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multaniI have some troubles subscribing to the zope-dev mailing list12:53
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multaniI don't receive any confirmation mail after my subscription12:53
multaniis there a manual moderation of subscriptions in the process?12:54
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betabugnot that I know of13:03
betabugworked normally for me13:03
betabugmaybe the confirmation mail got stuck in a spam trap somewhere?13:03
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multanibetabug: that would be the first time for me :)13:34
multanianyway, my Junk box is empty...13:34
betabugno idea then, maybe there is a problem with the mail server13:35
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wohnoutbetabug: thanks for second time. Your idea to put to / was correct16:23
betabugcool, glad it worked for you!16:24
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g_n_o_s_i_sCan anyone tell me how bluebream/grok/ZTK reloads local utilities between restarts?  I'm using ZTK for a non web application and would like it to do the same.18:11
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koshg_n_o_s_i_s: sorry no idea on that one20:28
g_n_o_s_i_skosh, i'm getting it slowly solved, thanks though20:28
betabugg_n_o_s_i_s: maybe the ZCA "book" (it's a pdf) from Baiju M has some knowledge for you20:29
betabug"A Comprehensive Guide to Zope Component Architecture"20:29
g_n_o_s_i_sbetabug, no it doesn't... i think we are dealing with non web issues that the full framework deals with automagically20:30
betabugaha, ok20:30
g_n_o_s_i_sI'm having some success at the moment though thanks to trollfot in the grok channel20:31
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J1mmcdonc_, is waitress going to provide access-log support?23:37
mcdonc_J1m: i use paste.translogger23:38
J1mHow do you get user info into the log lines?23:39
J1mDoes it assume that auth is done be containing middleware?23:39
mcdonc_i just don't... let me have a look at its code tho23:40
mcdonc_it logs REMOTE_USER, and logs after start_response has been called, looks like23:41
J1mHm, so I suppose an app could set REMOTE_USER.23:42
mcdonc_so potentially could jam username into remote_user.. or just write some other middleware that knows about a special environ value23:42
J1mok, cool, thanks.23:42
TresEquisJ1m, got another paleontology question about zope.interface23:44
TresEquisdoes anything use the "Verifying" subclasses in z.i.adapter?  I don't see any usage (or docs) within the package itself23:44
* J1m looks23:45
TresEquismaybe it is there to support persistent subregistries?23:45
TresEquis"placeful" registries, I mean23:45
TresEquisIt is part of a pretty elaborate cache invalidation scheme, looks like23:46
TresEquisThe mixin algebra is a little hard to reverse-engineer intent from :)23:48
J1mYes. as you guessed, they're used by zope.component.persistentregistry23:49
TresEquisah, OK23:50
TresEquisI'll add some comments to that effect, then23:50
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