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CIA-83icemac * r121514 (3 files in 2 dirs): Fixed circular import beween ```` and ```` by moving the code leading to the ``ImportError`` from proxy to decorator09:27
CIA-83icemac * r121515 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.8.109:27
CIA-83icemac * r121516 / Tagging 3.8.109:27
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stoffuszope 2.7: I'm having some problems when starting zope instances through /etc/init.d/zope - the PID file is created correctly, but the "Waiting instances in late" exits with "timeout: 30". Any help with troubleshooting is appreciated!09:44
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zagytry "zope fg"09:51
zagythis produced an error message09:51
zagyor look into the log file09:51
stoffusthe only log file I can find is Z2-detailed.log and it says: "U 000000000 2011-05-03T08:50:19 System startup"09:52
stoffuszope fg - how? I have no bin called zope09:53
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stoffusoh sorry, you meant /etc/init.d/zope fg?09:53
stoffusthat gives me "Usage ..."09:54
woscit's possible though that this debian init-script doesn't support that09:54
stoffusspot on09:54
woscwe had this dance a few days ago, didn't we?09:54
stoffusindeed we did09:54
woscdid you find a "stock" zopectl in the meantime?09:54
stoffusI went with CnP from the old machine since that seems to be our only option09:54
* wosc doesn't know what the debian guys did there, unfortunately09:55
stoffuswe're soooo cloooose!09:55
stoffusit's like almost starting!09:55
wosccould you paste that init-script again?09:55
woschere's hoping they haven't butchered it too much...09:55
woscand /usr/sbin/zopectl please09:56
* wosc digs09:58
stoffusthere is a file created every time I run /etc/init.d/zope called /var/run/zope/default/, which contains a process ID10:04
stoffusbut the process ID doesn't exist in ps aux (or it disappears like really fast)10:05
stoffusthe latter is more likely since the ps aux command gives me a higher PID10:05
stoffusI've tried to catch some exceptions throughout the class hierarchy but with no result10:06
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stoffusthere are no pcgi files created though10:10
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betabugI'd download a 2.7 tarball, get the zopectl out of it, edit the paths inside and run it10:13
betabugor I'd ask kosh, he runs debian IIRC10:13
bigkevmcdor download the 2.7 tarball, remove the debian package10:13
bigkevmcdand install it sensibly10:13
betabugyeah, and just move products and db to a new instance created with a clean install10:13
stoffusthere are no products, and the DB seems to be empty so10:14
stoffusI mean, only default products10:14
betabuguh? if it's empty, why all the hassle?10:14
betabugthere are no default products10:14
betabugunless you mean those that are built in to zope (like PageTemplates, BTreeFolder2)10:14
stoffusyes exactly10:15
betabugbut these are not in the instance10:15
betabugso, if the instance has no products and an empty db, why bother?10:16
betabugwhat else would there be?10:16
stoffusI don't know really10:17
betabugquite pointless then unless you find out first?10:17
bigkevmcdif the database is empty, then it's unlikely to magically generate some content10:17
betabugespecially without products10:18
stoffusso really, just download a 2.7 tarball and install it, and then create an instance with the same settings as the instance on the old machine10:18
bigkevmcd"with the same settings" ?10:18
betabugand copy the Data.fs in there10:18
stoffusbigkevmcd: port settings and such10:18
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CIA-83icemac * r121517 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.8.210:23
CIA-83icemac * r121518 zc.shortcut/ (4 files in 2 dirs):10:23
CIA-83* Declared missing dependencies in `` so package might run on ZTK 1.1.10:23
CIA-83* Added test extra to declare test dependency on ````.10:23
CIA-83* Fixed obvious test failures on ZTK 1.1.10:23
CIA-83icemac * r121519 zc.shortcut/ (14 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.10:23
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stoffusokay, so I managed to get zope2.7 up and running together with python2.3 on a debian 6 machine. however, there is a script that I can't find on the clean install, which has a crucial part like this:
stoffuswhere /usr/bill/www is the main root for the web app12:39
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stoffushow do I implement the same functionality with my new, clean install?12:41
betabugthe first part just sets up interface and port, you have that in zope.conf12:51
betabugthe 2nd part would probably be done with RewriteRules in apache config (or whatever webserver config)12:52
betabugwell, I've never seen this kind of stuff before12:53
betabugstoffus: if you set the port and address in zope.conf, the instance should come up and you can see what's in there12:56
betabugI don't know what sys.path.insert(0,'/usr/bill/www') would be there for, maybe some kind of product living there?12:57
betabugmy = zhttp_handler('main', '')12:57
betabugmeans to map the folder "main" in the ZODB to the / url - I guess12:57
betabugand my = zhttp_handler('ldabill', 'bill')12:57
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betabugwould be to map "ldabill" in the zodb to "bill"12:58
betabugthose two you can take straight to the witch I guess12:58
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CIA-83adamg * r121520 z3c.form/ (src/z3c/form/ CHANGES.txt src/z3c/form/widget.txt): Clarify MultiWidget.extract(), when there are zero items, this is now [] instead of <NO_VALUE>14:43
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stoffusSO, betabug wosc: a new approach, say I want to merge the site into zope - how do I proceed? :)15:16
stoffusokay, I mean to make the web app using zope "for real", using ZODB for example, and then use apache in the front to rewrite the URLS15:20
betabuginstall a zope from source, create an instance15:21
betabugput in any Products / Extensions15:21
betabugput in the Data.fs file (as a copy)15:21
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betabugadjust ports in instance/etc/zope.conf15:21
stoffusso far so good15:21
betabugand then go to to get RewriteRules for you 2 rewrites you need15:22
betabugput them into your apache virtual host setup15:22
betabuglast step: fix all the stuff you got wrong in the first try of all this :-)15:22
stoffusI'm stuck on the last step15:22
stoffusthe problem is "Where the base of the site is at the Zope subdirectory: "15:23
stoffusthe Data.fs contains nothing btw, it's even smaller than a Data.fs from a fresh instance15:23
betabugwell, does zope start?15:24
betabugdo you get to the ZMI?15:24
betabugare there any folders (or folderish items in there)?15:24
stoffusshould I cnp all Data.fs* or just the actual Data.fs file? I have .index etc.15:27
betabugyou only need Data.fs15:28
betabugthe index is regenerated, the locks etc you don't need15:29
stoffuswell, then no "folders" except temp_folder15:30
betabugis there supposed to be data in there?15:30
betabugmaybe they sent you on a wild goose chase?15:30
stoffusI'm guessing no, what would normally be in there?15:31
stoffusas I see it, they only use zope to be able to use the zhttp_server15:32
betabugfor what purpose?15:32
stoffusor ZServer15:32
betabugwhy would anybody use ZServer without using Zope?15:32
stoffusdon't ask me, some rookie liked the word "Zope"?15:33
betabugwell, you've got 2 rewrites in the config file you pasted15:33
betabug"main" -> "/" and the other one I don't remember15:33
stoffusyeah, main and ldabill15:34
betabugthere is that other setup line that links to some www directory that I don't understnad15:34
betabugthe rewrites are easy15:35
betabugsome python stuff in there?15:35
stoffusyep, and ldabill.py15:35
betabughmm, no idea then15:36
betabugindeed this does not really look like a zope app15:36
betabugmore like something that would be done with wsgi or paster these days15:36
stoffusI'm guessing the system was developed some 10 years ago15:37
stoffusmaybe I'd be better of using apache + mod_python and change the REQUEST and RESPONSE objects into their corresponding objects in apache?15:38
betabugno idea15:38
stoffus(I know you don't want to hear that...)15:39
betabugbut I'd guess you'd be better off trying to get it into something wsgi based then15:39
betabugpyramid uses something to give you a pre-packages request thing15:39
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woscstoffus: if that looks like that's all it wants from zope, you're probably better of hooking that into something other than zope15:40
woscif you know mod_python, sure, go with that, otherwise I second betabug's wsgi recommendation15:41
stoffusI think the only zopeish in the app is the REQUEST and RESPONSE objects, and I'd do almost anything to not have to replace them15:44
woscwell, choice a) get that Zope to run, or b) use some other "container" and write a mapping from its requests to the zope-requests and pass those on to your app15:45
woscbut, yeah, depending on what the app does with the request there might be some zopeisms involved after all15:46
woscisn't there some kind of form parsing going on, for example? (I don't know much about zope2)15:46
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stoffusnot that I can find, there seems to be static forms, and values are being fetched like confirm_answer=REQUEST.form['confirm_answer']15:50
betabugwell if they use "something:list" in forms, that would be zopeish15:50
betabugthe problem seems to be that they don't really use zope, but this setup thing15:51
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stoffusbetabug: exactly, the is a bit odd16:13
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CIA-83erico_andrei 2.2 * r121521 Products.DCWorkflow/Products/DCWorkflow/ ( tests/ CHANGES.txt): Fix an issue with Generic Setup and non-ascii chars in workflow definition16:33
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koshhail freaks!17:51
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betabughey kosh17:53
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koshso how are things going?17:57
betabugjust about to leave the office17:58
koshah well have fun with that18:00
koshmake sure godzilla does not step on you18:00
betabugI feed him your marshmallows18:00
betabuganyway, cya!18:00
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CIA-83ldr * r121522 plone.z3cform/ (plone/z3cform/templates/ docs/HISTORY.txt): Define 'hidden' within field macro.21:39
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CIA-83ldr * r121523 plone.z3cform/ (docs/HISTORY.txt Prepare plone.z3cform
CIA-83ldr * r121524 /plone.z3cform/tags/0.7.4: Tagged plone.z3cform
CIA-83ldr * r121525 plone.z3cform/ (docs/HISTORY.txt bump version22:38
CIA-83ldr * r121526 plone.z3cform/plone/z3cform/ Make valid python2.422:38
CIA-83ldr * r121527 plone.z3cform/ (plone/z3cform/configure.zcml docs/HISTORY.txt): Revert [120798] as it breaks on Zope2.10 / Plone 3.3. We can deal with Zope 2.14 in 0.8.x22:38
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CIA-83ldr * r121528 plone.z3cform/ (3 files in 2 dirs):23:49
CIA-83* Split traversal tests for Zope2.10, not all traversal functionality is23:49
CIA-83supported on Zope 2.10 and different errors are raised.23:49
CIA-83ldr * r121529 plone.z3cform/plone/z3cform/ Fix error introduced while making it runon python 2.423:49
CIA-83ldr * r121530 plone.z3cform/ (3 files in 2 dirs):23:49
CIA-83Fix traversal tests on Zope 2.10 to handle TraversalError instead of23:49
CIA-83ldr * r121531 plone.z3cform/docs/HISTORY.txt: Prepare plone.z3cform
CIA-83ldr * r121532 /plone.z3cform/tags/0.7.5: Tagged plone.z3cform
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