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humanfromearthis there a channel for buildout related questions?13:07
betabughumanfromearth: dunno if there is a dedicated channel, but try also in #zope3-dev13:11
betabughumanfromearth: and just ask your question, don't ask to ask :-)13:11
humanfromearthyes, well I think it's related to setuptools rather than buildout, thanks anyway13:19
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betabugnp :-)13:35
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DirangedJ1m: you around?18:28
DirangedJ1m: I'm having a hard time using zc.zk's @children callback from within a python object..18:28
DirangedI'm trying to understand why this callback doesn't work inside of an object, but if I run the commands in a plain simple python shell it works just fine?
J1mCallbacks get garbage collected.18:29
J1mso if your callback goes away, zc.zk will let it go. It doesn't hold onto it.18:30
DirangedHmm.. ok, let me describe what I'm trying to do in more detail then. Perhaps you can help me figure it out.18:30
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DirangedWe're using Django here for our main codebase… I'm trying to add in Zookeeper support (but I'm, an ops guy… not really an engineer, so this is not my specialty). We want each of our Django processes to create a singleton-style object that manages a list of servers (that are sourced from zookeeper).. so we can say something like "registry.get_nodes(/foo)".. We want a single object created so that we never have more than 1 z18:32
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DirangedUltimately this single object would have a dict that contains all of the zookeeper paths that our Django app cares about… and that dict would get automatically updated any time a callback event happens through zc.zk. for the clients of this object, we would always be safe returning the data from the dict, because we would know it was updated by the callback in the event of a change..18:33
DirangedJ1m: Any thoughts?18:38
jmkaczI'm having an issue with zc.zk and I have a pile of debugging information. Is this the right channel for zc.zk?18:39
J1mUm, not really.18:40
J1mNot sure where the best place to discuss zk is.18:40
J1mbenbangert, ? #python-zk?18:41
DirangedJ1m: looking a tthe code btw.. thanks..18:44
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Dirangedj1m: that cod works… im not sure WHY .. but it does19:07
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DirangedJ1m: Thanks for that code btw.. solved my issue..20:00
DirangedJ1m: Another question … if I initiate a zookeeper client object but set wait=False, and i then try to register a watcher on a particular path.. what happens?20:00
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J1mDiranged, with wait=False (the default), the ZooKeeper constructor will raise an exception if you can't connect in 9 seconds.20:33
J1mso you won't be able to register a watcher.20:34
Dirangedyeah figured that out… thanks20:34
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Dirangedi think ive almost got all the logic right.. so that if ZK is down, we leverage a local cached copy of the dict..20:34
J1mRather than designing your code to tolerate zk being down, I recommend designing your production architecture so zk isn't down.20:35
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DirangedJ1m: fyi one of our engineers came up with this syntax … he thinks this is more clear. any thoughts?20:40
J1mI prefer decorator syntax.20:41
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DirangedJ1m: last question.. promise.. our app already creates a default logger object. is there a way to pass that object to the zookeeper class so that its log run through this default logger?21:00
Dirangedj1m: i dont really want to have to create a dedicated logger config for this one object if possibl21:00
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J1mNo.  You don't have to create an extra logger object.  If you only want to configure one logger, configure the root logger.21:02
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DirangedJ1m: ok, before i load up the zc.zk.Zookeeper object, I have created a default logger… but the logs for the zookeeper object dont seem to get there21:03
J1mI don't know what you mean by a default logger.21:03
Dirangedok, we have web.log as a class.. web.log.default_logger() sets up logging. it creates a default logger for everything, thats the root-level logger21:04
J1mIf you configure the root logger, that configuration will apply to other loggers by default.21:04
Diranged(roughly, root_logger = logging.getLogger()21:04
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Dirangedoh fuck, misread our code..21:04
Dirangedjust found where this log is going21:05
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