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koshbetabug: are you around?04:36
koshwake up betabug!07:00
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planetzopebotUpdate on the book discount (Lennart Regebro: Python, Plone, Web)
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CIA-83jim jim-jvm-zeo * r121438 ZODB/src/persistent: Who needs persistennce?20:27
CIA-83jim jim-jvm-zeo * r121439 ZODB/src: Just kidding20:27
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betabug-mbkosh: I am here21:52
betabug-mbkosh: I'm on an island for 1 week, so I'm not that regular on irc21:54
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smbetabug-mb: awesome :)22:17
betabug-mbsm: hehe, yeah22:18
betabug-mbbut so far it's raining :-)22:18
smperfect hacking weather22:18
betabug-mband Mon-Thursday are normal working days22:19
betabug-mbfrom Friday it's the easter weekend22:19
betabug-mbso time to hack on my own stuff :-)22:19
smwhere do you stay on the island ?22:26
smgot a villa ?22:26
smwith private beach ? underground lair ?22:27
betabug-mbthe family of my gf has an old house22:27
betabug-mbit's in the center of the island, so the beach is quite far22:27
betabug-mbeither have to take the bus or have a car (we rarely rent a car)22:27
smah well.. next best thing :)22:28
betabug-mbbut the village is quite nice22:28
betabug-mbthe top 2 pictures currently on show the village22:28
smwow, pretty22:28
betabug-mbnow it's much greener, but also much wetter :-)22:29
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