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wohnoutHello I have installed zope using this howto zope started I can login into ZMI but there are no products. Zope version is 2.13.9 . I have even tried to install some products. Can you please say where to look for problem (logs are empty)17:19
wohnouthmm tried version 2.12.5 and it's there17:31
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betabuglooks like with 2.13 you have to enable product dirs in zope.conf17:51
betabug"If persistent product installation is disabled (the default), [...]"17:52
betabugso check your zope.conf17:53
wohnoutit is working17:53
wohnoutI was searching for something like that but did not find anything17:54
wohnoutthanks a lot17:54
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betabugnp, yw19:00
wohnoutone more problem :(19:00
betabugyou discovered it's not 2004 any more?19:00
wohnoutyeah that is also problem19:01
wohnoutif I'm looking to version 2.10 it is included in package OFS19:01
wohnoutit should be in in versions 2.12 and 2.13 ?19:02
betabugit's looking for a page template loaded from one of your products?19:02
betabugwell, lots of things is being "disappeared" in recent zopes19:03
wohnoutI wanted to update to more supported version of zope19:03
wohnoutbut it looks that I will stick at version 2.10 :(19:04
wohnoutit's this product
betabugwell, if that is not in 2.13 any more, you could put it in your product yourself and get it from there maybe19:05
betabughmm, in fact it's just a simple page template in the root of your ZODB19:06
wohnoutthis should be result19:07
wohnoutinstead of19:07
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wohnoutufff this is too much zope on me19:13
wohnoutsomething new :)19:19
wohnoutso that means that is now called different19:19
wohnoutor it has different url19:19
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betabugprobably it simply was not included in the default db19:20
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koshbetabug: so how goes life?19:32
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betabughey kosh, life is ok19:33
koshso has your economy completely collapsed yet with your leaders nailed to the wall as an example?19:42
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_mup_Bug #910987 was filed: z.i.adapters.LookupBase.lookup1 inconsistent between Python and C implementations <zope.interface:New> < >23:41

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