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_mup_Bug #836371 was filed: Calculation of the number of pystones equivalent to one second is inaccurate <zope.testbrowser:New> < >04:48
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brguedesHi everybody, I'm using zope 2.11.x, with a cluster (ZEO cluster), someone can tell me if there is a function to pack data.fs, I already try script but it doesn't pack data.fs file (it has always the same size or bigger)13:45
brguedessomeone can help me?13:46
betabug-mbwhat do you use for zeo clustering?13:46
betabug-mbmaybe it needs a special pack setup?13:47
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brguedesbetabug-mb: I use the script that comes with ZEO package13:57
brguedesit imports ZEO.ClientStorage13:57
brguedesand after that calls ClientStorage function13:57
betabug-mbwhat is that ZEO clustering then?13:57
brguedesbetabug-mb: I didn't understand14:00
brguedesyou don't know what is ZEO cluster?14:00
betabug-mbI only know ZRS and simple ZEO setups14:02
brguedesbetabug-mb: yah it is a ZEO setup14:03
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betabug-mbdoes it give you a traceback? do you see any Data.fs.pack file?14:22
brguedesbetabug-mb: no14:24
brguedesbetabug-mb: even when I do it via GUI (click in pack) doesn't work14:25
brguedesin one instance14:25
betabug-mbthe Data.fs.pack would be in the ZEO instance14:26
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brguedesbetabug: yah I know but it is not there, it is necessary to configure something in zeo.cong?14:31
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thevishyis it possible to put pdb in dtml15:01
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thetethi all,15:14
thetetany way to disable the zope access log?15:14
theteti can't find such info but i remember there was a way to do it in zope.conf15:14
koshhail insane people!15:16
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koshhmm he quit15:18
koshoh well I actually had a solution15:18
thetetkosh: namely?15:18
koshbetabug: normally if someone needs to pack their db from the command line you setup an extra zope instance that is also configured to connect to the same zeo server and you can start it with the option to pack the db15:19
koshI forget the exact args but it shows up in a google search, zeo doesn't change anything15:19
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koshfor the zope access log I have no idea but ask on the zope-dev email list15:22
thetetkosh: thanks for the hin, i'll do that15:23
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koshone of the most important things to do to get help is make sure you idle here and ask on the email list15:35
koshmostly because the people here that can help are often busy and for whatever reason most the questions seem to come while we are away working15:35
koshor sleeping15:35
koshyou don't get much help when those that can help are asleep15:36
thetetkosh: i see...15:40
thetetkosh: it's also about activity in the chatroom15:40
koshbut even in #python which has 900 people there are some times of the day that you don't get advice or you just get very poor advice since the regulars are busy or sleeping15:41
thetetkosh: true... same on #plone15:41
koshthis channel is far more extreme though in that there are only a few people here that can really help with things15:41
koshbetabug and I both try to help people but we have also been very busy recently15:45
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koshuhoh the dark one has returned! :)16:01
betabug-mbhey kosh16:01
koshso how are things going?16:02
betabug-mbdelivered another milestone on this project today, right on time16:02
koshso how is your country going?16:02
koshoh well that is good16:02
betabug-mbbad as usual16:02
betabug-mbat least the weather is good16:02
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koshsee you weirdos later I am heading out16:08
betabug-mbhf there!16:08
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planetzopebotLast Change for Discounts on Training at Plone Conference 2011 (Plone News)
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