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CIA-85icemac * r120567 zc.authorizedotnet/ (src/zc/authorizedotnet/ updated tests to run with mechanize 0.2+ thus requiring at least zope.testbrowser 3.909:47
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CIA-85icemac * r120568 zc.beforestorage/ (LICENSE.txt src/zc/beforestorage/ COPYRIGHT.txt): Conform to repository policy.10:42
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seppo14hi guys...15:40
seppo14we have like 50-60 plone sites...15:40
seppo14would you plit these into single data.ds?15:40
seppo14or is there any recommendation on this?15:40
seppo14data.fs ;)15:40
betabugseppo14: #plone is over there ---->15:40
seppo14i know15:41
seppo14but it's not about plone only..15:41
seppo14some sites are ZMS sites, too.15:41
betabugplone dudes will know best about their requirements15:41
betabugwell, personally I'd be wary about keeping track of 50 data.fs files and their backups15:41
benjiI've sucessfully run non-plone CMS apps with hundreds of sites in a single (multi-gigabyte) Data.fs, so yes, it's not hard to do.15:42
seppo14that's what i wanted to hear..15:42
seppo14i just tought there may be some downsides on large data.fs15:42
seppo14in our case we have one z2 server running like 20-30 data.fs and imho it's a pain in the ass...15:43
seppo14so, thanks for your input. appreciate it.15:43
betabug7.2G    Data.fs15:44
betabugno problem really15:44
betabugbiggest problem is transferring backups when doing an initial backup15:44
betabugbut that won't change if we'd split it up into 50 files15:44
seppo14not a problem here, we have complete system backups everynight15:44
seppo14running virtual servers we have 8 backups of the whole system automatically15:45
betabugnot the same as incremental backups at a remote site :-)15:45
seppo14why not? what's the benefits of that?15:45
betabugseppo14: if someone requests data that was deleted 8 months ago, I can do it15:45
seppo14ok, great. i wouldn't do that for any client ;)15:46
betabugit's a pain, but I can :-)15:46
seppo14managing external backups on my own is a lot of work15:46
betabugit's "saved the company" already15:46
seppo14we dropped that a year ago….15:46
seppo14well in generall I agree, it's a good thing… but in our case it's just not useful and needed15:47
betabugsure, whatever works for you15:47
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CIA-85mj * r120569 relstorage/relstorage/adapters/
CIA-85Report on the packing progress15:58
CIA-85On batch completion, log progress if at least .1% of the total has been15:58
CIA-85processed since last time we logged progress.15:58
CIA-85mj * r120570 relstorage/CHANGES.txt: Add a changelog for the progress report changes.15:58
CIA-85yuppie * r120571 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/ (CHANGES.txt tests/ - fixed tool initialization15:58
CIA-85mj * r120572 relstorage/ (7 files in 4 dirs): Make it possible to run just the pre-pack or the pack phase individually15:58
CIA-85mj * r120573 relstorage/CHANGES.txt: Changelog entry for the two-phase pack change.15:58
CIA-85yuppie * r120574 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (upgrade/ CHANGES.txt upgrade/configure.zcml): - added upgrade step for member data tool settings15:58
CIA-85yuppie * r120575 Products.CMFCore/Products/CMFCore/ (6 files in 4 dirs): - added export/import support for member data tool settings15:58
CIA-85yuppie * r120576 Products.CMFDefault/Products/CMFDefault/ (CHANGES.txt profiles/default/memberdata.xml): - added default settings for the member data tool15:58
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MJanyone ever been able to run all the RelStorage tests against MySQL 5.5 on Mac OS X?17:18
* MJ is having some trouble. At least it's not my own changes that's the problem.17:18
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BGaddieis there a way to force sys.maxint to be the 32bit value on a 64bit system?19:11
BGaddieI'm running into a problem in ZopeVersionControl where the IOBTree won't accept a key that's sys.maxint big on a 64bit system19:11
betabugBGaddie: maybe ask in #python too19:11
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BGaddiebetabug: I'm there as well - I'm thinking that it has to do with the way the IOBTree class is compiled maybe?19:16
betabugno idea there, sorry19:17
BGaddieI'm pretty sure it's a Zope bug19:23
betabugwell, IIRC ZopeVersionControl would be quite old19:23
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BGaddieso there needs to be a check in the append method that forces the value to be in range of the 32bit C int type that IOBTree uses19:26
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prinzdezibelzc.buildout & Mac OSX. Why are eggs from sytem/site-packages preferred over the eggs in ~/.buildout/eggs?19:45
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TresEquisprinzdezibel, don't use a Python with anything in site-packages ;)19:58
TresEquisi.e., just build one from source, installed in someplace like /opt/Python-2.6.619:59
TresEquisand use it to drive buildout19:59
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BGaddiebetabug: it's a version problem with Plone - sorry to stir things up :)20:15
betabuguh oh20:15
betabughaha, reinforces the old rule of thumb, that if there is a problem, it will always be plone's fault20:16
BGaddieupgrading to ZVC 1.1.3 fixes the issue20:16
BGaddiethey had it pinned at 1.0a120:17
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CIA-85mj * r120577 relstorage/relstorage/ Rename one more pack_dry_run.20:50
CIA-85mj * r120578 relstorage/relstorage/adapters/ Missing space.20:50
CIA-85lra * r120579 /Sandbox/lra/branches/restore-WorkflowMethod-Products.DCWorkflow/ (11 files in 4 dirs): resync with 2.2 branch20:50
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prinzdezibelTresEquis: I see a lot of writings about the buildout / site-packages topic on the net. This seems to be a longstanding problem. Do you know if there's progress in development of a buildout with kinda --no-site-packages option?21:25
prinzdezibelThe thing is I don't want to say people who want to do a project buildout: Install macport, install python, then get virtualenv but strip the fat binary beforehand and then maybe your buildout works21:26
avnprinzdezibel:  virtualenv --no-site-packages ./venv && ./venv/bin/python && bin/buildout works very well ;)21:36
prinzdezibelavn: I was hoping to get rid of virtualenv with buildout ;)21:39
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