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cyphawhat's the difference btwn serving a webpage and serving an application?00:49
mcdonccypha: no difference except usually an application *generates* a web page, while a "plain old web page" might be just a static file on disk00:51
mcdoncthe browser doesnt know or care of course00:52
cyphamcdonc, ah, ok, so zope serves applications, creating dynamic webpages?00:54
mcdoncyeah... but to be honest, the name "application server" (which i assume you've read somewhere to prompt you to ask this question) is really a *marketing* term, not a technical one00:55
mcdoncso it really means not much00:56
mcdoncany system which serves up web pages dynamically is technically an "application server"00:56
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cyphaoh, ok, thanks for clearing that up00:57
TresEquisappserver usually implies that the code you write is a "plugin" to the AS00:58
TresEquiseven CGI could be construed like that:  the contract is "I give you environ + stdin, you give me stdout"00:58
TresEquismost appservers have a somewhat more elaborate contract :)00:59
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krish1how to resolve a broken object, error in zodb307:28
krish1any one please help me out07:28
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rokka_any help to my question for yesterday?12:00
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koshrokka_: what was your question from yesterday?16:17
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rokka_kosh:  Is it possible to add custom object to ZODB from a python script created with ZMI?23:46
rokka_context.root['foo'] = 'bar'23:47
rokka_or something23:47
rokka_with zope2 that comes with plone423:47
koshas long as the object is defined outside of the python script23:51
koshbut you can't define a custom object type inside a python script and add taht type to the system23:51
rokka_oh.. :o23:52
koshhow to open a python object again later is part of the definition23:53
koshif that definition is inside a python script it would not realy work to open it later23:53
rokka_where can i define it23:53
koshif you want to do stuff with plone though you will need to define the object the plone way but you can add them with a script23:53
koshand I have no idea how plone defines new object types23:53
rokka_no i don't need plone23:53
koshso you want to add something to pure zope2 and not have it interact with plone?23:54
rokka_i want to do similar than with php+mysql   but with  zope2+python+zodb23:55
rokka_should be simpler with zodb than with relational databases..?23:55
koshit is different, I find it simpler but I have been doing it for a very long time23:56
rokka_ok.. i have read some tutorials but there is so much to write even to have a simple object.. :( like interfaces and stuff..23:57
koshI don't use any interfaces23:57
rokka_i would like to do app like in
rokka_+ inside python script that handles form data i would like to save that data to zodb somehow23:59
koshsaving it to the zodb requires a content object of some kind to save it in23:59
kosha lot of the docs on doing that I don't see anymore23:59

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