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planetzopebotHow to modify a z3c form field in updateWidgets? (active questions tagged zope - Stack Overflow)
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mejois it right, that zodb3 3.10.3 depends on newer transaction? I get the following error when starting zope2.12.18 instance:18:04
mejo  File "/usr/lib/zope2.12/lib/python/ZODB-3.10.3.egg/ZODB/", line 71, in <module>18:06
mejo    class ConflictError(POSError, transaction.interfaError):18:06
mejoAttributeError: 'module' has no attribute 'TransientError'18:06
mejoaccording to the source, TransientError was implemented in transaction 1.0.018:08
mejosorry, in 1.1.018:08
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mejobut versions.cfg for zope 2.12.18 lists ZODB 3.10.3 and transaction 1.0.118:09
mejothis is an error, isn't it?18:09
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koshthat seems very very strange18:27
koshI would put a message on the zope-dev list about that18:27
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mejoah, i found the problem: Zope2 2.12.18 lists 'transaction = 1.0.1' in versions.cfg, while ZODB3 3.9.7 has 'transaction >=1.1.0' in requires.txt.18:42
mejoonly question is: is this considered as bug? i.e. do the versions in versions.cfg have to reflect versioned dependencies of the listed packages?18:43
mejoor is it ok to list just the minimum versions for Zope 2.12.18 code, and don't care about the versions for dependencies of the packages in versions.cfg.18:44
mejoI'm not sure how distribute and PIP work: do they consider dependencies recursively? I hope so.18:45
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