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krish1i have error, while retriving a object from storeage, the obejct are presistent, its says broken object09:49
krish1how can solve this issue09:49
krish1if i ran inside a module, its showing correct result09:50
krish1but while, run in outside of package or module, its says object broken09:50
krish1any one knew same problem09:51
krish1 pleas help me out09:51
krish1advance thanks09:51
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karmic-koalahi all, is there a way to turn off transactions in zope such that zope doesn't record history or allows user to undo from a previous verison?14:36
betabug-mbhmmm, since zope only appends to the database on changes, that would mean a read-only db14:37
betabug-mbexcept maybe using RelStorage you could do it14:38
betabug-mbkarmic-koala: it's not that zope "records history", it's that each change is appended to the db, so "history writes itself" :-)14:38
karmic-koalabetabug-mb: agreed, ZODB works on an append-only basis14:38
betabug-mbit might be that using RelStorage as the backend, you can turn off keeping old transactions around14:39
betabug-mbkarmic-koala: but what is your problem? if you don't want to allow users to undo stuff, just don't let them14:39
karmic-koalabetabug-mb: its the massive size of ZODB as it inflates with time14:40
betabug-mbpack and pack again14:40
betabug-mband see what makes it grow (e.g. which functionality, maybe you have a write-on-read somewhere or you write objects you don't have to)14:41
betabug-mbbut first, just set up a cron job to pack every X days14:41
karmic-koala:) we do that, but was thinking of some way to disble versions for certain objects on plone while everything else gets packed regularly14:41
betabug-mbI doubt that that's possible14:42
karmic-koalaat its worst state ZODB has crossed 15 gigs, which tends to slow down everything else even after packing twice a week14:42
bigkevmcdkarmic-koala: how much RAM in the machine?14:43
betabug-mbwhat is the content that is driving things so big? are there big images or pdfs? or is there really that much content?14:43
karmic-koalabigkevmcd: 32gig14:45
betabug-mba little underpowered for a plone site14:45
karmic-koalabetabug-mb: certain parts of the site are sandbox areas for developers to test stuff, i believe that they make several changes every hour which i doubt is inflating zodb14:46
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betabug-mbisn't 32gig the minimum requirement for an empty demo plone site?14:46
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betabug-mbwell, with simple text content it's kind of hard to get these db sizes14:47
bigkevmcdkarmic-koala: you have your developers working on your production site?14:47
betabug-mbanother good question :-)14:47
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betabug-mbpersonally I'd look for what user actions result in big adds to the db14:57
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rokka_Hello! Is it possible to add custom object to ZODB from a python script created with ZMI?15:16
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rokka_zope2 (plone4)15:16
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koshhail weirdos!15:19
koshkarmic-koala: why is your db growing so quickly?15:20
koshif your problem is binary data then make sure you are using blobs15:21
koshif your problem is a base data structure (like a list) that keeps being written over and over again as data is added then fix the liast15:24
koshbetabug: so how goes life?15:24
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koshJ1m: greetings lifeform15:57
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J1mHi kosh16:06
koshso how goes life?16:07
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