, I've been doing ZCA based stuff since Zope 2.1013:54
Charlie_XThe CMF is full of it.13:54
betabugthat's not "a long time" in my book :-)13:54
Charlie_XTime is relative, lunchtime doubly so.13:55
betabugI've been using interfaces with zope 2.5, but nobody knew what they were good for :-)13:55
tulgahere is night, hehe. some people are saying good morning.13:55
assassinsppadichello all wondering if anyone could offer a bit of advice on poskey errors in zodb13:55
assassinsppadichave zope2.9.9 running with python2.4.513:55
Charlie_XI still think most people don't still don't know what interfaces are goo for! ;-)13:56
betabugassassinsppadic: put the full traceback on a pastebin13:56
assassinsppadicbeen searching n seems like broken object deletion is the only route13:56
assassinsppadicok betabug thanks13:56
Charlie_Xtulga: we generally all say good morning whenever we join a channel.13:58
tulgaah, yes.13:58
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assassinsppadicany help guidance would be greatly appreciated14:00
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assassinsppadicwilkommen vladdracul :-)14:11
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CIA-82gotcha * r118666 gocept.selenium/ (8 files in 3 dirs): tests run with plone.testing branch for Plone315:04
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CIA-82faassen * r118667 ldappas/ More modern bootstrap.17:20
CIA-82faassen * r118668 ldappas/buildout.cfg:17:20
CIA-82* lock down buildout to 1.4.3 until a new zc.recipe.cmmi can be17:20
CIA-82* Update to newer openldap, so that things compile with modern gcc.17:20
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donriI get LockError if I make two ZODB FileStorage for the same database, in two processes.17:25
donriHow should I deal with that?17:25
gorakhargoshJust in case anybody was wondering about my question earlier, nosetests scans in the project directory for tests too and stops working. Giving the executable permissions excludes it from nosetests and then makes it work correctly. HTH someone. =)17:25
betabugdonri: use ZEO17:25
donriIs that the only way?17:26
betabugit's the proper way17:26
donriOK thanks17:26
betabugas 2 processes writing to the same file will get you a *lot* of trouble17:27
donriYea figures :)17:27
betabugwell, ZEO is in general a good idea, very robust and widely used17:27
donriWell I was enjoying the simplicity of it "just working" with zero-setup in development, until I wanted to use the DB from a shell while running the dev server17:29
betabugsetting up ZEO is really very close to zero setup17:29
betabugmake the zeo instance, move the Data.fs to it, start it up17:29
betabugchange some lines in your zope.conf, restart the zope instance, done17:30
betabugwhile developing, you never do anything with the zeo instance, just restart zope when you need to17:30
donriNot Zope actually but yea17:30
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CIA-82faassen * r118669 ldappas/ (4 files in 2 dirs):17:49
CIA-82Use ZTK. Getting rid of is more involved, and will17:49
CIA-82have to wait.17:49
CIA-82faassen * r118670 ldappas/ (CHANGES.txt
CIA-82Clean up dependencies somewhat, but won't be really clean until we17:49
CIA-82get rid of
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CIA-82thefunny42 sylvain-zope213 * r118671 five.grok/ (README.txt buildout.cfg): Update version to latest available.18:08
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waldican I share a blob cache directory for zeo 3.8 clients?18:28
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CIA-82malthe * r118672 Products.PluggableAuthService/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Fixed an issue where a bad cookie value would raise an inappropriate exception.19:35
CIA-82malthe 1.6 * r118673 Products.PluggableAuthService/Products/PluggableAuthService/plugins/ ( tests/ Fixed an issue where a bad cookie value would raise an inappropriate exception.19:35
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RaceConditionhow do I find all classes that (in)directly implement an interface? smth like IFoo.getImplementors() or19:52
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* mgedmin doesn't remember19:54
mgedminyou could go read zope.component's docs and try to find out19:54
mgedminor you could look at how apidoc does this19:54
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waldiERROR ZEO.zrpc (24042) can't decode message: '(K3K\x01U\tserialnos(]((U\x08\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00U\xc0\...'21:04
waldiokay, nothing cares about compatibility anymore21:04
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mgedminwaldi, I recommend the zodb mailing list21:09
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smwill text encoding errors be a thing of the past 10 years from now ?21:21
smI wonder21:21
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dixondpercious_: you ever get your other zope up?21:55
dixondpercious_: you need to also alter the runzope script which is generated.21:55
dixondpercious_: three things need to change for new zope: zopectl, runzope, zope.conf21:55
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dixondany relstorage bods in the house?23:09
dixondjust got an error trying to add a Plone Site to a relstorage DB23:09
dixondnever seen it before - all other parts of the setup are totally stable, just swapped ZEO for RelStorage.23:10
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waldidixond: why relstorage? is plone supported on relstorage?23:20
dixondhrm. deleted the (broken) site that got created, then re-created it with RelStolage 1.4.1 egg (was still on 1.4.0b3) now works. Obviously an old bug.23:20
dixondwaldi: *shrugs* RelStorage because it gives us the resiliency of Oracle RAC23:21
dixondwaldi: we have had other data in RelStorage for a while now - this is for a proof-of-concept23:21
dixondwaldi: although, my DBAs shit bricks when I explained that sometimes we commit 3gb transactions on the current setup ;-)23:22
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dixondaw bugger, I'm an idiot... nup, even with RelStorage 1.4.1 it still fails creating the site.23:31
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dixondoh dear, but it's worse - this is a heisenbug; I just instrumented the code to log some stuff when the exception is thrown, and now it works perfectly :-(23:56
*** J1m has joined #zope23:59

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