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saju_mform IPy import IP, IP('')   ----> giving ValueError: IP('') has invalid prefix length (25)     whats the issue here ????13:03
betabug-mbwhat's IPy?13:04
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bigkevmcdPython lib for handing IPs13:05
bigkevmcdobviously not very well :-)13:05
bigkevmcdsaju_m: It's not clear what it has to do with Zope tho' ?13:05
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bigkevmcdamusingly, we are looking to do some subnet stuff in an app, and IPy would probably have been looked at, but not with bugs like that...13:07
betabug-mbmaybe when looking at the code it's not that bad?13:08
betabug-mbin the past I've used a perl thingy for this kind of stuff13:09
bigkevmcdbetabug-mb: it's hard to see how you could introduce a bug like that, without trying very hard :-)13:12
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Allmityhow python is different among those scripting language.16:07
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koshhail freaks!16:40
koshAllmity: first tell us what a scripting language is vs a non-scripting language16:40
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koshAllmity: the problem is that scripting language is not realy defined and the meaning seems to change with whoever asks the question16:41
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koshlike some consider java to be a non scripting language and consider python to be a scripting language even though both compile to bytecode and run in a vm16:41
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Allmitykosh: i don't know much about python.16:45
koshpython is mostly designed to be easy to write and easy to maintain16:46
koshso instead of using a lot of strange symbols it uses words and whitespace16:46
koshbut I would not classify it as a scripting language16:47
koshit is used for engineering work, supercomputers, satellites, biology etc16:47
Allmitylet me know about python? how it works?16:47
koshnot sure what you mean by how it works16:47
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Allmity python is new to me, even i don't know about python?16:50
Allmityso let me know more about on it16:51
koshI don't understand how to answer your question for any language16:51
koshhow would you tell someone how java works, or c, c++, c# etc16:51
Allmityas of my knowledge java is programming language , used to build application16:52
koshyou do that with all programming languages16:52
Allmityyes ofcourse16:53
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Allmitybut i'm bit confuse16:54
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koshright now though I don't think anyone understands what you are asking16:59
AllmityThank you16:59
Allmitythank you for those info regarding python17:00
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MacMagnuscan i install Zope 2.8.3-final in python 2.7.1?19:42
koshyou need zope 2.13 for python 2.719:44
MacMagnusare there very large differences between zope 2.13 and 2.8?19:46
koshI would expect that a lot of stuff designed for 2.8 would not just automatically work in 2.13 without a few hours of porting things depending on how well you know zope19:46
MacMagnusbut the case is, i dont know anything about zope... i am just to learn the basic19:47
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koshso it would take a lot longer then a few hours then19:48
koshwhy would you want to use 2.8 in the first place? do you have an existing app you are using?19:49
MacMagnusthey use 2.8 on the place where i might get a job19:49
koshthat is ancient19:49
MacMagnusthey asked me to look into it19:49
MacMagnusare there fundamental differences?19:51
MacMagnusi use mac os x, so python 2.7 are build in19:51
koshthe differences are not fundamental19:52
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koshstuff from 10 years ago in zope 2.0 still mostly works in zope 2.1319:52
koshit is just little details of things that are ported19:52
koshlike some function names have changed, some functions take different args, you use a different version of python etc19:53
koshpretty much like any other software project19:53
MacMagnusi guess i could install the newest then :)19:53
koshif you take a piece of software designed 5 years ago for java, ruby, perl etc and try to run it on the latest version that is extremely unlikely to work either19:53
koshzope 2.13 though is much faster then previous versions19:53
MacMagnusthey said it would require a lot of work to update19:55
MacMagnustheir software, that is19:55
koshif that is true their software is pretty bad19:57
koshI have been writing zope apps for about 10 years and each version has only required a few hours to update except 2.9 or so because of some catalog security changes, that took a week or so19:57
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MacMagnusok :) it might depends on how they have written things19:58
MacMagnusbut thanks, ill try the newest19:59
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koshanybody can write software that is hard to fix later20:00
koshI have seen nasty stuff in lots of languages20:00
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MacMagnusyeah, that is true20:02
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stephane____I sent a e-mail on the ZODB-dev mailing list and it does'nt appear in the archive21:10
koshmaybe it takes a wihle to get into the archive21:10
koshI don't know21:10
stephane____I didn't receive an error message21:11
stephane____does it silently ignored because I didn't subscribe to the mailing list before?21:11
stephane____i sent it the 16th august21:12
koshI doubt the message was recieved at all if you are not subscribed21:15
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stephane____kosh: thanks. I will subscribe and resend it.21:54
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