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Ademancan anyone explain the expression repeat['i'].even() in ? the output seems to suggest that evaluates to "even" which contradicts my (probably poor) understanding of the docs07:59
mcdoncAdeman: if you mean chameleon, i think malthe changed this so that even() and odd() return True and False08:04
mcdoncso you're seeing True + False (and since bools inherit from int, the result is 1)08:05
Ademanmcdonc: hrm, I should probably just run it and see :-) I have a file build/lib/chameleon/zpt/language.txt which contains that and claims the output is <li class="even">0</li> <li class="odd">1</li> etc08:07
mcdoncapparently i am wrong08:12
mcdoncor who knows08:12
mcdonclet me try it with trunk08:12
AdemanI'll figure it out eventually :-) unless you're curious too :-p08:13
mcdoncjust annoyed08:13
mcdoncthe output with the latest release version of chameleon i get
mcdoncso looks like .odd() emits 'odd' when true, '' when false08:18
mcdoncwhich is insane08:18
mcdoncbut ok08:18
Ademanhehe agreed, but "at least" that agrees with the language.txt I've got08:19
Ademan(which must be built somehow, because my language.txt under src/chameleon doesn't contain that)08:19
AdemanI haven't bothered looking into the how or why for a lot of things just yet :-)08:19
mcdonchmm... afaict language.txt is just a doctest, not generated08:21
mcdoncit's in chameleon/zpt and chameleon/genshi in mine if that's the one you mean08:21
Ademanmcdonc: oh wait! I just moved it instead of copying it... heh08:24
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asshi, I have question about performance in Zope 2.7.5 and ZODB - time for response is dual, triple when I do concurrent request (2 or 3 at the same time)19:26
asshow to avoid it ?19:26
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mcdonchmm.. not sure what you'd expect otherwise.. do you see different behavior is nonzope systems? (unrelated: zope 2.7.5 is ~7 years old, btw, probably want to use a recent version if you need help from folks here or on maillists)19:57
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assI know it, but for some reason my request for 10k objects which last about 2-3 sec is not properly scalled - even if I use ZEO the two request in the same time it take 4-5 sec per each20:10
mcdonchard to really know what's happening, but for the record, newer zodb versions (not sure about zope 2.7.5, no idea wich version of zodb comes with that) have "mvcc" (multiversion concurrency control) which means an absence of "read conflict errors"20:22
mcdoncif your request is performing a write, it may be that subsequent requests need to retry due to a conflict error20:23
mcdoncbut really kind of hard to know, zope doesn't provide much in the way of reporting diagnosing conflict errors20:23
mcdoncyou'd have to dig into the code20:23
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