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planetzopebotPyramid "Auth" API Design Postmortem (plope)
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CIA-78ccomb * r119516 /bluebream/website/main/ (5 files in 3 dirs): new style for the inner pages01:34
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CIA-78ccomb * r119517 /bluebream/website/ (3 files in 3 dirs): logo and navbar for the doc sphinx too02:03
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CIA-78jim * r119518 /Sandbox/J1m/dozodb/ (8 files in 2 dirs):02:19
CIA-78Updated tests to test both the client and server code.02:19
CIA-78Added a separate webob module with a webob-based helper function that02:19
CIA-78can be used by webob-based applications (like bobo), and a webob-based02:19
CIA-78wsgi application.02:19
CIA-78ccomb * r119519 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/_templates/layout.html: fixed a link02:19
CIA-78ccomb * r119520 /bluebream/website/main/blue/static/style.css: fixed css02:19
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bobo_bHi. How can I internationalize a strftime output? python datetime objects check the systems locale, zope's DateTime object seem to as well. Is there no t.strftime(format, lang)?10:12
betabugmaybe you can use the python datetime version? (dunno if that does it better)10:13
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bobo_bbetabug: the python datetime behaves differently according to the locale10:21
bobo_byou can't give it a dynamic locale10:21
betabugthen use that one :-)10:25
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bobo_bbetabug: well i can't, it  looks at the system locale, but it doesn't care about zope's i18n of course :-)10:34
betabugoh, I thought you meant you could feed the python datetime with the locale you wanted10:34
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CIA-78jens 2.2 * r119521 Products.DCWorkflow/Products/DCWorkflow/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - release prep for version 2.2.310:54
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CIA-78jens * r119522 /Products.DCWorkflow/tags/2.2.3: - tagging version 2.2.311:16
CIA-78jens 2.2 * r119523 Products.DCWorkflow/Products/DCWorkflow/ (version.txt CHANGES.txt): - vb11:16
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_mup_Bug #701837 was filed: Synthetic module '' is confusing <zope.browsermenu:New> < >11:55
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CIA-78janwijbrand * r119524 hurry.resource/ (src/hurry/resource/README.txt add a warning about hurry.resource being superseded by Fanstatic12:49
CIA-78janwijbrand * r119525 hurry.resource/CHANGES.txt: add a warning about hurry.resource being superseded by Fanstatic12:49
CIA-78janwijbrand * r119526 hurry.zoperesource/ (src/hurry/zoperesource/README.txt CHANGES.txt add a warning about hurry.zoperesource being superseded by zope.fanstatic13:08
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CIA-78janwijbrand * r119526 hurry.zoperesource/ (src/hurry/zoperesource/README.txt CHANGES.txt add a warning about hurry.zoperesource being superseded by zope.fanstatic13:27
CIA-78janwijbrand * r119527 hurry.yui/ (CHANGES.txt README.txt): add a warning about hurry.yui being superseded by js.yui13:27
CIA-78janwijbrand * r119528 hurry.yui/ (CHANGES.txt README.txt): fix typo13:27
CIA-78janwijbrand * r119529 hurry.jquery/ (CHANGES.txt README.txt): add a warning about hurry.jquery being superseded by js.jquery13:27
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CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119530 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: Add ztk 1.1 branch.14:21
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CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119531 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/buildbots.rst: Update ztk 1.1 branch buildbot output.14:34
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heverhej kosh thanks for your idea. with python-profiler installed, the profiler works! But the output of the most time consuming "calls" is not very helpful
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heverWhat is the function "0(read)" that takes so much time?15:01
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mgedminlooks like a builtin15:05
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mgedminso reading from a file (or, maybe, a network socket) is taking most of the time15:06
hevermgedmin, ah if I choose callers I can see what scripts call it... nice15:07
mgedminRunSnakeRun is a good tool for visualizing profiles15:07
mgedminalso, pyprof2calltree15:07
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hevermgedmin, for plone or zope or for analysing a profile file?15:17
mgedminthey're not plone/zope specific15:18
mgedminand they want a pstats file, iirc15:18
mgedminI'm not sure how you convince zope2 to create one15:18
mgedminI don't think I've ever used the zope 2 profiler15:18
mgedminthere's wsgi middleware out there that lets you profile stuff15:19
mgedminand I think these days zope 2 can be deployed as a wsgi app15:19
mgedminDozer (unreleased version from bitbucket) has a very nice profiler:
mgedminwell, pretty nice15:20
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CIA-78janwijbrand * r119532 grok/src/grok/ ( remove remnants from the REST code that moved to grokcore.rest15:26
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CIA-78janwijbrand * r119533 groktoolkit/ (buildout.cfg grok.cfg): use ZTK-1.1c116:03
klawdhow can i document a classmethod in an interface?16:08
klawdjust like in the class itself?16:08
klawdand would i call implements or something else?16:09
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mgedminklawd, document it as a normal def in a separate interface, then say that your class alsoProvides() this separate interface16:26
klawdmh ok16:26
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CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119534 megrok.layout/ (buildout.cfg docs/HISTORY.txt Compatibility with grokcore.view 2.317:45
CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119535 megrok.layout/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Preparing release 1.317:45
CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119536 /megrok.layout/tags/1.3: Tagging 1.317:45
CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119537 megrok.layout/ (docs/HISTORY.txt post release17:45
CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119538 grokui.base/ (buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.517:45
CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119539 /grokui.base/tags/0.5: Tagging 0.517:45
CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119540 grokui.base/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.617:45
CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119541 grokui.admin/ ( src/grokui/admin/tests/ buildout.cfg): Use zope.fanstatic layer in order to make tests in grokui.base pass.17:45
CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119542 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: Update to newer grokcore.view and megrok.layout.17:45
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CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119543 grokui.admin/buildout.cfg: These versions are now in the groktoolkit trunk.18:16
CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119544 megrok.layout/buildout.cfg: This version is now in the groktoolkit.18:16
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heverCan somebody explain the output of the CallProfiler? 1.7269   53.2%    |18:30
hever+1.7269 0.0002 0.0% +- enableHTTPCompression18:30
mgedminI can take a wild guess18:31
mgedmin53% time spent in that function, but all of it was actually spent in functions called from it18:32
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heverok sry here:
hevermgedmin, but what function?!18:36
mgedminah, those were two lines, not one!18:38
mgedminso, 1.7 seconds spent in the main function -- the one you were profiling18:39
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mgedminthen it called enableHTTPCompression, then navigationParent etc.18:39
mgedminI'm not sure "main function" is right -- could be a page template, etc.18:40
heverbut what is this main function?18:40
heveryes what could it be?18:40
heverits for an url http://myresource/view18:40
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mgedminI'm afraid I'm not very familiar with plone (or zope2's CallProfiler for that matter)18:40
heverAnd you see the first entry. I'm not sure what the first 1.7269 secs happened.18:41
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mgedminyes, that's the question, isn't it18:43
mgedminand CallProfiler doesn't answer18:43
CIA-78janwijbrand jw-documentation-rearangement * r119545 groktoolkit/ (552 files in 139 dirs): start moving Grok documentation to the groktoolkit18:44
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heverOk there are some slides from Andy McKay,
heverBut they're not available... and a video. Not sure perhaps somebody have a backup ;)18:48
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CIA-78jim * r119546 /Sandbox/J1m/ (template/branches/dev template-dev): Separate initial project template from svn project-tree template20:04
CIA-78jim * r119547 /Sandbox/J1m/ (template svn-template): Separate initial project template from svn project-tree template20:04
CIA-78jim * r119548 /Sandbox/J1m/ (template template-dev): Separate initial project template from svn project-tree template20:04
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CIA-78patricks * r119549 zc.catalog/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Fix a bug in the extent catalog's searchResults method20:42
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CIA-78jim * r119550 /Sandbox/J1m/jsonform: yet another form project :)21:01
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CIA-78jim * r119551 /Sandbox/J1m/jsonform/ (9 files in 4 dirs): housekeeping21:19
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J1mI wonder if people are still using zope.formlib.21:41
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rdzhi all. i'm running a zwiki website and i would like to add user authentication to my site. what product might be most suitable for that?22:49
rdzi found exUserFolder, but i'm not sure, if that is the right tool for what i want and I also don't know how to integrate it into the zwiki site22:50
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koshbetabug: wake up!23:31
koshrdz: I think betabug knows a lot about zwiki, just need to get him to wake up23:31
smthat's right.. and TheJester knows about XUF23:31
koshI still use exUserFolder23:31
koshmy modified version allows secure cookie auth to actually be shared over the session system with zeo23:32
rdzkosh, let him sleep...23:32
koshwhich is very nice for cluster/load balancing stuff23:32
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rdzaha.. I guess that would be a bit too advanced for my needs23:33
rdzsm, the 'MembershipSource' tells me the Site Base and also the name of the LoginForm. But when I access that page, it's Zwiki that proposes me to create that page.23:35
smyou have a custom standard_error_message in your wiki folder that's being activated23:36
rdzI added the Product into my zwiki folder in the ZMI. is that supposed to work like this or should i add the product on the same level as the wiki?23:36
smnormally it's only for 404's.. are you getting one of those ?23:36
rdzsm, aha. that page is not from zwiki then. i see23:37
smyes.. that url does not exist23:38
rdz"MembershipSource" says: Site base: and "Relative Path of Login Page: LoginForm"23:40
rdzso I thought i should compose like this:
smI found which says "add an ExUserFolder acl_users in your wiki folder. You'll need to study the XUF documentation and fiddle around in there to set up the login form"23:41
smExUserFolder is installed in your Products dir on the filesystem and should then appear in /Control_Panel/Products in the ZMI of course23:41
rdzsm, alright. thanks23:42
rdzactually, the authentication is already working. when i add /editform to any of the pages, it asks me to provide username and password and then i can edit the page... that's already great23:43
smwell, that's the basic authentication built in to zope23:44
smexUserFolder, once working, will give you a nicer cookie-based login form23:45
rdzyou say, that was always working.. :-)23:45
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