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CIA-83do3cc * r121416 Products.GenericSetup/ (3 files in 3 dirs):04:26
CIA-83Add handling for cases where a report for an import already exists.04:26
CIA-83This can happen in fast tests. The code now starts incrementing an id04:26
CIA-83until it has an unused id.04:26
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koshhmm so far my tests with relstorage are not very good, with full site tests and single page tests with concurrency I am getting better performance with zeo and zope 2.13 then with relstorage connecting to postgres13:25
koshall tests run locally, I even added memcached for relstorage to use13:25
betabugI thought relstorage was supposed to be faster?13:25
betabugor did I remember that wrong?13:25
koshsupposed to be and their benchmarks show it is faster also13:25
koshit took about 5 hours to convert a 2G database from filestorge to relstorage and everything seems to be working right but it runs slower13:26
koshmaybe relstorage last was tested again filestore before zope 2.1313:26
koshzope 2.13 zeo got a LOT faster then it was before13:27
betabugare there any settings or stuff to tune?13:27
koshthere are no docs for tuning it so all I have are the default settings it has13:27
koshI did some looking online and found squat information for it13:27
koshit is all connecting locally over localhost13:28
koshso the only difference between zeo and relstorage is which db it is connecting to but same machine13:28
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betabugwell, ofcoz "fast" is not the only usecase for relstorage13:35
koshhave you had any experience with it, so far I have not even figured out what version of zeo they are doing their benchmarks against13:35
betabug2.8 probably :-)13:35
koshwell it was supposed to be more concurrent then zeo13:35
betabugno, haven't had any use for relstorage13:35
koshand so far my tests are that it is not13:36
betabugyou can do failover easier etc. if your DBA already has all this set up13:36
betabugso I guess for some people it just fits better into what they already use13:36
koshso far though the setup feels more fragile13:37
koshall the complexity to set it up13:37
betabugyes, obviously13:40
betabugfor some company that is all wired to SQL that may look different though13:41
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koshit just seems to have a lot more moving parts, the failover part would be nice though13:43
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koshthe test script they have to performance testing did not work right so I have gutted it13:48
koshmysql would not compile and since I am not using mysql I removed all of those tests13:48
koshit is using the latest zodb at least13:48
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koshooh with the latest zeo the numbers it has show that zeo adds faster, updates faster, and it basically tied at all other levels13:50
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koshas concurrency goes up in the tests so far zeo and postgres still run neck and neck13:51
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koshthe more connections to the same server at the same time the more postgres gains compared to zeo but at 4 they are still pretty much the same13:57
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koshwhat is strange is this benchmark shows that relstorage should be the same or a little faster if this benchmark is representative of my load13:57
koshof 4 connections to the same server but it actually runs slower13:57
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koshso far one thing relstorage has done is that sharing the session through postgres instead of temporarystorage for zeo has involved no unresolved readconflicterrors14:01
betabugthat's nice14:02
koshtemporarystorage for zeo is not file backed, so all ram based just like the regular session stuff, just shared over zeo14:02
koshhowever I have never seen one of those readconflicterrors on my live servers14:02
koshonly in ab testing when I tell ab to run 100 or more connections at the same time14:02
koshso it is nice not to have it happen but also not an actual issue in practice so far14:03
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koshbetabug: if I figure out how to make it work better I will tell you14:24
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koshthe load on my servers has gone down a fair bit since I put the unique urls in for all images, files, javascript and css files :)14:33
koshyou should definitely look into doing it14:33
koshsuch an easy idea, too bad zope does not have that built in by default14:33
betabugonce I finish with this unicode stuff14:33
koshthe other thing I did today was create a nice little script that reads about 10 zip files an extracts the js and css files from them that I need, combines them to single files, minimizes them, compresses them, uploads them to amazon and then sets all the appropriate caching times14:35
koshso whenever I need to add a new lib to my standard set of javascript I just add the zip file to the list and what files in it I need and the code will autorebuild the files, so what took 20-30 minutes before now takes < 1 minute14:35
CIA-83ldr * r121417 plone.z3cform/ (docs/HISTORY.txt plone/z3cform/
CIA-83Only search a group's widgets if they exist. collective.z3cform.wizard doesn't14:41
CIA-83create widgets for pages/groups other than the current one.14:41
betabugmy apps here aren't really performance intensive in that respect14:48
betabugbiggest bottleneck is the lame adsl connection that some local data is served from14:48
koshah ok14:48
koshwell if you build larger systems consider it14:48
koshfiles that you don't serve also are not a load on zope14:48
betabugsince I'm starting to freelance now, it might come along :-)14:48
koshand that allows you to still allow people to use zope to manage the files and give great caching14:49
betabugyeah :-)14:50
koshlater I am going to update my system so that the customer can choose to transfer files to amazon14:50
koshI will give them a nice unique id over there with a huge caching time14:50
koshand when the customer updates the file on zope what it will do is delete the old one on amazon and add the new one14:50
koshjust have to figure out a good design for making it work14:51
koshthe only real problem is if people bookmark those urls which would become invalid14:51
koshmostly though I want to use it for resource files14:53
koshvideo/audio type of stuff where you can bookmark the url of the page in the browser but people don't go find the video and bookmark that directly14:53
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koshthat way people only download those once14:53
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CIA-83jim * r121418 ZODB/src/ZEO/tests/
CIA-83Added renomalizing to deal w spurious error due to rounding19:33
CIA-83shane * r121419 CompositePage/ Integrated a simple patch from CompositePack.19:33
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Gogo|guiHello, every 01!21:30
Gogo|guiI'm investigating an intrusion on an unpatched plone site. Right now I am looking at the ZMI undo log and I have a question: Does a user "None" suggest, that the user who made the transaction has been deleted?21:31
Gogo|guiAnd question #2 - could i get any user ID from ZODB (_p_jar and friends) even if the user has been deleted (asuming Q1 is True)21:34
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