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elnetoI found something new, and this could be the problem00:15
elnetowhen do00:15
elneto $make00:15
elnetothe first error is00:15
elnetoerror: Python.h: File not found00:15
elnetocould be a clue, some suggestions??00:16
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lewellynsounds like you should possibly be using a precompiled binary package.00:20
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smor be apt-get install-ing python-dev or something00:25
elnetoseems it work00:36
elnetothank you guys00:36
elnetoyou save my ass00:36
smALL ME!00:37
smnice, nice :-)00:37
elnetomaybe I am happy to early00:38
elnetobut it seem work00:38
elnetoI have to make some tests00:38
elnetothank you very much00:38
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elnetoI think this zope3 installation is done01:31
elnetonow, how can I start it?01:32
elnetothe $make install create a directory and inside put the next directory scheme01:33
elnetobin  include  lib  zopeskel01:33
elnetohow can I start zope?01:34
smbin/zopectl start01:34
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koshhail freaks!02:42
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koshhmm actually I have no idea how to start zope 3 I have never used it02:42
* kosh sets sm on fire instead02:42
* sm doesn't know what zope3 is but knows what to do when he sees bin include lib02:49
koshah I see what you mean02:50
koshyeah I would figure there is a launch in bin just don't know if it is the same as z202:51
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MrSmileHi people! I am new at zope, and I want to ask you all a question.03:02
MrSmileWhat is the difference between grok and bluebream ?!03:02
MrSmileIs grok also a "Web Development" server?!03:02
MrSmilei mean, an application server?03:02
koshno idea on those two sorry03:02
MrSmileI would kindly thank you, if any of you could answer me the question.03:03
koshthe ones I know are zope 2 and plone03:03
MrSmileI don't find a lott of material to come in bluebream, and found a nice book based on "grok".. therfor this question.03:03
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planetzopebotPyCon DE 2011 - The First (The PyCon blog)
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youyouthe link is break12:46
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betabughmm, that would be someting for I guess13:00
betabugI'll send a mail13:01
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betabugyouyou: the actual url seems to be (from a reply from
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betabugyouyou: the CNAME was fixed now, it will take some time to propagate, thank you for bringing it up!13:35
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koshbetabug: hail freak!15:18
betabughey kosh15:20
koshso how is life going?15:21
koshhave you rebelled yet and wiped out your bankers?15:23
betabugI'm on vacation ;-)15:23
koshyou can't just wipe out capitalism while relaxing?15:24
betabugI'm giving the others a chance to be the hero for once15:26
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koshah I see15:29
* kosh wonders what heroic things betabug has done15:29
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youyoubetabug: thanks15:33
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