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CIA-83jim * r121386 ZODB/src/CHANGES.txt: Typo and filled in date00:23
CIA-83jim * r121387 ZODB/src/ (8 files in 3 dirs): (log message trimmed)00:23
CIA-83Bugs Fixed00:23
CIA-83- 3.10 introduced an optimization to try to address BTree conflict00:23
CIA-83errors arrising for basing BTree keys on object ids. The00:23
CIA-83optimization caused object ids allocated in aborted transactions to00:23
CIA-83be reused. Unfortunately, this optimzation led to some rather00:23
CIA-83jim * r121388 ZODB/src/CHANGES.txt: Added more info about bug fixed.00:23
CIA-83jim * r121389 ZODB/src/ (ZEO/tests/ BTrees/tests/
CIA-83merged ZODB/branches/tseaver-squelch_2.6_warnings to avoid a warning00:23
CIA-83while running tests.00:23
CIA-83jim * r121390 ZODB/src/ (3 files in 3 dirs):00:23
CIA-83Bugs Fixed00:23
CIA-83- ZEO server transaction timeouts weren't logged as critical.00:23
CIA-83jim * r121391 ZODB/src/ (35 files in 9 dirs):00:23
CIA-83Lots of code cleanups.00:23
_mup_Bug #670986: transaction commit timeout should log at CRITICAL <ZODB:Fix Released> < >00:23
CIA-83jim * r121392 ZODB/ Fixed Python dependency check.00:23
_mup_Bug #677751: Remove unused variables and module imports <cleanup> <pyflakes> <ZODB:Fix Released> < >00:23
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CIA-83jim 3.10 * r121393 ZODB/src/persistent/
CIA-83r121331 | mauritsvanrees | 2011-04-07 09:38:13 -0400 (Thu, 07 Apr 2011) | 1 line01:21
CIA-83Fixed typo in comment01:21
CIA-83jim 3.10 * r121394 ZODB/src/ZEO/ ( scripts/ tests/
CIA-83Made a small improvement to the client cache to that makes it slightly01:21
CIA-83In some experiments, this led to significant reductions in cache miss01:21
CIA-83jim 3.10 * r121395 ZODB/src/ZEO/ (tests/ zrpc/ zrpc/
CIA-83Provide shorter code path for loads, which are most common operation.01:21
CIA-83Simplified and optimized marshalling code.01:21
CIA-83jim 3.10 * r121396 ZODB/src/ZEO/zrpc/ Simplified code to get a small reduction in CPU time for object loads.01:21
CIA-83janjaapdriessen * r121397 zope.fanstatic/ (buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt Update to fanstatic 0.11 API.01:21
CIA-83janjaapdriessen * r121398 zope.fanstatic/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.1001:21
CIA-83janjaapdriessen * r121399 /zope.fanstatic/tags/0.10: Tagging 0.1001:21
CIA-83janjaapdriessen * r121400 zope.fanstatic/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.1101:21
CIA-83janjaapdriessen * r121401 groktoolkit/grok.cfg: Use updated version of fanstatic and zope.fanstatic.01:21
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CIA-83shane * r121402 CompositePage/ (13 files in 2 dirs): (log message trimmed)03:34
CIA-83- Fixed test failures caused by 7 years of changes to Zope. This mostly03:34
CIA-83involved simple modernization:03:34
CIA-83- Use zope.interface, zope.tales, and zope.pagetemplate rather than03:34
CIA-83their predecessors.03:34
CIA-83- Use absolute imports.03:34
CIA-83- Use Unicode where possible.03:34
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CIA-83shane * r121403 CompositePage/ ( zope.pagetemplate.pagetemplatefile does not provide the required __name__ attribute. Go back.04:27
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CIA-83ulif * r121404 megrok.chameleon/src/megrok/chameleon/
CIA-83- Inject ``static`` variable in templates namespace.14:40
CIA-83- Add docs.14:40
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CIA-83ulif * r121405 megrok.chameleon/src/megrok/chameleon/tests/ Register a dummy resource in tests.15:34
CIA-83ulif * r121406 megrok.chameleon/src/megrok/chameleon/tests/cpt_fixture/app_templates/food.cpt: Require a static resource in test template.15:34
CIA-83ulif * r121407 megrok.chameleon/src/megrok/chameleon/README.txt: Update tests to handle static resources.15:34
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CIA-83jim 3.10 * r121408 ZODB/src/ZEO/tests/
CIA-83Added renomalizing to deal w spurious error due to rounding17:31
CIA-83jim 3.10 * r121409 ZODB/src/ZODB/ (4 files in 2 dirs):17:32
CIA-83Bugs Fixed17:32
CIA-83- "activity monitor not updated for subconnections when connection17:32
CIA-83returned to pool"17:32
CIA-83jim 3.10 * r121410 ZODB/src/CHANGES.txt: *** empty log message ***17:32
_mup_Bug #737198: activity monitor not updated for subconnections when connection returned to pool <ZODB:Fix Committed> < >17:32
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CIA-83mauritsvanrees * r121411 plone.z3cform/plone/z3cform/ (21 files in 6 dirs): Nuke trailing white space.18:30
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CIA-83jim 3.10 * r121412 ZODB/src/ (CHANGES.txt ZEO/ ZEO/tests/ (log message trimmed)21:36
CIA-83Bug Fixed:21:36
CIA-83"Blob temp file get's removed before it should",21:36
CIA-83A way this to happen is that a transaction is aborted after the21:36
CIA-83commit process has started. I don't know how this would happen in21:36
CIA-83the wild.21:36
_mup_Bug #595378: Blob temp file get's removed before it should <ZODB:Incomplete> < >21:36
CIA-83jim 3.10 * r121413 ZODB/src/ZEO/tests/ Gaaa. Copied and pasted a unix dependency.21:36
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CIA-83jim * r121414 /ZODB/tags/3.10.3: tag22:27
CIA-83jim 3.10.3 * r121415 ZODB/ version #22:27
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