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CIA-85yuppie * r120559 Products.GenericSetup/ (3 files in 3 dirs):10:32
CIA-85- fixed two 'date' property issues10:32
CIA-85- refactored PropertyManagerHelpers tests10:32
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nijanHello all, I am a newbie in zope but I have spent some time with markup languages and python. I'm going to write a sort of news website with a search engine. I read through most zope documentation and find it perfect for my need. Still, I'm pretty bad as a webdesigner/gfx, so I was considering plone. I downloaded plone as it was a 'plugin' for zope, but when I created a plone site it was hell. My question is, would you suggest me to use zope and look for module12:35
nijans (or whatever they're called) that add  the functionalities I need like 'news', 'search', 'calendar' etc. or just take zope and get rid of all the stuff I don't need? Or, is it possible to take packages from plone and use them in zope?12:35
betabugnijan: Zope is a web application server, people use it to build applications that run on it12:36
nijanYes, got it.12:37
betabugplone is not a "plugin", plone is one such application, a very big one12:37
betabugpersonally I'd suggest that if plone does not do 90% or more of what you do, leave the fingers from it12:37
betabugnext, there are some other "Products" to run on Zope, like wikis, blogs, and other stuff, but mostly people seem to build their own12:38
nijanThanks, my doubts arose when I saw that plone add a lot of useful add-ons. For example, it would have been useful to implement something like Solgema Fullcalendar
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betabugit is not likely that something like that will be able to run outside plone12:40
mcdoncplone is great if it does exactly what you want out of the box12:41
mcdoncand i do mean exactly12:41
mcdoncdont assume it will be easy to remove things12:41
mcdoncor change the way things behave12:42
nijanmcdonc, exactly what I've experienced12:42
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nijanI thought i could just copy some css and templates, but it doesn't seem to work like that.12:42
nijanIs there any add-ons for zope that ease the task of setting up a news web-site structure12:43
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nijanStarting from scratch looks like a pain to me.12:44
mcdonci doubt there's much agreement on what "news web-site structure" means12:45
betabuga blog would fit the description :-)12:45
nijansome templates + css, plus code to manage news and to search thme12:45
nijanOr any of these : /12:45
mcdoncthere are tons of blog applications out there12:46
betabuga couple of home made objects, with some python and page templates would do too12:46
mcdonc(albeit not really in zope)12:46
mcdoncalthough these days most people just use wordpress or some hosted blog12:47
betabugmcdonc: defacebook now, you're so last century!12:48
nijanI guess I wouldn't like that. Well, I found some products that could be useful to start with.12:48
mcdoncright, facebook, silly me12:48
betabugnijan: I use coreblog, adapted a lot12:48
nijanI'll take a look at it, even though I need something more poweful than a blog. For example, it should include a way to manage users, and allow them to publish their news.12:50
mcdoncfwiw, the boston globe runs zope (i think still).. but the code isn't public ;-)12:50
betabugit's not really supported by the author any more, but that doesn't stop me :-)12:50
mcdoncso you can imagine there's a wide interpretation of "news web-site structure"12:50
nijanI agree12:51
nijan: )12:51
nijanI hink a collection of products and some glue scripting will do well.12:51
nijanAnd no plone.12:51
nijanThanks a lot for the help.12:52
betabugno problem, you're welcome12:52
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CIA-85lra * r120560 ( tests/ Avoid unnecessary recompilations and fix security for the TALES 'repeat' object13:45
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zobbo_I have two objects within a cmf site with the same cmf_uid. How can I replace the cmf_uid on one of the items with a new one? Finding it hard to find any concrete examples for the portal_uid* tools15:19
zobbo_most of my searching has just brought back commit messages that mention them15:20
CIA-85adamg * r120561 z3c.json/TODO.txt: added TODO: change exceptions.ProtocolError to be pickleable15:31
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d2mzobbo_: does the cmf_uid change wen you copy the object?16:01
zobbo_d2m, hi, no - and trying to reimport it threw me an error. But I've solved it using portal_uidhandler.unregister(obj) and register(obj)16:03
d2mi remember there is was an option to recreate objects with the same uid on import16:03
zobbo_yes, unfortunately the reimport failed :(. old old code - very crufty16:04
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CIA-85yuppie * r120562 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (2 files in 2 dirs): - use getProperty for member properties19:24
CIA-85yuppie * r120563 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/ - fixed context (the acquired user folder might be outside the portal)19:25
CIA-85yuppie * r120564 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/browser/membership/configure.zcml: - use a permission members usually have19:25
CIA-85yuppie * r120565 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (6 files in 4 dirs): - fixed 'login_time' handling19:25
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twrydancould somebody explain me how to use the i18n getFormatter function on zope 2.13.4? that'd be very much appreciated… I'm getting an unauthorized error when I try20:35
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prinzdezibelDoes zope3 has standard roles? (not standard groups)21:41
prinzdezibelIt seemed first to me:
prinzdezibelBut: <grant permission="p2.Enumeratable" role="Anonymous" />21:43
prinzdezibelyields:ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'role', 'Anonymous')21:43
prinzdezibelAny hint?21:44
prinzdezibelBut probably that doc is plone only21:44
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avnprinzdezibel: mb you need to declare role Anonymous (or zope.Anonymous? -- I'm not sure exactly)21:52
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prinzdezibelYes, that is my question.21:53
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avnprinzdezibel: role for zope.Anonymous defined in zope/securitypolicy/securitypolicy.zcml22:15
prinzdezibelavn: then a <include package="" /> should suffice?!22:16
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avnprinzdezibel: not sure, try <include package="zope.securitypolicy" file="securitypolicy.zcml"/>  (at least default configure.zcml inside zope.securitypolicy don't include it by default22:33
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prinzdezibelavn, ok22:34
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CIA-85davisagli * r120566 Products.GenericSetup/ (2 files in 2 dirs): sort the list of extension profiles on the import form alphabetically22:42
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do3ccis there a way to correctly run the tests for the peristent package standalone?22:48
do3ccthe buildout config creates a test runner that fails due to missing dependencies22:48
do3ccafter installing the missing dependencies I get about 50% failures22:49
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