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planetzopebotFoundations of Python Network Programming: A Last Hurrah For Python 2 (Let's discuss the matter further)
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CIA-85jim * r119893 /Sandbox/J1m/customdoctests/src/zc/customdoctests/ tweeked function name02:56
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CIA-85icemac * r119894 zamplugin.authenticator/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.6.109:55
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yaluhow/where can I see a log of recently changed objects?11:51
betabugin the ZMI11:51
betabugin the "Undo" tab11:52
betabugwell, you see changes, not "changed objects" really11:52
rockfruitIs there a part of Plone's folder listing that let's me select a workflow_state to display in the listing (ie, restrict the view to a certain review_state) without templating it myself?  Just checking.... can't find it, but that doesn't mean anything11:53
betabugrockfruit: you are mistaken here, you want to ask in #plone11:53
rockfruityou are right... thanks, I could have never noticed that :>11:54
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* kosh sets betabug on fire12:06
koshbetabug: so have you tried my blob stuff yet?12:07
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* kosh sends godzilla to attack betabug12:09
betabugnope, sorry :-(12:10
betabugI'm dividing my time between trying to get this kludge to work that they want me to implement and trying to pretend that work/zope/programming/computers do not exist12:11
koshhow is that second step going?12:12
koshwhat kind of kludge are you trying to get to work?12:13
betabugas soon as I step out the office, I might as well be in the 19th century12:13
betabugminus that Babbage bloke12:13
Moo-_kosh: how about sending bugzilla to attack godbug?12:13
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CIA-85icemac * r119895 (3 files in 3 dirs):12:13
CIA-85PUT raises ``405 MethodNotAllowed`` when the context cannot be adapted to12:13
CIA-85``zope.filerepresentation.interfaces.IWriteFile`` for existing objects resp.12:13
CIA-85``zope.filerepresentation.interfaces.IFileFactory`` for not existing ones.12:13
CIA-85icemac * r119896 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.10.012:13
CIA-85icemac * r119897 / Tagging 3.10.012:13
CIA-85icemac * r119898 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.10.112:13
CIA-85icemac * r119899 (src/zope/app/wsgi/ CHANGES.txt): Fixed ```` to work with changes made in version
CIA-85icemac * r119900 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.12.012:13
CIA-85icemac * r119901 / Tagging 3.12.012:13
CIA-85icemac * r119902 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.12.112:13
CIA-85icemac * r119903 (3 files in 2 dirs): Reenabled a test which makes sure ``405 MethodNotAllowed`` is returned when PUT is not supported. This requires at least version 3.10 of ``.12:13
CIA-85icemac * r119904 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.13.012:13
CIA-85icemac * r119905 / Tagging 3.13.012:13
CIA-85icemac * r119906 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.13.112:13
koshbetabug: so if I wiped out all technology on earth and enslaved everyone that would be okay with you?12:14
betabugit means I woulnd't have to finish writing the tests for the latest kludge12:14
koshMoo-_: bugzilla  <<<<< godzilla12:14
koshbetabug: so what are you trying to write?12:14
betabugdamn them for making me implement something like that on my clean designed app12:15
betabugah, sigh, just another "feature" on this business app here12:15
koshso far I have been pretty lucky in figuring out very very clever ways to implement features in a nice clean way12:15
koshI am starting to like jQuery also for more complex editing interfaces12:16
betabugyeah, I somehow got it to work12:16
betabugI just doubt it needs to be there at all12:16
koshto demand load fragments of pages by url, so that large complex pages still load very quickly and only the parts needed are loaded12:16
betabugbut who am I to tell them how to run their business12:16
betabugyeah, have done some very simple things with jquery12:16
yalubetabug: thanks12:17
koshI have been doing some more complex stuff12:17
kosh  that is the most recent thing I have been playing with12:17
koshI have some objects that where generating tables before with about 70K records and that was taking a while, even the csv files where taking a while to generate, I turned the csv fiels into completely lazily done so they stream out now and take FAR less memory and the html tables now use a nice dynamically loaded jQuery table12:18
koshturned out to be pretty easy to make it work and stuff is running much much faster12:18
betabugyeah, cool stuff12:19
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koshjQuery widgets.ui  tab stuff is VERY cool12:25
koshbetabug: so what kind of stupid feature are you writing?12:26
betabugsomething that more or less contradicts the specifications that were set as the main basis at the start of the project12:26
betabugbut well, ... in real life these things have to be broken, it's quite obvious12:27
koshah I had a system once that was only supposed to have about 10 of something12:27
koshwhen they added a few hundred the system got very slow and they refused to pay to have the system changed12:28
koshnot everything can equally scale in all ways and people do very silly things12:29
koshthe page alone got pretty much insane that was generated, going on for a LONG ways12:29
koshto handle that many items a fair bit of code needed to be changed including the UI but they wanted to keep adding more and just wanted us to do all that work for free12:30
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CIA-85icemac * r119907 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: updated to newer versions where zope.testbrowser natively speaks WSGI12:40
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yalubetabug: thanks, just what I needed12:47
betabugyalu: cool, glad to be of help12:47
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heverDoes a product exists that removes whitespaces from text/html files before serving it?13:29
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betabughmm, you've asked that question a couple of months before13:39
heverhmm... yes it's possible ;) I'm sorry13:46
bigkevmcdhever: are you using Zope behind Apache?13:57
bigkevmcdhever: if so, why not turn on gzip compression?13:57
heveryes behind squid, apache, pound and compression will be on. But minifying HTML is useful for clients that doesn't support compression.13:59
planetzopebotLinkedin visualisation (Reinout van Rees' weblog)
heverbigkevmcd, I could do such minifying perhaps on the apache layer but this won't be really good, because apache is not behind a proxy.14:07
bigkevmcdhever: Do you know of any clients that don't support compression?14:07
bigkevmcdhever: are you worrying too much about something that doesn't actually happen?14:08
heveryes perhaps...14:08
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nitrogenycswhat's the status of gocept.objectquery? is anybody using it?14:20
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Theuni1One of our guys wrote it during his thesis and the general proof that it does something useful is there, but the practical integration for day-to-day tasks didn't really happen. :/14:34
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giampaoloI'm searching for a way to get all the registered users of my zope app15:53
nitrogenycsTheuni1: Thanks for the info. I've written my own query mini-language and it has some limitations. After reading most of the diploma thesis it seems that the RPE (regular path expressions) there also have some limitations. A pity there's no way to query the ZODB without some python code.15:53
giampaoloit's a pity there's no documentation for such kind of simple things :-\15:53
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agroszerTheuni1, btw, you mind switching the test summarizer to the more concise one?15:56
Theuni1ah, i don't mind, i just had too much to do.15:56
Theuni1i'll raise it on my list15:56
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nitrogenycsagroszer: that one looks nice. The language is completely different from mine, but the implementation and the index with zc.relation etc are quite similar. What's the status of it?16:10
agroszercustomer and other interest were gone16:11
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accel1Bonjour tout le monde !!16:38
accel1our ceux qui surveillent en permanence le marché du travail, je vous informe que nous avons créé notre Twitter sur lequel nous ajoutons quotidiennement nos nouveaux postes :
accel1Je précise que nous sommes spécialisés dans les jobs du web, du mobile et des nouvelles technos.16:38
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nitrogenycsagroszer: what do I need to do in order to run in the ocql tests? I've checked it out, ran bootstrap and buildout. When I run bin\test now, it fails with lots of missing things like, and so on.16:50
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agroszernitrogenycs, talk to you tomorrow16:59
nitrogenycsagroszer: ok17:00
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metalfan_ive followed QuickInstallGuide and WritingYourFirstZope3Application           but even the install process did throw SyntaxWarnings and SyntaxError messages. now starting the  helloworld example reults in: ?17:20
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betabugI guess it depends on which point in the ever changing zope 3 / blue bream timeline you are there17:21
betabugmost docs are probably outdated in some way or another17:22
bigkevmcdmetalfan_: are you really building it in your firefox directory?17:27
bigkevmcdmetalfan_: check your Python, the error is that you have a syntax error17:27
bigkevmcdmetalfan_: pastebin the code perhaps17:27
metalfan_bigkevmcd, i was unsure about the path, but using the current dir makes sense. anyway i can move it17:29
metalfan_how do i check my python?17:29
metalfan_the docs said that zope 3.4 will be used17:30
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bigkevmcdmetalfan_: it's reporting a Python syntax error17:32
bigkevmcdmetalfan_: what version of Python are you running ?17:32
bigkevmcdmetalfan_: 2.6 ?17:33
bigkevmcdmetalfan_: If so, how did you install Zope ?17:33
metalfan_sudo easy_install zopeproject17:33
bigkevmcdmetalfan_: Looks like that's out of date17:34
bigkevmcdmetalfan_: And requiring a version of Zope that doesn't work with Python 2.617:34
metalfan_there are about 40 packages in the ubuntu repositories that contain the word zope17:36
metalfan_but trying to install python-zope fails17:36
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CIA-85faassen * r119908 ldappas/ (buildout.cfg
CIA-85* we can use buildout 1.5 now, so no more version locking18:28
CIA-85* want to get rid of dependency, but making it at18:28
CIA-85least an explicit testing dependency helps consumers of this library.18:28
CIA-85faassen * r119909 ldappas/ (buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt): Install zest releaser into buildout.18:28
CIA-85faassen * r119910 ldappas/ Update version number of next release.18:28
CIA-85faassen * r119911 ldappas/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.818:28
CIA-85faassen * r119912 /ldappas/tags/0.8: Tagging 0.818:28
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CIA-85faassen * r119913 ldappas/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.919:08
CIA-85faassen * r119914 ldappas/ Fix this.19:08
CIA-85faassen * r119915 ldapadapter/ Newer bootstrap.19:08
CIA-85faassen * r119916 ldapadapter/ (11 files in 4 dirs): Preparing for a ZTK compatible release.19:08
CIA-85faassen * r119917 ldapadapter/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.819:08
CIA-85faassen * r119918 /ldapadapter/tags/0.8: Tagging 0.819:08
CIA-85faassen * r119919 ldapadapter/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.919:08
CIA-85faassen * r119920 ldapadapter/ Classifier blocked release, remove for now.19:08
CIA-85faassen * r119921 ldapadapter/README.txt: distutils complained about lack of readme during upload.19:08
CIA-85faassen * r119922 ldappas/ Classifier prevented upload.19:08
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CIA-85faassen * r119923 ldappas/src/ldappas/configure.zcml: Make this conditional.19:33
CIA-85faassen * r119924 ldappas/ (CHANGES.txt Conditionally register various forms.19:33
CIA-85faassen * r119925 ldappas/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.8.119:33
CIA-85faassen * r119926 /ldappas/tags/0.8.1: Tagging 0.8.119:33
CIA-85faassen * r119927 ldappas/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.8.219:33
CIA-85faassen * r119928 ldappas/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.8.219:33
CIA-85faassen * r119929 /ldappas/tags/0.8.2: Tagging 0.8.219:33
CIA-85faassen * r119930 ldappas/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.8.319:34
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hannoschj-w: sorry, I haven't had time to follow up on any ZTK stuff recently22:10
hannoschj-w: I hope you haven't been waiting for me for any meetings22:10
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j-whannosch: on the phone now22:11
hannosch:) /me was on the phone for the last hour22:11
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CIA-85hannosch * r119931 Products.ZCatalog/src/Products/PluginIndexes/DateRangeIndex/ Whitespace23:18
CIA-85hannosch * r119932 Products.ZCatalog/src/Products/PluginIndexes/DateRangeIndex/ More whitespace23:18
CIA-85hannosch * r119933 Products.ZCatalog/src/Products/PluginIndexes/DateRangeIndex/ Final whitespace23:18
CIA-85hannosch * r119934 Products.ZCatalog/src/Products/PluginIndexes/DateRangeIndex/ Factor out _insert_migrate method to reduce duplicated code in _insertForwardIndexEntry23:18
CIA-85hannosch * r119935 Products.ZCatalog/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Fixed inline `IISet` to `IITreeSet` conversion code inside DateRangeIndex' `_insertForwardIndexEntry` method.23:18
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CIA-85hannosch * r119936 Products.ZCatalog/src/Products/PluginIndexes/DateRangeIndex/ Factor out and simplify code from _removeForwardIndexEntry23:41
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