IRC log of #zope for Tuesday, 2011-03-01

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planetzopebotPython meeting at AGGN (Reinout van Rees' weblog)
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CIA-85shane * r120614 relstorage/ (7 files in 3 dirs):01:29
CIA-85Fixed compatibility with PostgreSQL 9.0, which is capable of01:29
CIA-85returning a new 'hex' type to the client. Some builds of psycopg201:29
CIA-85return garbage or raise an error when they see the new type. The fix01:29
CIA-85was to encode more SQL query responses using base 64.01:29
CIA-85Also added credit for Martijn. Awesome work.01:29
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nmcbridecan anyone help me with zodb + zeo?03:34
nmcbridespecifically blob file storage?03:34
nmcbridei've set everything up03:34
nmcbrideand the blobs folder was created and all of my previous db code is working03:34
nmcbridebut i can't figure out how to store blob data03:35
nmcbrideis this even close:
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CIA-85shane * r120615 relstorage/ (CHANGES.txt relstorage/
CIA-85With the new shared-blob-dir option set to false, it was possible05:23
CIA-85for a thread to read a partially downloaded blob. Fixed. Thanks for05:23
CIA-85the report from Maurits van Rees.05:23
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planetzopebotThe 10 Python Conferences Happening at PyCon 2011 (part 2) (The PyCon blog)
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nmcbridecould someone give me a hand with zodb + zeo? specifically blob storage?  Everything seems to be working except I don't really know how to store blob data and can't find a good example.06:46
nmcbrideIs this anywhere close?
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nmcbridemcdonc: the writting to it like a file part i get.06:52
nmcbridei setup zeo and zodb06:53
nmcbrideand have my blobs folder like shown in the pyramid docs06:53
mcdonc_a blob is like any other persistent object06:53
mcdonc_you say persistentobject.somename = theblob06:53
nmcbrideatleast i'm getting a different error now lol: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getPathForOID'06:57
nmcbridetried it more like the docs and still getting the same07:01
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mcdonc_why are you storing a tuple07:05
nmcbridebefore when i uploaded a picture it was easy to do (filename, binary_source)07:05
nmcbrideso when I pulled it back i got both07:05
nmcbrideand then just did [0] and [1]07:05
mcdonc_try it without the filename temporarilu07:06
mcdonc_you may be able to do07:06
nmcbrideok, outside of a tuple?07:06
mcdonc_blob.thefilename = filename07:06
mcdonc_folder['name'] = blob07:06
nmcbrideoh you can add attributes to the blob07:06
nmcbrideAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getPathForOID'07:07
nmcbride        f.close()07:08
nmcbride        blob.filename = filename07:08
nmcbride        root['settings']['default_product_image'] = blob07:08
mcdonc_no idea man, sorry07:09
nmcbridecan't believe I stumped you :D07:10
mcdonc_not particularly hard07:11
nmcbrideModule ZEO.ClientStorage:955 in storeBlob         view07:11
nmcbride<<          # Also, this releaves the client of having to manage the file07:11
nmcbride               # (or the directory contianing it).07:11
nmcbride               self.fshelper.getPathForOID(oid, create=True)07:11
nmcbride               fd, target = self.fshelper.blob_mkstemp(oid, serial)07:11
nmcbride               os.close(fd)07:11
nmcbride>>  self.fshelper.getPathForOID(oid, create=True)07:11
nmcbrideAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'getPathForOID'07:11
nmcbridedarn hidden lines, thought it was only 3 lines07:11
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nmcbridemcdonc_: maybe not for you but kinda hard for me :D07:20
mcdonc_i meant it's not hard to stump me07:20
nmcbrideoh lol07:21
nmcbridethis is the first time i've used zeo07:21
nmcbrideand my last brick wall before an initial release07:21
mcdonc_i'd suggest that if "fshelper" is None, it means something about your configuration is not right, but i dont know what this is07:21
nmcbridethat's what i was looking at now07:22
mcdonc_i'd suggest taking a look at the uri you're using as your zodb_url or whatever in the config and comparing it against the zodbconn docs07:22
nmcbrideall the other db stuff seems to be using it ok07:25
CIA-85shane * r120616 relstorage/ (7 files in 4 dirs): Clarified the documentation of blob-cache-size. Also allowed 'MB' and 'GB' suffixes and fixed various minor inconsistencies in README.07:27
mcdonc_nmcbride: blobs take special configuration07:32
nmcbridei followed the zodb+zeo guide under the pyramid docs07:32
mcdonc_that does not set up blobs07:33
nmcbridethe <blobstorage 1> part i thought did07:34
mcdonc_zeo://%(here)s/zeo.sock?blob_dir=/path/to/the/blobs or something07:35
mcdonc_ /path/to/the/blobs is wherever $INSTANCE/blobs goes07:35
mcdonc_the blobdir thing below needs to stay too07:35
mcdonc_i didnt realize it was in there07:35
mcdonc_i'm not promising this will fix it07:36
mcdonc_but seems like a good guess07:36
nmcbrideso i need it in the config and the uri?07:36
mcdonc_try it and see07:36
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nmcbrideadding that gives me
mcdonc_try zeo://%(here)s/zeo.sock?blob_dir=/path/to/the/blobs&shared_blob_dir=true07:41
nmcbridethat may have worked07:52
nmcbridei have a bunch of 0x00 folders under /blobs07:53
nmcbridewhat was wrong and what did our changes do?07:53
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mcdonc_nmcbride: the original mistake was the tutorial leading you to believe that blobs would work08:02
mcdonc_our changes told the zeo clientstorage where to find the blobs08:02
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nmcbridemcdonc_: sorry was getting the new baby to sleep08:39
nmcbridethe config isn't enough?08:39
nmcbridei mean obviously it isn't but how come? seems like it is suppose to be.08:39
mcdonc_sorry, cant participate in the postmortem much, but you need the zeo client to know about blobs too, and it didnt08:41
mcdonc_now it does08:41
nmcbrideok i know you are busy08:41
nmcbridethanks for helping +1 beers for you on me next time we go out08:41
mcdonc_np, sorry for the misleading docs08:41
nmcbrideit isn't your fault :D08:42
mcdonc_well you're fixed in any case, fault aside ;-)08:43
nmcbrideyes thank you very much :D08:43
nmcbridewith that i am going to go get an hour of sleep before i need to feed him again08:44
nmcbridetake care08:44
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mcdonc_night nmcbride08:44
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CIA-85icemac * r120617 zc.catalogqueue/ (5 files in 2 dirs):11:42
CIA-85- Added test extra to declare test dependency on ``zope.testing``.11:42
CIA-85- Using Python's ``doctest`` module instead of depreacted11:42
CIA-85icemac * r120618 zc.catalogqueue/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Conform to repository policy.11:42
CIA-85yuppie * r120619 Products.GenericSetup/ (5 files in 4 dirs): - Removed ``five.formlib`` dependency. ``zope.formlib`` is now used directly.11:42
CIA-85yuppie * r120620 Products.GenericSetup/Products/GenericSetup/configure.zcml: - avoid conflict with five.formlib11:42
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.12 * r120621 grokcore.view/ (3 files in 3 dirs): view components can optionally use the grok.provides directive to specify the interface that the component provides instead of the default zope.interface.Interface. Backport from trunk.11:42
CIA-85shane * r120622 relstorage/relstorage/ ( tests/ Added unit tests of relstorage.blobhelper.BlobHelper. More to come.11:42
CIA-85yuppie * r120623 Products.CMFDefault/ (6 files in 4 dirs): - Removed ``five.formlib`` dependency. ``zope.formlib`` is now used directly.11:42
CIA-85yuppie * r120624 CMF/versions.cfg: - removed obsolete five.formlib version pin11:42
CIA-85gotcha * r120625 /zope.testing/branches/gotcha-test-layers: prepare11:42
CIA-85gotcha * r120626 /zope.testing/branches/gotcha-test-layers: oops11:42
CIA-85gotcha * r120627 /zope.testing/branches/gotcha-test-layers: prepare11:42
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CIA-85janwijbrand * r120628 grokui.base/src/grokui/base/ (configure.zcml ftesting.zcml): make sure grokcore.view is properly configured13:50
CIA-85gotcha gotcha-test-layers * r120629 zope.testing/src/zope/testing/testrunner/ ( savepoint13:50
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.12 * r120630 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.12.313:50
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120631 /grokcore.view/tags/1.12.3: Tagging 1.12.313:50
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.12 * r120632 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.12.413:50
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120633 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 2.413:50
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120634 /grokcore.view/tags/2.4: Tagging 2.413:50
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120635 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 2.513:50
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120636 grokui.base/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.5.113:50
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CIA-85janwijbrand * r120637 /grokui.base/tags/0.5.1: Tagging 0.5.113:50
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CIA-85janwijbrand * r120628 grokui.base/src/grokui/base/ (configure.zcml ftesting.zcml): make sure grokcore.view is properly configured14:29
CIA-85gotcha gotcha-test-layers * r120629 zope.testing/src/zope/testing/testrunner/ ( savepoint14:29
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.12 * r120630 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.12.314:29
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120631 /grokcore.view/tags/1.12.3: Tagging 1.12.314:29
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.12 * r120632 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.12.414:29
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120633 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 2.414:30
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120634 /grokcore.view/tags/2.4: Tagging 2.414:30
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120635 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 2.514:30
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120636 grokui.base/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.5.114:30
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120637 /grokui.base/tags/0.5.1: Tagging 0.5.114:30
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CIA-85janwijbrand * r120628 grokui.base/src/grokui/base/ (configure.zcml ftesting.zcml): make sure grokcore.view is properly configured17:33
CIA-85gotcha gotcha-test-layers * r120629 zope.testing/src/zope/testing/testrunner/ ( savepoint17:33
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.12 * r120630 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.12.317:33
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120631 /grokcore.view/tags/1.12.3: Tagging 1.12.317:33
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.12 * r120632 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.12.417:33
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120633 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 2.417:33
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120634 /grokcore.view/tags/2.4: Tagging 2.417:33
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120635 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 2.517:33
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120636 grokui.base/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.5.117:33
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120637 /grokui.base/tags/0.5.1: Tagging 0.5.117:33
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CIA-85gotcha gotcha-test-layers * r120629 zope.testing/src/zope/testing/testrunner/ ( savepoint19:34
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.12 * r120630 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.12.319:34
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120631 /grokcore.view/tags/1.12.3: Tagging 1.12.319:34
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.12 * r120632 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.12.419:34
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120633 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 2.419:34
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120634 /grokcore.view/tags/2.4: Tagging 2.419:34
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120635 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 2.519:34
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120636 grokui.base/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.5.119:34
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120637 /grokui.base/tags/0.5.1: Tagging 0.5.119:34
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CIA-85gotcha gotcha-test-layers * r120629 zope.testing/src/zope/testing/testrunner/ ( savepoint20:45
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.12 * r120630 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.12.320:45
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120631 /grokcore.view/tags/1.12.3: Tagging 1.12.320:45
CIA-85janwijbrand 1.12 * r120632 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.12.420:45
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120633 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 2.420:45
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120634 /grokcore.view/tags/2.4: Tagging 2.420:45
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120635 grokcore.view/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 2.520:45
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120636 grokui.base/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.5.120:45
CIA-85janwijbrand * r120637 /grokui.base/tags/0.5.1: Tagging 0.5.120:45
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hannoschj-w, ccomb: good evening20:55
j-whi hannosch, ccomb20:56
j-whow're you guys doing?20:56
hannoschI'm doing good. just moved back to Norway this weekend - probably for two months20:56
*** janjaapdriessen has joined #zope20:56
j-wyour moving quite frequently :)20:57
hannoschccomb: who's your own business coming along?20:57
hannoschhow, even20:57
ccombjust missed a long term project :(20:57
j-whmm, not nice20:57
ccombbut otherwise I'm fine20:58
hannoschgood. j-w: did things settle down a bit again at the health agency? or any more crisis?20:58
j-wwe're in an possible uptake20:58
j-wso, that's good20:58
hannoschyeah! and you are all set in the "new" offices? all unpacking long done I presume20:59
j-wyes :)20:59
* hannosch doesn't remember anymore how long it's been ;)20:59
j-wbut you know, whenever you have your laptop and an internet conncetion, you can work :)20:59
hannoschsure. j-w so how's Grok doing? lots of releases "recently" ;)21:00
j-whannosch: yes!!21:00
j-wthere's quite some movement indeed21:00
j-wadding features, not earth shattering, but still21:00
j-wnow one of the Big Challenges is to keep the documentation in good shape21:01
j-wor rather *get* it in good shape21:01
hannoschaha, you still have that Plone site for it?21:01
hannoschnot switching to Sphinx and reSt for everything?21:01
j-wi realisezed there's quite a lot, it "only" became an unordely, well, uhm, mess realy :)21:01
j-whannosch: we are actually switching21:02
j-wonly slowly21:02
j-wis about manpower21:02
j-wor lack thereof21:02
hannoschit always is :)21:02
j-wyes, esp. for docs :)21:02
hannoschbut you have movement again, that's more than the rest of Zope can claim21:02
j-wanyway, there *is* development and that is very good21:02
hannoschccomb: any news on BlueBream after the 1.0?21:03
ccombmmh not really21:03
ccombit's very calm21:03
j-wwe actually ran into "old" code indeed, that we would like to tackel at some point21:03
hannoschccomb: do you know if there's any real users at all?21:03
ccombat least me :)21:03
hannoschaha, one :)21:04
ccomband yotaf, who still uses zope3 in his company21:04
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j-whannosch, ccomb playing devils advocate: you still interested in actively doing the ztk releaseteam? does it have value for you?21:04
j-wI thought to bring up the hard question first ;)21:05
hannoschwith Zope2 it's currently quiet - we have the 2.13 series based on ZTK 1.0.x out. Plone 4.1 is based on that and still in alpha. I don't expect to see much on Zope 2 trunk / ZTK 1.x for a couple months21:05
hannoschj-w: I'm interested, but I don't see much that we could or should do right now21:05
hannoschpersonally I'm focussing on a lot more company internal and Plone things21:05
j-wthat's about my view as well21:06
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ccombinterested too but I'm not always available in the long term21:06
j-wbut, I guess by meeting a bit more regularly again we might induce a little movement again?21:06
j-wthere's some stuff the grok people would like to see that could be of interest to others21:07
ccombI can be very active during a few weeks, then not for a couple of month, then again, etc.21:07
j-wok, totally understandable21:07
j-wI could try to create a list of things that grok would like to see done in the ZTK21:08
hannoschj-w: do you think Grok wants to do things that the three of us should discuss? or is it looking for feedback from the "Zope community" in general?21:08
j-wthere's a couple of things really about the ZTK21:08
j-wand other more of general nature21:08
hannoschok. I'd be happy to discuss them21:08
j-wthe ZTK-things are: and zope.errorview21:09
hannoschaha, you didn't include zope.errorview into ZTK 1.1 right?21:09
j-wgrok is about to move away from - but this might trigger potential changes in other packages21:09
j-wzope.errorview was a bit to late for the 1.1 proper releases21:09
j-wand I need to write a post to the ml about it first, I feel21:09
hannoschok. then put it in on ZTK trunk :)21:09
j-wI will :)21:10
j-wccomb: you ok if we would deprecate from the ZTK?21:10
j-wat some point21:10
hannoschfor you'd need to be a bit more specific I guess. Zope2 doesn't use any of it, so I'm not too concerned - but ccomb might have a different opinion21:11
ccombanyway what is deprecated in ZTK will be maintained in bb for some time21:11
j-wwell, if grok does not us it anymore only BB uses it21:11
hannoschright, that's when we move it out of the ZTK21:11
ccombyes, so it will be a bb-specific package21:11
j-wso, if ccomb would like to maintain it in the bb context, that would be nice21:11
hannoschhe probably doesn't want to - but has to ;)21:12
j-wgrok needs to write code first though, to replace appsetup, so it is still a bit hand-wavy :)21:12
hannoschI'm +1 on anything that gets rid of the last pieces in the ZTK21:12
j-wok :-)21:12
j-wyou guys have anything on the ztk agenda?21:13
ccombdo we have any news on the py3k support?21:14
hannoschccomb: I think Lennart might look at it during PyCon21:14
j-woh, and there is zc.sourcefactory that has "" code in it still21:14
hannoschccomb: but in general no news21:14
* j-w is going to pycon actually!21:14
j-wbut not attending sprints21:14
hannoschj-w: whoo! PyCon is fun21:15
j-wthe program seems __very__ interesting  indeed :)21:15
*** Wu has quit IRC21:15
j-woh, and another thing that might affect the ztk: the recent discussion concerning zope.testbrowser  and related21:16
hannoschI don't have anything on the ZTK agenda. I could probably run the checkversions scrips and see if we have any bugfixes21:16
j-wand related to that (zope.testbrowser) is the discussion on how to deal with test layers and test runners etc.21:17
hannoschj-w: right. there seems to be agreement on the approach for zope.testbrowser. so I'd just wait for the guys to finish the work21:17
j-wbut I guess this is not so much a ztk-releaseteam topic, but a much wider topic that needs, well, movement :)21:17
j-wbut why is it in the zopeapp.cfg again?21:17
j-wand not in the ztk.cfg?21:18
j-wthere's probably a good reason21:18
hannoschit had dependencies on
j-waha, right, yes I see21:18
hannoschpart of jinty's work was to remove those21:18
j-wyes, now I remember21:18
j-wok, we'll await that then21:18
hannoschfor testrunnners, I'm happy with zope.testrunner. for test layers we use plone.testing these days (non Plone specific)21:19
j-wrunning the checkversions seems a good idea21:19
j-wyes, plone.testing's layer21:19
j-wthat might we worthwhile checkinh21:19
j-weven though some grok people experimented quite seriously with py.test21:20
j-wand create some infrastructure for it to run "functional" tests with it21:20
j-wthat actually looks interesting21:20
j-wbut, same story, it need serious work to make it work conveniently for the more casual developer *using* grok21:20
hannoschwe have for the convenience inside Plone21:21
hannoschplone.testing gives you stacked component registries and stacked zodb demo storages - so you can actually have proper layer isolation21:22
j-wand this could be re-licensed to be included in the ztk if it comes to that?21:23
hannoschplone.testing could21:23
hannoschit's easy to make that BSD21:23
j-wok, good to know!21:24
j-wuhm, what about trying to set a next date?21:24
j-win, say, three weeks and sooner if something comes up?21:25
hannoschsounds sensible21:25
j-wwould you consider that useful?21:25
j-wccomb: for you?21:25
hannoschand if it's only about talking to the two of you, I'm happy :)21:25
ccomb3 weeks is ok21:25
j-whannosch:  :-)21:25
j-wok, I'll create a doodle for it then21:26
j-wand i'll try to create a list of grok concerns that might or might not be affecting the ztk release team, ok?21:26
hannoschsure. I'll look for new ZTK bug fix releases21:26
j-wow, and I'll look into moving zope.errorviews into the ztk trunk as well21:27
hannoschthanks for the meeting and thanks to j-w for poking us ;)21:27
j-wnp :-)21:28
j-wthanks hannosch, ccomb21:28
j-whave a nice evening21:28
hannoschyou too :)21:28
ccombbye, see you21:28
*** hannosch has left #zope21:28
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