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marcusbhi, i am watching the keynote future-of-plone from ploneconf 2010 and alan runyan said that restricted python is going away but he didn't say what replaces it.  what's up with that?00:42
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koshI don't know of anything that replaces it01:35
koshfor some reason the plone developers don't like the idea anymore01:35
marcusbweird.  I don't see how you can keep using python fragments in db queries etc and get collaboration without it01:36
marcusbmaybe they don't like collaboration :)01:36
koshI don't see how to keep doing that either without it01:36
koshfor some reason it is not longer cool to develop inside a web browser even though everything else is now browser based now01:39
koshsince it is not cool anymore it has to go01:40
marcusbyeah well.  domain specific languages will have to be used then01:41
koshwell since python scripts already work with python 2.7 it is likely that you could just keep using them for a very long time01:42
koshat least in regular zope 2.x01:42
koshthe security work is done01:42
marcusbI am not worried, I was just curious about that remark (I'm new to plone, but I did use some zope modules for my own projects)01:44
koshI dont' use plone, just regular zope 2.x01:45
CIA-83ldr * r121496 /zope.interface/branches/elro-metaclass-resolution: Branch with InterfaceClass metaclass resolution patch.01:51
CIA-83ldr elro-metaclass-resolution * r121497 zope.interface/src/zope/interface/ ( tests/ InterfaceClass metaclass resolution.01:51
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r0verHello. I've a list with elements of type (country, city) and i'd like to use two choice fields to show them on a form. So far so good, i've the form working. The point is i'd like to restrict the second choice, for example, when i select USA, i'd like to see cities just from USA.02:38
koshthat is done with javascript and has nothing to do with zope though02:39
koshzope is server side, you need something client side02:39
r0verkosh: thank you very much. I thought formlib could generate such code...02:41
koshno idea about that I have never looked at formlib02:42
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betabugkosh: hey, you were looking for me?10:02
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betabuggood morning!11:12
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CIA-83hannosch * r121498 Products.ZCatalog/ ( CHANGES.txt): Prepare Products.ZCatalog
CIA-83hannosch * r121499 /Products.ZCatalog/tags/2.13.11: Tagged Products.ZCatalog
CIA-83hannosch * r121500 Products.ZCatalog/ ( CHANGES.txt): vb12:39
CIA-83hannosch 2.13 * r121501 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): Yet another ZCatalog release12:39
CIA-83hannosch * r121502 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): And one more ZCatalog release12:39
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CIA-83hannosch * r121503 Products.ZCatalog/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Replaced `weightedIntersection` and `weightedUnion` calls with their non-weighted version, as we didn't pass in weights.14:43
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CIA-83hannosch * r121504 Products.ZCatalog/ (2 files in 2 dirs):15:41
CIA-83Optimize DateRangeIndex for better conflict resolution handling. It always15:41
CIA-83starts out with storing an IITreeSet of the value instead of special casing15:41
CIA-83storing an int for a single value. The `single value as int` optimization should15:41
CIA-83be provided via a separate API to be called periodically outside the context of15:41
CIA-83a normal request.15:41
CIA-83hannosch * r121505 Products.ZCatalog/ ( CHANGES.txt): Prepare Products.ZCatalog
CIA-83hannosch * r121506 /Products.ZCatalog/tags/2.13.12: Tagged Products.ZCatalog
CIA-83hannosch * r121507 Products.ZCatalog/ ( CHANGES.txt): vb15:41
CIA-83hannosch 2.13 * r121508 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): ZCatalog +115:41
CIA-83hannosch * r121509 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst versions.cfg): ZCatalog +115:41
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koshbetabug: what app whre you looking at where something was screwing up ZODB references?16:09
betabug(no, I haven't heard of it either)16:09
betabuglooks like a reference count leak in the skin code to me16:09
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koshis it zope code or is it something that directly uses the ZODB?16:10
betabugwith CMF and that ZTM2 stuff16:10
betabugin the skin code it's doing a hell of a lot of work16:10
koshhmm since everything is bound to the REQUEST object one way or another I wonder how something could leak16:10
betabugso I guess on some requests it's flooding the zodb caches16:11
betabughistorically one place was the session - but that's not the case here16:11
betabugbut if you manage to create a circular reference, things will stick around16:11
koshhmm creating circular refs like that usually takes a lot of work or REALLY bad code16:13
koshI don't think I Have ever had to deal with circular refs16:13
betabugI take option 2 here16:13
betabugI don't like the code much16:13
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betabug(obviously it's not my code)16:13
koshsounds like it would be pretty hard to fix16:14
betabugdeep meditation code fixing trance required16:14
betabugI would attempt it, but so far it has not been asked for16:14
betabugsystem seems halfway stable now16:14
betabugwith a big, fat cache in front16:15
koshyeah I don't like fixing problems that way16:15
koshsince any cache misses cause the original problem to come back16:15
betabugbut I doubt that someone wants to invest the money to really fix up this app16:18
betabugIMHO those CMF apps are scary16:19
koshwell usually what you would do is keep the data and replace the skin entirely16:19
koshfaster that way16:19
betabugthere's a lot of custom stuff in that skin16:19
betabugyou could say that the site is actually in the skin16:19
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CIA-83janwijbrand * r121510 hurry.workflow/ (4 files in 2 dirs): turn and WorkflowInfo.state() functions into classmethods as they are not of much use otherwise16:26
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koshbetabug: that sounds like a lot of work to untangle and fix that16:41
betabugcould be16:41
betabugdepends on how much actual untangling is needed16:41
vortec"the site is actually in the skin" - oh dear.16:46
betabugwell, the content is not16:46
betabugbut a lot of the logic seems to be16:46
vortecsure, but the logic i assume?16:46
betabugit's not that I understood it all :-)16:46
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vpelletierHi. I'm working (Zope 2.12 PythonScript manage_change_history_page functionalities broken for old objects)17:25
_mup_Bug #735999: Zope 2.12 PythonScript manage_change_history_page functionalities broken for old objects <Zope 2:Confirmed> < >17:25
vpelletierah, there is a fine bot :)17:25
vpelletierMy first goal is to make OFS/ use an "historical" ZODB connection (ie, with "before" parameter)17:27
vpelletierfirst, I'm not sure how I should create such connection from an existing one ("_p_jar.__class__(_p_jar.db(), before=...)" doesn't look so clean)17:27
vpelletiersecond, I'm afraid of Connection.connections dict, as I'll open a database with some already-registered name but with different parameters17:28
vpelletierthe second point makes me think it's not supported to mix historical & current connections to the same database17:30
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betabugvpelletier: I think you want the zope-dev mailing list, not much zope-devs reading on this channel17:31
vpelletierah, ok17:31
betabugnp, good luck17:32
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CIA-83fafhrd * r121511 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst src/OFS/ move Control_Panel out of zodb19:31
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CIA-83janwijbrand * r121512 hurry.workflow/src: ad egg-info ignore21:54
CIA-83janwijbrand * r121513 hurry.workflow/src: fix typo in property name21:54
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