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cheefrockerhi all. can somebody help me? i have a <class 'zope.publisher.interfaces.StartRequestEvent'> object. and i want to get a request.principal from this. how can i do this? I use it in the context of grok15:43
mitchell`cheefrocker: from AccessControl import getSecurityManager15:59
mitchell`and from there you can get the user15:59
cheefrockermitchell: thx i try it out16:00
agroszercheefrocker, rather event.request.principal16:00
mitchell`yes this is better ^^16:00
agroszerif you're on grok/ZTK16:00
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agroszersee zope.publisher.interfaces __init__.py16:01
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cheefrocker i use @grok.subscribe(IStartRequestEvent)16:02
cheefrockerevent.request.principal ist NoneType16:03
agroszerif I'm right that's the wrong event16:04
agroszerfor you16:05
agroszer        notify(StartRequestEvent(request))16:05
agroszer        # Try to authenticate against the root authentication utility.16:05
agroszer        auth = zope.component.getGlobalSiteManager().getUtility(16:05
agroszer            zope.authentication.interfaces.IAuthentication)16:05
agroszer(no idea how grok bends ZTK tho)16:06
agroszerthat above means the even gets fired first, then the auth comes16:06
agroszerthen the principal gets set16:06
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cheefrockeragreszer: you are right. i want to check the backend(webservices) for unauthorized and authorized principals. i want to register if the backend go off and redirect the user to a specific url16:08
cheefrockerand that for the hole sits16:08
agroszerwith plain ZTK I'd do an auth plugin16:09
agroszeror z3c.authenticator16:09
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agroszerno idea what fits grok16:10
cheefrockerwe make a own authplugin for grok based on zope.pluggableauth16:11
cheefrockerin this module i implement my logic of host_availibility_check16:11
agroszerif you have an auth plugin that works, then you're done I guess16:12
agroszerit either authenticates the user or not16:12
cheefrockerthe webservices i use are not 100% available of the time. so if the user is also logged in and open a project that use the webservice that is down at the moment gets an error.16:15
agroszercache the credentials...16:16
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cheefrockercache the credentials and check that in my istartrequestevent?16:17
agroszerno need to check, ZTK will recheck on each request16:19
agroszerthe username/pwd is stored usually in the session16:20
agroszerPrincipalFolder.authenticateCredentials does authentication on each request16:21
agroszeradd some breakpoints/logger entries then you'll see16:23
cheefrockerthx. i will have a look on it and try it out. thx mitchell and agrozer.16:23
cheefrockermaybe i have some questions later!16:23
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kevcanyone here use zope from macports?19:37
kevcit looks like the port is broken, it doesn't run out of the box19:38
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kevcI can't tell if that's because of lack of python2.6 support, but it looks like python2.6 was explicitly defined as supported19:39
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TresEquiskevc, what version of Zope?21:31
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