IRC log of #zope for Saturday, 2012-07-14

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laz_does anyone know how I could get ALL subscribers providing an interface (regardless interface and context) ?00:49
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Piggsvinim trying to add page templates from index_html that contains html, but it doesnt work… when i view the index_html-file alle the tags are printed as text, not html. solution?16:45
Piggsvinzope version 2.13.15 :)16:47
betabugPiggsvin: you are trying to include the contents of one ZPT inside another ZPT?16:55
Piggsvinyes. it may be stupid?16:55
betabugyes, there are better ways (e.g. macros)16:55
Piggsvinim really new to zope16:55
betabugbut if you really want to do it, you want to look up the "structure" keyword16:55
Piggsvinthanks :) i will read about those two then16:57
betabugyou're welcome16:57
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