IRC log of #zope for Wednesday, 2011-02-16

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davisagliTresEquis: what's this picklecache branch? getting rid of ZODB's dependence on CPython?00:16
TresEquistrying to, anyway00:16
TresEquisI *think* that there is enough support for trickery now to make the C bits an optimization00:16
TresEquisgiven __slots__, weakrefs, etc.00:17
TresEquisI already reimplemented the picklecache00:17
TresEquisworking on the Persistent base class now00:18
davisagliright, seems like it's worth a try at least00:20
TresEquisI'm about to get to the place where I try to bring the two together00:21
TresEquislike the transcontinental railroad00:21
TresEquisI just hope the two lines are at least in the same county ;)00:21
TresEquisI might even get the RAM footprint down00:22
davisaglihow? slots?00:22
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CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120358 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Add more methods from the C class.00:30
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120359 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( Document additional methods / attributes as part of IPersistent.00:30
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TresEquisdavisagli, yes, slots02:09
TresEquisplus, I'm going to break the cycle between persistent objects and their jar's cache02:09
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TresEquisright now, the base class uses only four slots02:10
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TresEquisso the only extra overhead is 4 * sizeof(void*)02:11
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CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120360 ZODB/src/ZODB/ ( tests/ Define IConnectionPrivate interface for use by Persistent.02:27
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120361 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Add attribute access / mutation protocol.02:27
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CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120362 ZODB/src/persistent/ (5 files in 2 dirs):07:23
CIA-85Rename 'pypersistent' -> 'pyPersistence' to fit the pattern expected by07:23
CIA-85conditionl imports.07:23
CIA-85Move the state flags into the interfaces module to avoid cycle (they07:23
CIA-85are part of the API, anyway).07:23
CIA-85Fix __setattr__ / __delattr__ semantics as revealed by other tests.07:23
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120363 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Add a previously-ghosted object to the ring during mru().07:23
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120364 ZODB/src/persistent/tests/ Make test for 'simple_new' conditional.07:23
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120365 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/
CIA-85Clear dict during invalidation, if present.07:23
CIA-85Also, allow deleting _p_serial.07:23
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120366 ZODB/src/persistent/tests/ Ensure that the dummy jar provides IPersistentDataManager.07:23
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120367 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Return expected all-zeros value when _p_serial not set.07:23
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120368 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Allow deleting _p_oid only if None.07:23
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120369 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Allow deleting _p_oid only if jar is None.07:23
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120370 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Fix reduce to match expectations in C module.07:23
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120371 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Extend __getstate__ / __setstate__ for common case of subclass w/ dict.07:23
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120372 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Don't return _p_ or _v_ attrs from __getstate__ .07:23
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120373 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Enforce 8-octet requirement for _p_serial.07:23
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mlechnerhi, what dooes the "Transaction isolation level" of a "z psycopg 2" connection mean in practice?09:54
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d2mhi all, anyone using anymore?11:42
betabugd2m: used it 2 days ago to d/l the latest of the 2.10 series11:43
betabughahaha, no way11:43
betabugups, err# on the last one11:43
d2mit feels pretty useless these days, timeouts at login et al.11:43
betabugI'm not logging in11:43
d2mcould be the only way to use it in the moment11:43
betabugI haven't logged in in something like 5 years11:44
betabugd2m: you're thinking of switching it off (or switching it over to
d2mas you might now we are in the process to replace it with a new front, a hub site that gets you links to all single websites that feature the different aspects of zope11:45
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betabugyeah, but that description is valid for a few years now IIRC :-)11:47
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d2mpeople interested in adding some texts to the hub pages please contact me or webmaster@zope.org11:47
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betabugd2m: I guess I can't contribute much, except some historical value from the sidelines12:16
betabugall the "modern" stuff has passed me by :-)12:16
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hariomHi, I am fetching some values from database via zsql script and showing it on a page. In zmi, I see that zsql script runs fine and returns values. When I run the page, I get TraversalError on a particular field value fetched from the database. What could be the reason?12:42
betabughariom: put the full traceback on a pastebin, maybe someone can see what's wrong12:45
betabugmodern zopes show all kind of stuff as TraversalError and the real problem is hidden in the traceback12:46
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CIA-85icemac * r120374 zope.testrunner/buildout.cfg:12:55
CIA-85- added testing support for Python 2.712:55
CIA-85- using the test extra for version tests because zope.testing is needed by the tests12:55
CIA-85icemac * r120375 /zope.testrunner/branches/icemac-lp-719369: added branch to handle unexpected successes12:55
CIA-85icemac icemac-lp-719369 * r120376 zope.testrunner/ (6 files in 3 dirs): An `Unexpected success` (concept intruduced in Python 2.7) is no longer handled as success but as failure. This is a workaround. The whole unexpected success concept might be implemented later.12:55
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hariomI get error if I write this:      and the error is: missing FROM-clause entry for table "rt" LINE 16: rt.num_seats13:19
hariomIf I remove <dtml-if ...> clause from join on table1.ring_tables I get no errors. Why is it so?13:21
betabugcan't help you myself, I don't use sql with zope13:21
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nitrogenycshariom: you seem to have an extra comma after num_seats, not sure if that's a problem13:23
hariomnitrogenycs: that was my typo. There is no extra comma.13:25
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hariomanybody ?13:29
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hariomCan I place <dtml-if expr= ... > clause anywhere in zsql?13:33
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CIA-85adamg * r120377 (buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt): Bump versions to ZTK 1.113:38
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CIA-85adamg * r120378 (3 files in 2 dirs): Improvement: add SVN repo infos to the project config file.14:36
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CIA-85adamg * r120379 fix my error15:27
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CIA-85adamg * r120380 add info to log too16:35
CIA-85adamg * r120381 switch processing order16:35
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CIA-85yuppie * r120382 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/tests/ - don't use has_permission for permission checks17:23
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CIA-85tlotze * r120383 zc.buildout/src/zc/buildout/ updated the docstring of the download utility18:25
CIA-85yuppie * r120384 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/tests/ - import cleanup18:25
CIA-85yuppie * r120385 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/ ( tests/ - fixed home url lookup18:25
CIA-85tlotze * r120386 zc.buildout/ (3 files in 2 dirs): made sure to download extended configuration files only once per buildout run (based on patch by Rafael Monnerat)18:25
CIA-85tseaver * r120387 zope.copypastemove/ Fix misspelled dependency.18:25
CIA-85yuppie * r120388 Products.CMFCalendar/Products/CMFCalendar/tests/ - test with correctly wrapped user18:25
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CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120389 ZODB/src/ (4 files in 3 dirs):19:28
CIA-85Back out IConnectionPrivate.19:28
CIA-85Add the '_cache' attribute to IPersistentDataManager instead.19:28
CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120390 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Use portable spelling for generating OIDs / serials from literals.19:28
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CIA-85tseaver tseaver-python_picklecache-2 * r120391 ZODB/src/persistent/ ( tests/ Add pure-Python timestamp fallback.20:31
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