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bulliconhi folks, what is the best way to get the list of all objects modified in a transaction ?12:58
bulliconusing ZODB12:59
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koshgreetings insane people15:41
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SolgemaHello guys!17:28
SolgemaI'm having a bad problem with my instance:17:28
SolgemaSuddenly my two clients goes to 100% processor load, I can neither acces to my sites nor to the ZMI and the clients stop to write in the event logs. I have to restart them to be able to go to my site again...17:29
Solgemaany idea how I could solve that?17:29
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SolgemaI've tried to use z3c.deadlockdebugger but when it "crashes" I cannot access to the debug page... :(17:30
* betabug-mb knows only the "old" DeadLockDebugger17:31
Solgemabetabug-mb it's the same but easy installable through zmi17:32
betabug-mbwell, if it's the same then that makes me wonder17:33
betabug-mbis it the DeadlockDebugger that crashes?17:33
betabug-mbor is it really zope that gets all its threads tied up?17:33
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Solgemabetabug-mb no it's zope, I installed the debugger after !17:34
betabug-mbwell with the old one there was a certain installation procedure to follow, including setting the password + path in the source17:36
betabug-mbcheck if you have to do that with this new version17:36
Solgemabetabug-mb no the page is protected with zope permissions.17:37
betabug-mbthat does not sound likely17:37
betabug-mbbecause in the situation that you need the debugger, zope permissions will not work17:37
betabug-mbyou access the deadlock debugger outside all that "normal" zope stuff17:37
Solgemabetabug-mb when I acces the debug page it's not responding, the same as sites and zmi, everything is blocked....17:37
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SolgemaI'll try to install the "old" version17:43
betabug-mbyeah, I was going to suggest that17:43
betabug-mbwhat zope version do you have there?17:43
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koshdo you have outside processes you run from zope?17:52
betabug-mbhey kosh17:53
koshrelational db connections, things that connect to other servers and wait, processes you spawn and wait on?17:53
koshbetabug-mb: greetings evil betabug-mb17:53
betabug-mbhow's life? started with uni?17:53
koshyup doing classes now17:53
koshactually going to leave for a class in about 1517:53
betabug-mbdifferent life now17:54
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koshwork and classes to do, makes life intersting17:55
betabug-mbI guess so17:56
koshsee you later18:04
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KurtBHey guys... I'm getting a "TypeError: Cache values must be a persistent objects."  When I reindex.19:34
KurtBAny ideas where I might start hacking to eliminate the problem would be appreciated....19:34
KurtBHere's a traceback:
betabug-mbgot a traceback? zope version?19:35
betabug-mbah :-)19:35
KurtBZope 2.10.1119:35
betabug-mbbrand new ;-)19:35
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betabug-mbhmmm, you might want to look at asking in #plone19:36
betabug-mbas after Module Products.CMFPlone.utils, line 474, in safe_hasattr19:37
betabug-mbit goes onto that wild rally in Connection land19:37
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KurtBbetabug-mb: Ahh. Cool. Thanks.19:38
betabug-mbno idea what cache would be involved there19:38
KurtBYeah. I'm not finding a reference anywhere. Driving me nutz.19:39
betabug-mbgood luck19:39
KurtBheh... thanks.19:39
betabug-mbmy little experience with ZODB.Connection says that the problem is somewhere else and only appears there as a symptom19:39
betabug-mbbut ofcoz I could be totally wrong :-)19:40
KurtBhahaha... Thanks. Now I can run down way more rabbit holes! <grin>19:40
betabug-mbprobably it tries to load an object from the db (thus getting it into the db cache) and something goes wrong there19:40
betabug-mbyeah, those rabbit holes can go deep19:41
KurtBI might try mucking with one index at a time, and see what I can get to break.19:42
betabug-mbor plug in some print statements or pdb.set_trace() to find out what object it's messing with19:42
betabug-mbe.g. what that safe_hasattr is trying to access19:43
betabug-mbI'd throw in an extra backup of the db though ;-)19:43
KurtBbetabug-mb: Good thinkin', Abe Lincoln.19:44
* KurtB had other plans for a sweltering Thursday.19:44
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* kosh bets betabug-mb on fire20:16
* betabug-mb hands out marshmallows20:19
koshso how are things going?20:19
betabug-mbfine, having fun with pyramid20:19
koshat least my class was realy easy, just a diff eq recitation20:19
koshbut the TA did say I could type up all my homework :)20:19
betabug-mbI still think I would be faster doing it with zope, but the other guys wouldn't be faster :-)20:19
betabug-mbwhy type it up?20:19
koshso that it is all stored in the computer so I can search it later and refer back to it again for studying etc20:20
betabug-mbah, got it20:20
koshalso so it is far easier to read20:20
koshand so I get more experience using computers to quickly deal with things like that20:20
betabug-mbusually they get the stuff handwritten?20:20
koshfor most classes people still hand write stuff20:20
koshmath, engineering, and strangely even cs classes people hand write many things20:21
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betabug-mblooks like I'm a bit out of the loop, I had expected that to have changed20:21
koshI had expected it to change also20:21
koshbut most still do handwritten20:21
koshthey even do handwritten notes in class20:21
betabug-mbwell, handwritten notes in class, I can understand20:21
koshI have all my notes on computer and none of my teachers care that I use a laptop in class although some teachers do care20:21
betabug-mbscreens detract, typing can get noisy20:21
koshin math class for instance I find that it is much easier to follow along and take notes in things like mathematica20:22
koshI turn the brightness down and I have a quiet keyboard20:22
koshheck even the assignments, class notes, lectures etc are all posted online20:22
betabug-mband you don't chat on IRC :-)20:22
koshso it is easier to follow along in class if I bring up the lecture notes on my laptop instead of reading it off the projection20:23
koshwell I usually turn the network off while in class20:23
koshI have turned it on a few times like when a teacher referred to something on a class website etc type of thing20:23
betabug-mbyeah, lessen distractions20:23
koshthere is no need for an internet connection while just taking notes so I don't see a reason to leave it on20:24
koshit only drains power and means that things like emails popping up can distract20:24
koshso far I have not seen anyone gaming on laptops in class, people seem to be treating that pretty seriously20:26
koshwhat I do see is them gaming on cellphones20:26
koshone thing I find funny is that my easiest class is also the one that most does stuff the way you do it in the real world20:30
koshthe hard classes are the ones that have little resemblence to reality20:30
RichardBarrellkosh: most games these days seem to take a good 5 or even 10 minutes to start up and close down once you factor in firing up the OS, endless loading screens, miles of menus like rabbit-warrens and tiresome cutscenes.20:30
koshlike solving problems in a way that no sane person would ever solve or a company would even let you do for liability reasons20:30
betabug-mbtakes more effort to get your thinking "inside the rules"20:30
RichardBarrellkosh: so there's little point gaming in class; you'll only have maybe half an hour before you need to leave the room 'cuz class is out anyway. ;)20:31
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koshRichardBarrell: they play different kinds of games20:31
koshbetabug-mb: it just seems strange that schools solve problems in such nasty ways that you would never EVER use outside of school20:31
betabug-mbprobably more the facebook kind20:31
RichardBarrellI don't understand that noise. Facebook games aren't even fun in the first place. :/20:32
betabug-mbI've never played any of that20:33
betabug-mbkosh: yeah, one of the mysteries of education20:33
betabug-mbI had a streak of playing backgammon on the command line a few years back20:33
betabug-mbI had to remove the permissions on the binary on my server in the end :-)20:33
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koshyou just have to wonder why would anyone solve a problem with a 200 step solution when there is a 3 step way to solve the problem20:35
betabug-mbonly if there is something to be learned on the way :-)20:35
koshif we are learning something the other way nobody I know how has graduated has figured out what they learned that way yet20:40
RichardBarrellSometimes step 2 of the 3-step solution actually rests on a 197-step lemma that the 200-step solution proved.20:41
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koshat least I almost have more homework done ahead of schedule :)21:36
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