IRC log of #zope for Wednesday, 2011-08-24

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planetzopebotDjango class based views: initial comments (Reinout van Rees' weblog)
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planetzopebotUsing Django's class based views (Reinout van Rees' weblog)
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planetzopebotSchedule of Plone Conference 2011 Talks is Available (Plone News)
betabug-mboutch, slight typo in that URL14:11
betabug-mbbut what's 10 years more or less between friends ;-)14:11
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koshbetabug: hail freak!15:06
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koshJ1m: greetings lifeform15:24
J1mIt's life. but not as we know it.15:25
koshwel in my case I have gone back to school so I have classes and work now15:26
koshgoing back to get a degree in chemical and biological engineering, I want to get out of regular programming and do biotech/nanotech stuff15:27
koshJ1m: so what are you up to?15:30
J1mLot's. Currently working on a mobile cms app.  Operations-related stuff.  Looking at better ways to to load balancing. AWS. ZODB ...15:34
koshso far my biggest gain has been putting files and images in blobs, that provided a pretty huge gain15:34
kosheven made a patch for it for zope 2.x but that went nowhere15:35
koshit patches the base OFS.Image and File with blob support15:35
koshonce I get all my sites converted to that I want to play with zlibstorage for the remaining stuff and see how that works out15:36
lewellynkosh: is that patch online somewhere?15:57
lewellyninteresting. i may ask you for it later :)15:58
koshthere is a patch in there for it or you can just load the product and it will monkey patch it15:58
koshalong with upgrade instructions and a conversion script in the readme15:58
lewellynawesomeness. i had toyed with a similar idea at one point. but i have bigger fish to fry first.15:58
koshI would tell you more about it but I have to leave ina  few minutes for class15:58
lewellynthat's fine. i am overly-multitasking atm.15:59
lewellynyou're just quiet these days (just like the rest of the channel) so i wanted to take the opportunity to poke immediately :)15:59
koshI will be back in about 8 hours I think15:59
koshI have just been very very busy16:00
lewellyni know the feeling16:01
lewellynabout to hit 24 hours of meatspace uptime, and i have a site visit today involving kernel hacking. joy.16:01
koshjust moved recently, started going back to school, had a lot of work to do16:07
lewellynmake money, be happy, retire early, buy an evil lair on a secluded island, take over the world :)16:08
koshsee you later16:10
lewellynbe fun :)16:14
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koshhail freaks!22:43
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