IRC log of #zope for Monday, 2011-02-21

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CIA-85mj * r120477 zope.password/src/zope/password/ Update several tests to cover the unicode hash input case better, and update the description of the salt-means-random-output test for SSHA.00:27
CIA-85mj * r120478 zope.password/src/zope/password/configure.zcml: Register security assertions for the legacy classes.00:27
CIA-85mj * r120479 zope.password/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Add a SMD5 (salted MD5) implementation, compatible with OpenLDAP.00:27
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RaceConditionis there a way to use ${foo} outside of node attributes of the 'tal' namespace?01:03
RaceConditionlike `<div>${foo}</div>` instead of the less readable `<div tal:content="foo">bla</div>`01:04
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CIA-85mj * r120480 zope.password/src/zope/password/ ( configure.zcml): Just case the MySQL utility registration the same as the project name.01:24
CIA-85mj * r120481 zope.password/src/zope/password/ Style: double newline between classes.01:24
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npmccallumis it possible to do a browser:page with a regex name (or some other variable name)?  I basically want to do this in configure.zcml: <browser:page name="/foo/[a-z0-9]+" ... /> so that it passes everything that matches that pattern to the view...01:54
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RaceConditionnpmccallum: I don't think anybody is here...02:00
npmccallumRaceCondition: yeah, agreed02:07
npmccallumI'm just curious how zope handles the$carid pattern02:07
RaceConditionI have no idea :) I'm hear just to get help regarding TAL :)02:08
npmccallumwhere $carid isn't a zope object, but an object from another db02:08
npmccallumRaceCondition: oh, TAL is easy, what do you need?02:08
RaceConditionI'm using SimpleTAL from Django, and I'm trying to understand how to get macros to work02:08
RaceConditionfirst of all, I tried defining a macro in a template and then using it straight away, but that doesn't work02:08
npmccallumoh, macros I know nothing about :(02:09
RaceConditiondamn :P02:09
RaceConditionI can handle everything else, but I cannot find anything about that02:09
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avnRaceCondition: I think chamaleon's TAL allow ${foo} inside both nodes and attrs02:18
RaceConditionavn: ah, that's good to know... I should look at Chameleon02:18
RaceConditionavn: can you also take a look at the last lines of ?02:19
avnchameleon mostly compatible with zope tal, and sometimes used as fast replacement02:19
RaceConditionChameleon is recommended over SimpleTAL, I assume?02:19
avnI can't sae "Recommend", but as I know -- chamaleon developed as zope.tal replacement02:20
RaceConditionit also has a better documentation than SimpleTAL02:20
npmccallumavn: do you know anything about the use of BrowserViews and browser:page in zcml?02:21
avnmmm... {{ var }} is djangizm.  ${var} (in chamaleon)02:21
avnnpmccallum: not all ;) I'm only learning zope3 ;)02:22
RaceConditionavn: yes, I know, I have mixed Django/TAL templates02:22
RaceConditionthe {{ }} and {% %} are for Django02:22
npmccallumavn: argh, thanks anyway02:23
RaceConditionavn: if I do a <div tal:define-macro="foo">Foo!</div> right inside a HTML document, is it correct usage, and should I be able to use that macro right away?02:23
npmccallumI'm not sure why what I want to do isn't documented anywhere02:23
RaceConditionor do I always have to put macros in separate files?02:23
avnRaceCondition: In this file. You need some special tricks from z3c.* to use macros from other files.02:24
avnand metal:define-macro...02:25
RaceConditionyes, of course02:25
RaceConditionbut I only want inside the same file02:25
avn(And I repeat -- I'm not a expert, I am only learning myself ;)02:25
RaceConditionlike <div metal:define-macro="foo">Foo!</div>  and then <div metal:use-macro="foo"></div> in the same file02:25
avnI'm exploring indexes (z.index now)02:25
RaceConditionI tried with use-macro="macros/foo" but nothing... the macro node just gets evaluated right away02:26
avnRaceCondition: yes, I'm sure -- it will work in same file.02:26
RaceConditioncan how can I refer to a macro named 'foo' in the same file? use-macro="macros/foo" or just use-macro="foo"?02:26
avnDon't know. btw as I know  foo/bar/baz may require, and not raw chameleon02:28
RaceConditionand with Chameleon?02:28
avnI'm exact know have some code to make var/field/traverse/syntax works.  Raw chameleon just get "var" from context dict. (But I can be wrong -- ask malthe on #repoze -- he is an author of chameleon)02:31
CIA-85malthe * r120482 / Starting 1.3 maintenance branch.02:31
CIA-85malthe * r120483 / Preparing 1.2 maintenance branch.02:31
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RaceConditionavn: isn't TALES responsible from that?02:40
RaceConditionI'm still not getting macros to work, now with Chameleon02:40
RaceConditionany define-macro block just gets evaluated right away and nothing gets put into the context/environment for later access02:41
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RaceConditionI can't find any documentation whatsoever about inline macros02:45
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RaceConditionnice, I can access the macro with rcontext.macros['foo'], but that's a hack I guess02:58
RaceConditionavn: you were right btw, Chameleon does support ${}.. that's so nice03:06
avnRaceCondition: chameleon have few enchancements, but also few restrictions (no builtin traverse). I'm suggest you to /join #repoze and ask malthe... I believe he known more, because he is chameleon author ;)03:08
RaceConditionyou mean no builtin foo/bar/baz ? I don't really like that anyway03:08
RaceConditionthe reason I wanted TAL in the first place was better integration with XML03:08
RaceConditionDjango just sucks at that03:09
avnRaceCondition: I like TAL more than django templates because like well formed xml in sources (easy to check for dumb failures like unclosed tags)03:10
RaceConditionyeah, but I'm writing apps with Django, so I need Django integration in templates03:10
RaceConditionlike i18n, tpl inheritance etc (METAL macros seem to quite suck)03:11
RaceConditionalso, access to custom template tags people have built--those provide a lot of logic03:11
RaceConditionis there a way to make tal:repeat add a line ending after each iteration?03:13
avncontentproviders and few z3c.* stuff looks more smooth than template inheritance. But I don't have any production app with this and don't have real world expirience with this.03:14
RaceConditionI mean, I just need the basic macro fill-slot behaviour, but without all the macro heaviness03:14
RaceConditionalso, since using macros inline really sucks, and there's no way to pass arguments to them (other than slots), they seem quite useless03:15
avncontentproviders works well for it.  It work differently for z.tal  and chameleon (ie _defining_ new providers), but works similiar  -- provider:foo expressions03:18
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RaceConditionavn: I don't really know too much about that... but it seems very very heavy-weight :)03:40
RaceConditionmaybe it's good for big and complex applications03:40
avnRaceCondition: chameleon resolve <foo>: expression via zope.component.queryUtility (and I believe ZCA is not too complex for standalone apps)03:47
RaceConditionZCA is of course nice, but we were talking about ZPT, no?03:48
avnTAL/TALES expressions (both zope.tal and chameleon -- just named ZCA utilities)03:52
RaceConditionyeah, I just need basic template constructs like repeat and omit-tag and stuff04:16
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davetooI'm having trouble finding documentation for the syntax of zeo.conf (zodb 3.7.0)05:52
davetoofound it :)05:54
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CIA-85malthe * r120484 (14 files in 3 dirs): Started development of 2.x series, following stable build of Chameleon 2.x series. This commit marks a stable development version.11:32
CIA-85yuppie * r120485 Products.CMFCalendar/Products/CMFCalendar/ (CHANGES.txt tests/ - fixed object initialization11:32
CIA-85yuppie * r120486 Products.CMFCalendar/Products/CMFCalendar/skins/zpt_calendar/ - fixed links11:32
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CIA-85yuppie * r120487 CMF/CODINGSTYLE.txt: - added note about offset-naive and offset-aware datetime and DateTime12:23
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MJany POV devs about?13:18
betabugwhat's POV?13:18
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MJmgedmin: poke13:19
MJbetabug: Programmers of Vilnius13:19
* MJ found one already :-)13:19
betabugaha :-)13:19
MJnot that he's present (auto away since sat)13:19
betabugquite far from here :-)13:19
MJmgedmin: when you are back13:19
MJwhy is the zope3 trac redirecting to localhost for intertrac links (ex:
betabugMJ: he should wire up his irc bot to his alarm clock13:20
MJbetabug: that would help, indeed13:20
betabugsomeone messed up a setting there13:20
betabug"but... it works for me!"13:21
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CIA-85yuppie * r120488 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/formlib/ ( schema.txt
CIA-85- simplified DateTime conversion (using newer DateTime API)13:29
CIA-85- normalize to offset-naive datetimes, not to offset-aware datetimes13:29
CIA-85yuppie * r120489 Products.CMFCalendar/Products/CMFCalendar/browser/event.txt: - improved tests13:29
CIA-85yuppie * r120490 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (formlib/ CHANGES.txt): - added SettingsEditFormBase13:29
CIA-85yuppie * r120491 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/ ( tests/preferences.txt): - fixed Preferences form (re-implemented it using SettingsEditFormBase)13:29
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CIA-85icemac * r120492 zope.testrunner/ (5 files in 2 dirs): merged branch to fix LP #719369 (handling of unexpected successes on Python 2.7)14:35
CIA-85icemac * r120493 zope.testrunner/src/zope/testrunner/ run test on 2.7.0, too14:35
CIA-85icemac * r120494 zope.testrunner/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 4.0.114:35
CIA-85icemac * r120495 /zope.testrunner/tags/4.0.1: Tagging 4.0.114:35
_mup_Bug #719369: zope.testrunner does not handle unexpected test successes but it claims to do so <zope.testing:New> <zope.testrunner:New> < >14:35
CIA-85icemac * r120496 zope.testrunner/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 4.0.214:35
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CIA-85icemac 3.9 * r120497 zope.testing/buildout.cfg:17:32
CIA-85- fixed recipe version, so zope.testrunner does not sneak in17:32
CIA-85- added test support for Python 2.717:32
CIA-85icemac 3.9 * r120498 zope.testing/src/zope/testing/testrunner/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Fixed tests to run on Python 2.7, too (fix taken from zope.testrunner)17:33
CIA-85icemac 3.9 * r120499 zope.testing/ (6 files in 3 dirs):17:33
CIA-85LP #719369: An `Unexpected success`_ (concept intruduced in Python 2.7) is no longer handled as success but as failure. This is a workaround. The whole unexpected success concept might be implemented later.17:33
CIA-85(Adapted from zope.testrunner)17:33
CIA-85icemac 3.9 * r120500 zope.testing/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.9.617:33
_mup_Bug #719369: zope.testrunner does not handle unexpected test successes but it claims to do so <zope.testing:New> <zope.testrunner:New> < >17:33
CIA-85icemac * r120501 /zope.testing/tags/3.9.6: Tagging 3.9.617:33
CIA-85icemac 3.9 * r120502 zope.testing/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.9.717:33
CIA-85malthe * r120503 (16 files in 3 dirs): Update to Chameleon 2.0. This commit marks a stable development version.17:33
mgedminMJ, I'm back now17:33
mgedminthat's an interesting bug there17:33
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mgedminMJ, should be fixed now17:39
MJthanks :-)17:39
* mgedmin adds contact info to and makes it validate while at it17:42
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CIA-85ldr * r120504 plone.z3cform/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Handle wrong fieldnames more cleanly in the ++widget++ traverser.19:50
CIA-85ldr * r120505 plone.z3cform/plone/z3cform/ (traversal.txt Should be raising a TraversalError here rather than returning none19:50
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CIA-85fdrake * r120506 zc.intid/ don't set a version number on development branches22:26
CIA-85fdrake * r120507 /zc.intid/tags/1.0.0: initial release22:26
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CIA-85tseaver * r120508 Products.GenericSetup/ Use zope.testrunner's support for skipping layers.23:46
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