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elnetoI need help installing zope on debian20:33
elnetoanyone can help me please20:34
RichardBarrellelneto: what version of Zope are you after?20:40
RichardBarrellAnnnnd what version of Debian are you on?20:41
RichardBarrellelneto: if you want modern Zope2 (2.12.x and 2.13.x) and your distro packages Python2.6 or Python2.7 then you can probably install python>=2.6 and zc.buildout>=1.5 from your distribution's repositories.20:42
RichardBarrelland then install Plone from buildout.20:42
elnetothanks for answer20:43
elnetoI want to install zope3 on debian20:43
elnetothe problem is that I have python2.620:43
RichardBarrellZope3 kind of doesn't exist. What used to be Zope3 is now called Bluebream.20:44
elnetoI did the folow20:44
elneto./configure --with-python /usr/bin/python2.620:44
elnetothen, $ make20:44
RichardBarrellelneto: what tarball did you build...?20:44
elnetoand I get many error like this20:45
elnetoDependencies/zope.i18nmessageid-Zope-3.4.0c1/zope.i18nmessageid/_zope_i18nmessageid_message.c:235: error: ‘NULL’ undeclared here (not in a function)20:45
elnetothe zope version?20:45
RichardBarrellUhohkay. Why are you installing 3.4.0?20:47
elnetowell, I need some zope3 version20:48
elnetoI have app on that20:48
RichardBarrellIf you're developing any new software, you should try to work on Bluebream rather than Zope3. For starters, Bluebream 1.0 supports Python2.6 out of the box.20:48
elnetobut my old apps are already on zope320:49
RichardBarrellWell, if you want zope 3.4.0 you're probably going to want to compile your own copy of Python 2.5, or install one from your distro.20:49
elnetoand is critical for me20:49
elnetobut it recomends python2.4.320:49
RichardBarrellSo compile and install Python 2.4.6 ;)20:50
elnetoI try it20:50
elnetobut i get the same error20:50
RichardBarrellCompile your own copy of Python 2.4. Use 2.4.6 rather than 2.4.3 because there were a few vulnerabilities fixed between 2.4.3 and
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elnetoI installed python2.4.6 from my repo20:51
elnetoand try to install zope320:51
elnetobut I get the same error20:51
RichardBarrellSorry, can't help you.20:51
elnetowho can?20:52
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elnetohelp please20:55
elnetoIll lose my head if I dont find an answer20:55
elnetosome one tell the way20:56
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koshnot a clue for zope 3, why do you have to install a new system to run an existing app though?21:34
koshhowever you are probably going to have to ask on the zope list for help since I doubt anyone here knows enough about z321:35
koshI only did zope 2.x21:36
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smby now zope seems basically too big and scattered for free support to work22:03
smback in the day, you'd likely know the answer.. or someone would22:04
* sm hasn't read the log in detail, just blathering22:04
koshwell if he was asking about zope2.x I could do that just fine22:11
koshbut zope 3 was its own dead world22:11
koshbluebream went on after it but not completely compatible22:11
koshplone is its own world22:11
koshgrok is its own world22:11
koshand all this splitting up of stuff is not helping22:14
koshat least I should be out of it in 3 years or so22:14
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RichardBarrellkosh: plone at least cohabits with zope2's world. ;)22:21
koshfor some definitions of cohabits22:24
RichardBarrellzope2 is a warm, cozy, pleasant-if-creaky cottage with the odd draughty corner here and there.22:25
RichardBarrell(and a basement full of skeletons but we try to overlook that, die ZClasses die!)22:25
RichardBarrellPlone is a metropolitan skyscraper built on zope2's chimney.22:26
* kosh has seen the foundations22:32
koshslow and a memory hog also22:32
RichardBarrelland yet no one else in the company seems to want to take up my suggestion that we all switch to writing our software in C directly against the nginx module API... ;)22:34
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smyou nut! :)22:51
smI'd pitch yesod instead22:52
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koshsm: huh?23:13
RichardBarrellsm: *blinkblink*23:17
* kosh cuts out RichardBarrell's eyelids23:18
koshthis is a no blinking zone! :)23:18
RichardBarrellsm: y'know, technically every last one of the developers in this company has been *taught* Haskell already at least once (we've all been through's meatgrinder) but I assume that I'd probably have even more trouble trying to convince everyone to pick up Yesod than C.23:19
koshespecially given how long it would take the police to find your corpse if you tried to force the issue23:20
RichardBarrellLike five minutes23:21
RichardBarrellthey can just follow the trail of blood from your house.23:22
lewellynnah. kosh would burninate.23:35
RichardBarrellIt's more of a trail of blood between wherever kosh stashes my severed eyelids and wherever my colleagues stash the rest of my corpse.23:37
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lewellynkosh: already got him, eh?23:50
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