IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2011-01-11

CIA-78janjaapdriessen * r119477 /Sandbox/janjaapdriessen/buildbot/buildout.cfg: Test jquery metadata fanstatic package.00:04
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CIA-78jim * r119478 /Sandbox/J1m/dozodb/src/zc/dozodb/test_setup.js:00:35
CIA-78Wrote a js pretty printer because the one in dojo.toJson doesn't00:35
CIA-78normalize property order and I need that for doc tests.00:35
CIA-78Updated the xhr stub to use it.00:35
CIA-78jim * r119479 /Sandbox/J1m/dozodb/src/zc/dozodb/dozodb.js: Updated to reflect pointers gleanded from "JavaScript: The Good Parts".00:35
CIA-78jim * r119480 /Sandbox/J1m/dozodb/src/zc/dozodb/dozodb.js.test: checkpoint00:35
CIA-78jim * r119481 /manuel/branches/jim-custom-doctest-parsers: Play w customizing the doctest parser.00:35
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CIA-78jim jim-custom-doctest-parsers * r119482 manuel/src/manuel/
CIA-78Added plumbing to pass an alternate doctest parser.01:34
CIA-78Still need tests.01:34
CIA-78jim * r119483 /Sandbox/J1m/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Custo manuel that allows passing custom doctest parsers.01:34
CIA-78mauritsvanrees * r119484 AccessControl/ (CHANGES.txt src/AccessControl/ Return the created user in _doAddUser.02:03
CIA-78mauritsvanrees * r119485 Products.PluggableAuthService/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Return the created user in _doAddUser, to match change in AccessControl
CIA-78mauritsvanrees * r119486 Zope/ (12 files in 7 dirs): Report success or failure (when known) of creating a new user with the addzope2user script.02:03
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CIA-78mauritsvanrees 2.13 * r119487 Zope/ (12 files in 7 dirs):02:19
CIA-78Merged r119486 from trunk:02:19
CIA-78Report success or failure (when known) of creating a new user with02:19
CIA-78the addzope2user script.02:19
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mindspanHey folks02:37
mindspanAre there compatibility issues between zope and python 2.7.1?02:38
mindspanTrying to install zope on new rackspace server... installation procedure seems to change every time I do this... have tried both buildout and virtualenv and both have failed.02:41
davisaglimindspan: Zope 2.13 is the first version to support python 2.702:47
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daweefolkwith zope 3.4 the website says I can use python 2.5.x; is that correct?03:28
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koshmindspan: when doing a zope 2.13 install on rackspace I can tell you how I did it if you want03:29
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heverHej I'm in performance trouble with a zope server and can't find useful documentation of "cache-size" or "zserver-threads"... (It's an very old 2.9.9)03:56
heverAt the moment it's set to "zserver-threads 2" and "cache-size 1792MB" with a ZEO client cache... but I'm not sure if this is useful...03:58
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koshwhat kind of performance problem?04:34
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heverkosh, loading a site is very slow04:50
koshhave you profiled the system to find out why it is slow?04:50
heverkosh, about 2-6 secs if I access it directly not over a reverse proxy...04:50
heverkosh, whats a good tool for this?04:51
koshzope has a builtin profiler04:51
koshyou just have to turn on profilng in zope.conf and restart zope04:51
koshthen hit a few pages that are slow and go into the control panel and then under debug there is profiling information04:51
hever2.9.9 ?04:51
heverkosh, do you know what settings are useful for cache-size? There are two cache-size settings available in the config.04:52
koshone is for zeo and the other is for how many zope will keep in memory at a time04:53
koshdo you have zeo and zope on the same system?04:53
heverkosh, yes both are on the same system. the one for zope is the number of objects and the one for zeo is in MB. Is this MB per thread or the complete available memory?04:54
koshif they are on the same system I set the zeo cache-size to 004:55
koshfor the regular cache size I normally set it to about 500004:56
koshbut lets find out why your system is slow04:56
koshhow large is your db? have you packed it recently?04:56
hever0 means unlimited? and this is no prob ?04:56
heveror does it mean do not cache?04:57
koshit means no cache04:57
koshif you have zope and zeo on the same system you don't need a zeo cache04:57
heverhmmm but memory cache should be faster than retriving data via ZEO, not ?04:57
koshzope is already going to cache objects with the above statement04:57
koshif zope does not have the data it is going to have to get it anyways04:57
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koshwhat that zeo cache is doing is storing a file on the filesystem to cache the data from zeo04:58
koshit truly is not needed if they are on the same system and having it can seriously slow things down04:58
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heveryes I see that makes sense... (I'm restarting with the profiling option at the moment)04:59
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heverkosh, wih the profiler it's that slow, that I don't get any results. I get no response via web from zope... the profile.dat is not created, too...05:20
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koshyou don't need profile.dat05:23
koshyou go to yourserver/Control_Panel/DebugInfo/manage_profile05:24
heveryes ok but the ZMI is not usable... it's just loading05:25
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heverkosh, but the cpu load on the server is ~005:27
koshhmm that seems strange05:27
koshnormally it slows down by not insanely so05:27
heverdoesn't look like zope is doing anything05:28
hevermust I turn the debug mode on ?05:28
koshnope just profilng05:28
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heverkosh, ok profiling seems not working. If I set cache-size to 0 I get an 503 - Service Not Available. I just can comment it out...05:34
koshjust setting cache-size 0    should not change anything05:35
koshdid you actually litterally write "cache-size to 0"  ?05:36
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heverit's "cache-size 0" in <zeoclient> in <zodb_db main>05:39
koshmine is just cache-size 0             for the zeoclient part and cache-size 5000 for the part above it05:42
kosha cache size of 100K is likely to kill your machine if you have much data05:42
heverits zope 2.9.905:43
koshoh also don't set zserver-threads to 10, 4 is about as much as you should ever do05:43
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heverwhy not more ?05:44
koshtry setting the outer cache-size to 5000 and the inner one to 0 and restart zope with profiling on and just go into /manage and see what it does05:44
koshmore threads means a lot more memory usage and it doesn't really help with concurrency05:44
koshmore threads are mostly useful if you have long term blocking operations which should not happen in the first place05:45
koshlots of threads can also easily cause your IO contention to go too high and slow the system down05:45
koshbecause instead of having a simple read and getting it out of the way you have a lot more competing reads05:45
heverkosh, 503 - Service Not Available05:45
koshand if you look in the event.log did zope startup correctly?05:46
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heverkosh, no it doesn't start but I get no errors...05:53
heverkosh, if I comment cache-size 0 out it starts05:53
nitrogenycsiirc some older zodb versions had some issues when a certain cache size was 0 . I  don't recall if this was zeo client cache though.05:56
heverIn the eventlog I get "2011-01-11T04:55:54 INFO Zope Ready to handle requests" with active profiling but if I access the ZMI it's just loading...05:58
koshhmm I guess just comment it out then05:58
koshthat sure seems strange though05:58
_mup_Bug #440398: Very small persistent cache-size -> non-speaking assertion error <ZODB:Fix Released> < >05:58
koshthat it just hangs when you access the ZMI seems very strange05:59
koshhever: how much memory does your system have? how large is your db? are you using plone?05:59
heverkosh, 4GB Memory,   68536.4M Database (will become smaller in the future), and yes, with plone 2.506:02
koshhave you packed that database remotely recently?06:02
heverkosh, it does hang everywhere, not just in the ZMI06:02
heverno, never I think06:02
koshturn profiling off and restart zope06:03
heverI did06:03
koshthen if you have a backup try and pack that database but it will take a LONG time06:03
koshthat db is pretty large06:03
heverand it'll become smaller then? and more performant or what? There are some big multimedia files in it.06:04
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koshusually they become much smaller after being packed if you have been adding and deleting things06:04
koshhow large are the media files you have in there?06:04
heverfrom 8 to 500 MB06:05
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koshhmm files that big you should probably have on amazon s3 or something like that06:26
koshor setup blob support and store them in blobs instead of in the db06:26
koshthat last one though is a lot more complex right now06:26
heverI'll remove them in a few days, they are now stored just on the FS and served via a webserver06:31
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koshthe system should still not be that slow though07:04
koshthat is why I wanted to see the profiling data to find out what the system is doing07:04
koshI suspect that something on your pages is causing far more data to be loaded then should be07:04
heverI'm backing up everything, this could take one more hour...07:14
heverkosh, can it be useful to provide multiple zeoclients on one machine to improve performance ?07:20
koshif you loadbalance but that is complex07:21
heveryes sure I thought about loadbalancing...07:22
koshyour system has enough problems that it is likely that loadbalancing would not fix them in any realistic way07:22
koshyou have some severe performance problems somewhere in your app07:22
heverusing pound or squid (that is already in use)07:23
koshthat is usually the result of loading too much stuff you don't need or a result of doing calculations in a very very bad way07:23
koshprofiling should show that07:23
heverYes I'll look for that but I'm thinking further.07:23
heverkosh, so setting up two or more instances on a server with ~ 4GB RAM makes sense?07:24
koshthat depends on how many cpu cores you have07:24
koshthen it could make sense to setup 2 but that is complex07:25
heverwhy is it complex? squid for example is already running and could do this.07:26
koshyou would have to deal with authentication bouncing between servers etc07:26
koshyou can load balance but to do it correctly is complex and load balancing won't fix your problem07:26
heveraah squid can do that, too07:26
heveryes I think so, too07:26
koshnormally you would load balance and bind to a specific server but that still means that any given request will be slow as hell07:27
koshon my system I did a lot of work to share auth data over the sessioning system in zeo so that any request can go to any server instead of binding it per server07:27
koshthat allows the system to be much faster but also more complex07:27
koshhowever I would not even know where to start to do that in plone, it would likely require a lot of work07:28
koshhowever the basic problem is your system is hundreds of times slower then zope is capable of being and so there are problems in your code07:28
koshtrying to solve problems in your code by clustering, proxy etc stuff won't really help you07:32
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spavanHi all07:34
spavanDoes zope2 -212 version support 64bit windows machine?07:34
koshthat I have no clue about07:35
koshyour best bet it to ask on the list07:35
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koshI know there has been a lot of work on trying to get zope working better on windows07:41
koshwhat usually happens though is people work on it for a while, then they switch to unix and it goes unmaintained again07:41
nitrogenycsgrok/ztk works on windows just fine atm :)07:44
koshzope 2.12 and 2.13 are supposed to work just fine also I just don't see any prebuilt package for it07:46
koshI just found instructions for it while looking around07:46
koshhowever overall windows is a pain in the neck to develop on07:46
nitrogenycs:) I love it07:46
nitrogenycsI deploy on linux, but develop on windows07:47
kosh  that is supposed to be how to install on windows07:47
koshjust update to newer version numbers07:48
koshnitrogenycs: so far my experience with developing on windows I have despised07:48
spavankosh: i have installed zope2 212 in 64bit machine using buildout but i mange screen its showing its zope version is 32bit version but it has picked the 64bit dependency anu idea?07:49
koshhow do you know it is 32bit?07:50
koshI would expect that to be a 64bit version07:50
koshso long as python is 64bit07:51
spavankosh: iam using 64bit msi07:51
spavankosh: for python07:51
spavankosh:any idea07:53
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koshspavan: so how are you sure that you are using a 32bit zope install? where does it say the bit at?08:19
koshI thought you where using the amd64 egg you linked to up above08:21
koshif the amd64 egg installed then it should be running a 64bit version08:23
spavanyes but in manage screen its shwoing zope version as (2.12.13,pyth0n 2.6.5,win32) any idea plz08:24
koshdo you have a 64bit version of python installed?08:25
koshI wonder if it will show as win32 even if it is 64bit I have not tried on windows before08:25
koshso far all my experiences developing any software on windows has been uniformly negative08:31
koshsystem is just not stable enough when you really push it08:32
koshokay for toy stuff08:33
koshI know that is not a nice thing to say but too many years of using windows has certainly impacted my view of it08:33
spavanbut in ope manage screen its showing python version with 64bit installed08:36
spavankosh:in zope08:36
koshif it is using 64bit python and zope is a 64bit install then it should be fine08:36
koshwin32 is the name of the api in windows08:37
koshI don't know if it will show win64 if it is actually win6408:37
koshand the normal method of checking 32bit vs 64bit doesn't work vs windows08:38
koshnormally you can check sys.maxint but sys.maxint on 64bit on windows is still 32bit08:38
koshbecause windows chose a 64bit model unlike any other system other there08:38
koshwe had a nice 64bit standard that unixes, macs, cellphones etc all used an windows went its own route08:39
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spavankosh: thanks for the information :)08:49
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CIA-78ulif * r119488 grok/doc/.static/logo.png: Add PNG logo from community docs.10:03
CIA-78ulif * r119489 grok/doc/layout.html:10:03
CIA-78Update layout.html template10:03
CIA-78Redefine only the parts really different in our layout. The template10:03
CIA-78now inherits from the default layout template. This way at least the10:03
CIA-78correct .js files are included.10:03
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CIA-78icemac * r119490 gocept.selenium/ (src/gocept/selenium/README.txt CHANGES.txt): Using a URL of `Selenium RC` in README where version 1.0.3 can be downloaded (instead of 1.0.1) which works fine with Firefox on Mac OS X, too.10:38
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heverI'm going to move some contents of a directory to somewhere else. How can I create a rewrite rule for all old (no longer existing) files in there using Zope?11:21
hevercan I execute a script if a file is not found in a folder? For example via a naming convention?11:23
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heverany ideas? This should be somehow possible...11:30
CIA-78fretin * r119491 grokproject/CHANGES.txt: Added the 2.2.1 changelog entry11:33
CIA-78janwijbrand * r119492 grok/documentation_deployment.cfg: direct build output to a log file11:33
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betabughever: rewrite rules are done in your apache config12:04
betabugotherwise you can adjust the standard_error_message or ...12:04
heverI try this actually...12:04
betabugcode it into __before_publishing_traverse__ on the container (folder)12:05
heverI'm using lighttpd but whatever. I don't want to route the whole traffic through another system just for the rewrite capabilities.12:05
heverbetabug,  you mean a script called "__before_publishing_traverse__"  in the folder ?12:06
betabugwell, whatever webserver12:06
heversure ;)12:06
betabugdon't think you can do the __before_publishing_traverse__ in the ZMI12:06
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heverbetabug, can I redirect to another site from python in TAL ?12:15
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betabugget the request object, do a request.RESPONSE.redirect(url)12:18
betabugdunno if it makes any *sense* in TAL though12:18
betabugTAL is for displaying html12:19
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klawdhi! i'm trying IMyInterface.implementedBy(some_object_without_a_defined_interface) and get 'ImplementedBy called for non-factory'12:27
klawdwhat am i doing wrong here?12:27
klawdi just want to know if a certain object (could be anything, even str) implements a certain interface12:28
mgedminI think you want IMyInterface.providedBy()12:28
mgedmin"foo implements IBar" == when you call foo(), you get an object that corresponds to IBar12:28
mgedmin"foo provides IBar" == foo is an object that corresponds to IBar12:29
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klawdaye, thanks12:37
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CIA-78janwijbrand * r119493 /grok/branches/jw-documentation-rearangement: experiment with moving parts of the docs to groktoolkit13:05
CIA-78janwijbrand * r119494 /groktoolkit/branches/jw-documentation-rearangement: experiment with moving parts of the docs to groktoolkit13:05
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jrydbergAnyone here running pylint on their code?15:03
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CIA-78hannosch * r119495 AccessControl/ (CHANGES.txt Prepare AccessControl
CIA-78hannosch * r119496 /AccessControl/tags/2.13.4: Tagged AccessControl
CIA-78hannosch * r119497 AccessControl/ (CHANGES.txt vb16:33
CIA-78hannosch 2.13 * r119498 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Update AccessControl = 2.13.416:33
CIA-78hannosch * r119499 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Merged c119498 from 2.13 branch16:33
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CIA-78mauritsvanrees * r119500 Products.PluggableAuthService/Products/PluggableAuthService/ Removed recently outdated XXX remark.17:19
rockfruitwhat dose BBB: mean?17:20
J1mBackward compatibility support.17:21
rockfruitgotcha.. ta.17:22
J1mSimilar to an XXX.17:22
rockfruitI got the XXXishness of it but it baffled boy brains17:22
J1mIt was useful in a phase when we were focussed on clean code without backward compatibility encumbrances.17:23
J1mIt's now long past the time when we needed to embrace backward compatibility.17:23
J1mbenji, ayt?17:23
benjiJ1m: yep; what's up?17:24
J1mI just checked in the test and change log update on my branch.17:24
J1mshall I merge to trunk? Or do you want to review first?17:24
benjilooks good to me, merge away17:26
J1mI'd like to package up my spidermonkey doctest support so I'm a little anxious to get this released.17:26
J1mWant me to make a new release?17:26
benjiI can make a quick release, should just take a second.  Let me know when it's ready.17:27
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benjiI took a look at dozodb in your sandbox the other day.  Pretty crazy. :)17:30
J1mYeah, there's a bit to be worked out, but I think it'll make certain types of apps a lot easier to write.17:32
*** bigkevmcd has joined #zope17:33
J1mbenji, my changes are check into trunk.17:33
J1malong with your bases17:34
benjicool, branching, etc. for a release now17:35
*** MrWu has joined #zope17:36
benjiJ1m: 1.4.0 is in PyPI17:42
*** goschtl has quit IRC17:43
J1mbenji, Thanks.17:44
CIA-78jim jim-custom-doctest-parsers * r119501 manuel/src/manuel/README.txt: Added a test for the new parser option to manuel.doctest.Manuel.17:45
CIA-78jim jim-custom-doctest-parsers * r119502 manuel/CHANGES.txt: Added change log for new parser option to manuel.doctest.Manuel.17:45
CIA-78jim * r119503 manuel/ (src/manuel/README.txt src/manuel/ CHANGES.txt):17:45
CIA-78Added a ``parser`` keyword argument to manuel.doctest.Manuel to17:45
CIA-78allow a custom doctest parser to be passed in. This allows easily17:45
CIA-78adding support for other languages or other (but similar) example17:45
CIA-78benji * r119504 /manuel/tags/1.4.0: tag 1.4.017:45
CIA-78benji 1.4.0 * r119505 manuel/ set version17:45
*** rdz has joined #zope17:45
rdzhi all. noob question: how do i acces the zope management interface? i forgot the path and have troubles finding it in the docu17:46
rdzah.. found it domain.tld:<port>/manage17:47
* mgedmin prefers the frame-less /manage_main17:47
*** j-w has quit IRC17:49
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*** akm has joined #zope17:55
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*** cwarner_ has joined #zope18:00
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*** astoon has joined #zope18:07
CIA-78janwijbrand jw-documentation-rearangement * r119506 groktoolkit/buildout.cfg: use docs rearange branch of grok18:15
*** jim_SFU has quit IRC18:21
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*** spanktar has quit IRC19:14
heverkosh, now I'm packing the database ;) but it takes really really long. How can I see if it's still packing or perhaps a HTTP timeout is reached? Or does no HTTP timeout exist?19:16
*** spanktar has joined #zope19:17
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*** benji has joined #zope20:17
*** rogererens has joined #zope20:18
CIA-78yuppie * r119507 five.localsitemanager/src/five/localsitemanager/browser.txt: - fixed tests (ignore _doAddUser return value)20:20
CIA-78yuppie * r119508 Products.CMFCalendar/Products/CMFCalendar/browser/event.txt: - fixed tests (ignore _doAddUser return value)20:20
CIA-78yuppie * r119509 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (14 files in 4 dirs): - fixed tests (ignore _doAddUser return value)20:20
*** cpf_ has joined #zope20:26
Moo--is there alternative to zope.testbrowser which would not pollute my system python installation with zope eggs?20:36
Moo--for simple site automatization20:36
Moo--pure mechanize?20:37
*** MrWu has quit IRC20:39
CIA-78ldr * r119510 five.grok/ (docs/HISTORY.txt src/five/grok/ Require five.formlib for Zope 2.13 compatibility.20:43
*** __mac__ has joined #zope20:44
benjiMoo--: yes, you can use just mechanize; you might also like twill20:46
*** davetoo has joined #zope20:48
koshhever: with a db of that size it could take a very very long time to pack20:49
koshhever: you know it is finished when it makes a Data.fs.old20:49
heverNow its ~ 400 MB20:49
heverkosh, I still can't profile the system but it feels a bit faster. But there's no gurantee...20:49
koshit packed from 68 gigs to 400 MB?20:51
koshwow that should run much faster then20:53
koshif it is still deathly slow then you have some majorly bad code in your site20:53
koshthe problem is how to fix it if you can't even start in profiling mode20:54
koshwhat os are you running on?20:54
heverit seems faster and stable at this speed... ~2-6 s for new uncached (proxy) contents.20:54
heverLinux hever 2.6.32-5-amd64 #1 SMP Fri Dec 10 15:35:08 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:55
heverIt really seems stable there. Its really not fast for authenticated users or new contents but it seems stable and that's good.20:55
*** __mac__ has quit IRC20:57
koshwhat distribution? I am just wondering if profiling is not working because the python profile module is not installed by default on debian based systems it would not be20:58
*** __mac__ has joined #zope20:58
heverkosh, Ok sometimes it takes over 10s that's too much...20:58
*** cpf_ has quit IRC20:58
koshso you would need to do sudo apt-get install python-profiler  first and then it would work20:58
koshI had forgotten about that possibility20:59
*** bigkevmcd has quit IRC21:00
heverkosh, thanks I'll figure that out!21:01
*** alecm has quit IRC21:03
*** alecm has joined #zope21:04
*** alecm has joined #zope21:04
*** m8 has joined #zope21:13
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*** goschtl has joined #zope21:25
*** ccomb has joined #zope21:30
*** hannosch has joined #zope21:30
hannoschccomb: evening21:31
* ccomb reading the minutes21:32
ccombthe date is wrong, I'm fixing21:34
*** jbg has joined #zope21:36
hannoschhhm. so j-w wants a release and he's late ... :)21:36
ccombI've not had time to release bb too....  :(21:37
ccombbut I've updated the site
*** vipod has quit IRC21:39
*** jim_SFU has quit IRC21:39
*** jbg is now known as jim_SFU21:39
ccombthanks, I'm just trying to create a sphinx theme now21:39
CIA-78hannosch * r119511 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/ (meeting-20110104.rst meeting-20101214.rst): Spelling ;)21:40
hannoschccomb: did you read ?21:41
hannoschccomb: I'd like to get an opinion from you about our "version update" policy21:41
ccomb(I'm on the phone)21:42
hannoschdo we disallow any upgrade from 3.5.0 to 3.6.0 in principle in ztk 1.0.x releases or do we allow them based on individual analysis of the changes that took place21:42
hannoschand if we allow such feature updates, we gets to make the call on them - I suspect we would do that21:44
hannoschccomb: do you mind if I go ahead and release a ztk 1.1 candidate 1 ? I'm kind of bored here21:50
*** alexpilz has joined #zope21:51
*** shastry has joined #zope21:53
* ccomb reading the mail about
hannoschccomb: tell me about 1.1 release first ;)21:55
* hannosch is about to hit commit21:55
ccombhannosch: ok for 1.121:55
CIA-78hannosch * r119511 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/ (meeting-20110104.rst meeting-20101214.rst): Spelling ;)21:56
ccombupgrading a major version is ok if it's carefully considered, and it seems to be21:56
ccombI even think some major versions releases are sometimes not justified21:57
hannoschccomb: right. in terms of the process, I think I'd just like to see the consideration posted to zope-dev before/while committing such change21:57
ccombeach time there is a new feature, we have a new major release, even if nobody uses these versions21:57
*** cwarner_ has quit IRC21:57
ccombhannosch: ok21:57
hannoschotherwise I have to chase after the commit and do the analysis myself - that's wasted effort if someone else already did it21:58
*** alga has quit IRC21:58
hannoschbtw. is released :)21:58
ccombnice :)21:59
* hannosch writes the announcement mail21:59
ccombI sometimes think we should use some even/odd version handling, just like the linux kernel up to 2.422:00
ccombso that we can push new features on minor versions of dev releases22:01
hannoschI think we shouldn't be afraid of letting a lot of stuff sit unreleased in SVN - and only do releases once we do ZTK releases22:01
hannoschonce a month or so22:01
hannoschand for features far fewer22:02
ccombyes, but people tend to release as soon as his new feature is commited22:02
hannoschright. they should use private releases for that22:02
hannoschif it's just for one company22:02
ccombbut it may be interesting for anyone22:03
*** evilbungle has joined #zope22:03
hannoschyep. not sure how to balance that22:05
ccombby enforcing some more version management on individual packages22:06
ccombbut I'm not sure enforcing such things is a good thing22:06
*** evilbungle has quit IRC22:06
*** hannosch_ has joined #zope22:07
ccombit's already difficult to enforce the minor/bugfix major/feature stuff22:07
hannosch_yep. I'm happy enough with the status quo - it's not great but ok-ish22:07
mcdoncso you're saying to tie the release cycle of, e.g. zope.component to the larger ztk?22:07
*** jim_SFU has quit IRC22:08
hannosch_mcdonc: not for a real library with independent consumers22:08
hannosch_mcdonc: just for the it's all just zope anyways stuff22:08
*** jim_SFU has joined #zope22:09
ccombnot really, but just pushing new features in minor versions of a devel release, until people commonly decide to release a stable major version22:09
*** hannosch has quit IRC22:09
*** hannosch_ is now known as hannosch22:09
*** J1m has quit IRC22:09
ccomband it could be loosely synced with the ztk yes22:09
mcdonchannosch: gotcha22:10
hannoschif something has an independent live - it should drive on its own - and the ztk has to follow it (like zodb or buildout) - but zope.processlifetime, that only makes sense as part of the whole universe22:11
*** d2m has quit IRC22:11
hannoschif it makes any sense at all that is ;)22:12
*** alecm_ has joined #zope22:12
ccombanother advantage, it would allow to avoid managing bugfix releases for many major release out there22:13
ccombwith so many major versions, we should backport a lot of things22:13
*** alecm_ has quit IRC22:14
ccombif we have 3.4.0, 3.5.0, 3.6.0, 3.7.0, 3.8.0, 3.9.0, 3.10.0 and 3.11.0, and release a bugfix as 3.11.1, we should release all other minor versions 3.4.1, 3.5.1, etc.....22:14
*** alecm_ has joined #zope22:14
*** alecm_ has joined #zope22:14
*** goschtl has quit IRC22:15
*** bigkevmcd has joined #zope22:15
hannoschccomb: right. but I think we have gotten fewer of those now22:16
*** alecm has quit IRC22:16
*** alecm_ is now known as alecm22:16
hannoschthere was a release storm during the main refactoring22:16
ccombmaybe yeq22:16
hannoschnow we have pretty stable and dead code - not much to do there22:16
CIA-78hannosch * r119511 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/ (meeting-20110104.rst meeting-20101214.rst): Spelling ;)22:22
CIA-78hannosch * r119512 zopetoolkit/ Use latest bootstrap from buildout trunk22:22
CIA-78ccomb * r119513 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/meeting-20110104.rst: fixed the date22:22
CIA-78hannosch * r119514 zopetoolkit/ (ztk-versions.cfg zopeapp-versions.cfg): Update to latest versions22:22
CIA-78hannosch * r119515 /zopetoolkit/ (tags/1.1c1 branches/1.1): Release ZTK 1.1 candidate one and create a new stable branch for it22:22
hannoschhhm, cia is repeating itself22:22
hannoschccomb: ok, I'm off - wrote a mail to you and j-w about today22:25
*** hannosch has quit IRC22:25
*** cwarner has quit IRC22:27
*** rdz has left #zope22:29
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