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phimichi all14:08
phimicwhat is the best method to backup blobs with multiple zodb storages14:08
phimicplone.recipe.backup is good for one zodb but not for multiple14:09
fredvdphimic: can't you add a second section in your buildout with plone.recipe.backup then for the second zodb/blobstorage?14:27
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fredvdyou can also turn of/on blob or zodb backup in every place where you use the recipe14:28
mauritsDid anyone mention the backup recipe? :-)14:29
mauritsAuthor here.14:29
* maurits waves at colleague Fred.14:29
fredvdphimic: ^^14:30
mauritsphimic: this has some hints:
mauritsThe example [blobbackup] section should be useful.14:31
mauritsYou might need a few backup sections to get the commands tailored to your needs.14:32
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phimicok so in need multiple sections for each zodb14:39
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mauritsWell, for multiple zodb one section would be enough:
mauritsBut if that includes multiple blob storages, then I think you need an extra section.14:41
mauritsU(unless the recipe is smarter than I remember making it. ;-)14:42
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mlechnerhi, zope2: trying to upload a *.ogg file content-type should be audio/ogg but zope detects it as video/ogg. Where can extension/content-type mapping be configured?17:57
betabugmlechner: in the ZMI? or using some product?17:59
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mlechnerbetabug, in ZMI. Later on the fileobject is stored in a LocalFS - the content type there can be configured, but where to configure the "default" zope internal mapping?18:00
betabughmmm, I don't remember right now18:01
betabugI remember I mucked around with this stuff in the past, but it's been some years18:01
mlechnerthe fileobject is stored in a session first and transfered to LocalFS later on.18:01
betabugsorry for not being more helpful18:01
mlechnerthnx anyway. may be somebody else18:01
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mgedminrecursive greps over the source tree can answer all sorts of questions18:04
betabughmm, looking very briefly at my old code, I think in the case where I had to change things, I just changed the content_type attribute after uploading18:05
betabuganyway, gotta run18:05
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bigkevmcdisn't ogv the common naming for ogg video?18:20
mgedminI've also seen ogm18:21
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mgedminbug in Products.MimetypesRegistry maybe?18:23
mgedminit has this huge xml file with MIME types and autodetection rules18:23
mgedminboth audio/ogg and video/ogg (or, actually, subtypes audio/x-vorbis+ogg, audio/x-flac+ogg, audio/x-speex+ogg, video/x-theora+ogg) contain <glob pattern="*.ogg"/>18:25
mgedminthey also contain <magic> that looks for some byte values at certain offsets18:25
mgedminif the Python code ignores <magic> and blindly applies <glob>, then it will detect *.ogg as one of application/ogg, audio/ogg, video/ogg, depending on the order of matching18:26
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* mgedmin is completely unfamiliar with Zope 2 mime type handling18:26
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bigkevmcdyeah, I haven't looked at it in a very long time18:31
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anykeyCan someone point men to the best book to learn zope? I can do python at a reasonable level, but have no experience with zope.18:33
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bigkevmcdanykey: I suspect the most up-to-date Zope books are probably books on Plone18:40
bigkevmcdwhich is unfortunate, but perhaps reflects the current place of Zope on the software life-cycle curve18:41
anykeyI am reading the packt book right now, and I kinda wondered if there was a good book on zope because of it18:41
anykeyprofessional plone4 development18:41
anykeythanks anyway.18:42
anykeywait. Do you imply that zope is near its end by saying that?18:45
giacomosanykey: there's the bit outdated-but-evergreen "Zope2Book", there's "web component development with zope3", there's the Zope 3 book (or something like that)18:46
giacomosit is not at its end18:47
anykeyI have Web Component Development with Zope 3, but I thought Zope 3 was discontinued?18:47
giacomosit is18:47
anykeybut the book is still good?18:47
giacomosbut all zope3 concept have been backported18:47
anykeyI have a customer interested in plone, so I figure I will have to learn that stuff, after all.18:48
anykeyokay, I have another stupid question, being the newb I am: Would it be wise to hold my breath regarding zope for py3k anytime soon?18:50
anykeyI mean, it says at some points in the docs that py3k is not supported, but that might change in the future, and IRC is mostly current in information (ok, and in rumors), so it can't hurt to ask.18:52
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giacomosyou would die for lack of oxigen18:53
anykeyok, so I'm just gonna have both for a while longer.18:53
giacomosatm there's no roadmap for that transition18:54
giacomosfor what I'm aware of, at least18:54
anykeywell that, in most cases, translates for a lack of manpower (or interest in the subject)...18:54
anykeythanks again.18:55
giacomos...or too heavy job...consider that this is not exactly the last "joomla" of the earth18:55
giacomosbtw...."press any key" :D18:56
anykeythat may be, but joomla! is never going to see my server. We have a strict no-php policy around here.18:57
mlechnerthnx, betabug, bigkevmcd, ... for this helpful discussion.18:58
anykeythis is a non-debatable, almost religious issue. Out tech chief is stubborn about that.18:58
anykeyI like pyramid, that led me to zope, and tech chief is happy.18:59
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giacomosgreat, I like to ear someone coming back to origins19:01
giacomosthough don't confuse pyramid with zope and don't expect the same agility...zope is older and greater, and in the end it has different target19:03
anykeywell there will probably be a reason why pyramid uses some parts of zope. Can't be that bad.19:03
giacomosthe first and main reason is that pyramid's author was part of the Zope3 devel team and a ZopeC. employee19:05
anykeycode reuse is in most cases desirable. maybe there would have been other options.19:07
anykeybut it cant hurt to look into it.19:07
giacomosand after all Zope has been for many years one of the biggest python projects and it lead the python devel (willy-nilly)19:07
anykeyyeah, and I feel like it's hard to get into.19:07
anykeythat might just be because I have never had a proper introduction to it.19:08
giacomosthat's a good point19:08
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anykeyI'm working on that.19:09
giacomosI'd really suggest to read the's still interesting in many parts19:09
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giacomosyou may be interested in this too -->
mcdonci wasnt part of the zope3 dev team, but i was a part of the zope2 dev team19:11
giacomossorry :)19:11
anykeyThe zope 2 book. Is that its official title?19:13
anykeyah it's on the internet19:13
giacomosbtw I always had this question, it's just for curiosity: if you had not been a zope employee, you would have based pyramid on zope technologies anyway?19:14
giacomosI mean a zope2 dev...forget about the employee19:15
anykeyiirc pylons was already based on zope.19:16
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mcdoncgiacomos: i probably wouldn't have no, but that'd just be because i wouldn't have known how it works19:17
mcdoncpylons never depended on any zope stuff19:17
giacomosgood answer19:17
anykeyit didnt? okay then I misremembered.19:18
mcdoncnot until we came along and pissed in the brand pool anyway ;-)19:18
anykeyI also thought I saw zope things within twisted, I could be wrong though, and that's also a large project.19:21
giacomosmaybe...after all some zope's technologies are so indipendent that there's even a deb package for zope.interface19:23
anykeyso, gtg now, wife is about to return home... and hungry. thanks bigkevmcd, giacomos and mcdonc.19:25
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giacomoshe was turned out that twisted has a dependency on zope.interface19:26
mgedminoh zope 2, why don't you have "Import as"?19:29
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