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CIA-85zagy * r120456 /Acquisition/branches/zagy-unicode-should-be-called: remove completed bug fix branch (released in 2.13.6)11:37
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CIA-85hannosch 2.12 * r120457 Zope/include: Update AQ external12:49
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CIA-85mj * r120458 zope.password/ (5 files in 2 dirs):13:51
CIA-85Add a 'match' method to the IPasswordManager interface, which returns True if a given password hash was encdoded with the scheme implemented by the specific manager.13:51
CIA-85Note that the plain-text manager always returns False for this method, as the alternative is to always return True and thus also validate hashed password against their literal values, a security risk.13:51
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CIA-85mj * r120459 zope.password/ (src/zope/password/ CHANGES.txt):14:46
CIA-85Use {SHA} instead of {SHA1} to be compatible with LDAP (RFC 2307).14:46
CIA-85We still support checking against password hashes prefixed with {SHA1}.14:46
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CIA-85mj * r120460 zope.password/src/zope/password/ Clean up SSHA test, turning a redundant test into something that actually covers the issue at hand.15:53
CIA-85mj * r120461 zope.password/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Add a crypt password manager.15:53
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CIA-85mj * r120462 zope.password/ (4 files in 2 dirs):16:49
CIA-85Port AccessControl.AuthEncoding.MySQLDigestScheme to zope.password.16:49
CIA-85This is very much a legacy scheme, encoding to a very weak 16 bit hash with no salt support.16:49
CIA-85mj * r120463 zope.password/ (8 files in 2 dirs):16:49
CIA-85Keep things backwards compatible by creating an extended interface.16:49
CIA-85By moving the match method to a IMatchingPasswordManager, we keep the original interface unchanged and thus backwards compatible. Users of zope.password that require the new functionality can test for the new interface.16:49
CIA-85mj * r120464 zope.password/README.txt: Correct spelling.16:49
CIA-85mj * r120465 zope.password/README.txt: Add the 2 new legacy managers to the readme.16:49
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CIA-85mj * r120466 zope.password/ (src/zope/password/ CHANGES.txt README.txt):18:57
CIA-85Remove the completely useless 'cosmetic' salt from the MD5 manager.18:57
CIA-85The generated salt was not being used to generate the actual hash and had no18:57
CIA-85cryptographic meaning. It only served to make the output incompatible with18:57
CIA-85RFC 2307 MD5 implementations. Any encoded input with the salt still in place are still supported for password checks.18:57
CIA-85mj * r120467 zope.password/src/zope/password/ Remove now redundant test.18:57
CIA-85mj * r120468 zope.password/ (src/zope/password/ CHANGES.txt README.txt): Remove the 'cosmetic' salt from the SHA1 implementation as well, update docs.18:57
CIA-85mj * r120469 zope.password/src/zope/password/
CIA-85LDAP does not use the URL-safe base64 encoding! See
CIA-85Correct to use the standard encoding instead.18:57
CIA-85mj * r120470 zope.password/ (src/zope/password/ CHANGES.txt):18:57
CIA-85Maintain backwards compatibility to older hashes encoded with urlsafe.18:57
CIA-85Update documentation as well.18:57
CIA-85mj * r120471 zope.password/src/zope/password/
CIA-85Newly generated slappasswd example with / and + to test base64 assertions.18:57
CIA-85Note that with a different salt there are / and + characters in the slappasswd output showing that the urlsafe_base64 assumption from before is incorrect.18:57
CIA-85mj * r120472 zope.password/src/zope/password/
CIA-85Correct slappasswd test to actually use the new salt, and fix urlsafe case.18:57
CIA-85The urlsafe backwards compatible mode is now covered with a test and actually works.18:57
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nijanHello, I have googled for "Zope2 or Zope3", but even the wiki in contains recommandations from 2007. It says site builders who want to get sites up and running quickly, with a lot of ready-made add-ons to choose from, should choose Zope 2, but keep an eye on Zope 3 and try to use its practices where possible.19:09
nijanIs this advice still valuable or after 4 years I should go for Zope3? Basically, I need plone and add-ons, but I see that plone now supports zope3.19:10
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CIA-85mj * r120473 zope.password/ (src/zope/password/ CHANGES.txt):21:51
CIA-85Make SHA and MD5 output compatible with LDAP schemes.21:51
CIA-85This means using base64 output instead of hexdigests. We still support checking passwords against the old format.21:51
CIA-85mj * r120474 zope.password/CHANGES.txt: typo.21:51
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RaceConditionI couldn't find any information on how to use zope.tal in a non-zope app22:15
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CIA-85thefunny42 * r120475 /grokcore.view/branches/sylvain-template-warning-improvements: Branch to improve the number of unassociated template warning23:34
CIA-85thefunny42 sylvain-template-warning-improvements * r120476 grokcore.view/ (6 files in 2 dirs): Add an ignoreTemplate ZCML directive.23:34
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